Project Vulcan (Series)
Developer(s) Metal Locked
Flame Games
Publisher(s) Logo
Flame Games
Genre(s) Adventure
First Game Project Vulcan
Most Recent Game Project Vulcan 2: Cortez strikes back
Nintendo DS

What is it?

The world has been taken over by a madman, Vulcan a great black hawk must stop him and free his bretheren.



  • Vulcan- A great black hawk, taken into experimentation, inorder to defeat the cyborg world leader, radioactive induced feathers and tektite enhanced wings.
  • Vulcanic- When Vulcan was in need of power, he collected the 6 Kal Stones and trancended into Vulcanic, a golden phoenix.


  • Uriel- An experimental bird much like Vulcan, only he was created by the cyborg world leader, he was built as an orange and gold corvid, to stimulate his preditation.

The Cult of Aten

  • Phobos- The leader of the cult, a personal guardian of Aten, the one who knows Aten's location and the author of the Book of Aten.
  • Hau- The strongest and oldest of the others, he was created from Uriel's former body.
  • Entropy- The most intelligent of the others and has power over time.
  • Energyx Faster than the others, Energyx can restore life to any being or object


  • The Haunted- The Spirit of the force that destroyed Ruax, and the nightmare that haunts any guilty soul.
  • Ocula- A semi-failed creation of Cortez's, on the hunt for Vulcan.
  • Nero- A Chaos Demi-God looking for a cure for his immortality aswell as the Kal Stones.
  • Aten- The true leader of the cult, resurrected by Phobos but then attacked by Somerset's mysterious mask-ally, he was reduced to a more primitve form.
  • Master- Not much is known about Master's plans for Vulcan as of yet.
  • Wraith- Not much is known about Wraith's plans for Vulcan as of yet.

Known Facts

  • There will be six Project Vulcan games in total
  • Aten will return
  • The Cult of Aten will expand to six members
  • As described by Metal Locked, Project Vulcan is a composition of Sonic the Hedgehog, Crash Bandicoot and Megaman
  • The Industryx Empire will have their own spin-off game

Future References

The main villains for future games.

Project Vulcan 4 will star Nero.

Project Vuclan 5 will star Aten.

Project Vulcan 6 will star Master and Wraith


Project Vulcan

Project Vulcan 2: Cortez Strikes Back/Project Vulcan 2:The Final Haunt

Unknown third game

Project Vulcan 4: Journey Into Fire

Project Vulcan 5: Wrath Of The Gods

Project Vulcan 6: The Master Plan

Industryx Warfare

Present Time

Project Vulcan starred Cortez.

Project Vulcan 2 stars The Haunted


                       (18 Years)
Project Vulcan (Series)----------Ultimate End Trilogy

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Project Vulcan

Project Vulcan 2: Cortez strikes back



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