Over the years, a considerable amount of information regarding the early development of the Crack Series named as: Project Latern. is Early Production of Crack Series for Gameboy and NES, (Orignally named: That Golden hedgehog who Dances with Toasters). An interview also revealed that Crack has no Moustache and added due to technical limitations.

GB, NES Version

Project Latern Begins in 1991 on June 24th, 1991 as Stop-motion Animation. Later in 1993 as Video game. Project Latern was intended to be released for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Gameboy. This version of the game featured a two-player co-operative mode, and GB Version. 1-Player mode and the other player controlled for NES Version what appears to be a Puffball Version, not dissimilar from the Cute Friend Character once planned to appear in Crack 1. Crack's blouse is Puprle rather than the Green used in the final game. and the Puffball's Body is Pink. Both characters look considerably bulkier than Final Appearnace. One image shows the heroes battling against an early version of Clandy the black dr. There are glimpses of what appear to be early versions of Jump Mushrooms, Crystal Rings, enemies, invincible Crystal and the Emeralds of Powers One of the screenshots shows a heads-up display which is completely different from the one used in the final game or either of the SEGA Genesis prototypes. This display shows both characters. Heads' each with their own 'Health' and 'Shield' status indicated by bars. Crack's Section of the display shows a picture of a Red Emerald with the name 'POWER' above it, and the Puffballs' section of the display shows question mark where the Emeralds of Powers can be displayed. The ‘Shield’ bar appears to indicate the characters' health, but the function of the ‘Power’ bar and the Emeralds of Powers remains unknown. With the advent of more powerful, optical disc-based games systems, the NES and GB Version of Crack, though nearing completion, was cancelled. The game was reworked for the newer platforms, and became the Crack 1. which is known today.

SEGA GENESIS - Early Prototype

This version has no specific prototype number, and it is unknown how much younger it is than the Project Latern whether or not this is the same prototype that was used to advertise the game in magazines. Doroia Appears First time in Early Prototype of Crack Version.

SNES VERSION - Final Production

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