Professor Eduard Vil Oldton
Oldton posing.
BIRTHPLACE Oldton's Base
CLASS Villain
WEAPONS His inventions, Whack-Wrench

Professor E. Vil Oldton (AKA Eduard, most of the time just named Oldton) is the antagonist of the Pusher's Pile series. He wants to take over the world by using the Hazzies to wreak havoc in many towns and cities. He has his own army of robots that he use as well to aid the Hazzies and himself to dominate.

Game Appearances

Not in the first game

E. Vil Oldton debuted in Pusher's Pile Adventure, a sidescroller. The wicked genius just kidnapped all the Niceys and replaced them with the Hazzies under permission of Mega Hazzy. Pesh's goal was to free the Niceys and beat Oldton.

The return of a prof

In Pusher's Pile Adventure 2: E. Vil's Revenge, Oldton tries again to dominate the world; this time, he made a machine to convert Niceys into Hazzies. Pesh again must save the world from Oldton, and must convert the Hazzies back into Niceys.

The Most Evil Idea

In Pusher's Pile Adventure 3: Oldton's Master Plan, the evil genius thought up a plan that couldn't fail (at least, that's what he thought): First, he hypnotizes Pesh's girlfriend Pashie, then he placed a time atom bomb into Pushopolis, then he commands Mega Hazzy to send the Hazzies to the whole world. The only hope is Pesh, who must save the whole world yet again, before the time atom bomb explodes.



  • Oldton may be related to Dr. Eggman, being both antagonists, being both inventors and having an enemy which is not a human, while both are.
    • Oldton may also be related to Dr. Wily, for the same reasons above.
  • That Oldton didn't appear in the first game of the Pusher's Pile series may be related to Bowser, who didn't appear in the first Mario game.
  • Oldton's surname is derived from the famous Isaac Newton.
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