Full Name Procerus
Current Age Around 20+ years younger than Jaron.
Gender Programed to be male.
Location Unknown (born in a lab)
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Rock, Morphing.
Ability/ies Morphing into different sizes, robots abilities.
Vulnerable To He takes every hit equally.
First Appearance Robo Madness (2011)
Procerus is a old-fashioned constrcution robot who appears in Robo Madness. He is known for being distinctevely tall and morphing with leaving a trail of rocks, whilst rolling in a morph ball.


Procerus was coloured a sharp silver, but it it now being faded away by rust. He has big baby blue eyes which is Procerus' most distinguishing feature.


Procerus is very insensitive, and cares about his appearance. Although, he has been let down, he still loves anyone who can be his friend. He used to be extremeley full of himself, causing him neglect. When he loses his bottle he can show this side again. He always asks a lot of questions and has learned to work alone a lot. He is quite accident prone, but is still very obidient.


Procerus has been around for a long time. And has started to show signs of rust, and neglect. He was created by a young Professor Jaron, testing his newly learnt skills, and didn't intend on using Procerus for a purpose, so with his rock ability, he was left abandoned in a scrap heap, and picked up by a builder. He was being used for this purpose for a long time, according to Procerus. He was sent back to Jaron's lab after a technical hitch delayed his reaction time, with new robots and species being favoured. And becoming unreliable and accident prone, he was sent back to a Robo Building Study, where Jaron worked and founded.



Procerus is surprisingly very open to Cheepel. Mainly due to the fact that Cheepel is a great listening and resolver of problems.

Professor Jaron

Although he is mad at Jaron for abandoning him, but he is still obidient to his master. Procerus describes himself as "a sucker", infront of Jaron.