Princess Lana Deschain-Keene
Captain n lana by retro ccn-d5iwmkk
AGE 17
BIRTHPLACE Palace of Power, Videoland
King Charles (father-deceased)
Prince Lyle (brother)
Queen Mary (mother-deceased)
Kevin Keene (husband)
Arnold (son)
CLASS Princess
Lana Deschain-Keene is the princess who was thrust into becoming the acting Regent of Videoland when her brother Prince Lyle left for Tetris and her father was banished to the Mirror Zone by Mother Brain. She seeks the help of the one destined to save Videoland, Captain N the Game Master, also known as Kevin Keene. She stars in Captain N: The Game Master.

She was created for the show Captain N, not being from any video game in particular.


Princess Lana is an extremely generous, sweet and very beautiful young woman and often a little naive, although not as much as Pit. She tries to remain independent in everything she can do so she can stay in touch with her people although she still does rely on the help of her bodyguards Link, Kid Icarus and Samus for certain tasks. She is similar to the other Nintendo Princesses in that she is a genuinely loving person, however, she isn't the damsel in distress.


Lara is rather tall for her age at 6', putting on par with Samus Aran. She has long brown hair that sits upon her back cradled by a small golden tiara. She like most princesses wears a floor-length dress, hers is blue as opposed to Yellow (Daisy), Pink (Peach) or Purple (Zelda). She is friends with these princesses.


Kevin Keene

As soon as Princess Lana meets Kevin Keene she senses that there is something special about him, saying he has a strong aura. They kindle a friendship very quickly and become very close very quickly. He becomes her support and he soon develops a crush on her, unknown to her the whole time.


Link is a Hylian from Hyrule and serves as Lana's main bodyguard before Kevin appears. He is very quiet though very protective of her. He takes his job as protector very seriously, he would sooner give his own life than let any harm fall on her - she is flattered by this.


Samus is Lana's newest bodyguard and only works for her to serve her purposes, unknown to her. She thinks that Samus is a boy until she sees her outside of her suit. Lana treats Samus as though she were a friend which does crackdown her hard exterior and makes her think of her a friend in the end.


The sometimes clueless angel Pit (also known in Videoland as Kid Icarus) was sent down by Palutena to be the first bodyguard for Lara. She thinks of Pit like a little brother although they are the same age. Pit's clueless nature has made him charming to her, they are very close. Much like a big sister/little brother relationship.

Mother Brain

The wicked monster who tries to take over Videoland banishes King Charles, Lana's father to the Mirror Zone and almost kills her more than once. Princess Lana does have a personal grudge against Mother Brain but her duty as Princess for her people prevented her from going forth and attacking her with her army.

Appearances in games

Captain N: The Game Master

Lana makes her debut in Captain N: The Game Master and serves as the last leader of Videoland after her father has been banished to the Mirror Zone by Mother Brain. She is attended to by numerous bodyguards throughout the game and serves as a valuable ally and core part of the N Team. She is the last heir to the Videoland throne and is intimidated by the responsibility that it bears.

Nintendo Princesses

Her role in the game has yet to be determined, as the eight princesses of fate have been revealed there is speculation that she may be a villain however as of yet her role is still to be determined.

Wrapped Up

When Iron and Amber find themselves in Videoland, Lana does her best to be a good guide and mentor to the children showing them around the land where she can. However through most of the game, she is holed up in the castle with important meetings on diplomacy, she greatly misses her father King Charles who is still banished in the Mirror Zone. She is playable in multiplayer mode.

Ultimate Showdown

Princess Lana is one of the thousands of characters to appear in this 2D action battle royale, produced by Lunatic Entertainment.

Captain N: Return to Videoland

Lana appears as a tertiary character in this open world, genre-swapping video game produced by Lunatic Entertainment and based off of the cartoon and comics. According to this game's story, which is set in the 2010s, Princess Lana eventually came to go to the real world with Kevin Keene, only to become trapped there with him. Although the two were unable to reopen the Ultimate Warp Zone, they did eventually fall in love, get married, and produce a child named Arnold.

Now into his 40s, Kevin has almost seemingly forgotten about Videoland, though he and his wife Lana often told bedtime stories to their son about Videoland. By the age of 12, Arnold somehow rediscovers the Ultimate Warp Zone and travels to the land, only to discover that it is not how his father remembered it.

Kevin and Lana enter the world very soon after him and are shocked to see how dark and dreary much of the land has devolved into. While surprised to learn that Mother Brain has perished, along with Dr. Wily, Lana is heartbroken to discover that her kingdom has fallen into ruin twenty years prior. Her grief causes her to blame Game Boy's upgraded form, 3DS, displacing the faults of her kingdom's fall onto his shoulder buttons as her father sacrificed his freedom for Game Boy's, where she felt the king would have kept her kingdom alive. Kevin, Arnold, and those heroes who remained from the retro era eventually calm her down and she apologizes.

Kevin and Lana soon learn that their older age has followed them into the gaming realm, and they are unable to keep up with the modern villains; however, Arnold discovers that as a reality/video game hybrid he is more than capable of standing toe-to-toe with some of the greatest villains to currently exist in the realms. As such, Lana and her husband pull back to try and rebuild the kingdoms in the new heroes' absence while the title of Captain N is passed on to Arnold.

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