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Elise The Third
Princess of Soleanna
Miss Elise
The hated one (by Segata (in Project X Zone 3: Sacred Destinies)
CLASS Princess
Sonic the Hedgehog 2006

Princess Elise The Third is a character from Sonic the Hedgehog series who makes its debut on Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, she is the princess of the kingdom of Soleanna.


Elise is very kind-hearted, sweet, and genuinely cares about her country and its citizens, being willing to give herself up to Eggman in order to protect them from the doctor. She is well aware of her role as a monarch and does her best to stand as a worthy and exemplary princess. Behind her formal facade, however, Elise is like any typical confused and anxious young woman. The loss of her parents left Elise with much grief and sorrow, but she always tried to stay strong due to her father's words. When Iblis was later sealed inside her, Elise forced herself to never cry, as her tears would free Iblis from within her. This trapped her in a perpetual state of fake optimism where she would try to make light of her fate, but in reality, she always carried sadness that she could never let go of, leaving her trapped in her own feelings.

During her adventures with Sonic, she becomes quite attached to the heroic hedgehog, the latter is hinted at in her first conversation with Amy, where she is visibly flustered and embarrassed when Amy asked her if he (not knowing that it was Sonic) had asked her out on a date and later where she desperately fights back tears when Sonic reveals that he plans of departing the city once he thwarted Eggman's plans. It is eventually Sonic's presence that makes Elise truly happy for the first time since her father's death, allowing her to get out of her own captivity.

Despite her genuine love for her people, Elise wishes to be able to make herself happy with her own desires coming first as she hesitates to blow out the flame of Solaris, since it would mean she would never meet Sonic, who gave her so much happiness. However, Sonic's words of encouragement and her own knowledge of what is right win out in the end and she blows out the flame.

Possibly as a side effect of the ritual that was used to seal Iblis within her body, Elise, at times, seems to possess a small degree of mental instability, as shown when she hallucinates Soleanna in flames during the Festival of the Sun and sees a vision of Silver surrounded by flames upon meeting Sonic for the first time.

Game Appearances

Project X Zone 3: Sacred Destinies

Elise appears as an NPC.

She appears in Chapter 32: Under the Umbrella, where she is seen unsuccessfully trying to protect her kingdom from B.o.W.s lead by Wesker.

Once the battle is over, Elise and the kingdom itself are saved after Wesker's retreat, she thanks Shinra for saving her; during an interrogation, Elise mentions that she saw a young blonde girl in a black armor heading to obtain the Golden Axe, giving the playable cast tips to find it before the mysterious female.

Before the party would leave Soleanna to head to the Golden Axe's location, Segata warns Elise that if she wants to go with them sometime, she must be careful of the Sonic Fandom because they hates her, Elise thanks Segata for the warn and says her goodbyes to our heroes.

Elise would later reappear in the Epilogue alongside the other NPCs and the playable cast, she is seen talking with Segata about how she is seen in his world, the both of them then proceeds to indirectally roast Sonic Fan Base (marking another revenge from SEGA to its fan base after Sonic Boom's cartoon who did it first) when making puns of her reception as every SEGA character around her joins the talk, much to Reiji's awkwardness.


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