Princess Bowser
Princess Bowser, the Koopa Princess
BIRTHPLACE Bowser's Castle
CLASS Princess
WEAPONS Fire breath, increased mobility in air

Princess Bowser (Japanese: クッパ姫 Koopa-hime), also known as Princess Koopa, Peachser, and Bowsette, is Bowser under the effects of the Super Crown, sometimes explained as a modified version of such created by Kamek. In this form, Princess Bowser gets additional mobility in the air, such as a double jump and glide, as well as a boost out from pits. She is also able to utilize her flame breath.

Whether this is simply a power-up or a new identity for the former Koopa King tends to vary from story to story.


Princess Bowser resembles Princess Peach, but she has Bowser's horns and ponytail hair. Her hair color is either red with blond highlights or straight up Peach's blonde. She wears a black version of Peach's attire with no straps similar to her wedding gown and has many spiky collars. She has Bowser's shell and tail, inheriting them from her past form.


Princess Bowser is a kinder version of Bowser that leans less on his menace and villainy in some stories. Given she wants to reconnect with the people she has hurt, this means she tends to have to keep her more vile traits under control, although she tended to be very argumentative and it's implied she went through the tennis court in Crown of Horns so Peach would see her and get mad/jealous about it. She shows quite a bit of change when talked to though, suggesting she does want to be a better person.

Powers and Abilities

Princess Bowser possesses the powers of the Super Crown, which allow her to double jump, glide, and jump out of pits. In addition to this, she is also able to breathe fire as she used to as the Koopa King. It's likely she can also grow in size and has her brute strength retained, as well as being able to throw hammers.


Crown of Horns

Princess Bowser appears in this short story as the form Bowser takes after the events of Super Mario Odyssey, wanting to transition into being a woman. Peach takes issue with it given what happened on the moon as well as what Bowser did to her in the past, but she is given a fresh start by Mario and Peach so long as Princess Bowser never terrorizes the Mushroom Kingdom again. Mario and Princess Bowser kiss at the end of the story, with Mario unsure of what to make of it at the end of the story.

Super Smash Bros. Bizarre Infinity

Princess Bowser appears in Super Smash Bros. Bizarre Infinity as an echo of Peachette, who is a echo of Peach. She additionally takes moves from Bowser and modifies them in slight ways, such as ending in a neck chokehold as opposed to a straight up ground pounding Bowser Bomb.

Mario Party: To The Max

Princess Bowser, referred to as Bowsette in this game, is one of Fawful's enlisted allies in the Story Mode and one of the CPU opponents in said mode, alongside a hypnotized ally on each board. She is unlocked as a playable character upon beating the story mode.

TPXZF1997's Super Smash Bros.

Bowsette appears as the 1st DLC character in the game.

Super Mario Maker Chi

Princess Bowser is a variant of Bowser that can be created by using the Super Crown on Bowser in Super Mario Maker Chi. Princess Bowser attacks with flame projectiles and hammers, but also does a hip lunge attack similar to Peach's Peach Bomber move from the Super Smash Bros. series, attacking Mario directly. She can be defeated with 20 fireballs and will jump out of pits with the Super Crown's ability in most circumstances. She can also be instantly defeated with a Thwomp, POW Block, or ground pounded by a Goomba's Stiletto.

Nintendo Gals: Smash Tag Rumble

Bowsette appears as the main antagonist alongside Wendy O. Koopa, both of them are non-playable bosses.





The concept art showcasing Nintendo's own take on Bowser's Peach transformation.

  • The original concept for Princess Bowser was inspired by a comic by ayyk92, although has since spawned off several bits of fan art and work for the character. This of course, extends here, to a fanon wiki.
  • In the artbook of Super Mario Odyssey, a piece of concept artwork showcases a character similar to Princess Bowser, which was made while the development team behind Odyssey were toying around with the idea of Bowser using the Capture abilities.
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