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Princess ApplePeach


Princess ApplePeach logo.png

Japanese Princess ApplePeach logo.png

Developer(s) Nintendo, Iceboys12co.
Publisher(s) Iceboys12co.
Platform(s) NES, Famicom, Famicom disk system
Genre(s) Action, Adventure, Platformer
Release Date(s) JP:January 25th 1987

US: Feberuary 15th 1987

EU: June 16th 1987

Famicom Disk System:

March 7th 1987

Mode(s) 1 player
Age Rating(s) ESRB: E for Everyone
Media Included Cartridge, FDS disk

Princess ApplePeach (THE LOVEABLE STORY: アップルピーチの物語 THE LOVEABLE STORY: The Story of Apple Peach) is the side-scrolling platforming  game made by Iceboys12co.for both Famicom and the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987. It's the first game of Iceboys12co., and it stars as a first game of the Princess ApplePeach Series. The game inspired from the game Super Mario Bros. as the main base for the game with few elements from Legend of Zelda put in.


It is from the American and European Manual:

"Once upon a time, in a nice and peaceful, but not-so far away kingdom called Cookieville, there was a princess named Applepeach. She was a happy, caring, nice, and cute little sweetheart who do good deeds for the people around her, and she trained magic with Pinn and Kinn, have her siblings, Jon and Rina, to play with. But not all flowers, however, the mad scientist Dr. Killa and the BIG BAD gang crashes into the kingdom, and terroize it for his conquest for world domination. Applepeach saw the invasion, felt shocked about the mad scientist's rampage, and become determiated to stop him and his evil scheme. Now, given her father King Charling's pleads, it's up to ApplePeach to save Cookieville from the BIG BAD gang, and their very evil boss, Dr. Killa."

It is from the Japanese Manual:

"むかしむかし、平和的にそれほど遠く王国はクッキーヴィル名前、アップルピーチという名前の姫がありました。彼女の父親と一緒に、キングチャリングと彼女の母親、エリザベス女王は、彼らは幸せな生活を持っています、彼女はあるが村人や動物に優しく、彼女はまた彼女の友人、キンとピン、双子のウィザードから、呪文を学習し、しばしば彼女の大きな兄弟姉妹、プリンスジョンと王女リナで遊んでいます。しかし、平穏な生活は、しかし、悪怒っ短命です科学者や独裁者、ドクターイグナティウスキラ博士(キラ)が王国の周りに迷惑をかけ、彼の "BIG-BAD"ギャングクッキーヴィルを引き継いでくれました。これを見た時に、キングチャリングは思うドクターキラの計画を打ち負かすための唯一の方法彼女は魔法の呪文を学んだとして送らアップルピーチになります。それはドクターキラと彼の悪"BIG-BAD"からクッキーヴィルを節約するために、彼女の処遇としてジョン、里奈、ピン、そしてキンで持って、プリンセスアップルピーチまで今だギャング。グッドラック! "

It is from the Translated version of the Japanese Manual:

"Once upon the time, in the peaceful not-so far away Kingdom named Cookie-ville, there was a princess named ApplePeach. With her father, King Charling and her mother, Queen Elisabeth, they have a happy life. While she is nice to villagers and animals, she also learns spells from her friends, Kinn and Pinn, the twin wizards, and often plays with her big siblings, Prince Jon and Princess Rina. But the peaceful life is short-lived, however, the evil mad scientist and dictator,  Dr. Ignatius Killa (Dr. Killa) have taken over Cookie-ville with his "BIG-BAD" Gang, causing trouble around the kingdom.  Upon seeing this, King Charling think the only way to defeat Dr. Killa's Plans is to sent ApplePeach as she learned magic spells. It's Now up to Princess ApplePeach, having with Jon, Rina, Pinn, and Kinn as her assistances, to save Cookie-ville from Dr. Killa and his evil "BIG-BAD" gang. Good Luck!"


"Princess ApplePeach" have a gameplay that is a lot like Super Mario Bros, but it has some differences. It has a heart system from Legend of Zelda, so the player can take more than 1 hit from the enemies. They can pick up items, Spells, powerups and etc. along the way. The game divided into 8 worlds, with 4 acts each, with the fourth level of each world have a boss. You can hold up to 1 spell/powerups at a time. You can pause or resume the game by pressing start during the gameplay.


Friendly Characters

Princess ApplePeach A adorable little heroic princess is here to save Cookieville with her magic. She have a bunch of items and spells, now needs to defeat the evil and nasty BIG BAD army. Main Heroine
Jon Jon is the older prince of Cookieville, and big brother of ApplePeach. Seeing that her little sister is going to defeat Dr. Killa, he gonna help ApplePeach, he gives items to ApplePeach. Helper
Rina She is also a princess and a big sister of ApplePeach. Like Jon, she can help ApplePeach with giving her items. Helper
Pinn and Kinn They are twin wizards and friends of ApplePeach and they can give to her new spells. Helper
King Charling He is the king of Cookievile, and the father of ApplePeach, Jon , and Rina. He's only appears in the introduction and ending cutscene. NPC

Enemy Characters

Dr. Killa  The evil mastermind who is the Supreme Leader of the BIG BAD gang. He create a Machine called "Mad-o-blastic" to destroy our little heroine.

The Main Villain

Final Boss.

Ventiso The leader of the cave-monster, and he's being firece and command other monsters to get you. 1st Boss
Crack-Man A big strong villain who work for Dr. Killa as his muscle, and want to kidnap ApplePeach.  2nd Boss.
Jet A henchman of Dr. Killa who wears a jet to fly around to bump into you, hence his name. 3rd Boss.
Biggo An yeti who is in the snowy region in the fourth world, can freeze you in the block of ice. 4th Boss.

large robot created by Dr. Killa that can launch bombs and misslies at the heroine and have minions to active it.

5th Boss.
Strikelette Known as the Thunder Guardian, she floats around and shoot lightning bolts at the heroines. 6th Boss.
Mr. Bad A Evil cowboy wearing man who work for Dr. Killa as his second-in-command, and sent to destroy CookieVille with his darkgun. 7th Boss.


  • Peaches - it was ApplePeach's favorite food. She can eat it to restore her health.
  • Cookies - It was also ApplePeach's favorite food. She can eat it to restore her health, but only a litltle bit trough.
  • Healing Potion - It was a healing potion that can restore her health 100%.
  • Quick Shoes - ApplePeach could wear them and can run faster.
  • Wings of Luck - This Power-up gives ApplePeach wings to fly to high places.
  • 1-up Potion - It can give ApplePeach a 1-up, if it is the golden potion, it could give her 3-ups.
  • SuperHero Suit  -It works like a Star from Super Mario Bros. If you get it, You transform into "Super ApplePeach" and you're invincible for the short period of time

Magic Spells and Powerups

  • Fireball - ApplePeach can throw a fire ball at the enemies
  • Icebeam - Applepeach can shoots a laserbeam that was made of ice that can freeze the enemies.
  • Thunderbolt - ApplePeach can throw a thunderbolt to zap the enemies
  • Bombs - ApplePeach can throw bombs to blow up enemies and various blocks. This can be helpful during boss fights.
  • Bow and Arrow - ApplePeach can uses a bow and arrow to shoot at enemies.



  • There's a unused item, called a Love-Shot that allow ApplePeach to use a cupid arrow to shoot at only couple of weaker enemies to make them can't hurt her and can assist her at boss fights. But the idea was scrapped and hadn't appeared until one of the later games.
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