Thank you for saving me Maria, I owe you a debt of gratitude
Prince Pearce thanking Maria for her help

Prince Pete Toadstool
Pearce final

Prince Pearce solo artwork

Prince pete's current design
BIRTHPLACE Mushroom Kingdom
Super Mario Universe

Prince Pearce is the kind and benevolent ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom and the  gender-swapped version of Princess Peach  from another dimesion.  He is conastantly saved by Maria and Luise, but appears to be slightly more active than Princess Peach . He is also the considered the love interest of Maria.



Prince Pearce comes from an alternate dimension that is the reversed version of the Mushroom

portrait of Prince Pearce and his female counterpart, Princess Peach

Universe. He is the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom in which he is advised by his grandmother Toadsmartha (gender-swapped version of toadsworth). He is the damsel in distress for Maria as he has to be constantly saved from the clutches of Ms. Koopa by Maria and Luise. He first meets mario when Mario is accidently sent to an alternate dimension via the Gene-goly 3000 machine created by Professor. E Gadd. He fixes the machine single handedly while mario explores the new mushroom kingdom. once the machine is restored, Mario returnes home and Prince Peach waves goodbye to him and tells him to tell his sister hello.


Prince Pearce seems to have alot of similar personality traits with Princess Peach. He is very caring and benevolent and always sacrifices everything hes has for his people. He also is extremely wise as he was the one who helped Mario and Maria reverse the alternate dimension machine to send Mario back to his dimesnion.


Being the gender swapped verion of Peach, Prince Pearce has shares many physical attributes with his female counterpart. Prince Pearce is very tall with large broad shoulders. He seems to be very lean. Noticably he has the same distinct Yellow-blond hair. However his hair is much shorter and does not extend to his back like Princess Peach's. He also shares her big sky big blue eyes and a small pointed nose. However unlike Peach, he has thicker brown eyebrows. He also sports a small blond goatee.

Clothing: Pearce wears clothes that match the color scheme of Peach. He wears a  pink prince outfit-which includes a pink chestshirt with matching pink sleeves, a deep pink collar, and a belt to match. He also wears long deep pink pants and dark pink dress shoes. Pearce also wears the same pendant that Princess Peach wears


Galatica: Comic Book edition

Prince Pearce makes an appearance when he asks his love interest, Lady Rose to the Shooting Star summit in the
Pete talking to Rose
Mushroom Kingdom. He will also be preset when Peach is kidnapped later in the story, and disappears when Peach is kidnapped. He later returns to the Mushroom Kingdom, and celebrates with everyone.

Super Mario Universe

He will appear with his friend prince Darice in the game. His baby counterpart appears in the game as well.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl 2

He makes a playable appearance, after he is rescued in the cutscenes



  • Prince Pearce bears a striking physical resemblance to Prince Gumball from the television show Adventure Time, who is also the male counterpart to Princess Bubblegum. This is coincidentally similar to how Prince Pearce is the male counterpart to Princess Peach.
  • His outfit somewhat resembles that worn by Prince Charming from Shrek or Prince Naveen from The Princess and the Frog.
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