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Prince Mush (Glitz Pit)
Prince Mush
Prince Mush
Full Name Prince Mush
Gender Male
Species Toad
Location Glitzville
Current Status Alive
Class Former Glitzville Champion
Family and Relations
First Appearance Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

Prince Mush or Mush is a fictional character in the Paper Mario series, appearing in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. He is a male Toad who was thought to be missing after he was captured by Grubba and drained of his power using a machine powered by the Gold Star. He is a male Toad garbed in fighting costume with a Pink Cap and a tuft of hair identical to that of his sister, Jolene's. He is reunited with his sister at the end of the events of the third Chapter, where it is revealed that he has been kept alive inside the Gold Star. Later on during the events of the game, Jolene tells Mario that Mush is to make a comeback in the Glitz Pit soon.