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Prince Bucksalot is a character in the Doom Dome Battle series, appearing as a playable character in the first two installments. He plays a major role in Rokukai's Demon Bounty, even being the boss of the worst ending. In Mission Alpha his body is used as the new vessel by Dracula. He is a wealthy adolescent in Wildefort, and is the current boyfriend of Rokukai.


Prince is a high school student who was born into a very, very rich family. He wanted to attend a regular high school, but still showed off with his fortune. He is friends with Amaya and Joshua, having a friendly crush on the latter. During the catastrophe he suited up into his mechanical fighting suit that he got from his daddy. During this time he met Rokukai, and over the time the two of them developed feelings for each other from a simply friendship. Prince has a big attitude but a very small heart that he only shows to those who he cares about very much.


Prince Bucksalot's wears a high-tech mechanic suit made out of gold-like metals, only not as heavy as it. He got this suit from the money of his father. The suit has several functions. It has a jetpack on the pack which allows Prince to dash forwards and rocket into the sky as a quick manouver tactic. The suit gives Prince an enhancement in strength which allows for stronger punches and kicks. He can shoot energy balls from the palms of his hands or send a powerful beam from his chest.

Prince's Doom Attack is in which he enters a gigantic golden mecha which resembles his current suit. He then grabs the opponent, throws them into the air and shoots missiles at them. When KO'd during the attack their body explode in the air.


Doom Dome Battle

Prince Bucksalot appears as a playable character in Doom Dome Battle where he appears in the first scene of the game along with Joshua and Amaya till he hurried off through the hall, that was until there was an earthquake which caused the floor underneath him to collapse and fall down. Luckily he could activate his armor in time so he didn't get crushed by the pieces of concrete.

He made his way out of the school building avoiding the demons until he encountered Rokukai who initially was afraid of him but they quickly became friends until Valefar interrupted and wanted to take Rokukai. Prince however said he would get rid of Valefar for him and thus banished him back to the Underworld after defeating him. When Rokukai tells about his quest and Prince joins him in it. They make their way through the outskirts of Wildefort where Rokukai explains some things about his mother and that he almost has reached his teens. It is then that they encounter Lieutenant Vexok and Xar and engage in battle after Prince insults their invader abilities. They claim victory and continue until they reach a shrine... but unfortunately there was nothing there. Spook suddenly appears which frightens Prince and triggers Rokukai to fight it.

Afterwards they discover Spook isn't an evil spirit. Spook explains he came here to find something to move on but couldn't. Rokukai explained his quest and Spook joined them thinking he could complete his underway and suggests to look for an artifact in the museum. Kai, Prince and Spook arrive at the museum where they didn't find Kai's mom but did battle with King Hapmon. When they leave the museum they are encountered by Mephistopheles and Gaz and battle them. Mephistopheles says she'd help with the search for Lilith, Gaz says that he will accompany Spook.

Rokukai and the others run into Barbatos and Mai who seem to have the box in possession. They say that the box contains Lilith and they have to free her for Rokukai. Barbatos declines and says this will make him ruler of Hell. Mai gets angered saying it would grant her the power to safe Joshua. Prince shoots the box out of Barbatos hands and a battle engages between them. In the meantime Rokukai manages to open the box and free his mother, Lilith who looks down upon all of them. After Lilith was freed they all engage in battle with her, but in the end lose to her. Lilith takes Rokukai to the base of the Illuminati where Lucifer is. Mai and Prince follow her.

Just when Lilith and Rokukai enter the building, shortly followed by Mai and Prince, Bavarian appeared. Prince watched as Mai and Giselle battled with Bavarian. After she was granted witch powers she wanted to find Joshua to save him, Prince would tag along with her. They met up with Joshua, Amaya, Jamila, Koh and Jersey Devil finding out that they were okay.

Doom Dome Battle 2

Prince Bucksalot returns as a playable character in Doom Dome Battle 2 where he starts a relationship with Rokukai.

Rokukai's Demon Bounty

Prince Bucksalot is a main character in Rokukai's Demon Bounty, despite not being playable. He assists in many of the levels with Rokukai. He assists in the first stage and only at the Wildefort Zoo in the second stage but hooks off at the other two. After Stage 3 he appears in the good routes of the game, creating a jealousy for Seben who is working closely with Prince. In the bad routes he only sends Rokukai's messages about the bad things he is doing.

If he gets kidnapped in Stage 4 it leads to the Stage 6 level: Yomi where it is revealed that Izanami kidnapped him so she could lead Rokukai and Seben into her dominion. After defeating her it either leads them to Goetia or Aries' Lair, the latter only of Izanagi's comb is retrieved. In the latter scenario it also is revealed that she had to do this from Aries to distract that two.

Afterwards he keeps helping Rokukai with his quest. In the dark route Prince appears as the final boss, wanting to blow up the whole place because of Rokukai's actions, also thinking that he betrayed him. Rokukai can either reconcile with him and make things right, or stop him by killing him. Prince dies in as well in the bad ending of the good route where the tomb in Goetia collapses on him. Rokukai breaks off contact with Prince in both of the Infernal Planes endings. In the good routes Rokukai also says he isn't jealous of Seben anymore.

In the true ending Prince greatly helps with Rokukai to get him inside of the base of Aries. After defeat Aries Prince along with all of the other youngsters walk off into the distance.

Mission Alpha

In the alternate future in Mission Alpha, Prince's body has been takes over by Dracula to use as his new vessel. Prince's soul moved on, but his body didn't. His body got the appearance of a vampire instead, his skin being blueish, vampire teeth, and his hair curling up just like Draculas always has.


  • Inspired by rich characters with money pun surnames like Princess Morbucks from The Powerpuff Girls and Remy Bucksaplenty from The Fairly OddParents. He follows their trope of being neglected by his parents.
  • He however takes the most inspiration from Princess in terms of him usually being called Prince and the fact that he fights in a mecha suit.
  • In his first version he was named Prince, which was later changed to Prince Max to eventually be Prince Bucksalot.


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