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Prin Male
67 lbs
45 years old Arbelian
Prin, Echo's Assistant

Martial Arts

OCCUPATION(S) Assistant, Student

Serving under Laverne Echo, fighting games


Being told he's worthless, battling


Prin is the assistant and close friend of Laverne Echo, assisting her with holding back Teriodin and providing support when she teaches classes. Prin is a informal student of her's as well, as he has been taught some basic Aura abilities to defend himself or fill in for Laverne Echo for extended periods of time. The character was created by Helena Harper (tbc) as a friend for Laverne Echo, giving her someone to talk to and overall explaining why she hasn't gone crazy with her 15 year battle with Teriodin.

Prin is an Arbelian hailing from the planet of Arbelia. He was taken as a slave from a young age, being forced to work under an evil warlord that was defeated by Laverne Echo, who freed the slave colony. Prin was the only one who went back to her to express his gratitude, offering to join her by her side as a sidekick of sorts. Since then, Prin has been living at The Edge and acting as an assistant for Laverne, getting her food and being generally a good friend.


Prin is an yellow Arbelian, featuring a somewhat long face and two elongated "bumps" that his beady black eyes rest in. He has pink cheeks and wears a blue and red beanie. He wears a white robe with red and blue cuffs around the arms, and the bottom of the robe. Additionally, there appears to be a red and blue collar around his neck. Under the robe he wears blue baggy pants and a pair of blue shoes with red soles.


Prin is a fairly good-hearted individual that just wants to keep his friend Laverne Echo happy by any means necessary, usually by offering food or company for her as she sets up Aura barriers against Teriodin. He likes to play video games when not helping, usually playing fighting games. Laverne often plays with him to relieve some stress. Prin does most of the chores around The Edge, despite being told numerous times he really doesn't have to- Prin mostly just hates keeping things unclean.

Prin typically is welcoming to those who come to visit The Edge, but if people start to distract Laverne from her duty, he tends to come off a bit abrasive- this is merely just because he knows how important this is and doesn't want anyone to distract Laverne from that.


Truth and Train

Powers and Abilities

Prin can tap into the spiritual energy known as Aura, although not quite to the extent that Laverne can. He can, however, momentarily take her place in setting up aura barriers against Teriodin. Prin notably dislikes fighting, although he is somewhat knowledgeable in self-defense martial arts.

Specific Abilities

Innate Combat Abilities

  • Aura - An innate energy that Prin can tap into. He can only tap into Aura from himself. Most of his aura abilites are based off Laverne's teachings.
    • Aura Sensing - Prin can sense others that have tapped into Aura Energy. Prin can view surroundings even with a blindfold, also allows him to view right through some objects.
    • Aura Barriers - Prin can create barriers around herself to protect from other attacks- the only thing that can break the shield is Aura attacks that are beyond his level. This level is high enough to the point where he can fill in for Laverne for a short time.
  • Martial Arts - Prin has a wide array of martial arts he can use to take on opponents, usually by defending against attacks or taking down opponents.


Laverne Echo

Prin is her best friend, formerly being part of a slave colony before Laverne freed him 16 years ago. Prin is eager to do any task Laverne asks him to do, and Laverne has taught him a bit of how to do Aura abilities.


Prin despises Teriodin for basically trapping them at The Edge for about 15 years, and throws out the garbage on his face, which doesn't even really reach him due to Teriodin's cosmic shielding disintegrating it before it even touches him.


  • Prin's outfit was based off the god characters of Dragon Ball.