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Doomsayer Primus
BIRTHDAY December 31, 17??
WEIGHT 182 lbs
RESIDING AT Under the Earth
Power, violence, expository ramblings, the Doomsayers, Standing Ripples, garbage
Sarah Needlenam, disloyalty, getting the "silent treatment" from his god
Stealing abilities from dying Standing Ripple users

Primus, also known by his full title of Doomsayer Primus, is one of the leaders of the Doomsayers, an underground cult that worships a god of destruction locked inside of the Earth's Ripplite core. He actively seeks a way to unleash this god using his Standing Ripple, Dead Man's Party, and his sword, Harvest Moon.

He is the Wallverse's version of Doomulus Prime.


Primus is a tall, gaunt man with a completely shaved head. He keeps his eyes hidden behind complex orange-tinted spectacles, but has ornate tattoos with spiked patterns encircling each one. His teeth are unusually sharp. He wears nothing but a black hooded robe with complex embroidery, smudged by dirt and singed at the ends by fire.

Primus's Standing Ripple, Dead Man's Party, appears as a simple skull-shaped mask. The mask is covered in ornate and colorful patterns, which somewhat resemble the tattoos on Primus's face but can change depending on the abilities it has stolen. When channeling an ability it has stolen from another Standing Ripple, a monochromatic version of that Standing Ripple's physical form grows out of the mask.


Primus has completely lost his marbles from a lifetime spent under the ground. He's an unstable and chaotic man whose only goal under normal circumstances would be to gain more and more power. He puts on a facade of cold, sinister, and almost stereotypical villainy normally, but in battle, his true colors as a manic madman spring forth. However, the voice in his head surprisingly isn't one of the many side-effects of his insanity. He has been chosen by a god for his instability and powers, and he sees fulfilling that god's wishes and freeing it as his ultimate goal. After all, is there anybody greater than the one who brings about the destruction of civilization? Primus is completely socially inept when treating people as if they were on or even above his level, meaning he would probably have a hellish time making friends if he ever actually tried to, but he's an expert at asserting dominance over those he deems weaker than himself.

Interestingly, due to the nature of Primus's Standing Ripple power, two decent-sized chunks of his "soul" are stolen from others. These stolen chunks of soul have the side-effect of granting him minor behavioral quirks from the people whose powers he's wielding. For example, after stealing the power of a nonchalant person with a love of jokes, Primus would find himself habitually working puns into conversations, and would only stop after giving up that person's power.

Take away his obsession with destruction and strength, and Primus doesn't actually have that much of a life. He has no real hobbies to speak of, and like all Doomsayers, he tends to just eat whatever's available. All of his interests and tastes are temporarily inherited from the people he steals powers from. If he weren't the leader of a dangerous cult and one of the most powerful Standing Ripple users in the Wallverse, it'd probably be pretty pathetic...


Primus's Standing Ripple, Dead Man's Party, has the ability to steal Standing Ripple abilities with a person in the instant that the user kills them. It cannot have a limitless supply of abilities, however, and is limited to having two stolen abilities at a time. If Primus already has two and wants to take a new one, he has to sacrifice one of the abilities he's already stolen. The ability that he chooses to sacrifice is gifted to his victim, which invariably results in the ability being lost alongside the life of its new user. He can also take or give abilities to people without killing them if they allow him to. As a secondary ability native to his own Standing Ripple, when he's wearing Dead Man's Party on his own face, Primus can sense whether or not a person has a Standing Ripple by making eye contact with them, though he cannot identify the exact nature of their ability until he kills them.

Dead Man's Party's usefulness is drastically enhanced by Primus's weapon of choice - Harvest Moon, a longsword made entirely out of Wallverse Ripplite and the most treasured artifact of the Doomsayers. With this blade, he is able to transform people into Standing Ripple users while simultaneously landing the mortal blow, effectively letting him steal Standing Ripple powers without the hassle of hunting down people who already have Standing Ripples. This means that he is able to switch powers with startling efficiency mid-fight, as long as he has easy accent to innocent bystanders that he can "farm" for a new ability. However, whether or not the ability that his victim gains is at all useful to him is determined only by luck, meaning it is possible for him to kill multiple people in a row without getting a single worthwhile ability.


Prior History

Primus's past is a complete mystery. Like all the other Doomsayers, it can be assumed that he was born and raised in the deepest caverns of Earth, as he claims that he awakened to his Standing Ripple's power at a young age. His first appearance that anyone actually remembers was in 1808, as a man seemingly in his mid-20s who seized control and devotion from the Doomsayers by killing their current leader and stealing his Standing Ripple. With their power at his back, he sought to find and steal increasingly powerful Standing Ripples, hoping to eventually find a power that could shatter the seal placed on the Doomsayers' god and bring about the world's end. To do this, he hunted whatever non-loyal Standing Ripple users the cult could find and slaughtered them. This included a woman named Monica Salvirr in 1822, who had unknowingly obtained a Standing Ripple sometime in her past.

In 1825, two important events occurred. First, the Ripplite longsword Harvest Moon was forged, which Primus believed would drastically speed up his hunt by letting him "farm" Standing Ripples instead of "hunting" for them. Second, Monica's wife Sarah Needlenam started hunting down and killing Doomsayers in her hunt for vengeance against Primus, and reports claimed she had a deceptively versatile Standing Ripple... Between these two events, it seemed as though Primus's hunt for the key to his god's prison was reaching its denouement.


  • Sarah Needlenam: Sarah wants to kill Primus, the man who killed her wife. And Primus wants to kill Sarah, an incredibly dangerous woman with an impressive Standing Ripple who seeks to topple his entire empire out of vengeance. The two are nemeses in every sense of the word, and every encounter between the two is guaranteed to end in bloodshed, regardless of the circumstances.


  • Primus is partially inspired by Zant from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and the Steel Inquisitors from the Mistborn series.
  • Dead Man's Party is named after and inspired by the Oingo Boingo album of the same name.
    • Its appearance is inspired by the album's cover art, which is a homage to Día de Muertos.
  • The existence of Harvest Moon is only possible through the enormous differences between New Prime's Ripplite (which is crystalline and too brittle to be used for weaponry) and the Wallverse's Ripplite (which is a surprisingly durable metal).
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