Prime Status refers to a concept introduced in Fantendoverse X: Space and Fantendoverse X: Time. When the Shattering occurred, the main Fantendoverse shattered into a infinite amount of pieces, now splintering into a multiverse. This multiverse is further explored in the Alternate Fantendoverses page, but this concept basically is how close a universe is to "Prime Status".

For most stories and alternate universes, this concept really doesn't matter and acts more like a theory as opposed to a canonical fact. Heralds and other multiverse beings organize the universes according to Prime Status.

What is the Prime Status?

Prime Status refers to how close a universe in the Fantendoverse Multiverse is to the original Prime universe, or to the original incarnations of the characters. A number indicates how close a universe is to "Prime Status", with the lower numbers being the closest to the prime universe, and higher numbers meaning it's farther away from being the prime universe. This tends to be more of a spectrum as opposed to a solid science, as Alpha Prime has a number of one but some small deviations. A perfect "prime" universe would have a number of zero.

Due to the inexact nature of the original Fantendoverse created by Unten and the other Catalyst's changing of the past, it's impossible to pinpoint exactly what makes a universe close to a prime status. Contradicting universes, like the Alpha Prime Universe tend to have lower numbers as a result of this.

Prime Numbers are calculated and rounded up to the number as opposed to the decimal. Due to the inexact nature of the Prime Status concept, there can multiple Fantendoverses considered a "one" on the scale.

Prime Number Calculation

  • Unten has a different name - Add 10 points, lower if some of the original name still exists.
  • A universe concept flip - Add 4 points
  • Gender flipping - Add 7 points

Prime Status of Known Universes


These Universes can for whatever reason not be compounded into the Prime Status for one reason of another.

  • Delta Prime - A parasitic universe leeching and copying off of every other Fantendoverse simultaneously, meaning its Prime Status is essentially every possible number simultaneously.
  • Hiddenverse - Never developed any form of life outside of the Programmer, therefore the difference from the Fantendoverse is seemingly infinite


  • This concept was mainly introduced to explain the Alpha Prime Universe and to further reinforce that the New Fantendoverse is one of many Fantendoverses, albeit a important one in its own right.
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