President Richard Independence is the current president of the United States in the Fantendoverse. He has been the president since the country's founding and never seems to ages, although has changed from body to body. He is Snaily Joe's political rival. He first appeared in Fantendo - Genesis in a post credits scene. He later appeared in the Fantendo - Now episode Xerox and One Snail Under All. He is seen usually with his secretary Monica Sodan and two Secret Service agents named Bonnie and Clyde.


Richard has grey hair and huge ears. He wears a blue gradient tie and has a pin resembling the American flag on his right. He has greenish blue eyes. He is Caucasian.


President Richard Independence lives and breathes America, usually offering anyone a handshake and a smile. He speaks with a lot of confidence and seems generally popular as a president, enough to be elected throughout America's entire history.



Powers and Abilities

President Independence is immortal for unexplained reasons, although he has been killed before. He regenerates days later in a new body and form but all of his memories intact.


Fantendo - Genesis

Appears in a post credit scene where he appoints Helen Rizzo to become the leader of F.A.N.T.

Fantendo Now

Fantendo - Gaiden: Legacy

President Independence appears as a recurring character due to his status as the leader of the council that funds F.A.N.T, suggesting Eric Sinn for the position of director following Rizzo's death at the hands of Gray Demon.


Helen Rizzo

Appointed her to become the leader of F.A.N.T. They are on friendly terms and he seems to believe she is the right one for the job. Following her death, he seems saddened and attends her funeral.

Eric Sinn

Suggested him for the position of new director after Rizzo's death. Like Rizzo before him, the two seem to have a respectful and friendly relationship.

Trophy Information




  • The character's design was based somewhat off George Bush and Barack Obama, the two most recent presidents.

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