Power Star
A Power Star as it appears in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.
Item Type Other
Kind of Item Star
First Appearance Super Mario 64
Latest Appearance Super Mario Star Journey
It is used to open different locations that are shut. It is also used as a source for power.
Super Star
Green Star
Shine Sprite
Power Moon
Elemental Stars

The Power Star is an item in the 3D Super Mario games, mainly Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario Galaxy 2. Mario must travel though levels (or galaxies) to find them. When Mario receives enough Power Stars, he will unlock new levels and will be able to battle Bowser.

If Mario gets help from the Cosmic Spirit, Starlow or Robud, he will find a Bronze Star that, while functionally identical to its Power Star counterpart, shows that the mission was not completed legitimately.

The equivalent collectible is the Shine Sprite in Super Mario Sunshine, and the Power Moon in Super Mario Odyssey. Super Mario Maker Phi introduces time-infused Power Stars called Horostars. In Super Mario: Elemental Journey, four new subtypes of stars called Elemental Stars are introduced, representing the four traditional elements of fire, water, thunder, and earth; and power up the playable characters' Flower Forms when collected. Super Mario Powers introduces a similar item, the Sun Blossom, which is native to the Sakura Kingdom.


Super Mario Galaxy 2.5

Power Stars play an important role in the sequel to Super Mario Galaxy 2, Super Mario Galaxy 2.5. Like the first two games, Mario and Luigi must travel though unique galaxies and retrieve Power Stars.

Super Mario Radiance

Power Stars return in Super Mario Radiance, where the sun was split up into many of them. Every Power Star that the player collects flies into space, and begins merging with the other Stars the player has collected to form a new sun.

Super Mario Star Journey

Power Stars do the same as in Super Mario Star Journey: Act as goals and open gates (in this game's case, Warp Pipes) to new courses. They were stolen by Bowser and scattered around.

Super Mario Maker Phi

In Super Mario Maker Phi, a new subset of Stars called Horostars were introduced and can be collected in the game's Chrono Missions. They are displaced across time and thus require the player to go through old levels and do missions in there, sometimes with displaced objects or enemies.

Super Mario: Elemental Journey

In Super Mario: Elemental Journey, four new sub-sets of stars called Elemental Stars were introduced, each star representing one of four elements (Fire, Water, Thunder, and Earth). These Stars play a part in powering up the Flower Forms that Mario and others can utilize over the game.

Super Mario: Dimension Journey 3

'In Super Mario: Dimension Journey 3 power stars are needed to access Dark Star 2.0 and Champion Field (called 'Master World' in the overseas release. They are found throughout the levels and 67 Green Stars are scattered throughout the game after collecting 100 stars. There are 10 Grand Stars that unlock more worlds. There are a total of 197 stars in the game.

Super Mario Power Star Mayhem

In Super Mario Power Star Mayhem power stars act as a goal/collectable. To complete a level mario has to collect the one floating at the end of the level.


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