Power Rangers Frontier: Superstar Allies
Developer(s) Zekons
Publisher(s) Zekons
Designer(s) Zekons
Genre(s) Action-Adventure Role-Playing
Release Date(s) March 20, 2018
Mode(s) 1-Player
Age Rating(s) E10+

Power Rangers Frontier: Superstar Allies is the upcoming 2018 action-adventure game released on March 20, 2018 in worldwide on Nintendo Switch. This game has three Amiibo characters (Gooey, Callie and Jack Atlas).


Friend Gacha

Heart Friend

Role-Playing Action



Chapter One:

Chapter Two:

Chapter Three:

Chapter Four:

Chapter Five:

Last Chapter:

TRUE Last Chapter: The Friend Alikes



Character Information Signature Move Main Ability
Aiji Nakaoka Joo The daughter of Kitsukasa and Kazane and the granddaughter of the popular protagonist Samuel Nakaoka the Second. Signaturity Slash Heart Friend
Superior Aiji The miracle fusion of Aiji Nakaoka Joo and the three Jambastion mages. Raibow Friend Explosion

Friend Allies

Character Information Signature Move Ability
Eddy The leader of The Eds who take Samuel Nakaoka's promise to make friends. Let's Get Cooking! Rapid Cash
Zavok The leader of the Deadly Six who was defeated by both Samuel Nakaoka and Sonic. Zeti Winning Knuckle Zeti Field

Main Bosses

Boss Information Weaknesses
King Braegedokey The fusion of the evil King Braed, Argeddem and Pokey.
Roger's Soul of Destruction (First Form)
Voidracozacoltal: Colzatal (Second Form)
Soul Colzatal (Third Form)
Having interrupting Void Termina's revival, Roger sent an remained body of Arcaronmon and Star Dream to DigiFuse with Void Termina to become his new form while he flies off. As Aiji merges with the three Jambastion mages into Superior Aiji, she confronts Roger who uncsuccessfully fused into his new form due to Kumon's own will only Star Dream attempt to deletes Kumon's will; causing him to scream in anguish before Star Dream and Kumon fights each others. This unsuccessful fusion cause to form the Soul of Destruction as Roger still take control his new form. When his first form was taken down, Kumon and Star Dream's souls was overtaken by Void Termina (unknowingly it was Roger who control him) for interrupting his revival, causing them to absorbed by him. This will successfully fused into Voidracozacoltal; Colzatal named by Roger himself. After Aiji strikes Roger's chest, he become enraged at her before his self-destructs. However, the celebration was cut shorts because of Roger's soul was still exist while Kumon's original soul was permanently erased due to Star Dream's deletion. Roger, now infused with Void Termina's powers, he transforms into his Dai-Shi Armor Form before evolve into the undead version of Colzatal called Soul Colzatal. Roger's heart





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