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This article is about characters from the Mario series that were created by Nintendo's long-term partner company Power Team.


Lemon is a light yellow Luma, the only one of his kind. Most of Lemon's backstory is unknown, although Rosalina is shown to really care for him a lot.

Lemon appears as a playable character Mario Kart Double Dash 2: Worldwide Circuit, as the partner of Rosalina. He is a Flight type racer.

He also appears in Mario Party, as one of the people invited to Brighton and Twila's festival.

Police Guy

Police Guy's design, created by Exotoro.

Police Guy is a Shy Guy cop. He has dark blue overalls and a police hat. He is the only cop in the whole of the Mushroom Kingdom, and because of this, he usually ends up failing to solve incidents that occour.

Police Guy made his first appearance in Yoshi Tongue Challenge, as the referee, although his only playable appearances are in Mario Kart: Triple Drift, Mario Kart Double Dash 2: Worldwide Circuit, New Super Mario WorldPower Paintbrush Adventures and most recently Disney vs. Fantendo: A Collision of Worlds!.

Snap the Crab

Snap the Crab is one of Bowser's minions introduced in New Super Mario World, and is a giant red Clawdaddy. Even though Snap is shown as being evil, in the instruction booklet of the game, it says that he was nice before Kamek cast a spell on him.

Iago Koopa


Iago Koopa is Bowser's crazy nephew. It is currently unknown why he lives with Bowser. He first appeared in a promotional video for the Nintendo Power Box in August 2015.

Iago is very sneaky and can bit a bit bossy, although he isn't always smart. He has his own minions, called the Oareos. The Oareos have spikes on their heads and require two hits to be defeated.

Iago makes his debut video game appearance in Mario Party.

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