Portal Neo is simply a port of original Portal made for the Neo portable handheld video game console. It was released by N Studios in assistance with Valve Software in 2013. The game uses a modified build of Source engine specially designed for Neo console.

Portal Neo
Developer(s) Valve
Publisher(s) N Studios
Platform(s) Exclusively for Neo console
Genre(s) First-person puzzle
Series Portal
Release Date(s) November 29th, 2013
Age Rating(s) Teen (T)
Cost $5.99


The plot is overall the same as the original Portal, you assume the role as Chell, mysteriously awaken in Aperture Science Enrichment Center by a robot AI known as "GLaDOS". Chell must now navigate various test chambers with help of Weighted Storage Cubes, buttons, and Portal gun.


There are some differences between Neo version and the original version:

  • The Portal gun sounds are remastered and more high-quality than in the original Portal. Button/door sounds are also remastered.
  • The portal orbs are updated and has a new look (while retaining the orange/blue colors)
  • The radio has a more detailed look.
  • The poisonous water has a new texture.

Demo version

A free demo version was released for Portal Neo on November 30, 2013, one day after Portal Neo release. It contains half of the test chambers from the game, ranging from test chambers 1 to 10 (similar to Portal: First Slice).

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