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Character DescriptionEdit

Popeye is a cartoon character and was created by E. C. Segar. He first appeared in the Thimble Theater comic strips. Popeye is a strong fighter, although he is a tad bit slower than others. Popeye uses different sailor themed attacks as well as his trusty can of spinach for his Final Smash.



Popeye, as he appears in Cartoon Fighters.

Popeye's Attacks:

Standard Special Twister Punch
Side Special Anchor Swing
Up Special Uppercut
Down Special Block
Final Smash

Spinach Strike

Moveset Description

Standard B: Twister Punch

Popeye winds up a punch that spins very fast, resembling that of a twister. Depending on how long Popeye winds up the punch for, the attack could accumulate up to 3%-15% damage.

Side B: Anchor Swing

Popeye takes out a rather large anchor and swings it around. Any opponent caught amongst this attack will be dealt with 11% damage.

Up B: Uppercut

Popeye soars through the air with a jarring uppercut, which deals 9% onto an opponent.

Down B: Block

Popeye's down B acts like that of a shield. Any opponent that tries to attack him during his block, which can only last for about two seconds, will be repelled and dealt 7% damage.

Final Smash: Spinach Strike

Like in the cartoons, Popeye pulls out a can of spinach to finish off his foes. During this time, the player controls Popeye, making him chase after his enemies with powerful punches. Popeye also cannot be damaged during his Final Smash, which only lasts for about ten seconds.

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