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SSB Mario Series.png Polluted Piranha Plant
Species Origin SSB Mario Series.png Piranha Plant
Rarity ◆ Uncommon
Alignment Evil
Average Behavior feral
Habitat(s) sludge
Ability/ies Blocking things.
Weapon(s) none
Vulnerable To water
First Appearance SSB Mario Series.png Super Mario Sunshine, GameCube, 2002
Latest Appearance SSB Mario Series.png Super Mario 3D All-Stars (via SMS), Switch, 2020
Petey Piranha

A Polluted Piranha Plant, also called a Gatekeeper or Proto Piranha, is a frequently-recurring miniboss that appears in the early stages of Super Mario Sunshine.

Born from the sludge spewed out by Shadow Mario, Mario must kill it in order to advance the plot. The key to doing that is to spray water into its mouth three times while its mouth is open.

Polluted Piranhas have been seen in three different varieties of sludge: pink/orange, brown, and black. Polluted Piranhas hold a Shine Sprite at the Delfino Airstrip and Bianco Hills; the Bianco Piranha is also the only one that can be refought. Polluted Piranhas also block the way to Bianco, Ricco Harbor, and Gelato Beach; the latter two must be hit six times, and the Gelato Piranha even spews out Swoopin' Stus after three hits. The Ricco Piranha sinks the boathouse that turns Mario's Blue Coins into Shine Sprites, while the Gelato Piranha sinks the lighthouse.

Fanon appearances

St. Clair Publications

  • Polluted Piranhas are an Assist Trophy on Super Smash Stadium. They hurt to touch and function much as they did in Super Mario Sunshine. They also come in the electric and flaming sludge colors as well as three colors not seen in SMS: green, white, and purple.
  • Because Super Mario Sunshine Deluxe is a remake of the original game, the Polluted Piranhas appear here in the exact same capacity they had before. Corona Mountain even has a Polluted Piranha inside Pianta Village's infamous flaming sludge, as part of the second episode there.