Police Acadamy

The Police Acadamy Series is a series of games focusing on Detective Jenny and her friends Detective Marble, Nurse Joy and Reggie. The series is created by Vined Inc. and it is based around Pokemon games. Most of the games were on the Nintendo DS until the most recent title which was on the Nintendo Wii.


The first game Police Acadamy: Training was originally a game about Nurse Joy exploring the idea of a strong Joy first proposed in the pokemon cartoon. However the initial idea was scrapped and it was changed to focus around Jenny however Joy remained as an important character and later received her own spinoff.

Other minor characters from the cartoon Reggie and Marble were also added as supporting cast members and other characters later would be based off Cartoon characters.

The game was to take place during the time of the original Pokemon saga however Vined Inc. didn't want to use Giovanni as a villain so it was changed to fifteen years after the events after the second saga making it eighteen years after the initial one.

The idea for the second game was originally going to be based around the concept of Graduation however after signing contracts to make it into a series Vined Inc. decided to use the game to introduce a series villain with Renald. Original elements turned up in later games such as the net gun in Search and the kiss between Reggie and Jenny in Answers.

The third game was going to be based around adventures with a Spinarak and the GS ball however the ideas were changed and the idea of various crimes in Goldenrod emerged however the Spinarak remained at a smaller importance level. The GS ball concept has yet to return.

The fourth game was seen by the company as a midqual between the third and fifth games they did not want Search to be viewed as an independent game rather a link between Relocation and Answers.

The fifth game in the main series Police Acadamy: Answers was planned since the third game with Eustace replacing Renald as a main villain for Jenny. Many elements from the original Police Acadamy: Graduation are found here including the kiss between Reggie and Jenny and the ditto being used as a mask.

The racers sub series was inspired by the Mario Kart series and was created as a fun game however Racer X was also used to provide hints about future games with Flint appearing as a playable character.

Nursing School: The story of Joy contains much of what the series was initially going to be about with the strong fierce kayaking Joy in Paige and her protege which was going to be a unique character in Joy. It also provided the series with some magic.


Police Acadamy: Training

The first game in the series, it introduces you to the characters and the series and the basic formula that all the subsequent games kept but altered a little.

Police Acadamy: Graduation

The second game in the series, it changes the formula around a little bit and introduces the series' main villain Renald as well as explains the events of the first game better.

Police Acadamy: Relocation

The third game in the series picks up the series and moves it to a different country changing all of the locations however the principal cast remains the same.

Police Acadamy: Search

The fourth game in the series takes off exactly at the end of Relocation. It traverses through Kanto and Johto.

Police Acadamy: Answers

The fifth game in the series takes off after the last platformer. It features many changes and has a serious plot line.

Police Acadamy: SCPD

The sixth game in the series, it was due out three months prior to it's release it was constantly postponed until finally being released, it was focused around a new theme Murder, not before seen in the series.

Racer Games

Police Acadamy: Racers

The first game in the racers sub series has only nine playable characters which are all of the main characters as well as Daniella, Cassandra and Sargeant Malone.

Police Acadamy: Racer X

The second game in the racers sub series. It was the very first game from the Police Acadamy series to be put onto the Nintendo Wii it featured many characters from the Nursing school spinoff as well as the main game.

Nursing School Games

Nursing School: The story of Joy

The game is a prequel to the series and it talks about Joy's backstory with her cousin and friends in the Orange Archipalego. A lot more information about Joy is given in this game, it explains why she became a nurse.

Nursing School: Island Breeze

The game is a sequel to Nursing School: The story of Joy and is a platformer on the Wii. It explains Joy's heart powers and why they are not seen in the main series.

Nursing School: The Lost Island

It is the third and possibly final Nursing School game, It explains the history behind the girls and explains even further Joy's magic and introduces the concept of destiny.

Pewter Police Games

Pewter Police: Story of Timothy

This is the first game to feature Timothy and a male as a protagnist. It details his early life in Pewter City with his friends Lola and Brock. It has a similar feel to the main series however it differentiates in that some missions take place with Brock or Lola instead of just Timothy. It provides a back story for Timothy.

Main Characters

Detective Jenny

Jenny is the protagnist of the series. The games revolve around her and she is the only playable character. She uses a variety of weapons to attack foes with as well as her pokemon parnters. She has appeared in all of the main games.

Nurse Joy

Joy is the best friend of Jenny and important character in ther series. She is a non-violent character and is mainly the team healer. She has only two pokemon Happy and Togi. She has appeared in all of the games. She recieved her own Spin-Off Nursing School: The story of Joy

Detective Marble

Marble is the partner of Jenny in the police force and they were in the acadamy together. She is clumsy but well meaning. She has two very good pokemon, her Arcanine is very strong. She has appeared in all of the main games.


Reggie is a pokemon breeder and friend of the girls. He is non-violent and had the most powerful pokemon in the first game before Marble's Growlithe was evolved. Reggie is the love intrest for Jenny. He has appeared in all of the main games.


Renald is the head of Team Rocket and is an evil man who abuses pokemon for his own benifits. He has not been in all of the games but has been an important plot in most. He is the main villain of the series.


Eustace was once an advisor to Giovanni the former head of Team Rocket. He appears as the final boss in Police Acadamy: Search. He escapes from the Kanto prison during a gaol break, he was the number one threat in the prison.

Mayor Sabrina

Sabrina was once a gym leader in Saffron City before retiring due to a heart break and becoming a cleric. She is a mysterious girl and a powerful ally for Jenny. She appears at random times and locations.

Detective Timothy

Timothy first appears in Police Acadamy: SCPD when a bunch of other detectives are called into Vermillion City to help catch Flint, Timothy stays in Saffron with Jenny and they become fast friends. He recieves his own spin off Pewter Police: Story of Timothy.

Minor Characters

For a full list and summary of the minor characters in the Police Acadamy series see Minor Characters in Police Acadamy.


Vermillion City

Vermillion City is where Police Acadamy: Training is set. As this is where the Police Acadamy and the Nursing school are. It remains an important place Police Acadamy: Graduation and Police Acadamy: Answers. Alarge portion of Police Acadamy: SCPD takes place here.

Saffron City

Saffron City is the main area in Police Acadamy: Graduation. This is where Sabrina is and the Pokemon dojo. Team Rocket had a base just north of here. It is seen breifly in Police Acadamy: Relocation. It appears again as an important town in Police Acadamy: Search and Police Acadamy: Answers. It is the main hub in Police Acadamy: SCPD.

Lavender Town

Lavender Town is a small town east of Saffron City in Police Acadamy: Graduation. This is where Jenny captures her Ghastly. Lavender Town is where Renald was hiding in Police Acadamy: Search and Police Acadamy: Answers.

Goldenrod City

Goldenrod City is the main hub for Police Acadamy: Relocation as this is where the girls were temporarily reassigned. Team Rocket has been pulling heists here. It is the largest city in Johto. The first half of Police Acadamy: Search is here.

Celadon City

Celadon City was first mentioned in Police Acadamy: Graduation but was first featured as the final area in Police Acadamy: Search this is where Eustace was hiding.

Cerulean City

First mentioned in Police Acadamy: Graduation it became the area for a chapter in Police Acadamy: Answers it was Joy's hometown before moving to Vermillion.

Orange Archipalego

The various islands in the Orange Archipalego including Moro Island, Pinkan Island and Golden Island served as the backdrop to the spinoff game Nursing School: The story of Joy.

Pewter City

This is the backdrop to Pewter Police: Story of Timothy and is the hometown of Timothy, Lola and Brock. It is a larger city in western Kanto and is situated above a forest. It is also home to a large science research centre.

Gym Leaders

The Police Acadamy series has Sabrina the former Saffron gym leader as a recurring character and spin off series Nursing School and Pewter Police have gym leaders Misty and Brock as main characters respectively. While other gym leaders Jasmine and Erika have made apperances in the series.

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