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The game's box art.
Developer(s) Bandai Namco
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Pokémon
Predecessor Pokkén Tournament

Pokkén Tournament U, also known as Pokkén Tournament Ultimate in Japan, is a fighting game for the Nintendo Wii U and is the sequel to the arcade game Pokkén Tournament. The game mainly improves on the gameplay and mechanics of the original, but adds new features and content such as characters, stages and modes. One major feature of Pokkén Tournament U is being able to fight against other players online.

The game was developed by Namco and published by Nintendo. It was released in Japan and Europe on September 10, 2015, in North America on September 16, 2015 and Australia in September 19, 2015. 


Returning Features

Many features return from Pokkén Tournament, however, a lot of these mechanics have been tweaked and have new elements to them, such as Specials having the new PP Bar mechanic.

Burst Mode and Burst Attacks

Just like in Pokkén Tournament, each Pokémon has a Burst Mode. In this mode, all attacks do more damage and the player can perform a special move called a Burst Attack, dealing a high amount of damage to the opponent. The player can activate Burst Mode  by pressing WiiUButton-CtrlStickR when the special gauge is filled. To activate a Burst Attack, the player must be in Burst Mode and press WiiUButton-CtrlStickR again. Burst Mode only lasts a short amount of time and using the Burst Attack will take away most of that time.

Trainer Customisation

Trainer Customisation returns in Pokkén Tournament U, but with many more options for hairstyles, expressions and clothes. Amiibo can be used to unlock clothes of the amiibo used, such as a Mario cap from the Mario Amiibo. 


Pokkén Tournament U utilises the Protecting/Guarding mechanic from it's arcade predecessor. Nearly every move can be blocked by protecting/guarding, with the exception of a few Specials and all of the Burst Attacks.

Strong and Weak Attacks

Like Pokkén Tournament, the game has both strong and weak attacks can be made.


Specials returns in Pokkén Tournament U, but have a new mechanic, the PP Bar (see below). Each Pokémon has 4 Specials based off of moves that the Pokémon can learn in the main series' games. 


Jumping also returns in Pokkén Tournament U, allowing players to dodge long range attacks and perform aerial moves and combos.

Support Pokémon

Another feature returning in Pokkén Tournament U is Support Pokémon. The player can call a Support Pokémon in the middle of a battle to perform a move and deal damage to their opponent. Unlike the original, a cutscene is played sending the Support Pokémon out before it performs the move, some Pokémon even Mega Evolve before using a move.

New Features

Although most of the original game's core mechanics return with some slight tweaks, a few new features are included in Pokkén Tournament, mainly modes and other gametypes that wouldn't work on arcade machines.

Amiibo Compatibility

As mentioned before, Amiibos can be used to unlock clothes and gear for trainers to wear based on the Amiibo. Some Amiibo even unlock costumes for Pokémon.

PP Bar

A new feature in Pokkén Tournament U is the PP Bar (Power Point Bar), it is located next to a Pokemon's special gauge. When a player uses one of their Pokemon's specials, some PP will be deducted. If a player uses all of the pokemon's PP up they will have to wait until it replenishes. Some  Pokémon have more PP than others and some Pokémon's PP Bars replenish faster than others. The amount of PP used for a move varies, usually depending on how powerful the said move is.

Online Multiplayer

One of the major new features of the game is being able to fight against other players online from around the world. There are multiple ways to play online including ranked matches, just for fun, tournaments and battling against friends.

Gym Leader/Elite Four/Champion Battles

In single player modes, players can battle trainers, gym leaders, elite four members and champions from the Hoenn, Unova andKalos regions. 

Tag Battles and Team Battles.

Two new modes in Pokkén Tournament U, Tag and Team Battles, allow players to play as multiple Pokémon and switch between them in a batte. Tag battles also allow players to work together as a team.


There are a few different methods of playing the game, they are listed below.



  • WiiUButton-CtrlStickL - Move
  • AbuttonWiiU - Specials (combined with another button)
  • XButton - Weak Attack
  • Ybuttonwiiu - Strong Attack
  • BbuttonWiiU - Jump
  • WiiUButton-CtrlStickR (press, when special gauge is full) - Activate Burst Mode
  • WiiUButton-CtrlStickR (press, when in burst mode) - Burst Attack
  • WiiUButton-L - Protect/Guard
  • WiiUButton-R - Call Support Pokémon
  • WiiUButton-DPadUp/WiiUButton-DPadRight/WiiUButton-DPadDown/WiiUButton-DPadLeft - Taunt


  • WiiUButton-CtrlStickL - Select
  • AbuttonWiiU - Confirm Selection
  • BbuttonWiiU - Go Back

Wii U Pro Controller


  • WiiUButton-CtrlStickL - Move
  • AbuttonWiiU - Specials (combined with another button)
  • XButton - Weak Attack
  • Ybuttonwiiu - Strong Attack
  • BbuttonWiiU - Jump
  • WiiUButton-CtrlStickR (press, when special gauge is full) - Activate Burst Mode
  • WiiUButton-CtrlStickR (press, when in burst mode) - Burst Attack
  • WiiUButton-L - Protect/Guard
  • WiiUButton-R - Call Support Pokémon
  • WiiUButton-DPadUp/WiiUButton-DPadRight/WiiUButton-DPadDown/WiiUButton-DPadLeft - Taunt


  • WiiUButton-CtrlStickL - Select
  • AbuttonWiiU - Confirm Selection
  • BbuttonWiiU - Go Back


Similar to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U you can connect your Nintendo 3DS to the Wii U and use it as a controller.


  • 21px-3DS Stick.svg - Move
  • 16px-3DS A.svg - Specials (combined with another button)
  • 16px-3DS X.svg - Weak Attack
  • 16px-3DS Y.svg - Strong Attack
  • 16px-3DS B.svg - Jump
  • 3DS LButton + 3DS Rbutton (when special gauge is full) - Activate Burst Mode
  • 3DS LButton + 3DS Rbutton (press, when in burst mode) - Burst Attack
  • 3DS LButton - Protect/Guard
  • 3DS Rbutton- Call Support Pokémon
  • D-Pad up/D-Pad left and right/D-Pad down - Taunt


There are a total of 47 playable characters in Pokkén Tournament U. 24 are availible at the start, 17 must be unlocked and 6 are downloadable. Each fighter has different moves, stats and fighting styles.


These characters are availible from the start of the game. 

Image Pokémon Type Pokkén Dex Entry Figthing Style
PikachuPTU Pikachu
Pikachu, the electric type mouse Pokémon. It mainly uses electric and it's tail to attack the opponent. Pikachu is an all-around fighter with decent speed, health and power. It has a range of both physical and projectile attacks that have good combo potential. Pikachu is a good character for beginners. Balance
AlakazamPTU Alakazam
Alakazam, the Psi Pokémon. It uses it's psychic powers and teleportation abilities to outsmart and trick the opponent. Alakazam has great speed and strong projectile attacks with good range. However, Alakazam has low HP making it quite fragile. It focuses on keeping a distance from the oppenent and tricking the opponent into playing it's game. Technique
MachampPTU Machamp
Machamp, the Superpower Pokémon. It has very balanced stats and powerful attacks. Machamp uses a variety of punches and kicks in his movesets. It has little to no projectile attacks meaning that it can only do damage at close range. Machamp doesn't have much combo potential but it's power makes up for this. It plays similar to beatdown characters but with less speed. Power
GengarPTU Gengar
Gengar, the Shadow Pokémon. It has a good mixture of both powerful physical and projectile attacks that have great combo potential. Gengar, has a low HP compared to most Pokémon, but this isn't too much of a problem due to it's projectiles allowing spacing. Gengar also has quite a large moveset that can be diffcult to master. Technique
AmpharosPTU Ampharos
Ampharos, the Light Pokémon. It plays very similar to Pikachu, but with more of a focus on heavy hitting projectile attacks. Although Ampharos doesn't have very good combo potential or speed, it's attacks can deal a lot of damage. Also it's projectiles have great range, but to deal large amounts of damage Ampharos must sweet spot them. Technique
SudowoodoPTU Sudowoodo
Sudowoodo, the Imitation Pokémon. It is an all around fighter with good physical attack and defenses. Sudowoodo also has quite a few AoE attacks that enables it to play both offensively and defensively. It isn't too fast though and relies on it's defensive tools to protect itself. Sudowoodo also has a few projectile attacks, but these are quite weak and don't deal much damage. Balance
ScizorPTU Scizor
TBA Balance
TyranitarPTU Tyranitar
TBA Power
GardevoirPTU Gardevoir
TBA Technique
BreloomPTU Breloom
TBA Speed
HariyamaPTU Hariyama
TBA Power
AggronPTU Aggron
TBA Power
LopunnyPTU Lopunny
TBA Speed
LucarioPTU Lucario
TBA Balance
WeavilePTU Weavile
TBA Speed
GalladePTU Gallade
TBA Balance
ExcadrillPTU Excadrill
TBA Speed
LilligantPTU Lilligant
TBA Speed
MienshaoPTU Mienshao
TBA Balance
BisharpPTU Bisharp
TBA Power
ChesnaughtPTU Chesnaught
TBA Power
DelphoxPTU Delphox
TBA Technique
GreninjaPTBR Greninja
TBA Speed
HawluchaPTU Hawlucha
TBA Balance


Instead of unlocking fighters for meeting the certain criteria, you must also defeat the Pokémon in a battle, similar to how characters are unlocked in the Super Smash Bros. series.

Image Pokémon Type Fighting Style
BeedrillPTU Beedrill
MewtwoPTU Mewtwo
HeracrossPTU Heracross
UrsaringPTU Ursaring
MawilePTU Mawile
MedichamPTU Medicham
GarchompPTU Garchomp
IconToxicroak Toxicroak
ZoroarkPTU Zoroark
IconGolurk Golurk
PangoroPTU Pangoro
IconAegislash Aegislash

Unlocked Via Amiibos

By scanning the Pikachu Amiibo, players can unlock Cosplay Pikachu. Each different outfit counts as a unique character and they all have slightly different stats and their own different Burst Attack. All 5 are Balance type fighters.

Image Pokémon Type
RockstarPikachuPTU Pikachu Rockstar
BellePikachuPTU Pikachu Belle
PopstarPikachuPTU Pikachu Popstar
PhDPikachuPTU Pikachu Ph. D
LibrePikachuPTU Pikachu Libre


Each of the 6 DLC packs contained 1 new playable Pokémon.

Image Pokémon Type Fighting Style
SandslashPTU Sandslash
GranbullPTU Granbull
CacturnePTU Cacturne
AmbipomPTU Ambipom
CofagrigusPTU Cofagrigus
DianciePTU Diancie





Tier List

SS LopunnyPTU ZoroarkPTU BreloomPTU
S GreninjaPTBR AmbipomPTU LilligantPTU ScizorPTU ExcadrillPTU
A+ IconToxicroak MienshaoPTU HeracrossPTU WeavilePTU
A GengarPTU BisharpPTU AlakazamPTU BeedrillPTU GalladePTU
A- MawilePTU MedichamPTU DelphoxPTU SandslashPTU
B+ PopstarPikachuPTU CacturnePTURockstarPikachuPTU
B GarchompPTU LibrePikachuPTU HawluchaPTU PikachuPTU PangoroPTU
B- LucarioPTU BellePikachuPTU  DianciePTU PhDPikachuPTU
C+ MachampPTU UrsaringPTU AmpharosPTU
C IconAegislash AggronPTU MewtwoPTU ChesnaughtPTU
C- GranbullPTU TyranitarPTU  SudowoodoPTU CofagrigusPTU
D GardevoirPTU HariyamaPTU IconGolurk

Support Pokémon

Before entering a match, players choose two Support Pokémon to help assist them in battle. Before the round starts, the player must choose one of the two chosen to help them for the current round. Each Pokémon has a set move that it will perform when sent out. There are 90 (18 of which are DLC) Support Pokémon in Pokkén Tournament U as shown below. To find out more about the Pokémon support move, hover over their icon.




Other than the DLC stages, it is unknown what region any of the locations are in. Most stages are based on a type and have a alliterative names. There are 36 stages in total, 20 default, 10 secret and 6 downloadable. The six downloadable stages are based on locations from the main series' games.


  • Trainer School
  • Colossal Colosseum
  • Flowery Fields
  • Vicious Volcano
  • Sunshine Seashore
  • Busy Boulevard
  • Sky Sanctuary
  • Magma Mine
  • Dusty Dunes
  • Ruthless Ring
  • Stargazer Stadium
  • Courtyard Colosseum
  • Haunted House
  • Misty Marsh
  • Jurassic Jungle
  • Winter Woodlands
  • Relic Ruins
  • Frantic Factory
  • Sakura Square
  • PokéPark


  • Maple Tree Meadow
  • Deep Sea Dome
  • Flowing Falls
  • Crisp Canyons
  • Delicate Dojo
  • Celestial Citadel
  • Creepy Carnival
  • Gelid Glacier
  • Fairytale Forest
  • Supreme Stadium


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Unlockable Type Criteria
Beedrill Fighter Win 10 Matches
Mewtwo Fighter Win 150 Matches
Heracross Fighter Win 20 Matches
Ursaring Fighter Win 110 Matches
Mawile Fighter Win 30 Matches
Medicham Fighter Win 100 Matches
Garchomp Fighter Win 40 Matches
Toxicroak Fighter Win 90 Matches
Zoroark Fighter Win 50 Matches
Golurk Fighter Win 80 Matches
Pangoro Fighter Win 60 Matches
Aegislash Fighter Win 70 Matches
Maple Tree Meadow Stage Unlocked with Ursaring
Deep Sea Dome Stage Win 120 Matches
Flowing Falls Stage Win a match on every default stage
Crisp Canyons Stage Win 130 Matches
Delicate Dojo Stage Unlocked with Medicham
Celestial Citadel Stage Unlocked with Golurk
Creepy Carnival Stage Unlocked with Toxicroak
Gelid Glacier Stage Win 140 Matches
Fairytale Forest Stage Unlocked with Aegislash
Supreme Stadium Stage Unlocked with Mewtwo

Notable Trainers

In singleplayer modes, players will sometimes battle trainers from the Kalos, Unova and Hoenn regions. All of these trainers, along with their Pokémon and Support Pokémon are listed below.

Trainer Fighting Pokémon Support Pokémon 1 Support Pokémon 2
Calem Greninja Altaria Absol
Serena Delphox Clefable Altaria
Shauna Chesnaught Gothitelle Florges
Tierno Hawlucha Crawdaunt Roserade
Trevor Pikachu Aerodactyl Florges
Viola Heracross Vespiquen Vivillon
Grant Sudowoodo Golem Rampardos
Korrina Lucario Hitmonlee Hitmonchan
Ramos Chesnaught Vileplume Bellossom
Clemont Ampharos Luxray Electivire
Valerie Mawile Florges Klefki
Olympia Medicham Zatu Gothitelle
Wulfric Weavile Abomasnow Beartic
Malva Delphox Arcanine Chandelure
Siebold Greninja Azumarill Floatzel
Wikstrom Aegislash Skarmory Klefki
Drasna Garchomp Altaria Noivern
Diantha Gardevoir Tyrantrum Aurorus
Nate Excadrill Conkeldurr Krookodile
Rosa Mienshao Reuniclus Escavalier
Hugh Bisharp Braviary Hydreigon
Cilan Chesnaught Roserade Whimsicott
Chilli Delphox Camerupt Chandelure
Cress Greninja Lapras Miltoic
Cheren Ursaring Snorlax Exploud
Lenora Lopunny Zangoose Porygon-Z
Roxie Toxicroak Weezing Skuntank
Burgh Beedrill Vepsiquen Escavalier
Elesa Cosplay Pikachu Luxray Galvantula
Clay Excadrill Marowak Krookodile
Skyla Hawlucha Swanna Braviary
Brycen Weavile Froslass Beartic
Drayden Garchomp Altaria Hydreigon
Marlon Greninja Azumarilll Floatzel
Shauntal Golurk Drifblim Froslass
Marshal Machamp Hitmontop Conkeldurr
Grimsley Bisharp Honchkrow Krookodile
Caitlin Alakazam Gothitelle Reuniclus
Alder Lilligant Conkeldurr Braviary
Iris Garchomp Lapras Hydreigon
Brendan Breloom Exploud Swalot
May Medicham Camerupt Milotic
Wally Gallade Azumarill Roserade
Roxanne Aggron Aerodactyl Rampardos
Brawly Hariyama Hitmonlee Hitmonchan
Wattson Ampharos Manectric Electivire
Flannery Delphox Camerupt Magmortar
Norman Ursaring Exploud Zangoose
Winona Hawlucha Skarmory Altaria
Tate Gallade Gothitelle Reuniclus
Liza Gallade Gothitelle Reuniclus
Wallace Greninja Azumarilll Milotic
Sidney Zoroark Crawdaunt Absol
Phoebe Gengar Banette Mismagius
Glacia Weavile Froslass Beartic
Drake Garchomp Flygon Altaria
Steven Aggron Skarmory Metagross
Zinnia Garchomp Altaria Noivern

Trainer Customisation

Trainer Customisation returns in Pokkén Tournament U, but with many more options for hairstyles, expressions and clothes. Amiibo can be used to unlock clothes of the amiibo used, such as a Mario cap from the Mario Amiibo. Only clothes unlocked with Amiibo and DLC Pokémon Cosplay items will be listed below. All of the other items will not be listed.

Amiibo Clothes

Image Amiibo Clothes Unlocked
Amiibo Mario Mario Mario's Cap
Mario's Overalls
Amiibo Luigi Luigi Luigi's Cap
Luigi's Overalls
Poltergust 5000
Amiibo Peach Princess Peach Peach's Crown
Peach Dress
Peach's Parasol
Amiibo Bowser Bowser Fire Breath
Bowser Suit
Spiked Bracelets
Amiibo Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi Shoes
Yoshi Suit
Yoshi Egg
Amiibo Rosalina Rosalina Rosalina's Wand
Rosalina Dress
Amiibo BowserJr Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr.'s Bandana
Koopa Clown Car
Amiibo Wario Wario Biker Helmet
Biker Clothes
Bag of Coins
Amiibo DonkeyKong Donkey Kong DK Tie
Donkey Kong Suit
Amiibo DiddyKong Diddy Kong Diddy's Hat
Diddy Kong Shirt
Jet Pack
Amiibo MrGame&Watch Mr Game & Watch Frying Pan
Judge Hammer
Amiibo LittleMac Mario Boxing Shoes
Boxing Clothes
Boxing Gloves
Amiibo Link Link Master Sword
Hylian Shield
Hero's Clothes
Amiibo Zelda Princess Zelda Din's Fire
Zelda Dress
Mini Phantom
Amiibo Sheik Sheik Deku Nut
Sheik Clothes
Sheik's Harp
Amiibo Ganondorf Ganondorf Dark Magic
Ganondorf Clothes
Swords of Demise
Amiibo ToonLink Toon Link Toon Master Sword
Toon Hylian Shield
Toon Hero's Clothes
Amiibo Samus Samus Arm Cannon
Varia Suit
Metroid Plush
Amiibo ZeroSuitSamus Zero Suit Samus Paralyzer
Zero Suit
Samus' Shoes
Amiibo Pit Pit Angel Wings
Pit Clothes
Sacred Bow
Amiibo Palutena Palutena Palutena's Staff
Palutena Clothes
Palutena's Shield
Amiibo Marth Marth Rapier
Marth Clothes
Amiibo Ike Ike Ettard
Ike Clothes
Amiibo Robin Robin Levin Sword
Robin Clothes
Amiibo DuckHunt Duck Hunt Collar
Dog Plush
Duck Plush
Amiibo Kirby Kirby Kirby Parasol
Warp Star
Star Rod
Amiibo KingDedede King Dedede King Dedede's Hammer
King Dedede Clothes
King Dedede Hat
Amiibo MetaKnight Meta Knight Galaxia
Meta Knight's Mask
Dimensional Cape
Amiibo Fox Fox Fox Clothes
Amiibo Falco Falco Falco Clothes
Amiibo Pikachu Pikacu Pikachu Onesie
Pikachu Plush
Amiibo Charizard Charizard Charizard Onesie
Charizard Plush
Amiibo Lucario Lucario Lucario Onesie
Lucario Plush
Amiibo Jigglypuff Jigglypuff Jigglypuff Onesie
Jigglypuff Plush
Amiibo Greninja Greninja Greninja Onesie
Greninja Plush
Amiibo ROB ROB

Amiibo ROB Famicon ROB

Amiibo Ness Ness Ness Cap
Ness Clothes
Baseball Bat
Amiibo CaptainFalcon Captain Falcon Falcon Helment
Falcon Clothes
Falcon Gloves
Amiibo Villager Villager Bug Catching Net
Amiibo Olimar Olimar Olimar Helmet
Olimar Space Suit
Amiibo WiiFitTrainer Wii Fit Trainer Hula Hoop
Wii Fit Clothes
Amiibo Shulk Shulk Monado
Shulk Clothes
Amiibo DrMario Dr. Mario Stethoscope
Dr. Mario Clothes
Amiibo DarkPit Dark Pit Dark Wings
Dark Pit Clothes
Silver Bow
Amiibo Lucina Lucina Parallel Falchion
Lucina Clothes
Amiibo Pacman Pac-Man

Amiibo Megaman Megaman

Amiibo Sonic Sonic

Amiibo Mewtwo Mewtwo

Amiibo Lucas Lucas

Amiibo Roy Roy

Amiibo Ryu Ryu

80px Cloud

Amiibo Corrin Corrin

80px Bayonetta

Amiibo MiiBrawler Mii Brawler

Amiibo MiiGunner Mii Gunner

Amiibo MiiSwordfighter Mii Swordfighter

MarAmiibo Mario Mario Mario's Cap
Mario's Overalls
MarAmiibo Luigi Luigi Luigi's Cap
Luigi's Overalls
Poltergust 5000
MarAmiibo Peach Peach Peach's Crown
Peach Dress
Peach's Parasol
MarAmiibo Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi Shoes
Yoshi Suit
Yoshi Egg
MarAmiibo Toad Toad Mushroom Cap
Toad Clothes
MarAmiibo Bowser Bowser Fire Breath
Bowser Suit
Spiked Bracelets
Amiibo SilverMario Silver Mario Silver Cap
Silver Overalls
Silver Fireball
Gold Mario Amiibo Gold Mario Gold Cap
Gold Overalls
Gold Fireball
Amiibo YarnYoshiGreen Green Yarn Yoshi Green Yarn Yoshi Hoodie
Green Yarn Yoshi Plush
Green Yarn Yoshi Slippers
Amiibo YarnYoshiBlue Blue Yarn Yoshi Blue Yarn Yoshi Hoodie
Blue Yarn Yoshi Plush
Blue Yarn Yoshi Slippers
Amiibo YarnYoshiPink Pink Yarn Yoshi Pink Yarn Yoshi Hoodie
Pink Yarn Yoshi Plush
Pink Yarn Yoshi Slippers
Amiibo YarnYoshiMega Mega Yarn Yoshi

Amiibo 8BitMarioRetro Retro 8 Bit Mario

Amiibo 8BitMarioModern Modern 8 Bit Mario

Cosplay Clothes

The following 18 Pokémon have cosplay clothes based on them, the design will change based on the player's gender.

Downloadable Content

Each pack contains one new fighter, a stage, three support Pokémon and three cosplay costumes. They are all themed around different regions in the game.
DLC Pack 1: The Kanto K.O. Pack
DLC Pack 2: The Johto Jab Pack
DLC Pack 3: The Hoenn Hammer Fist Pack
DLC Pack 4: The Sinnoh Sucker Punch Pack
DLC Pack 5: The Unova Uppercut Pack
DLC Pack 6: The Kalos Knee Wheel Pack

Beta Elements

  • Files in the game suggest Roserade was going to be a downloadable character and was replaced by Ambipom.
  • In an interview with the developers, it was stated that Sableye, Smeargle, Delibird and Magearna were all planned to be playable characters in the game at some point, but were scrapped early in development.
  • Legendary Pokémon were planned to appear on certain stages and attack the fighters, but the idea was scrapped.
  • Boss Battles were also planned to make an appearance, but didn't make it into the game. Planned Boss Pokémon include Genesect and Shadow Mewtwo.
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