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Developer(s) Illusion Works
Publisher(s) Illusion Works
Platform(s) Pacifico
Zeta Nebula
Release Date(s)
Flag of the United States: Summer 2016.
Flag of European Union: Summer 2016.
25px-Flag of Japan2: Summer 2016.
Flag of Australia: Summer 2016.
Age Rating(s)
Pegi 12ESRB 10
Genre(s) Action
Series Pokémon / Castlevania / Pokevania
Predecessor N/A
Successor N/A
Media Included Pacifico Application
Zeta Nebula Disc

Pokévania: Serenade of the White Maiden is a crossover between Pokémon and Castlevania, developed and published by Illusion Works for on the Pacifico and Zeta Nebula. The game takes place in it's own continuity and it is inspired on the more exploration-focused Castlevania games, specifically Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow.

The game takes place during the middle ages, in an era of darkness, in which a powerful Pokémon, Dusknoir takes control of the entire Kanto region thanks to the power that he found in the form of the Dark Gem. The Kanto Kingdom sends their three most powerful knights to battle against Dusknoir and his troops. The three knights are Lucario, Chesnaught and the white maiden Gardevoir. The three are captured at the beginning at the game and Gardevoir is the only one that managed to escape and now she has to defeat Dusknoir and rescue the other two.


Chapter 1

This is the tale of the Dark Ages.
The Kingdom of Kanto. A prosper and increasingly ascending kingdom.
Pokémon of Kanto are filled with hope, thanks to their king and queen turning the Kanto Kingdom into the most important of the Pokémon World.
One day, everything changed.
Dusknoir, a criminal who was banished from the Kingdom, returned to Kanto with the intent of taking over. His power was too strong to any of the army forces to manage to hold him down. In a short time, he took over the entire kingdom. He imprisoned and banished everyone that was against him and created a cult around him. The hope of Kanto appeared have disappeared.
But it didn't.

Entrance of the Kanto Castle. 108th Day of Dusknoir's Reign
We see Gardevoir, Chesnaught and Lucario on the entrance.
Character Dialogue
652s Chesnaught Here we are.
448s Lucario We don't have any other choice.
652s Chesnaught Indeed. If there is any good time to battle against Dusknoir, we must do as early as possible before his power gets stronger.
282s Gardevoir ...
652s Chesnaught You seem troubled, Lady Gardevoir. What troubles you?
282s Gardevoir Oh? It's nothing...
652s Chesnaught Are you sure that you are okay?
282s Gardevoir Yes... It is nothing that is going to trouble our mission...
448s Lucario Let's focus on the mission and not any other unimportant thing.
652s Chesnaught Hm. Sir Lucario is right. We need to focus on our task to end this as soon as possible.
282s Gardevoir ...
The trio enter the castle and see a seemingly empty hallway.
Character Dialogue
652s Chesnaught Huh. I have to admit, I wasn't expecting to the castle to be this... empty.
282s Gardevoir Yeah... After hearing about this cult that Dusknoir built around himself... I was expecting this room to be filled by his followers...
448s Lucario ...
652s Chesnaught We should get moving then.
448s Lucario There is someone else here.
Action The trio are attacked by a Sableye and a Banette, catching them off guard and managing to capture them.
302s Sableye We got 'em!
354s Banette Master Dusknoir will be so proud of us!
Action Dusknoir teleports to the entrance.
477s Dusknoir I see we have uninvited guests.
354s Banette Yessss, bossss!
302s Sableye We found those three trying to ruin our party!
477s Dusknoir Silence. Now let's see what we have here.
Action Dusknoir walks around the captured trio.
477s Dusknoir This is laughable. You three were the ones sent by the banished? Pathetic. You guys couldn't even get past the hallway. No matter, I will take care of you three myself.
Action Pause.
477s Dusknoir Not now. I would like to see the banished's hope increase as they think their saviors are managing to defeat me. I will defeat you three when their hope is on the top, just to destroy it in their faces. For now, suffer.
Action Dusknoir teleports the trio for a dungeon.
652s Chesnaught ...
448s Lucario ...
282s Gardevoir ...
652s Chesnaught What we do now?
448s Lucario We wait. There is nothing else we can do.
652s Chesnaught You sure?
Action Lucario attempts to utilize Aura Sphere, only to fail, proving his point.
448s Lucario This dungeon blocks our powers.
652s Chesnaught Does our journey ends here?
282s Gardevoir ...
448s Lucario It seems so.
282s Gardevoir ...
652s Chesnaught You have given up so fast, Sir Lucario. I thought you were the most optimistic of us.
282s Gardevoir ...
448s Lucario Not in hopeless situations like this.
282s Gardevoir Maybe... There is a way out...
652s Chesnaught Hm? What do you mean, Lady Gardevoir?
282s Gardevoir I could... teleport...
448s Lucario Haven't you seen that our powers don't work here?
282s Gardevoir I could... try...
652s Chesnaught It appears to be impossible. But we could at least try.
448s Lucario Sure. Don't cry if this fails.
282s Gardevoir Okay...
Action Gardevoir tries to teleport away and manages to do so. She appears in the entrance of the castle, where they begun.
282s Gardevoir It worked! Oh... Should have brought them with me... Oh well...
Gardevoir starts exploring the castle.

Boss Encounters

Character Dialogue
Action Gardevoir enters a room and seens Crobat, Sableye and Banette.
282s Gardevoir ...!
302s Sableye yOu sEe cRoBaT. lOrD dOeSn'T tHiNk ThAt yOu'Re uSeFuL.
169s Crobat That is just mislabeling! I will prove him wrong!
302s Sableye hOw?
354s Banette The only way that you can prove that you are not uselessssssss would be if you managed to defeat the essssscapee.
169s Crobat I will! I will defeat them in a short time before they even notice it!
302s Sableye yOu sUrE?
354s Banette Yeah, yeah. I'm pretty ssssssure the bossssss wouldn't like empty promisssssessss like yourssss.
169s Crobat Just you wait until the escapee comes here and I will prove you two wrong!
354s Banette Sssssure, you will.
Action Banette turns around and sees Gardevoir.
354s Banette ! Hey, it looksssss like it is your lucky day. Do you what you promisssssed.
302s Sableye sEe yA lAtEr!
Action Banette and Sableye teleports away.
169s Crobat Now, let's begin! I will make your suffering quick and without no gain! Is that the right word? Gain? Or is it pain? Eh, nevermind. I will prove Dusknoir wrong! I will prove my worthiness when I defeat you!

Friendly Encounters


Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Alternate Story: Lucario

Alternate Story: Chesnaught

Alternate Story: Lopunny



Picture Description Type
Gardevoir is one of the three knights sent to take back the castle from Count Dusknoir. A shy, timid, yet courageous fighter. Nicknamed the White Maiden by the crowd of the Pokémon Kingdom, Gardevoir utilizes psychic abilities to disarm foes and her fairy skills to finish them off. Psychic
Lucario is a veteran knight and one of the three that were sent on the mission to retake the castle. Not very talkative and overly serious most of the time, he is one that knows what is the best course of action for almost every situation. Thanks for being part steel, Lucario has higher defense than the others and he is a more melee focused fighter thanks to his fighting skills. Fighting
A newcomer knight who seeks to get respect from his fellows and one of the three sent to retake the castle. A polite and smart, Chesnaught always follows the orders of the leader and addresses his fellows and even enemies in a polite manner. He can utilize the nature around him for combat thanks to his Grass type as well being the strongest on the team, his fighting abilities are quite deadly. Grass


Picture Description Role


Picture Description
A fortune teller who decided to make a profit out of the cult of Dusknoir. She can predict the future and find the location of mysterious treasures, for a cost. She serves as the player's guide in case they get lost.
A treasure hunter who seeks to become one of the most healthy Pokémon of Kanto. He can help the player by finding accesories for them, depending of the type of valuable gem the player gives. For example, giving a common valuable gem will make Excadrill most likely find an average accesory, giving a semi-common gem will make more likely to Excadrill to find an above-average accesory and giving a rare gem will make more likely to Excadrill to find a rare accesory or item.
A ghost who seeks to get out of the castle after accidentally being trapped inside the castle, although he can't move on his own. He offers a pact to the player character to make use their body as a "home" until they get out, with the benefit of Spiritomb absorbing the abilities of the defeated Pokémon. Spiritomb is an optional choice for the player and it affects the final fight if the player makes the pact or not.
A wandering fighter who seeks to get better. He decided to enter the castle to "train" Dusknoir's troops when in reality he was learning about their tactics and abilities so that he could find a weakness. He helps the main characters by teaching them moves, as he is the master of the 18 Pokémon Arts (aka Types) and can teach new moves to them if they can manage to defeat him.
A lone thief who seeks gold within the castle. He can occasionally pop up from treasure chests with the item that was hidden inside, usually a very useful item. He offers a deal to the player character, either they trade in for a better item or they fight against him with the winner keeping the item. With each fight, the reward gets better but Greninja gets more challenging.


Picture Description Boss Order
Crobat is the weakest members of Dusknoir's forces, although he is confident enough that him being labelled that is a misunderstanding and that he will prove it by defeating the invaders before they can advance any further. Despite that, Crobat is easily defeated by Gardevoir and later gets destroyed by Dusknoir, whom calls him useless. 1st
A trickster with an odd speech pattern, Sableye is known as one of the most unpredictable members of Dusknoir's forces, being one of the few that knows the castle from inside and the outside, setting up traps for the invaders as they come along. In battle, Sableye isn't a fighter, he sets up ways to make the opponent to fall on his traps, although he is the one that gets foiled after he is caught by his own trap. He was later rescued by Dusknoir, who spared him due him being useful. Often appears alongside Banette. 2nd
A mysterious foe with a permanent grin, Banette is tasked with the duty of making the heroes progress difficult and he does so by putting ghost seals on doors as well blocking passageways and destroying any maps of the castle. In battle, Banette prefers a sneaky approach to battle, as he doesn't even appear physically in battle, instead possesing objects in a dinner room, like knives, and throwing himself at the heroes. He is later defeated and disappears for the remainer of the story. 3rd


Dusknoir's Castle (Normal)

Inverted Castle (Hard)



Name Description
Potion Heals the user by 20 points.
Super Potion Heals the user by 50 points.
Hyper Potion Heals the user by 200 points.
Max Potion Completely heals the user.
Antidote Heals the user from poison.
Awakening Heals the user from sleep.
Burn Heal Heals the user from burns.

Battle Items


Hold Items/Accesories




Move Range Base Power Effect Type Level
Growl Short N/A Lowers the opponent's attack. Normal 1
Confusion Short 10 Has a 25% chance of confusing the opponent. Psychic 1
Double Team Short N/A Increases the chance of the opponent missing a hit on her. Psychic 1
Teleport Long N/A Teleport to another location in the castle. Psychic 1
Moonblast Long 15 Has a 10% chance of lowering the opponent's special attack. Psychic 5
Misty Terrain Short N/A Prevents Gardevoir from getting any status ailments if she is in the Misty Terrain. Psychic 7
Disarming Voice Short 5 Ignores the opponent's evasion and always hits. Fairy 11
Calm Mind Short N/A Raises Gardevoir's Special Attack and Special Defense. Psychic 21
Magical Leaf Long 15 Ignores the opponent's evasion and always hits. Grass 22
Draining Kiss Short 10 Hits an opponent and heals Gardevoir by 75% of the damage dealt. Fairy 23
Heal Pulse Short N/A Recovers 50% of her maximum HP. Psychic 25
Psychic Long 20 Has a 10% chance of lowering the opponent's Special Defense. Psychic 26
Imprison Short N/A Prevents from the opponent to utilize any move that Gardevoir has. Psychic 33
Future Sight Long 15 Sets up an attack that hits in a short time later. Psychic 42
Hypnosis Long N/A Puts the opponent to sleep. Psychic 51
Dream Eater Long 30 Attacks the opponent when they are sleeping. Psychic 60








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