Pokémon Ultra Mystery Dungeon is a Nintendo 3DS title that is a part of the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series. It is the eleventh entry in Japan and the eighth entry internationally. Like the other Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games, it is an adaptation of the Mystery Dungeon games with Pokémon characters.

It was released in Japan on September 17, 2018, in North America on November 20, 2018, in Europe on February 19, 2019, and in Australia and New Zealand on February 20, 2019.



Instead of choosing a starter pokemon at the beginning, you begin playing as Pikachu and then befriend the other ones later on

Pikachu-Pikachu is a human who got turned into a pokemon, he is the first main character in the game

Litten-The second befriendable playable character in the game, he is a citizen of Fresh Town

Popplio-The third befriendable playable character in the game, she is a citizen of Kulek Town

Rowlet-The fourth befriendable playable character in the game, she is a treasure hunter who lives near Voda City


Hippopotas-The leader of the Secret Expidition Society, he lives in a secret base under Fresh Town.

Bounsweet-Bounsweet is a member of the Secret Expedition Society. She is the leader of Ground Missions

Shelgon-Shelgon is a member of the Secret

Forretress-Foretress is a member of the Secret

Swellow-Swellow is a member of the Secret Expecition Society. He is the leader of Sky Missions

Dewpider-Dewpider is a member of the Secret Expedition Society. He is the leader of Water Missions

Boufallant-Boufallant is a shopkeeper in most towns who takes the place of Rampardos (GTI) and Klefki (SMD), as the box basher

Kecleon-Kecleon is the main shopkeeper who sells most items.



Xatu-Xatu is a traveler that first encounters the player passed out on top of Garden Mountain and helps him reach civilization. He has a bigger role later









Mimikyu-Mimikyu is the main villain of the game who wants to destroy both the human world and pokemon world.
















Welcome to a world where no humans live and pokemon co-exist in harmony, until now. You play as a human who has fell from the sky and become a Pokemon. With the help of allies and friends, work together to save the world from a threat and help a secret society befriend every pokemon, maybe then you will be able to get back home.

Game Areas

World Map

Dungeons (Main Game)

  1. Garden Mountain
  2. Amarillo Pass
  3. Deadly Gulch
  4. Western Plateau
  5. Craggy Badlands-Pallosand Boss
  6. Abundant Woods
  7. Snaking Maze
  8. Castellica Mountain
  9. Changing Castle-Houndoom Boss
  10. Nightmare Forest-Chandelure Boss
  11. Eastern Sea Cape
  12. Aluvia Archipelago-Politoed Boss
  13. Sunken Caverns
  14. Ember Jungle
  15. Haunted Canyon
  16. Redland Woods
  17. Ghostly Manor-Hoopa Boss
  18. Lovely Meadow
  19. Seaside Cavern
  20. Deadwater Ravine
  21. Icicle Glacier
  22. Frozen Plains
  23. Subterranean Path
  24. Underground Savannah-Zangoose Boss
  25. Maunavia Volcano-Camerupt Boss
  26. Olivehill Ruins
  27. Boomer Mineshaft
  28. Slurping Desert
  29. Spacial Tundra-Aurorus Boss
  30. Ralaga River
  31. Mt. Magnet
  32. Dullvode Swamp
  33. Typhoon Lagoon-Simipour Boss
  34. Abandoned Ritual Grounds
  35. Crystalis Cave
  36. Ironwork Dungeon-Klinklang Boss
  37. Darkshade Path
  38. Lonely Mesa
  39. Mushroom Catacombs
  40. Darkshade Tower-Lickilicki and Medicham Bosses
  41. Castle of Kyu-Crawdaunt Boss
  42. Castle of Kyu (Upper)-Mimikkyu Boss


Chapter 1-I'm a Pikachu?

Chapter 2-Meeting Litten and Pokemon Paradise

Chapter 3-Trouble in the Badlands

Chapter 4-Welcome to Fresh Town

Chapter 5-Castle at the top of the lands

Chapter 6-Enter Popplio

Chapter 7-Evil Frogs and Furious Storms

Chapter 8-Spooky Encounter in the Shade

Chapter 9-Trek through the Ravines

Chapter 10-Lost up North

Chapter 11-Withered down Below

Chapter 12-Scaling the Volcano

Chapter 13-Rowlet and the Ruins

Chapter 14-Ruins of Terror

Chapter 16-Saving the Society

Chapter 17-Through the Desert

Chapter 18-Aurora Encounters

Chapter 19-Moonblight Madness

Chapter 20-Return to the Waterlogged World

Chapter 21-The Monster known as Kyu

Chapter 22-Quest to Save the World

Chapter 23-Crazy Clockwork

Chapter 24-The Darkness Showdown

Chapter 25-A Fallen Evil

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