Pokemon Sand and Poison
Developer(s) Game Freak, Fire Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Fire Mini Player, Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) RPG
Series Pokèmon
Release Date(s) 2/8/16

Pokèmon Sand and Poison are games for the Fire Mini Player and the 3ds

Confirmed Stuff

The Starters Are Groal, a grass horse, Firon a hot lion pokemon and Seacub The Cub pokemon

The Protagonist's Names are Jason and Sally and the Rival's Name is Drake

The Region Is Neysey, A region based of Southern Texas

Players Can Visit Kalos, Similar To Pokemon Gold/Silver With Kanto

The gym Leaders (First 2) Speicalize In Grass, Then Rock

If Eevee is taken to college (yes that exists) wait a day, you'll have espeon

A New Type: Food has been added, Cherubi and Vanillite Will gain The Food Typing

Another New Type: Space Has been, Mega Clefable & Mega Slowking Have This (The Former Gains It, But The Latter Has This Replacing Water)

The villanous team has been revealed: Team Chaos and their goal has somethimg to do with the title ledgend (Later the Ledgendary Metalo)

Pokèmon Amie and Trainer Custumization return, Eevee can be able to learn The new moves Dragon Play and Buggy Play to evolve into Drageon and Insecteon (Doing it the same way as Sylveon

The Dimensional Episode, Which involves the Legends Metalo and Hoopa, Is confirmed

Trainer Customization was revealed to have a new Speicial feature, Costumes, most can be unlocked after the Dimensional Episode, and can be alternatively be unlocked by amiibo and amiibo 2.0, although only original amiibos are announced as of now

amiibo can be scanned at The World Pokemon Center

The World Championships (In-Game) are In An Island Near Kalos and is Only available after the Kalos Elite 4

After the Dimensional Episode Unova can be traveled to (This the 3DS version, while having it, will have the same limitations as Smash 3DS)


Coming Soon!


amiibo Rewards
amiibo Rewards Available For
Mario amiibo Mario costume, Charizardite Y Both
Luigi amiibo Luigi Costume, Sablenite Both
Peach (Super Mario for 3DS, Smash for FP) Peach Costume (Girl)/Koopa Troopa Costume (Boy), Gardevoirite, Super Shiny Gardevoir Both, but different amiibos
Pikachu Pikachu Costume, Speicial Pikachu with Light Ball Both
Greninja Greninja Costume, Greninjite, Super Shiny Greninja Both

New Types

Food Type

    Strong Against
    Weak Against

Space Type

    Strong Against:
    Weak Against

New Pokes

  Groal (Grass)
  Floware (Grass)
  Treealion (Grass/Fairy)
  Firon (Fire/Ground)
  Liheat (Fire)
  Lavion (Fire)
  SeaCub (Water)
  Dewion (Water/Normal)
  Seafion (Water/Ice)
  Minmunk (Normal)
  Cheakmunk (Normal)
  Cardjay (Normal/Flying)
  Embinal (Fire/Flying)
  Cardinorch (One Of Cardjay's Final Form) (Fire/Flying)
  Seajay (Cardjay's... Other final form) (Water/Flying)
  Insection (Eeveelution) (Bug)
  Drageon (Eeveelution) (Dragon)
  Toxeon (Eeveelution) (Poison)
  Wingeon (Eeveelution) (Flying)
  Thundisk (Stunfisk Evo) (Ground/Electric)
  Garbomber (Garbordor Evo) (Poison/Steel)
  Parchiramp (Parchirisu Evo) (Electric/Fairy)
  Emolglide (Emolga Evo) (Electric/Flying)
  Shockdenne (Dedenne Evo) (Electric/Fairy)
  Fufro (Furfrou Pre-Evo) (Normal)
  Audin (Audino Pre-Evo) (Normal)
  Skarby (Skarmory Pre-Evo) (Steel/Flying)
  Moofy (Tauros/Miltank Pre-Evo) (Normal)
  Repiv (Arbok Evo) (Poison/Dark)
  Breezing (Weezing Evo) (Poison/Fire)
  Plugchi (ELC/NRM)
  Heartichu (FRY)
  Heatheart (FRY/FRE)
  Tarantulic (Ariados Evo)
  Ledileader (Ledian Evo)
  Panshock (ELC)
  Torchkwon (FRE/FTG)
  Kundew (WTR/FTG)
  Seedate (GRS/FTG)
  Sandswing (Sandshrew Pre-Evo)
  Dundrill (Dunsparce Evo)
  Simug (Bug/Poison)
  Slimail (Bug/Poison)
  Pikafairy (New Pikachu Evo)
  Pikablu (Yes) (New Pikachu Evo)
  Misdra (Misdreavus Pre-Evo)
  Durkrow (Murkrow Pre-Evo)
  Firock (Fossil Poke)
  Fishoone (Fossil Poke)
  Shincol (Normal) (Abillity: Shine Up: Higher chance of finding a Shiny)
  Roograss (Grass type Roogoo Evo)
  Roogice (Ice Type Roogoo Evo)
  Roogire (Fire Type Roogoo Evo)
  Espeus (Alternate Eeveelution)
  Umbreus (alternate Eeveelution)
  Sandox (Sand Version Ledgend)
  Toxeecone (Poison Version Legend)
  Metalo (Legend)

New megas

12 New Megas Were first Known:

  Mega Torterra Y (GRS/GRD) Abillity: Sturdy
  Mega Luxray (ELC/DRK) Abillity: Electricate: Turns normal to electric
  Mega Johto Starters
      Mega Meganium (GRS/FRY)
      Mega Typhlosion (FRE/DRK)
      Mega Feraligatr (WTR/DRG)
  Mega Dragonite (DRG/WTR)
  Mega Unova Starters
      Mega Emboar (FRE/GRD)
      Mega Serperior (GRS/DRG)
      Mega Samurott (WTR/FTG)
  Mega Hydreigon (DRG/STL)
  Mega Honchkrow (FLY/DRK)
  Mega Mismagius (GST/DRK)

When Fire Magnazine 9/15 Came Out, 8 more megas were revealed:

  Mega Raichu (ELC/DRK)
  Mega Nidoking (PSN/FTG)
  Mega Nidoqueen (GRD/DRK)
  Mega Golem (GRS/RCK)
  Mega Machamp (FTG)
  Mega Flareon (FRE/DRK)
  Mega Jolteon (ELC/FTG)
  Mega Vaporeon (WTR/PSY)

The Day after, 3 more megas were revealed

  Mega Crobat (FLY/ELC)
  Mega Porygon-Z (STL/NRM)
  Mega Pidgeot Y (FRY/FLY)

During The "DA NEW MEGAS" Trailer, 6 More Were Revealed

  Mega Wigglytuff (FRY)
  Mega Clefable (FRY/SPC)
  Mega Torterra X (GRS/RCK)
  Mega Roserade (GRS/DRK)
  Mega Slowking (PSY/SPC)
  Mega Zoroark (DRK/FRY)

4 more megas were Revealed on Fire Holiday Speicial

  Mega Infernape (FTG/GRD)
  Mega Empoleon (WTR)
  Mega Greninja (WTR/FTG) Abillity: Mold Breaker
  Mega Flygon (FLY/DRG (Abillity: Heat Up: immune to ice Types)

One 1/15/15 3 megas and A Primal Reversion were revealed On Fire Magazine

  Mega Mew (FRY/PSY)
  Mega Celebi (GRS/PSY)
  Mega Cresselia (FRY/PSY)
  Primal Dialga (Yes, Primal Dialga.) (STL/DRG)

On 7/22/2014 The second Primal and Final set of Megas Were revealed

  Primal Palkia (WTR/DRG)
  Mega Darmanitan (FRE/FTG)
  Mega Bisharp (STL/DRK)
  Mega Jirachi (FRY/PSY)
  Mega Manaphy (WTR/FRY)
  Mega Chesnaught (GRS/FTG)
  Mega Delphox (FRE/PSY)
  Mega Milotic (WTR/FRY)
  Mega Cacturne (GRS/RCK)
  Mega Torkoal (FRE/RCK)
  Mega Victini (FRE/FRY)
  Mega Arceus (NRM) (Must Know Miracle Blast) Abillity: Protean

Alternate Eeveelutions

Using Emeralds on Eevee Evolve him into alternate "Eeveelutions"

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