Pokey sprite


Poke-man is one of Peach's partners in Paper Princess Peach. he is a Pokey. He joins Peach when she is looking through Gritzy Desert for a Crystal Heart. He then attacks Peach, as he is ordered to attack her by King Koopland. He has a helmet on his head, with electrifying volts coming through it. If Peach jumps on Poke-man, she will get burned. Peach must use Perry for this battle. Once Poke-man is defeated, his body segments fall apart, and roll everywhere in the desert, revealing a castle. Peach runs to this castle, and tries to open the door. The door appeared to be locked, preventing Peach from entering the castle.

The head then makes a deal with her. He says he has the key, and if Peach finds all of his body segments, he will give Peach the key. After Peach finds all of the body segments, she must give them to Poke-man. He then gives Peach the key. Peach then enters the castle, and realizes that it is really just a storage room full of Brown Leaves. Poke-man then locks the door, and says "I will only let you out if you let me join your party!" A message comes up, and Peach must pick yes or no. If no, the player can get out with the window, but Peach needs the Pokey to get to the real castle. Peach then accepts the invitation and they go and battle the king.


  • His name is obviously based on Pokémon.