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Pokémon World Tournament ( ポケモンワールドチャンピオン Pokemon World Champions in Japanese) is an upcoming game in the Pokémon series for the Nintendo 3DS. The game acts as the newest installment of Pokémon Colloseum but the game is played with sprites like mainstream Pokémon games. The game is inspired and based off of the Pokémon World Tournament from Pokémon Black and White 2. The game is set in a new region called Sutarando which is largely based upon London. The game also features 17 brand new Pokémon too, which can be chosen as starter Pokémon for players who cannot send Pokémon from past games. The game is set to be released at the same time as Pokémon X and Y.

Pokémon World Tournament
Developer(s) Game Freak
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) RPG
Release Date(s) October 2013 (all major regions)
Age Rating(s) E for Everyone


The gameplay in Pokémon World Tournament is somewhat very similar to Pokémon Colloseum and also mainstream Pokémon games.

Main Gameplay

The game is very similar to the Pokémon World Tournament in Black and White 2. The gameplay has many nostalgic features and moments, such as the Gym Leaders, Elite Four and Champions being involved and also the ability to pick from some of the old player characters Leaf, Ethan, Lyra, May, Brendan, Lucas, Dawn, Hilbert, Hilda, Nate, Rosa, Curtis and Yancy aswell as the X and Y player characters and two new ones aswell, ??? and ???. It is also confirmed that Hugh, the rival from Black and White 2 will be playable.  You can select 6 starter Pokémon from the game out of the 45 availible, including 17 new starters and also 28 old  Pokémon, these can also be purchased from the shop to help complete the Pokédex. Evolution does not appear in the game and levels are always set to a certain number depending on the mode, usually Pokémon are Levels 50, but some modes allow higher or lower levels. The game has no Gym Leaders but instead World Masters, who appear to be actual Gym Leaders, Elite Four and Champions. There are many modes and tournaments in Pokémon World Tournament giving a lot of playing time to complete. The game also features a Pokédex where you can also as an added bonus, try to complete the Pokédex either by obtaining all of the Pokémon or seeing them. A new feature is added where an announcer speaks and says a short dialogue about the opponent and the player and also there are many new interesting Stadiums based of off the characters and types.


Ever since you were five years old your dream was to be a Pokémon World Master, you always used to watch it on television at home and dreamed someday that would be you. Today, it's your chance to follow your dreams. Today is your birthday and you're 10 years of age, meaning your old enough to compete in the Tournament! But first, may I ask, are you  a boy or a girl? (select Boy or Girl, then select which character you want to be) Ah I see, so you're a <boy/girl>, but, before you start your journey, could I ask, what's your name? <inster name> Okay then, <name> you're ready to start you're adventure!

You wake up on your birthday, to see your sister, Bella has been sitting by your bed ready to pounce and say "Happy Birthday!" You hug her and she says that your mother is downstairs, you walk downstairs and she wishes you a happy birthday, she gives you a present which you open to find some equipment you need for your adventure, you eat breakfast and she waves you "Goodbye" and shouts "Good luck! I'll be watching you on TV!" Your adventure now starts and the menu screen pops up, where you can choose 6 starter Pokémon, these can be:

  • You can now start to enter tournaments, transfer Pokémon etc.

Pokémon Transfer

DS/DSi/3DS to DS/DSi/3DS

If you have two portable consoles from the DS series then you can send Pokémon over to the other console as if in normal Pokémon games, but as the game is for the 3DS, one console must be a 3DS. If transferring from Pokémon X and Y players must have two 3DS consoles to complete this transfer.

3DS Transfer

If you only have one DS console, being the 3DS, a small device comes with the game in which first, players must connect this with the cable that goes into the charger socket. Next players can open up the game data for Pokémon Black and White, Black and White 2 or X and Y and a new menu sellection will appear on the menu which says "Pokémon World Tournament Transfer" players can then click this and their PC will open allowing them to copy up to 6 Pokémon at a time on to the small device, which will then store the information of those Pokémon. Players can now take the game card out and put in the Pokémon World Tournament card in, on the front menu if the device is still connected a new select icon will appear, saying Transfer Pokémon, the player can click it and check that the Pokémon are actually there and then select to Save and Transfer, this sends the data into the game and erases it from the device, so players can repeat this and send more Pokémon. This method takes longer than the other but allows more Pokémon to be sent at once, with the other method only allowing one each time.


Player Character and Starter Pokémon

Player Character

There are 16 playable trainers in the game, two new trainers and some past trainers are availible too. 8 male characters and 8 female trainers are selectable but all the others that aren't chosen, act as rivals and are challengers in some tournaments. All trainers from past regions appear, with exeption of Red, who is a Pokémon Champion now. Hugh also is playable although he was a rival in Black and White 2.

Male Characters

LucasXNateChallengeHugh Xtransceiver Curtis Xtransceiver

Female Characters

DawnXRosa XtransceiverIaza17489116896100   Yancy Xtransceiver


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