Pokémon Topaz and Amethyst
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Developer(s): Studio Lillie, Game Freak
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Series: Pokémon
Platforms(s): Nintendo DSGo
Japan Flag November 2022
US Flag November 2022
25px-Flag of Europe November 2022

Pokemon Topaz (ダークポケモンバージョン Pocket Monsters Sound) and Pokemon Amethyst (ポケモンライトバージョン Pocket Monsters Cosmic) are role-playing game developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DSGo globally in November 2022. It features many improvements over past generations.



Pokémon Topaz and Amethyst takes place in the region of Sossego, connected to the same continent as Unova. As thus, many Pokémon and ideas carry over from Unova to Sossego. The region has a very forested and moderate south end, which is heavily effected by the changing of the seasons, as well as a cold north, which appears mostly the same throughout the year. Thus, there is a bit of a cultural split between the north and the south; those in the north consider southerners to be weak, while those in the south consider northerners to be uncultured.

Most important to the reaction is the idea of Type Parties. These Parties are groups of people who feel highly connected with a certain type of Pokémon. Some of these Parties are freely controlled and have open membership, while some rely upon blood lineage or power to be run. In the past, these Parties often fought wars against each other for control of Sossego's resources, but they now have only friendly rivalries. Most well known is the rivalry between the Fairy Party in the northewest and the Dragon Party in the southwest, which is empowered by the cultural differences between those regions as well as tensions between those two types.

These Parties are brought together by the Party Journey. This Journey is similar to the Gym Challenge in other regions, as new Trainers travel the region, challenging members of each Party. This is said to keep the Parties in check and prevents any single Party from becoming too powerful, while also integrating the common people into the Party system.


Synergy Band

A huge new feature introduced into the game is the Synergy Band. After the Band is unlocked, the player is given the ability to collect Synergy Energy in battle. Every turn, a certain amount of Energy is earned, and the Band is completely filled with enemy after an enemy is KO'd. When the Band is full with energy, the player can then expend it to either Battle Bond/Mega Evolve a Pokémon, or activate a Z-Move.

Thanks to this, Pokémon no longer have to hold an item to utilize Z-moves or Mega Evolutions. However, they do have to KO an opponent or wait for many turns to activate it. A new item, the Synergy Orb, can be held by a Pokémon to instantly fill the Battle Band at the beginning of battle.

Terrain Effects

An important focus of the game play changes was the fine tuning of various terrain effects, including weather, time of day, and terrain. Many new abilities and moves have been introduced to make use of these effects, bringing them into the spotlight in the metagame.

The time of the day is now utilized in battle, and can be changed with various moves and abilities; in normal competitive battles, the time of the day is "neutral", and does not benefit or hurt anything. Additionally, a new terrain has been added: Flooded Terrain, which boosts the Speed of any Pokémon in the Water 1, 2, or 3 Egg Groups, and powers up certain moves. Lastly, terrain effects now occur in certain battling areas in single player.

New Type Matchups

With the addition of the Cosmic and Sound types, the matchup table has been redone, with many matchups changing. Most types now have a balanced number of Weaknesses and Resistances, and Strengths and Weaknesses, making the entire system more balanced.

NormalIC BigV FightingIC BigV FlyingIC BigV PoisonIC BigV GroundIC BigV RockIC BigV BugIC BigV GhostIC BigV FireIC BigV WaterIC BigV GrassIC BigV ElectricIC BigV PsychicIC BigV IceIC BigV DragonIC BigV DarkIC BigV SteelIC BigV FairyIC BigV CosmicIC BigV SoundIC BigV
NormalIC Big ½x 0x ½x ½x
FightingIC Big 2x ½x 2x ½x 0x ½x 2x 2x 2x ½x
FlyingIC Big 2x ½x 2x 2x 0x ½x ½x
PoisonIC Big ½x ½x ½x 2x 0x 2x
GroundIC Big 0x 2x ½x 2x ½x 2x 2x
RockIC Big ½x 2x ½x 2x 2x
BugIC Big ½x ½x ½x ½x ½x 2x 2x 2x ½x ½x
GhostIC Big 0x 2x 2x ½x ½x
FireIC Big ½x 2x ½x ½x 2x 2x ½x 2x
WaterIC Big 2x 2x 2x 2x ½x ½x ½x ½x ½x
GrassIC Big ½x 2x 2x ½x ½x 2x ½x ½x
ElectricIC Big 2x 0x 2x ½x ½x ½x 2x
PsychicIC Big 2x 2x ½x 0x ½x
IceIC Big 2x 2x ½x ½x 2x ½x 2x 2x
DragonIC Big 2x ½x 2x ½x 2x 0x
DarkIC Big 2x ½x 2x 2x ½x ½x
SteelIC Big 2x 2x ½x ½x ½x 2x 2x
FairyIC Big ½x 2x ½x ½x 2x 2x ½x
CosmicIC Big ½x ½x 2x 2x ½x ½x 2x
SoundIC Big ½x ½x 2x ½x 0x 2x
Attacker -> Defender

Friend Safari

Returning from Pokémon X and Y are Friend Safaris. This feature allows players to go into small zones that are dedicated to each of the friends on their friends list. Each friend has a different layout and different type, which determines what type of Pokémon can be found there. These Pokémon are always Pokémon that cannot be found in Sossego, and every Pokémon that isn't in the region can be found this way.

Version Exclusives

Pokémon Topaz and Amethyst, like previous games, have certain Pokémon that can only be found in one version of the game; in fact, this generation has more exclusives than any other. Additionally, no non-Legendary line of Pokémon that was introduced in this generation is exclusive, meaning that the rest were all introduced previously. The developers stated that this way, players would be able to experience all of the new Pokémon regardless of which version they have, while still providing a reason for there to be seperate versions.

401MS Kricketot Bug Sound
402MS Kricketune Bug Sound
682MS Spritzee Fairy
683MS Aromatisse Fairy
688MS Binacle Rock Water
689MS Barbaracle Rock Water
708MS Phantump Ghost Grass
709MS Trevenant Ghost Grass
092MS Gastly Ghost Poison
093MS Haunter Ghost Poison
094MS Gengar Ghost Poison
328MS Trapinch Ground
329MS Vibrava Ground Dragon
330MS Flygon Ground Dragon
712MS Bergmite Ice
713MS Avalugg Ice
174MS Igglybuff Sound Fairy
039MS Jigglypuff Sound Fairy
040MS Wigglytuff Sound Fairy
522MS Blitzle Electric
523MS Zebstrika Electric
415MS Combee Bug Flying
416MS Vespiquen Bug Flying
684MS Swirlix Fairy
685MS Slurpuff Fairy
690MS Skrelp Poison Water
691MS Dragalge Poison Dragon
710MS Pumpkaboo Ghost Grass
711MS Gourgeist Ghost Grass
607MS Litwick Ghost Fire
608MS Lampent Ghost Fire
609MS Chandelure Ghost Fire
443MS Gible Dragon Ground
444MS Gabite Dragon Ground
445MS Garchomp Dragon Ground
613MS Cubchoo Normal Ice
614MS Beartic Normal Ice
298MS Azurill Normal Fairy
183MS Marill Water Fairy
184MS Azumarill Water Fairy
309MS Electrike Electric Sound
310MS Manectric Electric Sound

Other Adjustments

  • Friendship has been completely replaced with Affection, including in Evolution methods.
  • There are now items allowing a Pokémon EVs to be completely reset.


The story starts off in in the outskirts of Aster City, following a young trainer. This trainer, whose default name is Landry, is about to begin their Pokémon journey in the region.

As the player travles through the world, they begin to encounter the many Partys of the region, as described above. The player is given a fair amount of freedom in travelling through the world, sometimes being able to skip past a Party without fighting them (although they must eventually return if they wish to finish the game), but at some point they are forced to choose between the Dragon and Fairy Parties. This will decide what routes are immediately available to them, as well as what story points they can see. After the player beats all of the other Parties, they will be able to make peace between the Dragons and the Fairies, and gain the allyship of both.

Eventually, the player will make it to Âster City within the Vibrant Desert at the southeast corner of the region. Here they will find the tyranical Steel Party, who have taken control of the city with their massive wealth. The Dragon and Fairy Parties, who have finally found peace thanks to the players efforts, are now trying to find ways into the city to stop their tyranny. They explain to the player that the Steel Party used to be just like the others, but suddenly gained large amounts of money and pride.

The player uses their Pokémon and the help of the other Parties to break into the city and make their way up the Central Tower. At the top, they find the leader of the Steel Party, Jamél, who begins explaining how they grew so powerful. Just a year before the start of the game, they were able to steal the elusive Pokémon Mew from a group in Kanto and began experimenting with it. They found a secret message hidden in Mew's DNA that explained how the very universe was created, and led to their great wealth.

The message explained that there was an alternatve universe with wildlife completely different from the Trainers world. Rather than Pokémon, they had "animals" with similar properties. At one point, the scientists in this world became overzealous with their skills and created a superpowerful animal that could alter the very fabric of reality itself. Due to their hubric, their world began to collapse. The scientists decided to try and save the details of their world, so they took the DNA of every lifeform they knew of and wrote it into a new animals DNA to preserve it, creating Mew. Then they told their other creation to take itself and Mew to another dimension in which they could prosper and rebuild their world using Mew's DNA.

Jamél tells the player that there was an issue: when Mew and this other lifeform moved across dimensions, they experienced very high amounts of radiation, resulting in Mew's DNA changing heavily. The other lifeform took on the form of Arceus, and took Mew's DNA and synthesized it into new lifeforms. Rather than the animals of their old world, however, these new creatures were Pokémon, having had their own DNA heavily altered. The only creatures that remained the same were most of the plants, and the humans, who began to populate the world just as they had in their own dimension.

New Pokémon

Pokémon Topaz and Amethyst introduce a total of 95 new Pokémon, more than any generation has introduced since Generation 5. Within these Pokémon are many new typing combinations, including the two new types of Cosmic and Sound. Many new Regional Forms, Mega Evolutions, and Battle Bonds are introduced as well, with some previous Mega Evolutions being re-purposed.

Like in the previous generations, the game introduces no new cross-generation evolutions, as the need to interact with previous generations is served by the new formes introduced.

Pokémon Type HP Atk Def SpAtk. SpDef Spd Total Evolve Ability
390MS Chimpanzer Grass 42 48 78 22 67 39 296 --- Overgrow {{{15}}}
391MS Shermonkey Grass Steel 74 63 94 46 88 58 423 Lvl 24 Overgrow {{{15}}}
392MS Guerillo Grass Steel 99 93 121 73 109 75 570 Lvl 47 Overgrow {{{15}}}
551MS Mortadile Fire 38 53 49 72 34 30 276 --- Blaze {{{15}}}
552MS Gharishel Fire Electric 59 79 58 106 69 52 423 Lvl 24 Blaze {{{15}}}
553MS Artilligator Fire Electric 90 103 90 144 93 50 570 Lvl 47 Blaze {{{15}}}
000MS Kuoniah Water Fighting 58 57 45 36 28 49 273 --- Torrent {{{15}}}
000MS Carnis Water Fighting 74 87 64 62 53 93 433 Lvl 24 Torrent {{{15}}}
000MS Jacalinda Water Fighting 93 127 82 72 72 124 570 Lvl 47 Torrent {{{15}}}
000MS Pencousion Bug Ghost 56 76 54 32 56 52 326 --- Compound Eyes {{{15}}}
000MS Spindelcoon Bug Ghost 82 103 72 73 83 32 445 Lvl 31 Compound Eyes {{{15}}}
000MS Needlosis Bug Ghost 93 123 102 72 92 66 548 Lvl 44 Levitate {{{15}}}
000MS Aviala Normal Flying 29 42 53 42 53 45 264 --- Big Pecks {{{15}}}
000MS Vogelia Normal Flying 57 61 73 61 61 64 377 Lvl 24 Big Pecks {{{15}}}
000MS Flamante Psychic Flying 74 78 99 118 89 93 551 Stone Analytical {{{15}}}
000MS Flormoonte Dark Flying 84 118 89 78 99 83 551 Stone Reckless {{{15}}}
000MS Capyrable Normal Poison 23 34 45 34 39 33 208 --- Early Bird {{{15}}}
000MS Caviide Normal Poison 46 54 54 49 56 67 326 Lvl 19 Poison Touch {{{15}}}
000MS Coypuron Steel Poison 111 115 110 66 93 52 547 Lvl 34 Poison Touch {{{15}}}
000MS Strikunfu Electric Fighting 37 44 42 45 37 29 234 --- Long Reach {{{15}}}
000MS Thunderfist Electric Fighting 68 134 67 102 66 56 493 Lvl 29 Long Reach {{{15}}}
000MS Pawchow Fighting 32 33 43 21 46 56 231 --- No Guard {{{15}}}
000MS Extronaus Fighting 105 76 72 56 83 105 497 Lvl 29 No Guard {{{15}}}
000MS Morphius Poison 76 76 76 76 76 76 456 --- Gooey {{{15}}}
000MS Hypatia Cosmic 32 34 52 79 63 57 317 --- White Smoke {{{15}}}
000MS Fortidudo Cosmic Dragon 51 56 69 97 84 89 446 Lvl 32 White Smoke {{{15}}}
000MS Thestias Cosmic Dragon 67 61 97 127 108 86 546 Lvl 53 White Smoke {{{15}}}
000MS Boomshroom Grass 78 34 34 54 45 36 281 --- Grass Pelt {{{15}}}
000MS Amplimorel Grass Sound 158 57 91 93 78 56 533 Lvl 38 Grass Pelt {{{15}}}
000MS Contegosia Fairy Dragon 83 45 82 79 79 104 472 --- Healer {{{15}}}
000MS Solarri Water Fairy 67 21 45 53 32 57 275 --- Water Bubble {{{15}}}
000MS Sedna Water Fairy 105 57 113 92 74 65 506 Stone Water Bubble {{{15}}}
000MS Revivy Water Grass 45 45 45 45 45 45 270 --- Vortex {{{15}}}
000MS Waxpla Water Grass 83 63 103 83 103 71 506 Stone Vortex {{{15}}}
000MS Delfino Water Sound 70 68 73 113 83 89 496 --- Echolocation {{{15}}}
000MS Sworfina Water Steel 70 113 83 68 73 89 496 --- Swift Swim {{{15}}}
000MS Tunicaeo Water 52 48 45 48 34 43 270 --- Unnerve {{{15}}}
000MS Phlebroca Water Cosmic 65 58 61 58 53 56 351 Lvl 29 Unnerve {{{15}}}
000MS Mhians Water Cosmic 78 108 79 102 84 93 544 Lvl 46 Unnerve {{{15}}}
000MS Hookjaw Water Psychic 52 48 45 48 34 43 270 --- Strong Jaws {{{15}}}
000MS Skarkeyra Water Psychic 65 58 61 58 53 56 351 Lvl 29 Strong Jaws {{{15}}}
000MS Toofril Water Psychic 78 108 79 102 84 93 544 Lvl 46 Strong Jaws {{{15}}}
000MS Nuudibra Rock Electric 45 40 81 91 42 37 336 --- Lightning Rod {{{15}}}
000MS Glacus Rock Electric 60 55 130 105 89 60 499 Lvl 32 Lightning Rod {{{15}}}
000MS Astrocus Dragon Ghost 48 32 34 51 62 41 268 --- Mystical {{{15}}}
000MS Elusrve Dragon Ghost 90 60 60 95 103 91 499 Lvl 32 Mystical {{{15}}}
000MS Visuage Ghost Rock 45 65 65 42 34 29 280 --- Mystical {{{15}}}
000MS Noggin Ghost Rock 88 112 112 68 72 47 499 Lvl 41 Mystical {{{15}}}
000MS Dremus Sound Dark 42 56 61 31 69 17 276 --- Dream Wanderer {{{15}}}
000MS Niteroar Sound Dark 67 109 113 79 113 33 514 Lvl Dream Wanderer {{{15}}}
000MS Beatta Rock Sound 42 38 67 71 58 15 291 --- Heavy Rhythm {{{15}}}
000MS Jamcessio Rock Sound 67 79 113 109 113 33 514 Lvl Heavy Rhythm {{{15}}}
000MS Aflambeau Grass Fire 60 60 86 98 86 50 440 --- Burning Leafage {{{15}}}
000MS Conexus Psychic 41 14 53 43 29 23 203 --- Sand Force {{{15}}}
000MS Swirlbrane Psychic Ground 95 30 105 125 105 55 515 Lvl 35 Sand Force {{{15}}}
000MS Izabel Bug 26 32 27 53 49 43 230 --- Swarm {{{15}}}
000MS Wollybear Bug Ice 65 45 38 79 61 63 351 Lvl 37 Swarm {{{15}}}
000MS Pyyrarcta Bug Ice 85 60 85 125 105 80 540 Stone Snow Cloak
000MS Euradder Ice 29 42 21 24 24 19 159 --- Shed Skin {{{15}}}
000MS Vberus Ice Poison 43 65 45 39 43 37 272 Lvl 37 Shed Skin {{{15}}}
000MS Veperia Ice Poison 85 102 88 90 95 80 540 Stone Shed Skin
000MS Lemmini Fairy Normal 42 63 28 48 23 74 278 --- Follower {{{15}}}
000MS Torqueatus Fairy Ice 85 105 55 85 50 115 495 Lvl 39 Follower
000MS Punkture Poison Electric 42 54 24 35 32 13 200 --- Paraletic {{{15}}}
000MS Wirus Poison Electric 56 73 58 63 52 23 325 Lvl 42 Paraletic {{{15}}}
000MS Surgein Poison Electric 85 115 90 105 90 50 535 Lvl 51 Paraletic {{{15}}}
000MS Biurthia Fairy 46 37 54 54 62 91 344 --- Birth {{{15}}}
000MS Fetalia Fairy Cosmic 75 70 90 90 105 80 510 Lvl 45 Birth {{{15}}}}
000MS Kicó Fighting 111 83 88 92 82 39 495 --- Insomnia {{{15}}}}
000MS Thincó Psychic 111 83 88 92 82 39 495 --- Insomnia {{{15}}}
000MS Destró Dark 111 83 88 92 82 39 495 --- Insomnia {{{15}}}
000MS Mole'ar Dark 32 67 29 24 33 45 230 --- Gnasher {{{15}}}
000MS Mole'alia Dark Fairy 54 100 45 38 46 67 350 Lvl 35 Gnasher {{{15}}}
000MS Mole'per Dark Fairy 76 147 90 60 70 97 540 Lvl 47 Gnasher {{{15}}}
000MS Balarctica Ice Normal 52 52 52 52 52 52 312 --- Racer {{{15}}}
000MS Beardgle Ice Flying 80 92 75 59 95 100 501 Stone Racer {{{15}}}
000MS Notre Sound 11 12 25 19 14 10 91 --- Truant {{{15}}}
000MS Accoutia Sound Steel 45 33 64 47 32 31 252 Lvl 39 Truant {{{15}}}
000MS Bombasa Sound Steel 77 60 135 135 84 70 561 Lvl 49 Amplify {{{15}}}
000MS Inpacta Ground Cosmic 54 23 45 88 46 27 283 --- Arena Trap {{{15}}}
000MS Wyrma Ground Cosmic 89 55 100 124 100 55 523 Lvl 45 Arena Trap {{{15}}}
000MS Porpuca Fire 34 46 32 73 45 86 316 --- Solarpower {{{15}}}
000MS Ohnkey Fire 62 85 70 115 80 114 526 Stone Solarpower {{{15}}}
000MS Fawna Grass Dragon 32 45 32 12 35 21 177 --- Forestry {{{15}}}
000MS Silvaka Grass Dragon 56 99 55 43 56 45 354 Lvl 42 Forestry {{{15}}}
000MS Barasingu Grass Dragon 92 145 95 85 95 88 600 Lvl 53 Forestry {{{15}}}
000MS Burio Rock Ground 43 89 92 63 56 32 375 --- Sturdy {{{15}}}
000MS Emirge Rock Ground 65 125 105 95 90 55 535 Lvl 40 Sturdy {{{15}}}
000MS Fataile Rock Poison 55 75 95 25 65 35 350 --- Weak Armor {{{15}}}
000MS Androcutus Rock Poison 80 100 145 45 91 60 521 Lvl 40 Weak Armor {{{15}}}
000MS Sonuser Sound Flying 106 121 95 151 98 109 680 --- Sound Barrier {{{15}}}
000MS Stellavir Cosmic Ground 106 121 95 151 98 109 680 --- Light Speed {{{15}}}
000MS Venetrum Poison Dark 106 90 130 90 144 120 680 --- Venomous Touch {{{15}}}
000MS Blarelio Electric Fire 106 90 130 90 144 120 680 --- Burning Touch {{{15}}}
000MS Ekletzar Normal 119 119 119 119 119 119 714 --- Protetype {{{15}}}

New Mega Evolutions

Pokémon Topaz and Amethyst features over 20 new Mega Evolutions, marking their return. A majority of the Mega Evolutions are for Pokémon obtainable in the Sossego region; however, Slowking and the Sinnoh starters are not normally found there. Instead, they must be obtained through Mystery Gift or other such releases.

Pokémon Type HP Attack Defense Sp. Atk. Sp. Def. Speed Total Ability
091MS M. Cloyster Water Ice 50 135 190 85 105 60 625 Weak Armor Ability 1 {{{15}}}
199MS M. Slowking Water Psychic 95 75 80 150 140 50 590 Berserk Ability 1 {{{15}}}
275MS M. Shiftry Grass Dark 90 150 80 90 80 90 580 Pure Power Ability 1 {{{15}}}
295MS M. Exploud Sound Dragon 104 121 63 161 73 68 590 Amplified Ability 1 {{{15}}}
330MS M. Flygon Ground Dragon 80 100 110 80 110 140 620 Adaptability Ability 1 {{{15}}}
389MS M. Tortera Grass Rock 95 149 145 75 95 66 625 Sand Force Ability 1 {{{15}}}
392MS M. Infernape Fire Electric 76 134 76 134 76 138 634 Speed Boost Ability 1 {{{15}}}
395MS M. Empoleon Water Ice 84 86 138 121 131 70 630 Slush Rush Ability 1 {{{15}}}
429MS M. Mismagius Ghost Cosmic 60 150 60 95 105 125 595 Shadow Shield Ability 1 {{{15}}}
464MS M. Rhyperior Steel Rock 115 150 170 55 55 90 635 Rock Head Ability 1 {{{15}}}
466MS M. Electrivire Electric Dark 75 181 97 95 94 98 640 Attack Boost Ability 1 {{{15}}}
467MS M. Magmortar Fire Dark 75 95 97 181 98 94 640 Pulse Boost Ability 1 {{{15}}}
468MS M. Togekiss Fairy Flying 85 60 105 145 130 120 645 Super Luck Ability 1 {{{15}}}
474MS M. Porygon-Z Normal 85 80 100 165 105 100 635 Download Ability 1 {{{15}}}
477MS M. Dusknoir Ghost Cosmic 45 160 135 65 135 85 625 White Smoke Ability 1 {{{15}}}
478MS M. Froslass Ice Ghost 70 80 90 120 90 130 580 Ice Body Ability 1 {{{15}}}
523MS M. Zebstrika Electric Sound 75 140 83 80 73 146 597 Surge Surfer Ability 1 {{{15}}}
534MS M. Conkeldurr Fighting 105 150 145 55 105 45 605 Concrete Worker Ability 1 {{{15}}}
545MS M. Scolipede Bug Poison 60 140 119 55 69 152 595 Speed Boost Ability 1 {{{15}}}
553MS M. Krookodile Ground Dark 95 157 100 65 100 102 619 Sinister Supplement Ability 1 {{{15}}}
609MS M. Chandelure Ghost Fire 60 55 90 245 90 80 620 Shadow Tag Ability 1 {{{15}}}
612MS M. Haxorus Dragon Steel 76 167 130 60 110 97 640 Strong Steel Ability 1 {{{15}}}
635MS M. Hydreigon Dark Dragon 92 125 100 155 100 128 700 Levitate Ability 1 {{{15}}}
637MS M. Volcarona Bug Fire 85 60 65 155 140 135 640 Levitate Ability 1 {{{15}}}
695MS M. Heliolisk Electric Dragon 62 55 102 129 104 129 581 Rough Skin Ability 1 {{{15}}}
715MS M. Noivern Flying Dragon 85 70 80 157 80 163 635 Gale Wings Ability 1 {{{15}}}
738MS M. Vikavolt Electric Flying 77 70 90 175 75 93 580 Mega Launcher Ability 1 {{{15}}}

Battle Bonds

Although every Pokémon without a Mega Evolution is able to perform a Battle Bond, not all of them take on a new appearance when doing so. Some specific Pokémon, many of them starters, have a specific form that can only be activated when a Battle Bond is active. In this form, their stats are boosted, and one of their moves increases in power, with a potential difference in Secondary Effect.

Pokémon Type Move
025MS Pikachu Electric Volt Tackle
154MS Meganium Grass Herbal Essence
157MS Typhlosion Fire Super Eruption
160MS Feraligatr Water Liquid Jaws
497MS Serperior Grass Leaf Tornado
500MS Emboar Fire Fighting Heat Crash
503MS Samurott Water Razor Shell
587MS Emolga Electric Flying Volt Switch
571MS Zoroark Dark Night Daze
573MS Cinccino Normal Fairy Tail Slap
652MS Chesnaught Grass Fighting Spiky Shield
655MS Delphox Fire Psychic Mystical Fire
658MS Greninja Water Dark Water Shuriken
702MS Dedenne Electric Fairy Nuzzle
724MS Decidueye Grass Ghost Spirit Shackle
727MS Incineroar Fire Dark Darkest Lariat
730MS Primarina Water Fairy Sparkling Aria
777MS Togedemaru Electric Zing Zap
773MS Silvally Normal Multi-Attack

New Abilities

Ability Description Exclusivity
Gravitational Pull Items, stat boosts, and moves cannot be stolen from the user None
Strong Steel Halves all non-Super Effective damage on User. None
Vortex Prevents opponents from escaping and lowers Evasion in Flooded Terrain. None
Mystical Increases Evasion whenever a Ghost-type move is used. None
Heavy Rhythm Increases Accuracy each turn. None
Dream Wanderer All Sleeping opponents have their stats reduced each turn. None
Amplified Increases power of Sound-type moves, but lowers power of other moves None
Follower Increases power of moves already used by someone else in battle. None
Paraletic Paralysis inflicted by this Pokémon causes 1/16th HP damage each turn. None
Birth Heals 1/4th max HP when switched in. None
Gnasher Increases power of moves with low Accuracy. None
Racer All Moves gain Priority but have reduced Power. None
Forestry Strongly raises Attack in Grassy Terrain. None
Echolocation User gets STAB from Sound-type moves, and gets increased accuracy against Sound-type Pokémon Delfino
Flooded Surge Summons Flooded Terrain. No Users
Burning Leafage Nullifies Grass-type attacks and increases Sp. Atk when hit by one. Aflambeau
Wood Worker User gets STAB from Grass-type moves. Timburr
Concrete Worker User gets STAB from Ground-type moves. Conkeldurr
Attack Boost Boosts the user's Attack stat every turn Mega Electrivire
Pulse Boost Boosts the user's Sp. Atk stat every turn Mega Magmortar
Sinister Supplement Boosts the user's Attack stat when they use a Dark-type move Mega Krookodile
Sound Barrier Boosts the user's Speed after using a Cosmic-type move Sonuser
Light Speed Boosts the user's Speed after using a Sound-type move Stellavir
Venemous Touch All Poison- and Dark-type moves have at least a 40% chance of inflicting Badly Poisoned status Venetrum
Burning Touch All Electric- and Fire-type moves have at least a 40% chance of inflicting Badly Poisoned status Blarelio
Prototype Changes user's type to the type of the move it uses, OR the type of the Plate or Memory it holds Ekletzar

New Moves

Pokémon Topaz and Amethyst introduces many new moves, especially for the Sound and Cosmic types, which were newly introduced and thus lacked moves.

Move Type Category Description Power Acc. PP
Hatarang Steel Physical Hits once, lowering Defense, then hits again. 80 80 10
Liquid Jaws Water Physical 50% chance of raising user's Attack. 100 95 5
Stardust Cosmic Physical No secondary effects. 40 100 30
Asteroid Cosmic Physical 20% chance of causing flinch. 70 100 30
Ring Toss Cosmic Physical No special effects. 80 100 30
Pure Notes Sound Physical 33% chance of lowering target's Accuracy. 60 100 30
Black Hole Cosmic Special A one-hit knockout move. N/A N/A 5
Shooting Star Cosmic Special 10% chance of inflicting Freeze. 90 100 30
Loud Noise Sound Special Sound-type attacks do less damage for a few rounds. 30 80 10
Play Melody Sound Special Cures ally's statuses. 70 100 15
Herbal Essence Grass Special Cures ally's statuses. 100 95 5
Super Eruption Fire Special 20% chance of inflicting Burn on target. 100 95 5
Fire Pulse Fire Special 20% chance of inflicting Confusion on the target 60 100 20
Spark Pulse Electric Special 20% chance of inflicting Confusion on the target 60 100 20
Light Summoning Fairy Status The battle proceeds as if it was day time. --- --- 20
Dark Summoning Cosmic Status The battle proceeds as if it was night time. --- --- 20
Moon Hearing Cosmic Status Sharply increases the user's Accuracy. --- --- 20
State Change Poison Status Allows Morphius to change its form. --- --- 50
Venom Body Poison Status All Pokémon that make contact the next turn are poisoned. --- 100 10
Flooded Terrain Water Status Usage creates the Flooded Terrain. --- 100 10

Adjusted Moves

These moves aren't new, but they have been changed from their previous forme.

Move Type Category Description Power Acc. PP
Boomburst Sound Physical No secondary effects. 130 95 10
Comet Punch Cosmic Physical Hits 2-5 times. 20 95 15
Meteor Mash Cosmic Physical 33% chance of raising user's Attack. 90 90 10
Dive Water Physical Semi-invulnerable turn before hitting. Power increases in Flooded Terrain. 80 90 10
Bug Buzz Bug Special Cannot hit Pokémon immune to Sound-type moves. 90 100 10
Chatter Sound Special Confuses the target. 65 100 15
Clanging Scales Dragon Special Reduces user's Defense, cannot hit Pokémon immune to Sound-type moves. 115 100 5
Disarming Voice Fairy Special Never misses, cannot hit Pokémon immune to Sound-type moves. 50 --- 15
Echoed Voice Sound Special Increases in power each turn it is used. 40 100 15
Hyper Voice Sound Special No secondary effects. 90 100 10
Relic Song Sound Special 20% chance of inflicting target with Sleep. 80 100 10
Round Sound Special Doubles in power if also used by ally. 60 100 15
Snore Sound Special Can only be used while sleeping, 30% chance of causing flinch. 60 100 15
Round Sound Special Doubles in power if also used by ally. 60 100 15
Uproar Sound Special Hits for 2-5 turns. 90 100 10
Surf Water Special Power increases to 115 in Flooded Terrain. 90 100 15
Snarl Dark Special Lowers target's Sp. Atk, cannot hit Pokémon immune to Sound-type moves. 60 95 15
Confide Normal Status Reduces target's Sp. Atk, cannot hit Pokémon immune to Sound-type moves. --- --- 15
Parting Shot Sound Status Reduces target's Sp. Atk and Attack, then switches out. --- 100 20
Grass Whistle Grass Status Inflicts target with Sleep, cannot hit Pokémon immune to Sound-type moves. --- 70 15
Growl Sound Status Reduces target's Attack. --- 100 40
Noble Roar Sound Status Reduces target's Sp. Atk and Attack. --- 100 30
Perish Song Sound Status Starts countdown to all targets fainting. --- --- 5
Roar Sound Status Forces target to switch out. --- --- 20
Screech Sound Status Reduces target's Defense by two stages. --- 100 40
Sing Sound Status Inflicts target with Sleep. --- 55 15
Supersonic Sound Status Inflicts target with Confusion. --- 55 20
Cosmic Power Cosmic Status Raises user's Defense and Sp. Defense. --- --- 20
Moonlight Cosmic Status Restores user's HP based on weather and time of day. --- --- 5

New Z-Moves

Topaz and Amethyst also introduces many new Z-Moves, such as ones for the new types, and new ones exclusive to certain Pokémon. Many of these Z-Moves are exclusive to Pokémon that aren't native to Sossego, and thus they must be acquired through gifts that also include the Z-Crystals for their Z-Move.

Z-Move Type Pokémon Move Z-Crystal
Booming Blast Sound --- Sound-type Soundium Z
Nuclear Space Laser Cosmic --- Cosmic-type Cosmium Z
Heaven Meteors Dragon Dragon-types Draco Meteor Draconium Z
Crustacean Carnage Water Crustacean Pokémon Crabhammer Crustium Z
Melodic Massacre Sound Kricketune Play Melody Krickium Z
Saturn's Wrath Cosmic Ursaring Ring Toss Ursarium Z
Cold-Blooded Conquerer Ice Walrein Ice Fang Walrium Z
Legendary Lasher Fire Arcanine Fire Fang Arcanium Z
Double-Fisted Punch Mania Fighting Kommo-o Sky Uppercut Kommoium Z
Kiss of Death Psychic Swoobat Heart Stamp Swoobium Z
Dozen Cut Wing Blades Flying Crobat Air Cutter Crobium Z
Nasty Belch Breath Poison Garbodor Belch Garbodium Z
Radical Rollout Rampage Rock Lickilicky Rollout Lickium Z
Carnivorous Plant Invasion Grass Carnivine Power Whip Carnivium Z
Armored Assault Ground Donphan Bulldoze Donphanium Z
Winged Wrecker Bug Mothim Silver Wind Mothimium Z

Regional Pokédex

172MS Pichu Electric 025MS Pikachu Electric 026MS Raichu Electric
000MS Pencousion Bug Ghost 000MS Spindelcoon Bug Ghost 000MS Needlosis Bug Ghost
736MS Grubbin Bug 737MS Charjabug Bug Electric 738MS Vikavolt Bug Electric
396MS Starly Normal Flying 397MS Staravia Normal Flying 398MS Staraptor Normal Flying
000MS Aviala Normal Flying 000MS Vogelia Normal Flying 000MS Flamante Psychic Flying
000MS Flormoonte Dark Flying
000MS Capyrable Normal Poison 000MS Caviide Normal Poison 000MS Coypuron Steel Poison
175MS Togepi Fairy 176MS Togetic Fairy Flying 468MS Togekiss Fairy Flying
755MS Morelull Grass Fairy 756MS Shiinotic Grass Fairy
058MS Growlithe Fire 059MS Arcanine Fire
415MS Combee Bug Flying 416MS Vespiquen Bug Flying
401MS Kricketot Bug Sound 402MS Kricketune Bug Sound
441MS Chatot Sound Flying
293MS Whismur Sound 294MS Loudred Sound 295MS Exploud Sound
532MS Timburr Fighting 533MS Gurdurr Fighting 534MS Conkeldurr Fighting
137MS Porygon Normal 233MS Porygon2 Normal 474MS Porygon-Z Normal
239MS Elekid Electric 125MS Electabuzz Electric 466MS Electivire Electric
240MS Magby Fire 126MS Magmar Fire 467MS Magmortar Fire
000MS Strikunfu Electric Fighting 000MS Thunderfit Electric Fighting
000MS Pawchow Fighting 000MS Extronaus Fighting
682MS Spritzee Fairy 683MS Aromatisse Fairy
684MS Swirlix Fairy 685MS Slurpuff Fairy
568MS Trubbish Poison 569MS Garbodor Poison
050AMS Diglett Ground Steel 051AMS Dugtrio Ground Steel
052AMS Meowth Dark 053AMS Persian Dark
236MS Tyrogue Fighting 237MS Hitmontop Fighting
106MS Hitmonlee Fighting
107MS Hitmonchan Fighting
303MS Mawile Steel Fairy
132MS Ditto Normal
531MS Audino Fairy Sound
060MS Poliwag Water 061MS Poliwhirl Water 062MS Poliwrath Water Fighting
186MS Politoed Water Sound
535MS Tympole Water Sound 536MS Palpitoad Water Sound 537MS Seismitoad Water Sound
769MS Sandygast Ghost Ground 770MS Palossand Ghost Ground
090MS Shellder Water 091MS Cloyster Water Ice
000MS Solarri Water Fairy 000MS Sedna Water Fairy
418MS Buizel Water 419MS Floatzel Water
000MS Revivy Water Grass 000MS Waxpla Water Grass
739MS Crabrawler Fighting 740MS Crabominable Fighting Ice
580MS Ducklett Water Flying 581MS Swanna Water Flying
422MS Shellos Water 423MS Gastrodon Water Ground
000MS Delfino Water Sound
000MS Sworfina Water Steel
211MS Qwilfish Water Poison
131MS Lapras Water Ice
116MS Horsea Water 117MS Seadra Water 230MS Kingdra Water Dragon
000MS Tunicaeo Water 000MS Phlebroca Water Cosmic 000MS Mhians Water Cosmic
000MS Hookjaw Water Psychic 000MS Skarkeyra Water Psychic 000MS Toofril Water Psychic
170MS Chinchou Water Electric 171MS Lanturn Water Electric
686MS Inkay Dark Psychic 687MS Malamar Dark Psychic
000MS Nuudibra Rock Electric 000MS Glacus Rock Electric
120MS Staryu Water Cosmic 121MS Starmie Psychic Cosmic
688MS Binacle Rock Water 689MS Barbaracle Rock Water
690MS Skrelp Poison Water 691MS Dragalge Poison Dragon
000MS Astrocus Dragon Ghost 000MS Elusvre Dragon Ghost
692MS Clauncher Water 693MS Clawitzer Water Dragon
767MS Wimpod Bug Water 768MS Golisopod Bug Water
781MS Dhelmise Ghost Grass
222MS Corsola Water Rock
043MS Oddish Grass Poison 044MS Gloom Grass Poison 045MS Vileplume Grass Poison
182MS Bellossom Grass Fairy
543MS Venipede Bug Poison 544MS Whirlipede Bug Poison 545MS Scolipede Bug Poison
273MS Seedot Grass 274MS Nuzleaf Grass Dark 275MS Shiftry Grass Dark
092MS Gastly Ghost Poison 093MS Haunter Ghost Poison 094MS Gengar Ghost Poison
607MS Litwick Ghost Fire 608MS Lampent Ghost Fire 609MS Chandelure Ghost Fire
000MS Visuage Ghost Rock 000MS Noggin Ghost Rock
708MS Phantump Ghost Grass 709MS Trevenant Ghost Grass
710MS Pumpkaboo Ghost Grass 711MS Gourgeist Ghost Grass
000MS Dremus Sound Dark 000MS Niteroar Sound Dark
000MS Beatta Rock Sound 000MS Jamcessio Rock Sound
420MS Cherubi Grass 421MS Cherrim Grass
585MS Deerling Normal Grass 586MS Sawsbuck Normal Grass
590MS Foongus Grass Poison 591MS Amoonguss Grass Poison
595MS Joltik Bug Electric 596MS Galvantula Bug Electric
597MS Ferroseed Grass Steel 598MS Ferrothorn Grass Steel
433MS Chingling Sound Ghost 358MS Chimecho Sound Ghost
455MS Carnivine Grass
000MS Aflambeau Grass Fire
551MS Sandile Ground Dark 552MS Krokorok Ground Dark 553MS Krookodile Ground Dark
328MS Trapinch Ground 329MS Vibrava Ground Dragon 330MS Flygon Ground Dragon
443MS Gible Dragon Ground 444MS Gabite Dragon Ground 445MS Garchomp Dragon Ground
111MS Rhyhorn Ground Rock 112MS Rhydon Ground Rock 464MS Rhyperior Ground Rock
694MS Helioptile Electric Normal 695MS Heliolisk Electric Normal
000MS Conexus Psychic 000MS Swirlbrane Psychic Ground
636MS Larvesta Bug Fire 637MS Volcarona Bug Fire
529MS Drilbur Ground 530MS Excadrill Ground Steel
331MS Cacnea Grass 332MS Cacturne Grass Dark
667MS Litleo Fire Sound 668MS Pyroar Fire Sound
631MS Heatmor Fire
632MS Durant Bug Steel
000MS Izabel Bug 000MS Wollybear Bug Ice 000MS Pyyracta Bug Ice
280MS Ralts Psychic Fairy 281MS Kirlia Psychic Fairy 282MS Gardevoir Psychic Fairy
475MS Gallade Psychic Fighting
633MS Deino Dark Dragon 634MS Zweilous Dark Dragon 635MS Hydreigon Dark Dragon
000MS Euradder Ice 000MS Vberus Ice Poison 000MS Veperia Ice Poison
363MS Spheal Ice Water 364MS Sealeo Ice Water 365MS Walrein Ice Water
290MS Nincada Bug Ground 291MS Ninjask Bug Flying
292MS Shedinja Bug Ghost
712MS Bergmite Ice 713MS Avalugg Ice
613MS Cubchoo Normal Ice 614MS Beartic Normal Ice
361MS Snorunt Ice 362MS Glalie Ice
478MS Froslass Ice Ghost
000MS Lemmini Fairy Normal 000MS Torqueatus Fairy Ice
333MS Swablu Normal Flying 334MS Altaria Dragon Flying
425MS Drifloon Ghost Flying 426MS Drifblim Ghost Flying
615MS Cryogonal Ice
000MS Punkture Poison Electric 000MS Wirus Poison Electric 000MS Surgein Poison Electric
574MS Gothita Psychic Cosmic 575MS Gothorita Psychic Cosmic 576MS Gothitelle Psychic Cosmic
782MS Jangmo-o Dragon 783MS Hakamo-o Dragon Fighting 784MS Kommo-o Dragon Fighting
610MS Axew Dragon 611MS Fraxure Dragon 612MS Haxorus Dragon Steel
000MS Fawna Grass Dragon 000MS Silvaka Grass Dragon 000MS Barasingu Grass Dragon
000MS Biurthia Fairy 000MS Fetelia Fairy Cosmic
714MS Noibat Flying Dragon 715MS Noivern Flying Dragon
200MS Misdreavus Ghost 429MS Mismagius Ghost Cosmic
557MS Dwebble Bug Rock 558MS Crustle Bug Rock
517MS Munna Psychic 518MS Musharna Psychic
434MS Stunky Poison Dark 435MS Skuntank Poison Dark
605MS Elgyem Cosmic Psychic 606MS Beheeyem Cosmic Psychic
527MS Woobat Sound Flying 528MS Swoobat Sound Flying
215MS Sneasel Dark Ice 461MS Weavile Dark Ice
000MS Kicó Fighting
000MS Thincó Psychic
000MS Destró Dark
000MS Mole'ar Dark 000MS Mole'ali Dark Fairy 000MS Mole'per Dark Fairy
220MS Swinub Ice Ground 221MS Piloswine Ice Ground 473MS Mamoswine Ice Ground
403MS Shinx Electric 404MS Luxio Electric Dark 405MS Luxray Electric Dark
174MS Igglybuff Sound Fairy 039MS Jigglypuff Sound Fairy 040MS Wigglytuff Sound Fairy
298MS Azurill Normal Fairy 183MS Marill Water Fairy 184MS Azumarill Water Fairy
000MS Balarctica Ice Normal 000MS Beardgal Ice Flying
522MS Blitzle Electric 523MS Zebstrika Electric
309MS Electrike Electric Sound 310MS Manectric Electric Sound
624MS Pawniard Dark Steel 625MS Bisharp Dark Steel
213MS Shuckle Bug Rock
083MS Farfetch'd Normal Flying
000MS Hypatia Cosmic 000MS Fortidudo Cosmic Dragon 000MS Thestias Cosmic Dragon
187MS Hoppip Grass Flying 188MS Skiploom Grass Flying 189MS Jumpluff Grass Flying
577MS Solosis Psychic 578MS Duosion Psychic 579MS Reuniclus Psychic
000MS Boomshroom Grass 000MS Amplimorel Grass Sound
677MS Espurr Psychic 678MS Meowstic Psychic
559MS Scraggy Dark Fighting 560MS Scrafty Dark Fighting
216MS Teddiursa Normal Cosmic 217MS Ursaring Normal Cosmic
672MS Skiddo Grass 673MS Gogoat Grass
674MS Pancham Fighting 675MS Pangoro Fighting Dark
023MS Ekans Poison 024MS Arbok Poison
303MS Mawile Steel Fairy
227MS Skarmory Steel Flying
000MS Contegosia Fairy Dragon
000MS Notre Sound 000MS Accoutia Sound Steel 000MS Bombasa Sound Steel
355MS Duskull Ghost 356MS Dusclops Ghost 477MS Dusknoir Ghost
304MS Aron Steel Rock 305MS Lairon Steel Rock 306MS Aggron Steel Rock
622MS Golett Ground Ghost 623MS Golurk Ground Ghost
000MS Inpacta Ground Cosmic 000MS Wyrma Ground Cosmic
562MS Yamask Ghost 563MS Cofagrigus Ghost
570MS Zorua Dark 571MS Zoroark Dark
436MS Bronzor Steel Psychic 437MS Bronzong Steel Psychic
451MS Skorupi Poison Bug 452MS Drapion Poison Dark
000MS Porpuca Fire 000MS Ohnkey Fire
207MS Gligar Ground Flying 472MS Gliscor Ground Flying
337MS Lunatone Rock Cosmic
338MS Solrock Rock Cosmic
621MS Druddigon Rock Dragon