Pokemon staff

Pokémon Staff

Pokémon Staff is the sequel to Pokémon Sword and Shield.

It has a new Pokémon called Meowatter and a new game mode called Treasure Tracker.

New Pokémon

  • Zom-Lin (Type: Ghost/Poison)
  • Zom-Sten (Type: Ghost/Poison)
  • Icecub (Type: Ice)
  • Icger (Type: Ice)
  • Devoider (Type: Dark/Electric (evolves from Merpoko)


  • Scorbunny (Dream Aura)
  • Grookey (Dream Aura)
  • Sobble (Dream Aura)


  • Meowatter


  • Were-Chu
  • Milachick
  • MilaPhoris
  • MewThree
  • Wisptor
  • Mantacorn

Regional Variants

  • Teddiursa (Type: Fairy)
  • Ursaring (Type: Fairy)
  • Ursawing (Type: Fairy)
  • Krabby (Type: Grass)
  • Kingler (Type: Grass/Steel)



  • Will (Male Player)
  • Grace (Female Player)
  • Storm (Rival)
  • Professor Sonia
  • Champion Lighting
  • Leon

Team Rocket

  • Formal Chairman Rose
  • Oleana (Admin)
  • Grunts
  • Rex (Admin)

Gym Leaders

  • Bede (Psychic)
  • DJ Vinyl (Steel)
  • Kabu (Fire)
  • Bea (Fighting/Ghost)
  • Opla (Fairy)
  • Melony (Ice)
  • Piers (Dark)
  • Sparkly (Electric)

Kalos Gym Leaders

  • Viola (Bug)
  • Grant (Rock)
  • Korrina (Fighting)
  • Trevor (Grass)
  • Bonnie (electric)
  • Valerie (Fairy)
  • Shauna (Psychic)
  • Tierno (Ice)

Team Flare

  • Solaria (Lysander's Daughter)
  • Blaze (Male Admen)
  • Dr. Umbrids (Female Admen)

Elite Four

  • Marine (Dark/Poison)
  • Hop (Normal/Steel)
  • Milo (Grass)
  • Nessa (Water)


2 years of the new darkest day and the gym challenge, they were a few changes. Burnet pass away, Leon marry Sonia, Hop and Marine. They become members of the new elite four, Bede owns a gym, and there were two new champions named "Lighting."

There is going to be a new gym challenge. you met a boy your age name "Storm" and You has a Brother or Sister. You two didn't caught any pokemon when suddenly, a strange asteroid came crashing down to the sufferance with three pokemon with strange auras. you and your two rivals pick one of each pokemon, Grookey, Sobble and Scorbunny and set them on a race to win the gym challenge. But anyone little known that a new team rocket is forming.

Episode Z

After you completed the gym challenge, you are invited to Kalos. You decide to win the gym badges of Kalos, and to stop the new Team Flare.

Episode Cosmic

A strange storm is coming to this planet, and you're the only one who can stop it.

Mega Evolution

  • Mega Charizard Z
  • Mega Zoroark
  • Mega Mewtwo Z
  • Mega Frostlass
  • Mega Butterfree
  • Mega Flareon
  • Mega Vaporeon
  • Mega Volteon
  • Mega Raichu
  • Mega Luxray



Pokemon Theme - This Dream

Pokemon Theme - This Dream


(Fan-made) Pokemon Rival Battle!

(Fan-made) Pokemon Rival Battle!

Storm Battle

Pokémon Sword & Shield - Battle! Champion Lillie (Fanmade Theme Remake)-1

Pokémon Sword & Shield - Battle! Champion Lillie (Fanmade Theme Remake)-1

Champion Battle

Open Up Chaos Lives In Your Eyes (Orchestral Mix) Instrumental Version (Orignal Mashup By Dean

Open Up Chaos Lives In Your Eyes (Orchestral Mix) Instrumental Version (Orignal Mashup By Dean.B)



  • Returning to your favorite regions.
  • dream aura change dyanmax z moves, and mega evolution
  • Giga gems
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