#019 Yodelly
Yodelly's artwork for Pokémon Metal & Wood.
Category Goat
Natdex 744
Regdex 081
Gen 7
Color Brown
First Appearance Pokémon Metal & Wood
Type Normal
Ability Rock Head, Huge Power
Hidden Ability Defiant
Height 2'11"
Weight 31.3 lbs
Egg Group Field
Body Style Body08

Yodelly (Japanese: Noboriri, ノボリリ) is a pure Normal-type Pokémon. It evolves to Ramaneer anytime at or past level 21 while in a cave or mountain route.


Yodelly is a goat-like Pokémon with a small body with brown fur. It has tufts of white fur around the neck, hooves, and its tail is entirely white. It has dark brown, small hooves. It has a medium sized dark red nose and yellow eyes. It sports two small horns it uses to charge nearby enemies. Females have smaller horns compared to the males.


It is capable of charging at top speeds and slamming his small horns into nearby enemies. It will often clash with mating rivals and is known for its exceptionally hard head. It is also capable of climbing to dizzying heights due to its sure footing.


During mating season, male Yodellys and Ramaneers will bang heads with each other for potential mates. Females will occasionally bang heads to drive away other females from their babies. Family groups tend to stick together in family herds.


Yodelly's feeds on the sparse vegetation and roots found in its mountainous habitat.


It can be found in caves and on mountain passes.


Version Description
Metal It is capable of climbing up to dizzying heights due to its sure footing. It is an expert mountain climber and has inspired entire generations of professional mountaineers.
Wood Males will fight other males for mating rights in spring time by ramming each other with their horns. Females will fight other females to keep them away from their babies.

Game Locations

Version Location
Metal Snowfall Cave, Darkvein Pass, Routes 14, 15, 17
Wood Snowfall Cave, Darkvein Pass, Routes 14, 15, 17


Base Stats
Sp. Attack
Sp. Defense
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Coming soon





Ramneer at level 21 while in a cave or mountain route



Yodelly is based on a goat kid.

Name Origin

Yodelly is based off from yodel and billy.

ノボリリ is based off from 上る noboru (to climb) and ビーリー biirii (billy).

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