Pokemon Iron and Amber
Amber and Iron
Developer(s) Vined Inc.
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) DS
Release Date(s)
March 1, 2008 (Japan)
March 10, 2008 (North America)
March 20 (Europe)
March 20 (Australia)
Single Player
Online Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action-Adventure
Media Included DS Cart.
Pokemon Iron and Amber are Nintendo DS games that were released in March 2008. The games take place in the Johto region twenty years after Pokémon Gold and Silver. The layouts from the previous locations have been altered, as well as the role of characters. Twenty years after Gold, Kris and Silver had their adventures in Johto, a new trainer is beginning their journey into the world of Pokémon. The region of Johto, a previously small place has been significantly expanded, having smaller towns such as New Bark Town and Cherrygrove City become much larger.

Your player is begning his or her quest to become a Pokemon Master, they first need to seek out Professor Elm a now elderly man who has wondered off towards Catalia Town which is between Cherrygrove and New Bark. Upon arriving here you see Professor Elm walking through the guarded entrance to the town, Elm bumps into you and mistakes you for Gold or Kris depending on your gender and tells you to follow him to your lab, there he gives you your starter Pokemon.

Throughout their quest they have to get the Gym Badges from the towns and can then participate in the Silver Conference which is held in Silver Town underneath Mt Silver they can also paricipate in the Pokemon contests and collect ribbons and participate in the Grand Festival in





  • Iron - he is the male playable character, if you do not choose him then he appears as a battling rival.
  • Amber - she is the female playable character, if you do not choose her than she appears as a battling rival.
  • Tin - if you choose the female trainer than he is the contest rival
  • Cooper (Coop) - if you choose the male trainer then she is the contest rival
  • Proffesor Elm - The pokemon proffesor he gives you your starting pokemon and suffers from senilty.
  • Gold - the player's father and champion of the Elite 4
  • Kris - the player's mother and final challenge of the Grand Festival.


  • Jesse and James - the heads of Team Rocket they are the main villains and always have a double battle with you.
  • Butch and Cassidy - the heads of Team Aqua, appear only once in the game, if played on Iron version you do not fight them.
  • Atilla and Hun - the heads of Team Magma, appear only once in the game, if played on Amber version you do not fight them.

Gym Leaders

  • Felicia - The Gym leader of Violet town, she uses electric pokemon
  • Bugzy - The Gym leader of Azaelia town, he uses bug pokemon
  • Sami - The Gym leader of Goldenrod City, she uses dark pokemon
  • Elvin - The Gym leader of Ecruteak town, he uses ghost pokemon
  • Jessica - The Gym leader of Olivine city, she uses steel pokemon
  • John - The Gym leader of Cianwood city, he uses fighting pokemon
  • Desiree - The Gym leader of Blackthorn city, she uses dragon pokemon
  • Silver - The Gym leader of New Bark town, he uses a variety of pokemon, is the rival's father.

Elite 4

  • Leaf - A trainer from Kanto, she uses grass pokemon with Venasaur being her most powerful
  • Pearl - A trainer from Sinnoh, he uses fire pokemon with Infernape being his most powerful
  • Brendan - A trainer from Hoenn, he uses water pokemon with Swampert being his most powerful
  • Tin - If you choose the male trainer then it is Tin he uses normal type pokemon
  • Cooper - If you choose the female trainer then it is Cooper she uses psychic type pokemon
  • Gold - The player's father is the champion and he specialises in Dragon Pokemon



The main part of the game takes part in the land called Johto here there are eight gyms and five contest halls where you can collect badges and ribbons respectively. Upon winning all eight badges you gain access to Silver Town and the Silver Conference and also the final contest Hall. Upon winning all five ribbons you gain access to the Grand Festival in Bloomingvale.

During the Johto leg of the journey you can travel through several towns and caves, many legendary pokemon make their homes in Johto now adays, many having fled from Sinnoh to escape from Team Galactic.

The regional villains of Johto are Team Rocket which is lead by Jesse and James they attack you during several instances, their last appearance is alongside Team Aqua and Team Magma.


During the second half of the game it is possible to travel to the Kanto region to collect the gym badges to enter the Indigo Plateau and the Contest Badges to enter the Kanto Grand Festival from here. Much like Johto this place has also been expanded a lot and had several new towns implemented in the last twenty years.

All of the gyms remain in the same locations as they did twenty years ago, requests to open up a new gym in Pallet Town were denied due to the fact that both Pewter and Virdian were very close and they had their own gyms however they did receive a Contest Hall, along with Neon City, Lavender Town, Saffron City and Celadon City.

Fuchsia City was changed drastically, it soon became Neon City so the former residents of Fushcia picked up there town and moved further to the east, they took the Gym with them. The Safari Zone now lays between the two citys under the care of Janine.


A third game was released Pokemon Copal in liu of Pokemon Yellow, Crystal, Emerald and Platinum. It features many new features and a new location not available in these games.

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