Pokémon Daybreak & Pokémon Twilight
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Genre(s) Adventure, Role-playing
Predecessor Pokémon (Generation 9)
Successor Pokémon (Generation 11)
Release Date(s) Flag of Japan.png 2020.
Flag of USA.png 2020.
Flag of Europe.png 2020.
Flag of Australia.png 2020.
Age Rating(s) PEGI12.pngESRB 10 .png

Pokémon Daybreak & Pokémon Twilight are the latest titles in the critically acclaimed Pokémon franchise, also serving as the first instalments in the newest generation of Pokémon, Generation X (ten).

The main driving force behind the games are to create a fresh-feeling experience for the older Pokémon fans, and to give the series the face-lift it has been needing for many generations previous. Many mechanical, graphical, and miscellaneous improvements have been at the forefront of the game's development in order to create this experience.

The game also serves to give more backstory to certain Pokémon, expand on features introduced in previous generations, and tie up any loose ends previous generations may have left, due to this, the game is very story-driven, and there are less new Pokémon introduced into this generation as a result. The overall experience of the Pokémon Journey has also been tailored to feel more realistic, with more references to outside media and other influences in the world being prominent throughout the game.

The titles are set in the beautifully diverse region of Fyeno. The region is one of the biggest the series has ever seen, encompassing elements of many ecosystems and environmental factors, influenced by the Earth as a whole. The game will be distributed in ten languages: English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic and Russian.

The Fyeno Region

Pokémon Daybreak and Pokémon Twilight are set in the breath-taking Fyeno region.

New Fyeno.png

This region is by far the largest to appear in a canonical Pokémon game to date, featuring numerous cities, towns, and places of interest. The region is so vast, with small nooks and crannies to explore, keeping the player entertained for hundreds of hours of gameplay.

Fyeno is also the first region since Unova to implement a seasons feature. This means that all places in the region will be affected by the time of year it is in the player's real world, however on a minimised scale. Each real-world week in a month will feature a different season, the first week of the month will be spring, and et cetera.

Fyeno is also heavily industrialised generally, and as a result, has a lot more influence from media compared to previous generations, in order to create a more immersive and realistic in-game experience for the player. Which means a large majority of cities and connecting routes feature roads, for example.

Pokémon Battling is a lot more well recognised and celebrated in the Fyeno region, similarly to Galar, Pokémon Gym Challenges are very recognised within the media in the region, including constant television and radio coverage. Large crowds emerge at Pokémon Gym arenas to watch the upcoming talent challenge the leaders, making the Pokémon lifestyle feel like a major sport and influence in the region. 

The Fyeno Gym Challenge

The Fyeno Gym Challenge is the name given to the region's Pokémon Gym Championship. In Fyeno, there are eighteen Gym Leaders that the player must defeat in order to progress to the next stage of the challenge, the Elite Five, who are believed to be five of the toughest trainers Fyeno has to offer. All trainers in the past year that have successfully defeated the Elite Five will then advance into the Championship Bracket, where they will fight in a tournament style to decipher who will become the next Fyeno Pokémon Champion.

The Plot

Pokémon Daybreak and Pokémon Twilight follows a more detailed and in-depth plot compared to the predecessors. In comparison to previous games, where the player fights the champion with around a Level 50-60 Pokémon team, the player will now face the Champion with a full set of Level 100 Pokémon, due to a longer story and a bigger region available to the player. The story of Pokémon Daybreak and Pokémon Twilight is presented through chapters to help add structure to the formula.


All images are placeholders until official character designs are drawn, but the representative characters were chosen as they have similar personalities.
PDT MaleProtag.png The Protagonist, named by the player, is the main character in Pokémon Daybreak and Pokémon Twilight, and can be customized to the player's desired look. The protagonist is generally a cunning and charming character, they are very down to earth and find it easy to make friends with people from all walks of life. In comparison to their siblings, the Protagonist retained their humbled nature due to living with their father instead of going abroad with their siblings. The Protagonist had a simpler life in comparison, but it wasn't all coming up roses. PDT FemaleProtag.png
PDT Rose.png Rose is the older sister of the Protagonist and one of the main rivals in Pokémon Daybreak and Pokémon Twilight. She is a very kind and caring character, but don't let her demeanour fool you, she is also known to be stubborn, headstrong and confident. Rose is very confident in her ability and potential as a Pokémon trainer, so much so that she convinced the Protagonist and Travis to move to the Fyeno region in order to become a Pokémon Master.
Travis is the older brother of the Protagonist and one of the main rivals in Pokémon Daybreak and Pokémon Twilight. Travis is very self-assured and can appear as pompous or selfish, but in the end he will always act in the best interest of the people he cares about, despite never admitting that himself. Like Rose, Travis grew up abroad in a private boarding school, which has clouded his judgement when it comes to interacting with others, making him come across as unsympathetic and cold. PDT Travis.png
PDT Amelia.png Amelia is a citizen of Wrivine Suburbs and one of the first characters the player meets once arriving in Fyeno. She's an overly critical person, often badmouthing the Protagonist and their siblings at most opportunities. She has a very cold exterior and is very self-obsessed, often causing conflict with anybody else she meets. She is very infuriated that she cannot defeat the Protagonist in battle and swears she will be the reason that they do not become the Pokémon Master.


The prologue introduces the player to the Protagonist, who is living at home with their father. At breakfast one morning, he mentions to the player that his siblings will be visiting shortly as summer vacation is about to begin. We then cut to the siblings Rose and Travis in Rose's room at school, who explains to Travis her excitement about finally starting her Pokémon adventure. Travis doesn't seem too interested initially, but after some prodding from Rose, he comes around to the idea. Rose then mentions how she hopes the Protagonist will hopefully be ready to do the same and travel with them.

Rose and Travis return home, and give the shoulder to their father, completely ignoring him in favour of talking to the Protagonist. After an intense conversation, the Protagonist agrees to travel to the Fyeno region with his siblings so that they can "keep an eye on Rose and Travis", but deep down they are so excited to finally start their Pokémon adventure like their siblings.

Act I: Chapters 1-7

The first act of the plot focuses on the transition the Protagonist and their siblings face moving to a new region, specially the Wrivine Suburbs in Yleigh City. Rose and Travis initially face harsh criticism from one of their neighbours in Yleigh for their negative and loud personalities, which eventually cultivates in beginning the first rivalry with a trainer called Amelia.

More to be added.


The way Pokémon Daybreak and Pokémon Twilight plays follows that of a typical Pokémon format, however, a majority of areas in the game have been reworked, revamped, or just generally improved to make for a more dynamic and everlasting Pokémon experience.

The PokeTrainer App

Replacing the Poketch and similar products from previous generations, the PokeTrainer App is a free-to-use application that Trainers in the world of Pokémon can download for their Smartphones after receiving a letter of approval from the Official League of Pokémon Masters. This app and the Smartphone in general introduce a lot of features for the player, such as: 

  • Calling other Pokémon trainers that you meet on your journey to organise meet ups and battles. This can also boost relationships with other characters in the game. 
  • Changing the difficulty of the game to Easy, Medium, Hard or Daredevil. 
  • Online capabilities.
  • A quest log that logs all ongoing quests accepted by NPCs in the game. 


The Pokémon Typing System has been completely re-evaluated and reworked in an attempt to balance the system, make it more diverse and more detailed. Major adaptations include:

  • The Ground and Rock types have been combined to simply create a new Earth type.
  • Electric and Steel types are now super-effective against each other. When an electric-type attack hits a Steel type Pokémon, it'll gain a "Charged" status.
  • Ice types are now super-effective against Water and Fairy types.
  • Dragon types are now super-effective against Bug types.
  • The Flying type has now been renamed to the Air type.
  • Two new types have been introduced into the game, bringing the total to 19.
    • The Light type is a new type of Pokémon that have been discovered in the Fyeno region. The Light type focuses on Pokémon that have powers connected to illumination, the heavens, and purity.
    • The Drear type is a special type of Pokémon that was originally discovered in Orre, but has now manifested into it's own typing. Previously known as "Shadow Pokémon", the Drear type has evolved and is a rising epidemic among the Pokémon in Fyeno, with its origin and cause unknown. 

More to be revealed as the game develops.


A larger emphasis has been placed on exploration within Fyeno. Due to the region's size, there are many nooks and crannies that the player will discover and explore while travelling, with many mechanics being added to aid this.

Jumping and Crouching

One of the biggest additions to the exploration experience is giving the player character the ability to jump and crouch in the over-world. This allows for a multitude of new exploring opportunities, like crawling through small crevices and jumping over fences to find new items and other in-game events.

The Expedition Kit

The Expedition Kit is a combination of multiple items that the player attains during their journey. These items were introduced as a replacement to HMs, allowing the player to overcome obstacles in their way such as boulders or vines.

# Name Effect
01 Mining Tools This allows the player to mine rocks for resources. Also allows the player to break boulders. A replacement to the Mining Kit and Rock Smash.
02 Machete This allows the player to chop vines and trees to advance. A replacement to Cut.
03 Gauntlets This allow the player to climb rocks and cliffs for exploration. Also allows to grab and move boulders. A replacement to Rock Climb and Strength.
04 Vacuum This allows the player to vacuum clouds from areas filled with fog. A replacement to Defog.
05 Walking Boots This allows the player to avoid wild Pokémon encounters in long grass. An alternative to Repels.
06 Flashlight This allows the player to light up caves and dark surroundings. A replacement to Flash.
07 Scuba Gear This allows the player to dive underwater in any deep water. A replacement to Dive. 
08 Wetsuit This allows the player to swim in any body of water. A replacement to Surf.
09 Hiking Gear This allows the player to hike up waterfalls and iced obstacles in the overworld. A replacement to Waterfall and Whirlpool. 
10 Car Keys This allows the player to drive their car around the world where roads are available. A replacement to the Taxi system seen in Pokémon X & Y. 
11 Saddle This allows the player to fly around the world, and unlocks the Soaring in the Sky function. A replacement to Fly. 


Transportation in the Fyeno is diverse and industrialised. Over the course of the player's journey, they will have the opportunity to unlock new transportation methods, through items and services that become accessible to the player, including a story arc in the game's story where the player character can take their driving test.

Soaring in the Sky

The Soaring in the Sky mechanic from Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire returns in Pokémon Daybreak and Pokémon Twilight, but as a more generalised mechanic instead of locked to the post-game or through Mega Latios/Latias.

While in the sky, the player has fully control of the Pokémon that they are flying on. The player is able to speed up, slow down, and even to perform tricks in the sky. The player is able to land on the routes, cities, towns, and islands where they have previously visited as long as a significant story event doesn't prevent them from doing so.

When the player has acquired the correct expedition tool which allows them to fly around the region, and has a Pokémon which is capable of flying, the Soaring in the Sky mechanic can be accessed.


Please note the Pokemon concepts you see here may not be final.
Pokémon Abilities
#001 | TBA
Parrot Pokemon
Pokédex Entry
#005 | TBA
Hedgehog Pokemon
Pokédex Entry
#009 | TBA
Dolpin Pokemon
Pokédex Entry

Mega Evolution

Mega Evolutions return from Generation VI, but have been completely overhauled in the way they are accessed in the game. Now, after a Mega Stone has been collected by the player, it must be infused with the Pokémon's Pokeball to achieve the process of Mega Evolution, however, only well trained Pokémon are able to Mega Evolve. 

When a Pokémon has been trained well enough to be capable of Mega Evolving, a cutscene will follow showcasing that Pokémon's evolution into it's Mega Evolved form. Mega Evolution forms are now permanent instead of only being a temporary form within battle, meaning now Mega Evolved Pokémon have their stat changes indefinitely and can now hold an item in competitive play, creating a whole new dynamic to the battling scene.

Mega Stones are considered as rare artefacts in the Fyeno region, leading to them becoming a controversial topic among citizens, as some believe they should be preserved and studied instead of being tested on Pokémon, when their long term effects haven't been determined.

Pokémon Abilities
Mega Cherrim DT.png
No. ??? | Cherrim
Blossom Pokemon
Grass Flower Gift
Boosts the Attack and Sp. Def stats of itself and allies in harsh sunlight.
Fire Tretta Mega Evolution icon.png Flower Power
Immediately initiates Sunny terrain and powers up Cherrim with a 1.5x increase in attack, special defense, and accuracy.
Pokédex Entry
Cherrim has burst into a flower of fire. It's new found fire makes it one of the most threatening and desirable flowers in any garden.

Fyeno Regional Variants

Due to the very different climate in Fyeno, some Pokémon have adapted to the new environments around them and changed, becoming what is known as the Fyeno version of Pokémon which are different to the forms they hold in their natural habitat.

Pokémon Abilities
No. ??? | Buneary
Cursed Bunny Pokemon
Normal Cursed Body
May disable a move used on the Pokémon.
Ghost HA Loathing Lesson
If it's hatred for its trainer is maxed out, Buneary will receive 1.25x boost to all of its physical attacks that make connection with enemy Pokemon.
Pokédex Entry
Fyeno has made Buneary a much darker Pokemon than it's original counterpart. Being deprived of friendship, Buneary turned into a soulless Pokémon with a lack of empathy, causing its body to become much darker and more void. Buneary now evolves into Fyenan Lopunny when it has maxed out hatred for its trainer.
No. ??? | Lopunny
Hateful Bunny Pokemon
Normal Cursed Body
May disable a move used on the Pokémon.
Ghost HA Loathing Lesson
If it's hatred for its trainer is maxed out, Lopunny will receive 1.5x boost to all of its physical attacks that make connection with enemy Pokemon.
Pokédex Entry
Lopunny, like its pre-evolution, has become much more hate filled and rage driven. Upon evolving, Lopunny grew to resent its trainer and only follows its orders in hopes of one day getting its revenge and setting itself free from its trainer, but if Lopunny grew to love its trainer under the right care, could this hateful bunny become whole again?


Many changes have been applied to the Pokémon side of the games.

Shiny Pokémon

Shiny Pokémon have been completely revamped for Pokémon Daybreak and Pokémon Twilight. Now, instead of each Pokémon only having one Shiny variant, each Pokémon now has at least eight unique shiny variations for the player to discover.

Shiny Pokémon are also now prone to have stat improvements compared to the standardised Pokémon.

New Moves

Pokémon Daybreak and Pokémon Twilight introduces several new moves in an attempt to add more balance to the Typing System and to give some types the increased versatility in moves that they may be in need of.

Name Type Explanation Power / Accuracy
Bewildering Swarm Bug 100 95
Lightning Volley Electric 80 100
Cupid's Arrow Fairy 75 100
Sunshine Storm Fire 120 90

New Abilities

A cluster of new abilities have been introduced in Pokémon Daybreak and Pokémon Twilight alongside the new Pokémon.

Name Explanation User(s)
Sterilised Quills Every turn, if hit with a physical attack, the attacking Pokémon will take damage from the heated spikes. TBA

Technical Machines (TMs)

Technical Machines, known in short as TMs, allow a Pokémon to learn the desired move.

TM01. Hone Claws
TM02. Dragon Claw
TM03. Psyshock
TM04. Calm Mind
TM05. Roar
TM06. Toxic
TM07. Hail
TM08. Bulk Up
TM09. Venoshock
TM10. Hidden Power
TM11. Sunny Day
TM12. Taunt
TM13. Ice Beam
TM14. Blizzard
TM15. Hyper Beam
TM16. Light Screen
TM17. Protect
TM18. Rain Dance
TM19. Roost
TM20. Safeguard
TM21. Frustration
TM22. Solar Beam
TM23. Smack Down
TM24. Thunderbolt
TM25. Thunder

TM26. Earthquake
TM27. Return
TM28. Dig
TM29. Psychic
TM30. Shadow Ball
TM31. Brick Break
TM32. Double Team
TM33. Reflect
TM34. Sludge Wave
TM35. Flamethrower
TM36. Sludge Bomb
TM37. Sandstorm
TM38. Fire Blast
TM39. Rock Tomb
TM40. Aerial Ace
TM41. Torment
TM42. Facade
TM43. Flame Charge
TM44. Rest
TM45. Attract
TM46. Thief
TM47. Low Sweep
TM48. Round
TM49. Echoed Voice
TM50. Overheat

TM51. Steel Wing
TM52. Focus Blast
TM53. Energy Ball
TM54. False Swipe
TM55. Scald
TM56. Fling
TM57. Charge Beam
TM58. Sky Drop
TM59. Incinerate
TM60. Quash
TM61. Will-O-Wisp
TM62. Acrobatics
TM63. Embargo
TM64. Explosion
TM65. Shadow Claw
TM66. Payback
TM67. Retaliate
TM68. Giga Impact
TM69. Rock Polish
TM70. Flash
TM71. Stone Edge
TM72. Volt Switch
TM73. Thunder Wave
TM74. Gyro Ball
TM75. Swords Dance

TM76. Struggle Bug
TM77. Psych Up
TM78. Bulldoze
TM79. Frost Breath
TM80. Rock Slide
TM81. X-Scissor
TM82. Dragon Tail
TM83. Infestation
TM84. Poison Jab
TM85. Dream Eater
TM86. Grass Knot
TM87. Swagger
TM88. Sleep Talk
TM89. U-turn
TM90. Substitute
TM91. Flash Cannon
TM92. Trick Room
TM93. Wild Charge
TM94. Rock Smash
TM95. Snarl
TM96. Nature Power
TM97. Dark Pulse
TM98. Power-Up-Punch
TM99. Dazzling Gleam
TM100. Confide



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  • Pokémon Daybreak and Pokémon Twilight are one of the creator's first developed ideas since joining the community, and has thus seen many different versions become produced. Despite this, it has also still not seen a completed state.
  • Paralleling traditional titles in the series, Pokémon Daybreak and Pokémon Twilight are created for an older audience and thus present much darker themes than any other generation has before. For reference, they are comparable to the likes of the fan-games Pokémon Reborn and Pokémon Rejuvenation, both of which provide major inspiration for this title.

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