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Pokémon Comet and Asteroid versions
Pokémon Comet logoPokémon Asteroid logo
The official logos of the games.
Developer(s) CometGamingSeal
Publisher(s) CometGamingSeal
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Release Date(s)
November 22, 2019 (worldwide)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Role-playing
Series Pokémon
Predecessor Pokémon Sun and Moon versions
Successor TBA
Pokémon Comet and Asteroid versionsCA are the new paired Pokémon games for the Pokémon series, making up Generation VIII. They will succeed Generation VII, which consisted of Pokémon Sun and Moon and Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

The versions are planned to be released on November 22, 2019 worldwide for the Nintendo Switch.

Development history

The concept for the two games was created in mid-2015, when the games were planned to serve as Generation VII. Progress for the game stalled, and the announcement of the Nintendo Switch the following year led Comet Gaming, Inc. to decide to retool the games for the new console. Thus, production took a hiatus until 2018, when development resumed on January 26, 2018.

Comet Gaming, Inc. CEO Lumoshi announced that very few concepts would remain from the original iteration of the game, which can be viewed by clicking here. Instead, the new versions would feature new content inspired by the Generation VII games, with additional influences from the older games as well.


The game will retain the core elements of prior Pokémon games. The objective is to catch wild Pokémon, defeat other trainers, and progress through a storyline. Other elements will be changed, however.

With the Nintendo Switch's much increased hardware capability over the Nintendo 3DS allowing a more advanced gameplay engine, developers retooled the movement system, making it less grid-based as the previous generations (primarily I-V) and expanded the world greatly, making the game a lot more exploration-based than progression-based, taking note from other critically-acclaimed titles such as Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

New features

Cosmic type

The Cosmic type will be introduced in Pokémon Comet and Asteroid, making it the first time since Pokémon X and Y that a new type will be introduced. The type will be given to Pokémon with an extra-terrestrial or otherwise surreal quality to them. Type matchups have yet to be confirmed.

The below is a list of Pokémon from Generations I-VII that will be retyped to fit the Cosmic type. The list is incomplete thus far.

Name Image Type 1 Type 2
Staryu 120Staryu
Starmie 121Starmie
Lunatone 337Lunatone
Solrock 338Solrock
Deoxys 386Deoxys
Palkia 484Palkia
Elgyem 605Elgyem
Beheeyem 606Beheeyem
Minior 774Minior
Cosmog 789Cosmog
Cosmoem 790Cosmoem
Solgaleo 791Solgaleo
Lunala 792Lunala
Necrozma 800Necrozma
Dusk Mane
800Necrozma-Dusk Mane
Dawn Wings
800Necrozma-Dawn Wings

New regional variants

Like in Generation VII, new forms of already existing Pokémon will be included as regional variants, to be known as Verona Forms. These, unlike Alola Forms, will not be limited to just Pokémon from Generation I.

New Mega Evolutions

Mega Evolution will take an increased role in Pokémon Comet and Asteroid after taking a momentary hiatus from relevance in Generation VII. The forty-eight previous Mega Evolutions will return, and new ones will be added as well.

Changed evolution methods

Many evolution methods will be changed.

Pre-Evolution Type 1 Type 2 Old Method New Method Evolution Type 1 Type 2
Friendship Lv. 40 at night 169Crobat
Trade holding King's Rock Lv. 35 holding King's Rock 186Politoed
Trade Lv. 34 065Alakazam
Trade Lv. 41 068Machamp



The game is planed to include a moderate amount of new Pokémon with many returning from the other seven generations, as well.

Below follows a list of new Pokémon native to the Verona region.

Dex No. Name Type(s) Evolutions
808 Shadoak Grass → Meadirite at Lv. 18
809 Meadirite Grass → Deitree at Lv. 40
810 Deitree Grass Ghost -
811 Embrix Fire → Phoenieve at Lv. 19
812 Phoenieve Fire Flying → Fenissance at Lv. 39
813 Fenissance Fire Flying -
814 Cascrystal Water → Stellake at Lv. 17
815 Stellake Water → Undepthine at Lv. 41
816 Undepthine Water Cosmic -
TBD Spyquin Normal Flying → Acerawk at Lv. 14
TBD Acerawk Normal Flying → Soarperor at Lv. 34
TBD Soarperor Normal Flying -
TBD Cubrowl Normal Dark → Roarion at Lv. 22
TBD Roarion Normal Dark -
TBD Pillacast Bug → Pillagleam at Lv. 12
TBD Pillagleam Bug Fairy → Pillacharm at Lv. 18
TBD Pillacharm Bug Fairy -
TBD Mineow Normal → Kattaklaw at Lv. 20
TBD Kattaklaw Normal -
TBD Sweetle Bug Poison → Veniseed at Lv. 15
TBD Veniseed Bug Poison → Machinfect at Lv. 30
TBD Machinfect Bug Poison -
TBD Cyranise Fire Ground → Cyranire at Lv. 18
TBD Cyranire Fire Ground → Cyranscorch with a Fire Stone
TBD Cyranscorch Fire Ground -
TBD Elekonduct Electric → Boltirun at Lv. 24
TBD Boltirun Electric -
TBD Trunkephent Normal -
TBD Pandalon Normal -
TBD Jagrunoar Dark → Revenaguar at Lv. 30
TBD Revenaguar Dark -
TBD Zappabird Electric Flying → Zappaurus at Lv. 42
TBD Zappaurus Electric Dragon -
TBD Bouldiscule Rock Ice → Avalaunch at Lv. 40
TBD Avalaunch Rock Ice -
TBD Gemineral Rock Steel → Crusinerade at Lv. 40
TBD Crusinerade Rock Steel -
TBD Terralett Normal Flying Meadalett or Tsunalett at Lv. 30
TBD Meadalett Grass Flying → Meadastorm at. Lv. 40
TBD Meadastorm Grass Flying -
TBD Tsunalett Water Flying → Tsunastorm at. Lv. 40
TBD Tsunastorm Water Flying -
TBD Finnanip Water → Dolphicrunch at Lv. 34
TBD Dolphicrunch Water Dark -
TBD Xiphidia Water → Xiphidactus at Lv. 42
TBD Xiphidactus Water Dragon -
TBD Stelleon Cosmic -
TBD Soareon Flying -
TBD Exollodax Cosmic → Allodipax at Lv. 33
TBD Allodipax Cosmic -
TBD Blasteroid Cosmic Fighting -
TBD Spindizzy Normal -
TBD Omnivine Grass -
TBD Razemare Dark → Darezmare at Lv. 28
TBD Darezmare Dark → Vicarezmare at Lv. 38
TBD Vicarezmare Dark Steel -
TBD Zephyara Flying -
TBD Squail Steel Fighting → Knailain at Lv. 30
TBD Knailain Steel Fighting → Blacknain with a Dusk Stone
TBD Blacknain Steel Dark -
TBD Dasyillant Ground → Armadillant at Lv. 36
TBD Armadillant Ground → Armanaught at Lv. 48
TBD Armanaught Ground Fighting -
TBD Stalliant Fighting Flying -
TBD Kallagant Dark Flying -
TBD Himistant Psychic Flying -
TBD Dromedasis Water Grass -
TBD Demarrus Dragon Steel → Reavrian at Lv. 40
TBD Reavrian Dragon Steel → Termillonus at Lv. 55
TBD Termillonus Dragon Steel -
TBD Toxergant Electric Poison → Voltox with a Thunder Stone
TBD Voltox Electric Poison -
TBD Mersalon Psychic Dark → Kartheness at Lv. 40
TBD Kartheness Psychic Dark -
TBD Angliea Water Fairy → Angliester with a Water Stone
TBD Angliester Water Fairy -
TBD Numea Water -
TBD Spectaria Cosmic Fairy → Spectatrix at Lv. 38
TBD Spectatrix Cosmic Fairy -
TBD Pianissant Ghost → Fortissant with a Dusk Stone
TBD Fortissant Ghost -
TBD Prischroma Normal -
TBD Anemonex Water -
TBD Elvara Fairy Ice → Blizzery at Lv. 44
TBD Blizzery Fairy Ice -
TBD Kingdeer Ice Flying → Antlereign at Lv. 50
TBD Antlereign Ice Flying -


The game will be set in the region of Verona, inspired primarily by southern Europe, primarily the Mediterranean coast, the Italian peninsula, and the Alps. Areas to the region's south will also be based on northern Africa. Due to southern Europe's proximity to France, which inspired the region of Kalos, there has been speculation that Verona may connect to Kalos. However, there has been no official statement by Comet Gaming, Inc. on this.


A below graphic depicts Verona, showing the geography, cities, and routes of the region.


A description of locations in each quadrant follows below.

Location Description
Lluviena City
The starting town. It is a quaint, rural area notable for its volatile weather.
Route 1, Route 2
left and top routes
Roads that connect Lluviena City with Puerto Azul to the south and Floréal Town to the north.
Puerto Azul
Large port that handles cargo shipments from the region's west as well as from Merienne City, the largest city in Verona.
Route 8
right, dotted line
Sea route connecting Puerto Azul with Merienne City to the far east.

Pokémon Halls

Pokémon Halls are intended to serve a very similar function to Pokémon Gyms of Generations I-VI. The difference in Pokémon Comet and Asteroid is that they also serve as political hubs, rather than just as centers where Pokémon battles take place, and that there are twelve rather than the traditional eight.

Gym Leaders are instead known as Consuls in this game, who have control of the cities the Halls are in, as well as the neighboring area. The Consuls together form the second highest governmental body in the region of Verona, with only the Emperor ranking higher.

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