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Pokémon Citrine Version
Pokémon Olivine Version
Beta boxart for Pokémon Olivine Version.
Developer(s) APIM Group, Inc.
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo IC Logo, APIMHanabiSmall
Genre(s) RPG
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan TBA 2014
25px-Flag of Europe TBA 2014
25px-Flag of Australia TBA 2014
25px-Flag of USA TBA 2014
Mode(s) 1-10 Players (Local and Online)
Age Rating(s) ERating 3Rating
Media Included Nintendo IC Mini-Disk, APIM Hanabi Optical Disk

Pokémon Citrine Version and Pokémon Olivine Version are two new games from the Pokémon franchise, with new Pokémon in a brand-new region, named Flevore. At the begining, it was only for the Nintendo IC, but it'll be soon for the APIM Hanabi as well, making it the first Pokémon game to be for two different systems.

This game includes the addition of a few new additional types (including but not limited to the Light type), and the Pokédex includes more than 300 new Pokémon. Mega Evolutions are still present, and introduce additional Mega Evolutions for a few Pokémon, being F, FC and FO variations (F being present in both games, FC being exclusive for Citrine and FO excluisve for Olivine). The game includes the standard eight gyms, but there are five other gyms across the region that are completely optional and only available after defeating the champion.


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New Moves and Abilities

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Flevore Pokédex

See also Flevore Pokédex for full(er) roster

Index might change.

FlvDex NatDex MS Pokémon Type
001 F001 Snaileaf Grass
002 F002 Branchnail Grass
003 F003 Centreepyd Grass Bug
004 F004 Flitten Fire
005 F005 Bluma Fire
006 F006 Magmion Fire Steel
007 F007 Surchin Water
008 F008 Bipeduff Water
009 F009 Anquilla Water Poison
010 F010 Tasmini Normal
011 F011 Taslaught Normal
012 F012 Cuckrazy Normal Flying
013 F013 Cuckadudle Normal Flying
014 F014 Caterplain Bug Normal
015 F015 Cocommon Bug Normal
016 F016 Leafybug Bug Grass
017 F017 Butterfire Bug Fire
018 F018 Pontarner Bug Water
019 506 506MS Lillipup Normal
020 507 507MS Herdier Normal
021 508 508MS Stoutland Normal
022 287 287MS Slakoth Normal
023 288 288MS Vigoroth Normal
024 287 289MS Slaking Normal
025 F019 Cooeth Bug
026 F020 Nitsam Bug Dragon
027 F021 Rewvyn Bug Dragon
028 F022 Stomuch Poison
029 316 316MS Gulpin Poison
030 317 317MS Swalot Poison
031 172 172MS Pichu Electric
032 025 025MS Pikachu Electric
033 026 026MS Raichu Electric
034 F023 670FlMS Ballunny Normal
035 427 427MS Buneary Normal
036 428 428MS Lopunny Normal
037 167 167MS Spinarak Bug Poison
038 168 168MS Ariados Bug Poison
039 595 595MS Joltik Bug Electric
040 596 596MS Galvantula Bug Electric
046  ??? Dandefluff Grass
051  ??? Shockchoc Electric Steel
055  ??? Nubleum Flying
072  ??? Najasparce Normal Dragon
075  ??? Pebblix Rock Ground
084  ??? Tricksy Psychic Fairy
087  ??? Celldom Psychic Poison
088  ??? Venalink Psychic Poison
089  ??? Dokingoki Psychic Poison
102  ??? Pipshi Light
103  ??? Adoleshi Light
104  ??? Venshi Light
105  ??? Chevshi Light Fighting
106 129 129MS Magikarp Water
107 130 130MS Gyarados Water
108  ??? Akubrat Dark
109  ??? Akuteen Dark
110  ??? Akumars Dark
111  ??? Akulass Dark Normal
116  ??? Rotegg Normal
117  ??? Deggcay Normal Poison
118  ??? Plategg Steel Poison
123  ??? Tuldier Grass
124  ??? Troopot Grass
125  ??? Tankatorem Grass
215  ??? Eeris Normal Ghost
216  ??? Scleidolon Normal Ghost
218  ??? Nuricade Rock Ghost

Without Index Number

FlvDex NatDex MS Pokémon Type
 ???  ??? Camortz Rock Light
 ???  ??? Kaleidryte Rock Light



Beta Art

Sugi-styled art



  • It's confirmed as well that Pokémon Hematite Version will be released circa a year later than Pokémon Citrine and Olivine.
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