Pokémon Battle Royale ('ポケモンスーパー'バトル Pokémon Superstar Battle in Japan) is an upcoming game in the Pokémon (series) for the Nintendo Wii U. This installment is the first title of a new Pokémon spin-off series, sharing the name "Battle Royale". The series brings a whole new way to play in Pokémon, 2D Combat, a new experience allowing players to play fast paced battles, but unlike most fighting games, it adds a fun Pokémon twist! The game will be released around July 2014, along with a new major Pokémon installment.


The game is very similar to most 2D fighter games, but it includes some Pokémon gameplay attributes to it aswell. Players will fight against their opponents, but instead of it being turn-based, players are thrown into a fast paced combat in which they aim to K.O the opponent's Pokémon, similar to fighting, there is rounds where Pokémon can be switched and so forth, but the rounds don't end until a Pokémon is knocked out and is nable to fight and to end a game one of the trainer's team must be completely knocked out.Many modes are featured in the game allowing a lot of playing time. Pokémon can have up to 4 moves, like most Pokémon games, but these can be chosen before battle, levels aren't featured in the game, but some mechanics like stats are important in the game. Players can choose Pokémon without having to catch them, although only Basic Pokémon are default in the game (except legendaries), the evolutions of Pokémon have to be unlocked, along with this, similar to Pokémon Rumble U, players can buy figures from stores which have unique and interesting features about them, like having moves other Pokémon of their species couldn't obtain, or higher stats and so on. Players can also search from the Pokémon availible and can also save teams making it easier to just keep fighting without set up fuss. Another element from Pokémon is Trainers from previous regions, whom can be battled in some modes of the game. Another new feature to the series is Customization, players can actually design their own trainer instead of having to choose from the two set ones, although there are two ones to choose from if the player chooses not to make their own trainer. A lot of new and retro features appear in the game, but these are just some of the main ones. One of the most important features of the title is that players are able to switch from the screens they want to use, the gamepad or TV screen.


  • 16px-Def Stick svg: Move Pokémon/Select
  • 16px-Def A svg: Attack 1/Confirm
  • 16px-Def B svg: Attack 2/Back
  • 16px-Def X svg: Attack 3
  • 16px-Def Y svg: Attack 4


New Pokémon


Pokémon World Champions

Pokémon Battle Royale/Pokémon World Champions

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