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PitP3 Logo
Developer(s) Fantendo, DarkGaming Studios, Sam Station Inc.™, Great Games, Inc., Fantasy Factory, Shooting Star Studios, Toucan, GreenStar Studios, Cyclone Games
Publisher(s) Sam Station Inc.™
Platform(s) SamStation, FES
Genre(s) Party
Series Plunge in the Past
Predecessor Plunge in the Past 2 - Nintendo Edition
Release Date(s) 2015-2016
Mode(s) 1 player


Age Rating(s) ERating3RatingA CERO cero50px ACB G svg converted

Plunge in the Past 3 - Fantendo Universe is the third game of the Plunge of the Past series produced by Sam Station Inc.™, this time featuring the Fantendo characters. This game is produced in cooperation with many different companies.


Modes and options

  • Story Mode: all the video games' defeated main villains have allied to plot a plan to defeat our heroes once and for all.
  • Party Mode: Play with your friends!
  • Wi-Fi Connection: Play with your friends around the world!
  • Minigame Rush: Play all the minigame you want any time you want.
  • Record: Look at your records
  • Settings: Set your game to the way you want
  • Shop: With the coins that you earn playing on the party, quiz or story mode you can buy demos, download new demos and chapters on the story mode, and buy costumes for your Mii.

Story mode

The chapters aren't in order


All the villians are discussing angrily about how they keep losing to however they're nemesis is. Adrian Bridge (Main villian of the Tales of the Crystals series) suggests that the Shaded (Basically the Koopa Troop, except for Adrian) can Time Travel, and they can travel back to when their rivals were at their weakest (Hey, he's smart). Agreeing with Adrian, they carry out the plan.

Since the heroes are at they're weakest stage. It is easy for the antagonists to capture them and lock them away. They are trapped, but someone manages to find a hole. The protagonists crawl out, but then they realise only half of them managed to escape. Realising that if they try to go back in, they will be captured again. They make plans and manage to sneak into the castle.

They manage to get into the main room of the castle, finding out that the villians are escaping into a Time Portal. Without much thought, our heroes jump into the portal without realising what lies before them. Their biggest adventure starts now!


Chapter ??? - Gauntlets of Fire: Tales of the Crystals

Downloadable chapters

Gladibots - ace of spades in the hole


Basher Adventure - ???

Basher relaxing in Coolsville the suddenly a portal appears. He jumps in it and lands into Yoshi's Island where he finds Mewshi and teams up with him.


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Name Series Owner Pitcure


Bombell Bombell DohIMissed Bombell LMDM Style
Johnny Dog Johnny Dog Sr.Wario JohnnyDog-SMB64


Ski is a boy that was given special powers by an unknown force. His home town of Seafead was destroyed, so he set out to find a new home and fight against the injustice his world brings.

Tales of the Crystals Mixxmasta
Show me your best, I'll match it!
Ski's main quote

Frolo Plazzap FroloNew

Drake used to be a servant at Princess Peach's castle.. But he heard rumors floating around that Princess Peach was saying things about him behind his back. Then, he turned against Princess Peach and joined the Koopa Troop.

CEMax Drake (Dark Toad)
Locky Secret of the Keyhole LockyX2 LockySOTK
Lumalee Lumoshi

Ujori Kasami

Ujori Kasami is a human schoolboy who born in Japan, and his life was changed when a dying green Ejorokin told him to save Planet Ejoroka and the world from evil alien invaders (most nostably Ego's) with the power of the ring that casts thunder.

The Strange Life of a Schoolboy Iceboys12 Ujori
TaBooki TaBooki T0M.V.12 TaBooki8
YonenBooe Apples Toad'ShyGuy 150px


Name Series Owner Picture How to Unlock

Mewshi the Dinocat

Mewshi goes to an another crossover party to save his world and help his Fantendo group. Mewshi is fast and agile.

Mewshi the Dinocat

Yoshifraga97 Mewshi3D Complete Mewshi the Dinocat series' chapter.


Mewshi's sidekick comes to join Mewshi again to an another adventure. Waddlenote is probally small but sure, he can be handy sometimes.

Mewshi the Dinocat Yoshifraga97 Waddlenote3D Win 50 minigames with Mewshi .
Fruity Fruity Toucan Ferrox 150px Complete the Fruity Toucan series' Chapter


Colt is a girl with special powers, like Ski. She fights against injustice as well, but she still has some skills she has to master.

Tales of the Crystals Mixxmasta
I'm ready to go!
Colt's Main Quote

Complete the Tales of the Crystals'  Chapter
Gumball the Dog Gumball the Dog HammerBroBuddy GumballTheDog
Spike The Porcupine Spike The Porcupine SpikeThePorcupine Spike The Porcupine Transparent
Charnelon the Blue Ninja Charnelon the Blue Ninja Shy guy yellow Charnelon
Lexi Secret of the Keyhole LockyX2


Mylan Starlight is the queen of the land called "The Skies of Wonder". She was once a little princess, but with the help of the Mysterious Pandora Cube and save her older sister Karina, she transforms into a young adult and marry her sweetheart, Princes Cosmo and have a child named Maria Starlight.

Smash Sisters Unite! Iceboys12 Mylan 2
Basher Basher's Adventure Werewoof16


Let's start smashing!
Basher's main quote

Complete the Basher's Chapter
Yurei The Mystery LockyX2 Yurei3
Derby Dash Derby Dash Metal DerbyDashBrawlRing Complete the game twice.


Name Series Owner Picture  Price to Download

The robotic rebel has also been invited after defeating spade in the first gladibots game.

Gladibots Meme the fox M4rk None,comes with the FES (along with a copy of Plunge in the Past and its two sequels) when you preorder.

Mika Sho

The Uncanny Adventures of Mika Sho Dark Mika SSD Redesign
Indigo Guy SkipperThePenguin100
Mix Mike Shy guy yellow
SGY Shy Guy the Yellow Shy guy yellow Yellow Shy Guy
L-PF Legendary Pop-Fizz Legendary Pop-Fizz
Tom T0M.V.12 Tom 3D
Hex Star Plants Toad'ShyGuy HexStarPlants
Disk Kun II Simpson55 DSIK KUN
Nist Angels and Demons LockyX2


In the Blossom Village, a lone Samurai lives. But one day, he is given a letter from the sky. He reads it and sets off for his new quest.

Final Shogun Mixxmasta
Metal Sonic.exe Lychee 3D


The defender of all things Yoshi is ready to kick some butt! After you download him anyway...

Blushi the Warrior Mixxmasta Blushi

More coming soon...

Minigame Rush


Play all the minigame you want any times you want.

Minigames List

I’m your pal SamStation!

You may add all the minigames that you want about your character on the list that follows. After creating the mini-game, remember to write your nickname below its title.

Photo Name Description Sticker Series

Starlight Tennis

Made by Iceboys12 (tbc)

Play a 1-set or 1-vs-1-set minigame:

In 1 player mode of the minigame, Your character must beat all 5 girls in a tennis match one by one.

Those are your opprnents: 

  • Red-haired Green-shirted girl named Kyira
  • Green-haired Blue-shirted with a V sign Girl named Leya
  • Yellow-haired Red-shirted girl named Helga
  • Blue-haired Green-shirted girl named Bai
  • Purple-haired princess dressed girl named Velma

In 2 players mode of the minigame, you can play it against your friend(player 2).

X1 Mylan Sticker

Mylan 2

X1 Young Mylan Sticker

Mylan small2

Smash Sisters Unite!
Wack Smack

Made by Werewoof16 (tbc)

All the player choose an hammer to smash the shadow minions.

X2 Hammer Sticker


Basher Adventure
Smash Board Race

Made by Werewoof16 (tbc)

You and your friends are riding smashboards and you have to kill shadow minions on the way to the finish line.

X2 Basher Sticker

Basher of coolsville

Basher Adventure

Beller Basher

Made by Yoshifraga97 (tbc)

It's a Free-for-All minigame.

They are 10 cat bells around in Waddlewing Autumn Woods. The player must chose 1 cat bell to hear the noise that he makes. The cat bell must bell correctly. The wrong cat bell makes a disturbing noise to call the Scratchers. So, if the cat bell bells correctly, the player remains to be an another round. Who remains the minigame, wins the first place.

X1 Mewshi's Cat Bell


X1 Mewshi's Golden Cat Bell

GoldenCatBell MA!

Mewshi the Dinocat Series
Draw Battle

Made by Shy guy yellow (tbc)

It's Battle Minigame

you should draw objects to attack his opponent.

X2 Mix Mike Sticker

Mix Mike

Quest of Series

Record Mode

On the record mode it is possible for the players to see their records, the list of awards and stickers that they have earned, and the progress of the game.


  • How much time the player has played.
  • How many characters the player has unlocked.
  • How many stickers that the player has earned.
  • How many awards the player has earned.
  • How many demos the characters has unlocked.
  • How many times the player has completed Story Mode.
  • How many times the player has played Story Mode.
  • How many times the player has played a minigame.
  • How many times the player has played Party Mode.
  • How many times the player has played Sticker Research Mode.
  • How many times the player has played a game on Wi-Fi Connection.
  • How many coins the player has earned.

List of earnable stickers

Normal stickers

  • Mylan Sticker
  • Young Mylan Sticker
  • Basher's Hammer
  • Basher Sticker
  • Mewshi's Cat Bell
  • Mewshi's Gold Cat Bell
  • Mix Mike Sticker

More coming soon...

Big Stickers

TBA More coming soon...


Normal Awards

Photo Name Description How to earn it
A New Quest Start the Story Mode
Fantendo's Future is Save Finish the story mode
A Good Start Hurray! You have collect your first sticker! Go on! Collect one sticker
Sticker Earner You are starting your trip for become a expert. Play more minigames and earn more stickers. Collect 25 stickers
Sticker Searcher You win the majority of minigames, but some are really hard for you. You're one step to be a expert: make the last effort! Collect 50 Stickers
Sticker Expert You win every minigame and you find every sticker, you're incredible! Your album is almost full, but finish it, for you, is a no brainer: you found minigames everywhere. Collect 100 Stickers
Fun with Friends You are alone and you are bored, what you are waiting for? Call your friends and have fun! Play one game on the Party Mode
All Together Now! You play fairly with your friends, but sometimes you're alone. If you want to never be bored, invite anytimes your friends! Play 25 games on the Party Mode
The Real Party Begins Now you're really understand the core of the game: if you play almost all the plays in company, you'll never bored. Play 50 games on the Party Mode
Togheter is Better Invite everybody, and let's play. The really fun come out when you're in companionship. Play 100 games on the Party Mode
To the Airport A good start! But your friends around the world want to play with you so much more: go ahead! Play one Online game.
Let's Take off The airplain's take off! Ready? You're playing really fairly with your friends, but this is only the start of the trip!  Play 25 Online Games
Trip Around the World

Now, the trip is really starts. You play online really often, but this is enough?

Play 50 Online games
Trip around the world in 80 days You never skip a day for playing with your friends around the world. Play 100 Online Games

Characters Awards

Photo Name Description Series How to earn it

That One Minigame

With a Long and

Uninteresting Name

That I Do Not Wish

to Remember

Win all the minigames of the Unten series.
The Warrior of Skies of Wonders Win all the minigames of the Smash Sisters Unite! series.
Crystal Heros Win all the minigames of the Tales of the Crystals series.

More coming soon...



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