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Plum is a Beorn and a Zeon survivor who crashlanded somewhere in New Mexico. She is currently a soldier of the Launch Kraken Coalition, a private military company specifically devoted to dealing with supernatural, extraterrestrial, or extradimensional forces, and often ends up serving as either an ally, a rival, and/or a straight man to Reten, depending on the circumstances. She's characterized by her lawfulness, her more tactical approach to combat, and her refusal to let Zeon stay dead.


Plum, being a Beorn, looks quite similar to a bear, and has the usual black eyes with white star-like pupils (though her pupils are five-pointed, as opposed to the usual four-pointed) and hands comparable to paws. Her fur is a deep crimson color.

When introduced, Plum's outfit consists of a pair of iron shoes, a metal skirt, a bandanna, and a pair of yellow shoulderpads. Her Zeonian Warhammer is a large mallet with a metal head, inscribed with the alchemical symbol for the earth element.


Plum's outlook is often optimistic, she has a lighthearted albeit cynical sense of humor, and she is generally pleasant company... if you can get past her unbelievably straight-laced and strict attitude while on the job, or exceptionally foul mouth. At first glance, she might be one of the least broken Beorns in the multiverse. However, this might be due to her never accepting her home planet's destruction as permanent.


Plum's fighting style focused on heavy-handedness and brute strength to overwhelm her opponents as quickly as possible. This is clear from her weapon of choice - a two-handed warhammer made from a Zeonian metal. She is adept with the weapon, but this does not mean she isn't immune to the side-effects of wielding a giant mallet, and it takes a while for her to adjust between attacks, during which she is vulnerable. She also possesses geokinesis, and can manipulate the ground within a close vicinity of her body to create defensive rock walls or fire blasts of stone at her enemies. In combination with the destructive abilities of her warhammer, her earth manipulation can be highly versatile and dangerous.

Following the events of Beorns from County Hell, Plum adds two new weapons to her arsenal: a set of heavily modified Zeonian Shielding Gauntlets that project claws rather than barriers; and the Launcher Hammer, a warhammer with a built-in cannon that can fire seemingly anything, which she begins using after the events World Tournament. The two of them allow her to unleash a smorgasbord of new attacks, but their main draw is that she can combine them together to spice up her fighting style even further.

Specific Abilities

Innate Combat Abilities

  • Geokinesis - Plum is capable of manipulating and reshaping the earth near her. Unlike other Beorns like Unten, her elemental abilities manipulate existing materials rather than generating new materials, but using them in excess can still leave her physically exhausted. Additionally, the powers are basically worthless when there's no nearby earth.
    • Boulder Shot - Plum pulls a large rock from the ground and hurls it forwards. This is one of the few projectile attacks in her arsenal. What it lacks in elegance and accuracy, it makes up for in sheer power.
    • Rock Wall - Plum creates a barrier made out of earth to shield herself from attacks. While enemies may have some trouble getting past her barriers, Plum herself can easily break through them using her heavy weaponry for a surprise counterattack.
  • Descension - As a Zeonian Beorn, Plum is capable of performing the ritual that strips a deity of their godhood. She has yet to actually utilize this ability, but she could if she needed to.
  • Physical Strength - Plum's usage of heavy weaponry has left her with a remarkable amount of strength. Even while disarmed, she can easily overpower most normal fighters in hand-to-hand combat.


  • Zeonian Warhammer - A large hammer made from an unnamed Zeonian metal, and her weapon of choice during the events of Beorns from County Hell. This weapon doesn't have any special frills, but her skill with it and her ability to utilize it in combination with her geokinetic powers makes it a threat all the same.
  • Zeonian Mining Gauntlets - A set of Zeonian Shielding Gauntlets, similar to the ones used by Rachel Harel, that Plum begins training with in preparation for the World Tournament. This particular set of Shielding Gauntlets were modified at some point in the past by an Underground-dweller for use in excavation, and generate a set of holographic claws instead of shields.
    • Shovel Claw - By lining the claws up side-by-side, Plum can form them into a blade shape, intended for shoveling earth. She generally uses this form to parry weapon attacks that are too fast for her to block with her hammer or geokinesis.
    • Drill Claw - By pinching the claws together, Plum can form them into a cone shape that can be used for drilling. She generally uses this form to break through enemies' armor.
  • Launcher Hammer - A mechanical hammer that Plum begins using sometime before the World Tournament. Though it's made from the same material as her old hammer, this one is significantly more advanced, and contains several special tricks.
    • Launcher - Inside of the hammerhead is the Launcher, a specialized cannon that uses kinetic energy to fire its contents outwards at high speed with a shocking level of accuracy. The Launcher can fire just about anything that fits inside it, but Plum mainly uses it to fire large chunks of stone.
      • Launcher Blank - Firing the Launcher with nothing loaded unleashes a pulse of kinetic energy outwards from the hammerhead. While not enough to deal significant damage, it can still be used to push enemies back and deflect some projectile attacks. It can also be used to increase the velocity of her hammer swings.
      • Claw Launcher - Thanks to a propulsion system housed inside the Mining Gauntlets, Plum can turn them into missiles by firing them out of the Launcher. This lets her attack with her claws from across vast distances, and is perfect for grabbing far-off opponents and pulling them into hammering range. However, it's held back by the fact that the Mining Gauntlets can't remain in the air for very long, and will eventually have to return to Plum before they run out of fuel.
    • Combination Mode - Plum's new hammer can be combined with her Zeonian Mining Gauntlets, letting her project the claws from either side of the hammerhead. This lets her grab, drill through, or cut through things with her hammer strikes and extends the weapon's reach even further. However, this form greatly limits her usage of the hammer's Launcher, since the space used by the cannon is occupied by the gauntlets instead.


Prior History

Little is known about Plum's life on Zeon. After its destruction, she crashlands in New Mexico, and lives in a LKC outpost.

Beorns from County Hell

World Tournament




  • Plum was initially conceived with cryokinesis, but it was eventually decided that geokinesis would fit her better.
  • Plum's ability to fire the Zeonian Mining Gauntlets like rockets out of the Launcher was originally suggested by Pyrostar.
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