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Plum Female
5'02" / 157.5 cm
17 years old Beorn

Reten (Occasional partner)


Plum is a Beorn and Zeon survivor who crashlanded somewhere in New Mexico. Unlike her fellow survivors, who are willing to accept Zeon's destruction and move on, she is hell-bent on reviving her home planet.


Plum, being a Beorn, looks quite similar to a bear, and has the usual black eyes with white star-like pupils (though her pupils are five-pointed, as opposed to the usual four-pointed) and hands comparable to paws. Her fur is a deep crimson color.


At first glance, Plum might be the least broken Zeon survivor in the multiverse. Her outlook is often optimistic, she has a lighthearted albeit cynical sense of humor, and she is generally pleasant company. The reason for this, however, is that she completely refuses to accept Zeon's destruction and the death of the Beorns as permanent, and is willing to do absolutely anything necessary to bring it back.


Plum's fighting style focused on heavy-handedness and brute strength to overwhelm her opponents as quickly as possible. This is clear from her weapon of choice - a two-handed warhammer made from a Zeonian metal. She is adept with the weapon, but this does not mean she isn't immune to the side-effects of wielding a giant mallet, and it takes a while for her to adjust between attacks, during which she is vulnerable. She also possesses geokinesis, and can manipulate the ground within a close vicinity of her body to create defensive rock walls or fire blasts of stone at her enemies. In combination with the destructive abilities of her warhammer, her earth manipulation can be highly versatile and dangerous.


Prior History

Little is known about Plum's life on Zeon. After its destruction, she crashlands in New Mexico, and lives in a LKC outpost.

Plum: Dead World

Plum acts as the titular protagonist and main character of the game.




  • Plum was initially conceived with cryokinesis, but it was eventually decided that geokinesis fitted her better.
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