Developer(s) BIZUKO
Platform(s) Switch, Xbox One, PS4, PC
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Fighting Game

Plum: Dead World is a 2019 Real-Time Action RPG developed by Bizuko as a part of the New Fantendoverse.

Story Mode: Beorns from County Hell

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Dead World plays similarly to a cross between Paper Mario and Streets of Rage. Battles are fought in an isometric arena in the style of a beat-em-up while the sections between are a 3d overworld like Paper Mario. TBC

Playable Characters

Group Alpha
Name Bio
Plum SI


Plum is the titular beorn of the game. A survivor of Zeon, Plum has spent most of her life post-destruction living in the New Mexico outpost of Launch Kraken Coalition. Her main weapon is the Warhammer and she can also utilize Geokinesis.

Reten is a reckless mercenary from a destroyed universe who's found himself working for the LKC in order to get a set of fake IDs that will allow him to move around Earth without causing unneeded questions. His main weapon is his Dual Pistols but he can also use his Claws.
Krox A reprogrammed Grimebot that was originally Doomulus Eye's servant, Krox is a rambunctious moron who's joined with Plum and Reten to get vengance. His main weapon is the Assault Rifle and also his Grime Missles.

Zerinten Grita
An alternate universe version of Unten that was fused with his Zerita as part of an experiment. He can't remember much besides that, including how he obtained Doomulus Grime's weaponry. His main weapon is his Sword but he can also utilize either his Claws, Electrokinesis, or Grime Missles, which one he uses is randomly decided upon entering a new area.

Group Bravo
Name Bio


Spree is a U-Hive Beorn who after a technical mishap had their memories replaced with Reten's memories instead of simply blanking them. Despite this Spree has taken on different aspects and has shaped themselves into a rather different person than Reten. He uses his Saber and his Electrokinesis.


Blak is an elite LKC member who has been assigned to the Bravo Team to keep an eye on them. He is armed with his Chozo Arm Cannon and can also use his Morph Ball.
Firefly Helmet


Firefly was once a cunning thief extraordinarie, swiping many weapons and technologies throughout her years. After stealing the Sparkbug Peta-Armour from an LKC warehouse she was caught for the first time but instead of being arrested, was given a job. She uses her Rod Gun and EMP Rifle.
Matchstick the Barbeornian A wandering Beorn with fur of orange and a morning star of fuck off-hugeness from a post-apocolyptic Zeon and Earth, which have collided into eachother forming a sort of double-planet. He uses his Morning Star in conjunction with his Atmóskinesis.

Other Characters


Name Bio


Dr. Norman Gai

A mad scientist with suprisingly good intentions, Norman Gai will heal the party for a small fee, and can also sell them strange items that will cause radical effects to their attacks or themselves.
Wynis A greedier, shrewder version of the beorn buffoon Mynis, Wynis will sell the player exclusive items for lame prices. With some bartering though, you may be able to get a discount...
Tyr Hammerfall Matchstick's second-in-command and only human Beornbarian (Which I suppose just makes him a barbarian?). He takes over the group when Matchstick leaves the group temporarily to assist Spree.


Name Bio
The Tragedy
The main antagonist of Dead World, The Tragedy is an alternate universe Unten who along with his descension abilities could also obtain the abilities of those he killed. After defeating the Threat in his timeline he became the leader of the hivemind and used it to commit mass genocide on all powered beings in his universe, either completely killing them and taking their powers or assimilating them into his new Hivemind. He has come to Beta Prime to use the entire universe's energy to power some sort of interdimensional weapon.

Doomulus Eye

The secondary antagonist of Dead World, Doomulus Eye is a Doomuli Sparkling with a posh demanour and an itchy trigger finger who's been hired by The Tragedy. He's a deadly assassin who's Doomuli OmniRifle is infamous for its adaptability and deadliness.
Ria Audax The youngest of the Audax Sisters, a team of spiderlike mercenaries renowned for their perfect record and mobility. Recently she has been caught up in the online fandom for the Fantendoverse hero(?) and alleged war criminal Leah Needlenam, having cut off two of her fingers and replaced them with syringes aswell as dressing exclusively in combat medic gear. Like her sisters she has a spider-like aspect, in this case her multiple eyes which can see in multiple directions at once, giving her unparalleled perception.
Lady Pashibaru Audax The middle Audax Sister, Pashibaru is a self-proclaimed knight who (tries) to speak entirely in medieval english and follow (some of) the code of chivalry to a tee, much to the annoyance of her sisters. She is able to produce a web-like substance from her pores, which she can solidify telekinetically into a material stronger than concrete. The handle of her sword, Kingusoromon, is made from it.
Dangerous Audax McSeichoshita McSeichoshita, or just Seicho is the eldest Audax Sister who unlike the others has no stupid gimmicks or silly fads, she just punches stuff dead. Her main weapon is her Galvan Gauntlets, which allow her to absorb energy and transform it into kinetic energy, which she uses to add pep to her already incredibly strong punches. She only has two of them, which is a problem since she has four arms.
Nimrod Naming himself after the Biblical hunter, Nimrod is a Deoxys hunter with anger issues, which aren't helped by the fact that his name is another term for stupidity because of some piece of shit Bunny like 90 years ago.
The Bohemian A boastful Siandrall who was once a member of the same elite mercenary group as Reten called The Lamenters. He seems to have an affinity for throwing knives and was hired by The Tragedy to kill Reten and Plum.
Prisoner #91 Once the decorated UPF soldier, Miraz Kahn was sent on a black-ops mission to investigate the Shattering Point and it's possibilities as a fuel source and was warped by its radiation, his body needing to be mechanically augmented to keep it stable and anchor it to this reality. While many expected him to be a jibbering mess he turned out quite the opposite; the radiation made him smarter, stronger and more malicious. He began to think that his mission wasn't a failure, that the Shattering COULD be harnessed. He attempted a mutiny which landed him and 91 other like-minded individuals in a custom-built prison. After years of isolation and expermentation Prisoner #91 has forgotten his history, his allegiance and even his name. All he knows is that the Shattering has given him his power, and he intends to take more.


Group Alpha
Name Bio
Plum's Warhammer A basic hammer. The grip is made from Zeonian metal while the hammerhead is made from stone which allows her to move it with her geokinesis, it has a long reach and fair damage but lots of endlag on it's attacks
Sol and Heartbreaker A pair of similar large pistols. Sol is a rapid-fire close range machine pistol while Heartbreaker is a long range handcannon.
Shit Assault Weapon Krox's crappy rip-off of an M-16. It's damage is low and its accuracy pitiful but it makes up for it in ammo and RoF. It also has a chance to misfire which stuns Krox but Ramps up damage.
Blue Blade A traditional Zeonian blade made of a brilliant blue metal. It's stats are even across the board.
Stop Sign A bent, broken Stop Sign Plum found. It has less lag and does bleeding damage but is shorter and has less DPS.
Eros and Apollo Yeah, with guns like that its serious. These are a pair of SMGs originally owned by an assassin who tried to kill Reten's target before him. They fire faster and have less ammo but deal less damage per pellet.
Kalishnakov Originally owned by some crackhead, Krox sees this as a vast improvement over the hunk of crap before. Its more accurate, more damage but its too well-made to misfire.
Red Blade Originally owned by a monocle-wearing douche, the Red Blade's stats are tilted towards damage.
Labo Light Guns A strange weapon, these cardboard plasma pistols are a direct upgrade to Sol and Heartbreaker but require the player to actually aim them via the real life Light Gun accessory. This also makes the weapon exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version.


# Track Usage Length
1 Here I Go Again
Opening 5:09

A Warrior's Call

Plum's Theme 4:23
3 Bad Motherfucker
Biting Elbows
Reten's Theme 4:50
4 Painkiller
Judas Priest
Spree's Theme 6:06
5 Familiar Taste of Poison
Ruby's Theme 4:04
6 Dr. Feelgood
Motley Crue
Dr. Gai's Theme 4:50
7 Jaguar God
The Tragedy's Theme 7:56
8 Rock you like a Hurricane
Doomulus Eye's Theme 4:16

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