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Piranha Planter is a 3-Dimensional RPG for the Wii. It is told from the perspective of a young police officer, trying to plant a garden full of tame Piranha Plants, as well as use them to save Isle Delfino. These piranhas, which can be bred and trained to battle, have thousands of appearance possibilities.

The Story

You play as a Pianta/ Noki which you customize, and the player lives on Isle Delfino. Piranha Plants have been trained to serve the law enforcers of Delfino Plaza. However, a man named Il Piantissimo is attempting to take over the island with a weapon stolen from Bowser! It is up to you and your Piranha to stop him!

Areas and bosses

Area: Bianco Hills
Boss: Petey Piranha
Area: Pianta Village
Boss: None
Area: Ricco Harbor
Boss: Il piantissimo (1)
Area: Gelato Beach
Boss: Giant Pokey
Area: Pinna Park
Boss: Il piantissimo (2)
Area: Sirena Beach
Boss: Blackie
Area: Noki Bay
Boss: None
Area: Underground
Boss Il Piantissimo (3)
Area: Rainbow Road:
Boss: Il Piantissimo (4)


The game is a 3d platformer, except in battle. Then, although the graphics are still 3d, it has the turn-based battle style of an RPG.

Cheats and Codes

To get a Crazee Dayzee: enter the secret room in bianco hills after beating Petey Piranha. Then step on the first green brick. It falls away, but don't move. As you fall, press B five times. You will then enter a room with a Dayzee.

To get Creepy Seed: go to Sirena Beach at night, after beating Blackie for the first time. You will see a pianta running. If you talk to him, Blackie will appear. Fight him, and after you beat him, he will drop a Creepy Seed.

To get Golden Vase: After beating the game, buy the following in this order at any shop that sells them.

  • Sand
  • Wet Soil
  • vine
  • Snow

Now the shopkeeper will give you a free Golden Vase!


Bianco Hills
The Final Battle
Blackie's theme
Delfino Isle

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