Piranha Palace is a Super Castle belonging to Petey Piranha. It is the third Super Castle in the game.


Piranha Palace is a huge tangle of plant roots high up in the rainforest canopy. Snapping Piranha Plant heads form the windows and door. To gain access, you need to time your entry precisely, swinging through the mouth on a vine from a nearby tree.


Piranha Palace is entirely made of Piranha Plants. The safest way to pass through is to use Bowser Jr.'s Paint to glue the mouths of the plants shut. The two Iron Goombas are wrapped in a Piranha Plant's tendrils. Shadow Mario must use his Shadow Balls twice: Once to make the plant release the Goombas, and once to turn the Goombas to his side. They will turn and crash through a dense wall of vines. Seconds after, they will come flying out backwards, struck by Petey. Waluigi can catch an Iron Goomba by Cheating, and then walk through and use it as a weapon.

The Plant is Dead

Once Petey Piranha is defeated, he will collapse and turn multicolored. The many colors will spread through the roots of the Palace, causing it to wilt and shrink. The Palace falls apart after 5 minutes, during which the only thing you can do is destroy the toxic vines to release 'Stachios. When you finally fall, you will be caught by an army of Lakitus who will fly you into the clouds.


  • Piranha Palace is the only Super Castle that is inescapable.
  • This is the only time Iron Goombas can be damaged.
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