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Noxious Fire Weed!
Introductory tagline, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Pirabbid Plant
Pirabbid Plant - RabbidsKingdomBattle.png
Pirabbid Plant, as he appears in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
SPECIES Piranha Plant, Rabbid
Piranha Plant (caricature)
Petey Piranha (caricature)
Shooting fireballs
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

The Pirabbid Plant is an enemy that appears in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. As its name implies, it is a Rabbid fused together with a Piranha Plant with the SupaMerge. However, its appearance is more reminiscent of Petey Piranha, with yellow petals along the head, green lips, and red dotted pants. It also rides on a pot with vines growing over it that serve as legs, and wields a scepter that can shoot fireballs.


Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Pirabbid Plant debuts in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle as the midboss of Ancient Gardens, the first world in the game. When Spawny first encounters a Piranha Plant with a Rabbid sleeping on it, he gets scared and involuntarily uses his powers to merge the two together, creating Pirabbid Plant. During this time, Mario, Rabbid Peach, and Rabbid Luigi were in search of Luigi, and battle Pirabbid Plant.

Pirabbid Plant's introductory tagline.

In battle, Pirabbid Plant is aided by two Ziggies. It has rather high health compared to other enemies encountered during this point in the game, and as such can be a challenge to defeat. This is further compounded with its main attack; a fireball that can be launched at one of the heroes, exploding on impact. While it doesn't deal a lot of damage, it can deal splash damage to other heroes in the radius, and can also inflict them with Burn. Pirabbid Plant is also able to move around during its turn, and can potentially dash into a hero to deal more damage.

After being defeated, Rabbid Peach grabs one of its vines, wears it like a scarf, and takes a selfie of herself. However, Pirabbid Plant regains consciousness and begins attacking her. Mario and Rabbid Luigi land the final blow on it, defeating it and separating the Rabbid and Piranha Plant. Luigi is then found, and he joins Mario's team shortly after.


Jake's Super Smash Bros.

The Pirabbid Plant appears as an Assist Trophy summon in Jake's Super Smash Bros. Its main attacks involve using its vines to grab opponents and slam them into the ground or throw them upwards, and can also swing its wand around. It will slowly wander around the stage in search of opponents to attack, and it can be defeated if attacked enough.