Pink Lemonade is a new story series authored by Helena Harper (tbc), which takes place within the New Fantendoverse but will not focus on Unten, instead focusing on a new cast with some crossover elements with other Fantendoverse staples as well as exploration of new or untapped areas of the Fantendoverse such as the Spirit Universe.

The series stars Pinku Rozen, with Xerra and new character Rei Carnation playing big roles in the series. The three girls live in the same run-down house due to various circumstances and the series focuses on their day-to-day life, occasionally needing to fend off supernatural threats.


Episode 0: Pink Pilot

PinkLemonade PinkPilot

Pinku Rozen moves into her new house, only to find mysterious new housemates. How will she deal with this?

A woman with pink hair steps out of a moving truck with a cardboard box in her hand.

Woman: Huh, well, I made it! My own house.

The woman sighs as she glances at the house, which is a bit worse for wear and kind of small.

Woman: Yes… my own house.

A man hands her a clipboard with some legal jargon on it, with the woman signing off on it.

Man: Thank you… uh…
Woman: The name is Pinku, Pinku Rozen.
Man: I see.

Pinku watches as the moving team finishes loading the rest of her stuff into the garage.

Man: Well, we're done here!

Pinku nods as she goes into the garage, slowly unpacking her things. She looks at the couch, wondering how in the hell she's going to get it through the door...

After hours of unloading and moving around, Pinku sits back on the couch, glancing at her phone.

Pinku: Ugh… another Snaily Joe international incident?

Pinku takes a deep sigh.

Pinku: Some president…
???: I know right?

Pinku turns around quickly, looking at a pink skinned ghost, who's sipping from a teacup.

Pinku: Who the hell are you?
???: I'm the owner of the house. Well, I guess I'm dead so I don't really get the "right" to own it, but whatever, it's not like anyone would buy this shithole.
Pinku: I bought this shithole.

The mysterious ghost opens her eyes in surprise.

???: Huh, isn't that something…
Pinku: Who the hell are you?
???: Oh, my name is Rei. Rei Carnation. See it's a play on the word "reincarnation", but also "carnation", which is a type of flower…
Pinku: So, you died here?
Rei: Haha… hell if I know how I died. I presume I did though, because my soul was bonded here and I got to pick a unfinished business, which was breaking this teacup.
Pinku: Ah, I see. Kind of weird, but… I mean, I guess I should have checked into that.
Rei: Loophole states that I have to stay within the ghost realm forever if I break the teacup, but you know… I ain't doing that. So, you know, my soul's bonded to this specific teacup forever now.
Pinku: Right, I'll try to be mindful of that.
Rei: I mean, you're cool sharing the house, right?
Pinku: I dunno, you are going to pay rent, right?
Rei: Phh, I don't see why I have to. I'm a ghost, the law has no jurisdiction over me.
Pinku: Well, then I have more right to the house than you, wouldn't I, considering I'm the one still paying for it?

Rei ponders for a moment.

Pinku: Besides, I could easily crush that teacup.

Rei resigns.

Rei: Fiiiiine. God. But if I'm paying rent, I get to do what I want as I was doing before, right?
Pinku: Mm… okay.. I don't… know what that actually means but alright.
Rei: You'll see.
Pinku: ...okay?
Rei: Alright, so you and me are housemates now! Won't have to worry too much about space, I don't think. I've been sleeping in the spirit universe, so you don't have to worry about that…

Pinku nods as she goes back on her phone.

Rei: You're just gonna go right back onto your phone after making housing arrangements with a ghost?
Pinku: I'm just trying to live a decently normal life, hah.
Rei: Man, screw that boring shit. I should show you around the Spirit Universe or something.
Pinku: Hah… I'm good…

Rei opens up the fridge, a old curved model that sits next to the window, and pours some lemonade into her teacup and drinks from it.

Pinku: Isn't it a bad idea to drink from the one thing tethering you between the two worlds and all?
Rei: I mean, yeah, but what else am I going to drink from?
Pinku: That's true… I didn't pack silverware or cupware.
Rei: Tell you what, why don't you go pick some nice silverware and cupware tomorrow?
Pinku: Haha, I don't have any money.
Rei: Who said anything about money? Just steal it.
Pinku: I'm not doing that… you know what will happen to me if I get caught?
Rei: Oh. That's still a thing?
Pinku: Mhmmm….
Rei: Damn, that shit suckssss…

Rei sets the teacup down gently as she hears the garage door creak open.

Rei: Shit, sounds like someone found their way into the house.
Pinku: Better just be a raccoon…

Rei shudders for a moment.

Rei: Oh god, what if it's Crow?
Pinku: You're scared of her?
Rei: She can probably find a way to kill a ghost if she's pissed off enough…

Pinku gets up from the couch and joins Rei as they go down the tight hallway, glancing around. Pinku lights up her palm with a pink light.

Rei: How are you doing that?
Pinku: It's Aura. My grandfather taught me a bunch of stuff before he died.
Rei: Damn, who raised you after he died?
Pinku: Nobody really…

Pinku hears scratching and readies a pink Aura blade from her hand.

Rei: So, Aura… what exactly kind of power is that?
Pinku: It draws from the ego and self… it's a faith based power, really… but the only thing you gotta believe in is yourself.
Rei: Hah, nice. Can you teach me how to use it?
Pinku: I mean you're a ghost, I don't really think you can use it all things considered-

Something crawls fast and under them, with Pinku running after them, slamming the dagger into the couch. The visitor draws out a knife from their bag. It's a yellow bear-like creature- or otherwise known as an Beorn.

Yellow Beorn: You better step back! I ain't afraid to cut either one of you bitches up!
Rei: I'm already dead, what are you gonna do? Stab me?
Pinku: I think that's a really bad idea for you.
Yellow Beorn: Huff…

The yellow Beorn sits down, just exhausted.

Pinku: Already giving up?
Yellow Beorn: I'm outmatched. Besides, I can't do much about a damn ghost…
Pinku: Smart move…

Pinku refuses to let down her guard, but she crouches down.

Pinku: What's your name? You look like a Beorn…
Yellow Beorn: My name is Xerra. I used to be the last Beorn.. it was kind of a weird journey for me? I was from the future but I guess I live in the present so…
Pinku: Yeah you're tripping over a bunch of words there, Xerra.
Xerra: I escaped from Zeon, got hit with a escape pod, which I suspect was Unten because he blasted off last on the planet… anyway, point being is that it took me millions of years in cryo sleep to actually land because I got so off-course from anywhere and when I landed, it was on a planet full of robots and creatures that hadn't been eaten by the Bogleech yet… anyway, to make a long story short, I found a way back to the past thanks to a Time Keeper, tried to prevent my own bad timeline and I don't know if I succeeded. We'll see, I guess!
Pinku: Yeah, you should probably tell a more detailed story later on or something…

Pinku sighs.

Pinku: Well, a time travelling Beorn is in my house now, which I already share with a damn ghost.
Rei: How do you think I feel? I got two new friends to share this house with! Both being cute girls… Mmm…

Rei tries to kiss Xerra's cheek, who just strains away from her.

Xerra': I'm… not really into any of that, sorry.
Rei: Aw, shame. Well, how about you, cutie?

Rei looks at Pinku.

Pinku: That's a little forward, don't you think?
Rei: I live fast and young!
Pinku: Ironic considering you probably have a eternity to live your afterlife with…
Rei: An eternity of cute girls and hot guys and whatever else strikes my fancy… I can't afford to miss a second. Maybe you shouldn't either…
Pinku: Mm… I'll think about it.

Rei kisses Pinku's cheek, who just rubs it off.

Pinku: Well, Xerra, what made you decide to crash into my house?
Xerra: I needed a place to live and I thought this was abandoned... I'm sorry, I'll go if you want.
Pinku: Alright, I'll tell you what. You pay for the rent too, and we'll make this work. Whatever. This isn't what I wanted, but you know what, if I can split the bills three ways, I'll take it.
Rei: I think this will work out fine!
Xerra: Hah… but where do we even find jobs?
Pinku: That's your problem. If you can't pay the bills by the end of the month, I'm kicking you out and smashing that tea cup. This is my house, I paid for it. We can of course share it, but if you guys don't play ball, you're going out.
Rei: Phh… not even a pittance of lee-way, huh?
Pinku: A-nope.
Xerra: Well, I guess I know what we're doing first thing tomorrow.
Pinku: I gotta get up early to do my job. So, promise me that you two will at least look for a job when I'm gone, okay?
Xerra: Promise.
Rei: Eh, alright. Promise. Xerra, you'll have to carry me.
Xerra: Like, what do you mean?
Rei: Bridal style… no, I mean you gotta carry the tea cup and not break it. You can do that with those nubs, right?
Xerra: I'll try…
Rei: Tight.

Pinku lays on her side in bed, turning off the lamp.

Pinku: Some day…

Pinku sighs and turns to her other side, jumping as she sees Rei lay next to her.

Rei: Ey, so I was wondering…
Pinku: What the hell, Rei?
Rei: Well, let me finish. So, I was wondering if it was okay if I don't do the job hunt thing because I was kind of just planning to do coke off a stripper's back and then sleep all day…
Pinku: Rei, a promise is a promise.
Rei: Well, yeah, but what does it matter to a ghost?
Pinku: Look, you might be dead, but you aren't soulless, are you?
Rei: Suppose not…

Rei sighs.

Rei: Fine…

Rei floats out of the room as Pinku shuts her eye, trying to get some sleep.

Pinku: (to herself) I suppose you really have made lemonade out of this…

Pinku falls asleep as Rei retreats to the Spirit Universe. Xerra lays flat on her back on the couch, snoring.


Episode 1: Pink Promise

PinkLemonade PinkPromise

After promising that they would find jobs to help pay the bills, Xerra and Rei go looking for a job. Pinku works her day job before things start to go off-kilter!

Pinku wakes up and takes a shower, stepping out in a towel as she brushes her teeth.

Rei: Ey, good hygiene!
Pinku: Rei, what the hell are you doing here?
Rei: I'm just, you know, spot checking.
Pinku: You better look for a damn job today… jesus.
Rei: I will, I will. Don't you worry about that.

Pinku squints.

Rei: I will!
Pinku: Alright, if you say so. Now please leave so I can get dressed.
Rei: Fine, if you're going to be like that…

Pinku just shakes her head.

Pinku: What a perverted ghost…

Pinku waits at the bus stop, sitting down in the bus shelter.

Pinku: God, this is not how I wanted to start the next phase of my life…

Pinku takes a deep sigh as a big Snorlax walks over, sitting on the bench and dozing off. Pinku is squished onto the edge of the bench, between the arm rest and his stomach.

Pinku: Gah!

Pinku looks up at the Snorlax, who dozes off to sleep almost immediately.

Pinku: This keeps getting worse all the time… ugh.

Pinku rolls her head back as she glances at her phone.

Pinku: The bus is going to be here late too… god.

Pinku tries to push back on the Snorlax, who just swats at her head like she's an annoying fly.

Pinku: Ugh!

Rei and Xerra are walking down the street. Xerra holds Rei's teacup steady.

Rei: We really gotta find a job and I don't really know where we can go, really, to find one…
Xerra: Hmm…
Rei: I mean, this would be so much easier if I had a phone but… hey, we don't have one.
Xerra: Well… that person over there has one.

Rei and Xerra turn to look at a blonde man with a phone.

Rei: Alright… hand me that crowbar and get me closer.

Xerra nods, not really sure where the hell this going as she hands Rei the crowbar.

Rei: Thank you…

Xerra crosses the street as Rei holds the crowbar with two hands. Xerra approaches the man slowly, about to ask him if they can use his phone, but before she can even get a word out Rei floats over to him and hits him in the head with a crowbar. The man falls to the ground, knocked out.

Xerra: What the hell, Rei?!
Rei: What else was I supposed to do?
Xerra: Ask him politely?
Rei: Oh shit, we could have probably done that, huh?
Xerra: Is he dead?
Rei: Nah, we'd know if he was dead. Anyway…

Rei picks up the phone from his comatose body.

Rei: Letsa see… we could probably use something like TaskRabbit to find a job to do…

Rei scrolls through various apps on his phone, having no idea what they do. She just gives up and looks for jobs in the Seattle/Tacoma area with Google.

Rei: Oh hey, some woman wants us to watch a kid for a couple hours. I mean, we can do that, right?
Xerra: Uh, yeah, I think so.

Rei accepts the job offer and lays the phone next to the man.

Rei: Alright, we gotta head all the way out to Seattle. So, I guess we'll be using the bus.
Xerra: Why didn't you just look for a job in the area we were actually in?
Rei: This lady was offering like mad dosh… like enough for us to just skimp out on rent for like a month for the two of us.
Xerra: Alright, that seems worth it.
Rei: Yeah, it's just watching some woman's kid. How hard could it be?

Pinku looks out the window, looking bored.

Pinku: Well, it's only about a hour away… god, I hope I'm not too late to get there, I should have tried to get up earlier…

Pinku grumbles.

Pinku: Then again, it's the bus' fault for being late…

Pinku glances in the back, where the Snorlax has taken up two seats and has fallen back asleep.

Pinku: God, to be that guy.

Pinku looks back out to the window as the bus stops, where she spots a waving Xerra and Rei. The bus opens it's doors as Pinku glances at the both of them. The two sit next to her.

Pinku: The fuck are you two doing here?
Rei: Don't worry. We got a job babysitting.
Xerra: I can verify that claim.
Pinku: Ugh… okay. Just as long as you two don't do anything crazy. I'm already kind of running late to work.

Rei looks shocked.

Rei: But you woke up so early!
Pinku: Buses can be late…
Xerra: Might as well just walk the distance…

Xerra sighs.

Xerra: Well, good luck with all that. I gotta say, I'm not used to living in a society where there are people around…
Pinku: I don't like the tone of that. What do you mean?
Xerra: I mean, I landed on a planet where everyone got absorbed into the Bogleech, so…
Pinku: Are we talking about something that actually happened here?
Xerra: I mean, it might have been altered by my actions in the present, which was close to about four to five months ago…
Pinku: Okay, but what does that mean?
Xerra: I'm from the future, remember?
Pinku: Time travel's bullshit. I don't really believe your story.

Xerra just crosses her arms and sighs.

Xerra: Okay, but she's dead-
Rei: And horny.
Xerra: and that's not a big deal to you?
Pinku: Well, I can clearly see that's she's a ghost.
Xerra: What the fuck do I have to prove to you that I'm from the future?
Pinku: I dunno, something other than dirt?
Xerra: I'll prove it to you somehow. I swear that on the comet god Vokkskar...

Xerra shakes her head.

Pinku: Mm… I'm in the long haul with ya'll, huh?
Rei: I mean, I don't think we're too far away, but..
Pinku: It's like an hour away.
Rei: I'm a ghost, time barely matters to me. Watch, I can just shut my eyes and when I open them, it'll be like time skipped for me.

Rei shuts her eyes and opens them again. Pinku and Xerra have switched spots and are still arguing over whether Xerra is just crazy or if she did live in the future.

Xerra: I'm telling you that it happened!
Pinku: I'm saying you have no proof- oh hey, Rei, you're finally awake.
Rei: Hm? Did I miss anything, perhaps a whole hour, like I said?
Pinku: Well, you were out for like 45 minutes, so close enough, I guess.
Rei: Good enough, I guess.
Pinku: Anyway, it looks like that this is my stop… I think you guys are the next stop. Xerra checked with my phone because you were out and Xerra was pretty damn sure you didn't know the address.

Pinku walks out, hopping off the bus and begins her route to her job. Rei looks to Xerra.

Rei: Some trust in my ability to remember things, huh?
Xerra: I fucking KNOW you didn't look at that address.
Rei: Whatever. Next stop.

Pinku walks into the Dorado Taco building, having barely made it in on time. She puts on the golden apron and gets behind the counter.

Pinku: Hmm…

Pinku picks up her timeslot card and punches it with the machine, going back to the counter.

Pinku: Isn't Guadalupe supposed to be here?

A woman in brown hair shakes her head.

Brown Haired Woman: Nah, Guadalupe changed day slots. She comes in on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Same times, though.
Pinku: Hm. So, I really only see her on those first two days, huh?
Brown Haired Woman: What, do you have a crush on her or something?
Pinku: Come on Bianca, it ain't like that…

The brown haired woman, Bianca, ribs her playfully.

Bianca: I'm just teasing ya.

Pinku blows air out of her mouth.

Bianca: Oh yeah, how's the house?
Pinku: Shitty. I get to split rent three ways with two housemates, though, so I guess it's not completely awful.
Bianca: Housemates?
Pinku: Okay, so get this. Someone else owned the house and died in it, and they decided to haunt the house due to a "unfinished business" loophole.
Bianca: Wait, a fucking ghost lives at your house?
Pinku: Yeah, a fucking horny one too. She's a girl too… so I guess I don't mind that much.
Bianca: Huh. I guess the world can still surprise you after throwing a blue bear alien and the public existence of extraterrestrials at you.
Pinku: I keep thinking it's an awful nightmare sometimes…
Bianca: Alright, who's the other housemate?
Pinku: Oh yeah, so get this. Another one of those damn Beorns, except this one thinks they're from the future. She's a female, but asexual and aromantic.
Bianca: Damn, that came up?
Pinku: Yeah… the ghost is pansexual.
Bianca: You sure you're getting enough rest?
Pinku: I keep having to pinch myself to make sure everything's real, but when I saw them on the bus this morning, I just gave up and accepted it.
Bianca: Well, if they give you too much trouble, I suppose you could talk to me and Guadalupe about it…

Pinku sighs.

Pinku: I'll try.

Rei and Xerra walk up the apartment stairs.

Rei: Damn, they live in a really nice part of town. Makes me wish I could have died here.
Xerra: Well, you didn't.
Rei: Look, I'm not happy about the housing situation either. I liked having it to myself.
Xerra: Yeah, well, if you stay out in the wild you're going to become Crow meat, like I almost did.
Rei: Shit, you saw her?

Rei shivers.

Xerra: Yeah…
Rei: Jeez, how did you survive?
Xerra: That's not important…

Xerra rings the doorbell. A black haired woman with triangle earrings answers the door.

Black Haired Woman: Oh hey! You're the people that answered to the ad, huh? Kind of a odd grouping, I guess. My name is Rachel, Rachel Harel. You two are?
Rei: Rei Carnation.
Xerra: Xerra. I want to say "the Last Beorn", but that's not really true.
Rachel: Oh yeah, you were around during the Threat attack, right?
Xerra: Me and Umbra did something, yeah.
Rachel: Well, it's no Threat, but I do need you to look after NULL over there.

Rei and Xerra glance at NULL, who's playing with blocks in the living room.

Rei: I thought you said we were going to be watching a child.
Rachel: I mean, she's not exactly fully developed in the mind area. I'm trying to help her with that.

Rachel turns to NULL.

Rachel: Alright, NULL, I'm going to go back to the firehouse to play Truth or Dare, okay? Rei and Xerra will take good care of you.
Rei: I dunno about that…
Rachel: Thank you for responding on such short notice… I should note NULL is a bit weird but as long as she stays pretty stable you shouldn't have a big problem with her.

Rachel runs off as Rei and Xerra look very confused.

Rei: Well, I guess this is what we're doing.

Rei and Xerra enter in, Xerra closing the door behind them.

Rei: Why does she have so many damn tubes?

Pinku taps at the cash register as she waits for customers.

Bianca: Slow day, huh?
Pinku: Yeah, I've never seen it this slow.

Bianca glances around the drive through stand, where she works, a bit mystified about the lack of customers.

Pinku: Maybe the president is in town again.
Bianca: God, do you think? I dunno. I feel like we would have heard something…

The door opens, a woman with black hair and a black Beorn stepping inside.

Pinku: Oh hey, here we go.

The woman approaches the counter, the Beorn crawling up to her arm.

Pinku: Hello, welcome to Dorado Taco. What can I get you?
Woman: You can get some of that money out of the counter before I hit you with a Teun Toss.

Bianca freezes.

Bianca: Oh fuck, it's Hera and Teun.

Pinku steps away from the counter.

Pinku: Hmm. Well, I'll give you an ultimatum too.
Teun: An all-tomato?
Pinku: No, an ultimatum.
Hera: It really sounds like all-tomato. You might wanna speak up. Being serious here.
Pinku: Thanks. Here is my ultimatum: you can get the hell out of this restaurant now or I can kick your ass.
Teun: I want money, so I guess we're just gonna hit you with that Teun Toss! Throw me, baby!

Hera pulls back her arm as Pinku's arm glows with a pink aura.

Hera: Here we go! Teun Toss!

Teun is thrown by Hera, although he slams against a pink shield. Pinku does a jump across the counter, hitting Hera in the hip with a aura hammer.

Hera: Ow!

Hera grunts as Teun returns to climb her back, with Pinku creating a chain that attaches to the hammer head, swinging it around.

Hera: Hey, you aren't supposed to fight the customer like this.
Pinku: You two aren't customers, you're crooks! We have security camera footage!
Hera: Ah shit, really?

Teun just barely misses Pinku's swinging attack.

Teun: Is it black and white or is it in color?
Pinku: Yeah, it's the color ones.
Teun: Shit, maybe this was too nice.
Hera: I told you honey, nothing's too nice for us.
Teun: You're very sweet.
Hera: You are too!

Pinku slams Hera into the stomach with the aura hammer, causing her to kneel over.

Teun: Alright, enough games, I suppose…

Teun gnarls his blood-colored teeth and attempts to bite Pinku's arm. Pinku dodges, doing a leg sweep as Hera gets up and throws a jar full of toxic and deadly gas. Pinku covers the counter with a pink aura shield as she coughs.

Pinku: The hell did you put in that?
Hera: You really don't want to know.
Teun: Chain Jump!

Hera punches Teun as he jumps into the air, slamming into Pinku as he bites her arm.

Pinku: Gah!

Hera attempts to kick Pinku, but she rolls over and manages to get Teun off her. The kick manages to leave a dent in the counter.

Pinku: Fucking bitch…
Teun: What did you call her?

Pinku nearly avoids a punch by Teun, kicking herself back onto her feet as she forms two aura daggers.

Pinku: I called her a bitch!

Teun climbs onto Hera's head.

Teun: That's it!

Teun is grabbed by Hera and is thrown above the Aura shield, managing to crawl inside. Teun pulls the register open with his claws, but he didn't see Bianca come in with the frying pan. He falls unconscious as Bianca hits him, with Bianca breathing heavily afterwards.

Pinku: Bianca!

Pinku lets down the shield only to see a panting Bianca standing over a unconcious Teun.

Pinku: Huh, okay.

Bianca gives her the thumbs up as Hera grabs Teun and gets out of there.

Hera: You got lucky!

Hera runs out as Pinku climbs back over the counter.

Bianca: Damn, I didn't know you could do all that.
Pinku: I really try not to…

Rei sips on a glass full of lemonade.

Rei: I could not find any damn wine… god. This woman's drier than the Nile River in Revelation Verse 16:12.

Xerra walks into the room.

Xerra: Can I go outside?
Rei: Yeah, you can go get some fresh air.

Xerra opens the door and goes outside. Rei drinks from the wine glass that just contains lemonade.

Rei: Not that it would matter… all your senses dull when you're dead.

Xerra walks into the room, seemingly again.

Xerra: Have you seen NULL? I can't see her anywhere?
Rei: Wait, you were literally just here…
Xerra: No, I was in the bathroom.
Rei: No, you literally asked me if you could go outside.
Xerra: Rei, I have no idea what the hell you're talking about.
Rei: Let's go outside because that was absolutely you…

Rei and Xerra go outside to see Xerra running across the road.

Rei: See?

Xerra slowly shifts back to NULL's base form.

Rei: Ah, shit.

NULL jumps up high, creating icicles to propel her up even further.

Xerra: The hell kind of powers does she have?
'Rei: I dunno, but it's not good.

Xerra stresses out.

Xerra: Which means we're doing a bad job and we're not going to get paid.
Rei: Relax, will ya? We'll just grab… whatever that thing is…

Rei shakes her head.

Rei: I mean, we should probably do it now…

Xerra and Rei run out of the apartment, chasing after NULL.

Pinku rings up a couple of customers, starting to get into rush hour.

Bianca: There we go.
Pinku: Yeah, I dunno what was up earlier… hey, we're going to need a barbacoa burrito with guacamole here…
Bianca: JACOB!

A black man with his dreadlocks in a hair net, Jacob, looks up.

Bianca: We're going to need a barbacoa burrito with guacamole!

Jacob nods.

Bianca: Yeah, sometimes you just gotta speak up.
Pinku: God, I'm sorry… I guess I keep screwing that up.
Bianca: Just speak louder, you don't need to apologize for it…

Pinku sighs and nods.

Pinku: Alright, I got it.

Bianca claps her hands, facing into drive-through microphone.

Bianca: So that's a double decker supreme?

Pinku is approached by a pink haired woman with glasses.

Pink Haired Woman: Hey, so, uh, how did that dent get there?
Pinku: Eh, there was an attempted robbery earlier. The only thing they got out with was damages.
Pink Haired Woman: Who tried to rob you?
Pinku: Hah… just Teun and Hera.
Pink Haired Woman: Oh shit, for real? You fended them off?
Pinku: Ayup.
Pink Haired Woman: No tall tale?
Pinku: No tall tale.
Pink Haired Woman: Damn… put it here.

The pink haired woman raises her fist and Pinku fist bumps her.

Pinku: Alright, seriously, what are you ordering?
Pink Haired Woman: I'll have a uhhhh...

Rei and Xerra keep looking for NULL, eventually leading them to a hospital.

Rei: The fuck is she doing at a hospital?
Xerra: I dunno, but you can clearly see the Red Energy searing off that window, yeah?
Rei: God, this girl has every power in the book, huh?

Rei phases through the wall as Xerra crawls through the window.

Rei: Where could that brat be…
Xerra: Hmm…

Xerra crawls on all fours, sniffing before just coming up.

Rei: Well?
Xerra: I didn't find anything. I thought I would, but evidently I overestimated my ability to track smells.
Rei: Do you really just have no cool powers or are you holding out on me?

Xerra shrugs.

A black haired woman with a scar on her lip looks down the hallway and just sighs.

Scar Woman: Hey, you two. Keep it down in my hospital, would you?

Rei and Xerra throw their hands up.

Rei: We're trying to find this uh, woman, named NULL? We were supposed to be baby-sitting her…
Scar Woman: I thought they took care of NULL.
Xerra: Hm.
Rei: Out of curiousity, what's your name, cutie?
Scar Woman: I'm Dr. Graves.
Rei: Ah.
Xerra: That sounds like a terrible name for a doctor.
Dr. Graves: Well, the first name is Lucille. Whatever. I want you both out.
Rei: Yeah, there's a problem with that, doc. NULL is still running around.

The three hear distant screaming from one of the rooms.

Dr. Graves: This is your fault!

Dr. Graves enters into the room to find a still bandaged up Netnu shivering at the sight of NULL.

Xerra: Oh shit, what happened to you, Netnu?
Netnu: Who the fuck are you? And why is NULL back here?
Rei: Haha, we were supposed to be babysitting but uh, things went a bit differently…
Xerra: It's her fault, really.

Dr. Graves sneaks behind NULL and sticks a needle into her neck, putting her to sleep.

Dr. Graves: There, she's out. And you are too.
Rei: Well, it was nice meeting ya, doc!
Dr. Graves: Don't mention it. Seriously, don't mention it.

Rei and Xerra drag NULL's limp body out of the hospital.

Rei: Alright, this would be way easier if I just possessed her.

Rei sinks into NULL's body, walking with Xerra.

Xerra: You better not do that with me.
Rei!NULL: I'm not!

Pinku punches out her time card, ending her shift for the day.

Bianca: See ya, Pinku!

Pinku waves and leaves the apron as she heads back to the bus station.

Pinku: That didn't turn out to be too bad at all…

Pinku sits down on the bench, looking at her phone.

Pinku: Eesh, 30%? I barely used it…

Pinku shakes her head.

Pinku: I wonder when Rei and Xerra are gonna get finished…?

Rei and Xerra watch the unconscious NULL, glancing at the clock.

Rei: Goddamn, it sure got late… When is Rachel supposed to get back?
Xerra: Uh, I dunno. We can wait for her…
Rei: I'm sure we could…

Rei and Xerra pick NULL up and place her in the bed.

Rei: Well, if we're lucky, NULL will just think it was a bad dream.
Xerra: That's not how dreams work…
Rei: Shh!
Xerra: It's not…

Pinku eats some strawberry ice cream as her phone charges in the corner of the room.

Pinku: Goddamn, where are they?

Pinku glances around.

Pinku: Actually, I don't know why I'm complaining…

Pinku stretches her arms out as she eats some more strawberry ice cream.

Rei and Xerra are sleeping on the couch as Rachel and Bang Crimson go through the door.

Xerra: Hhhh!!

Xerra springs awake.

Rachel: Relax, it's just me. Sorry… I didn't know that it was gonna be that long or crazy of a truth or dare game…

Bang kisses her cheek.

Xerra: It's… uh, all good.

Xerra shakes Rei awake, who actually wasn't even asleep.

Rei: Yeah, what up? Oh, Rachel's back. How was the truth or dare game? Crazy?
Rachel: Yeah… anyway, I'll additionally compensate you for the night.

NULL walks into the room, hugging Rachel.

NULL: They let me go outside!

Rachel glances at Rei and Xerra.

Xerra: You know, that was probably just a dream…
Rei: Oh yeah, that's absolutely how dreams work!

Rachel just shrugs as she pulls out her wallet and hands them 400 dollars.

Rachel: There you go.
Bang Crimson: Damn, you still got money?
Rachel: Kind of hard to get rid of a billion…

Pinku wakes up in the morning, already dressed and have eaten. Rei and Xerra walk through the door.

Pinku: There you are.
Rei: Babysitting sucked, so we're not doing that again. That being said, 400 dollars.
Pinku: Well, I'll consider the first month good. But you can't slack off now.
Rei: Yeah, yeah, we gotta find real jobs that we actually like.
Xerra: I think I can agree with that.
Pinku: I kind of did miss you when I woke up this morning, funny that.
Rei: Aww… Pinku already kind of likes us.
Pinku: I said kinda.
Rei: ...what did I say?

Pinku holds them into a group hug.

Pinku: Well, anyway, I think this might work out after all.

Rei smiles and Xerra nods.

Rei: Ooo! I should invite you guys to the ghoul party this Saturday!
Pinku: The what?

Episode 2: Dead Party

PinkLemonade DeadParty

Rei brings Xerra and Pinku to the Spirit Universe for a party with the spirits, but a pesky Doomuli crashes the whole thing...

Pinku, Xerra, and Rei are standing exactly where they were standing at the end of the previous episode.

Pinku: The what?
Rei: You know, the ghoul party. In the spirit universe, where everyone goes after they die. Unless you live in the Lifts. They have a whole nother afterlife. Actually, a lot of places have different afterlifes. Most of them you can actually travel to. But, you know, I'm a ghost and I get to bring friends with me, so why not you two cuties?
Pinku: I mean, I guess…
Xerra: So, we can just go to the afterlife whenever?
Rei: Well, you gotta find a willing ghost to bring you there.
Xerra: Mm. There's gotta be another catch.
Rei: Well, you can't stay there long. Once the sun rises in the place where you left, so here in this house, you'll be trapped in the Spirit Universe forever.
Pinku: That seems super risky.
Xerra: I'm in!
Pinku: Hah… I dunno. Seems like a real bad idea to me.
Rei: Oh come on, we'll be out well before sunrise. Do you think I'm an idiot?
Pinku: I mean you did tell me that I could smash your teacup to keep you in the Spirit Realm while trying to argue why you should still own this house.
Xerra: And you let NULL out, thinking it was me when I very clearly was going to the bathroom.
Rei: Come on, I'm ditzy, not dumb.
Pinku: Mmm… if you say so.
Rei: So, do I got you two girls down for this Saturday then?
Pinku: Yeah, sure.
Xerra: Hell yeah.
Rei: Speaking of hell, we can visit there if you want.
Xerra: Mmm… I might pass for now.

Saturday rolls around and Rei claps her hands as Pinku gets up.

Rei: It's the ghoul party day!
Pinku: Ah, shit, really?
Rei: Ayup!
Pinku: When do we go?
Rei: Well, it's perpetually midnight there, so we can really go there right now…
Pinku: I'm literally waking up. I haven't even gotten dressed.
Rei: You look good now…
Pinku: I'm literally in my underwear, Rei.
Rei: So?
Pinku: Let me get dressed, Rei.

Rei stands there.

Pinku: That means you need to leave.

Rei nods as she phases through the door.

Pinku: God…

Xerra eats some cereal, some kind of knock-off brand of Mana Loops called Magic-Os. She munches miserably as Pinku grabs a set of pastries and puts them in the toaster.

Xerra: You know we're living the low life when we can't even afford Mana Loops.
Pinku: Oh, shh. Maybe if you two had bothered to find a recurring job we could have some extra money.
Xerra: I guess…
Pinku: I gotta feed for… two? Three? Does Rei eat?
Xerra: I saw her try to eat a frog, does that count?
Pinku: A frog?

Rei floats near the table.

Rei: Ay, I eat.
Xerra: How?
Rei: Mmm… uh, with my mouth.
Xerra: Eat right now.

Rei opens her mouth, keeping it open as she picks some Magic-Os from the box and tries to eat them, failing miserably as they fall from her jaw.

Rei: I can eat in the spirit universe! Why don't we go there?

Rei taps her hands against the table several times before Pinku finally sighs.

Pinku: Alright, fine…

Rei jumps up in joy.

Pinku: Do you think this is really appropriate attire for a ghoul party? Too casual?
Rei: Eh, it can work if you want it to.

Pinku shrugs.

Pinku: Alright, I suppose. How do we get to the spirit universe?
Rei: Just hold my hands!

Rei offers her hands to Xerra and Pinku. Pinku rolls her eyes as she holds Rei's hand, with Xerra grabbing her other hand. Rei falls backwards, the three of them going straight through the floor.

Pinku: Oh god, I don't like this.
Rei: You get used to it!

Rei, Pinku, Xerra free fall down a black checkered tunnel, light slowly appearing around them before they land on their feet in the spirit universe.

Rei: Here we are!

Pinku glances around at the perpetual twilight of the Spirit Universe, glancing at the gothic-style buildings.

Pinku: So, this is the afterlife, huh?
Rei: Oh yeah. Well, this isn't all of it. Just this section, I guess. We actually landed about relative to our position at home, although the Spirit Universe is about 8x times the size of our mortal universe. Gotta fit all the dead people, yeah?
Pinku: Guess that makes sense.
Xerra: Brr…
Rei: Anyway, we got until sundown, so let's find our way to the ghoul party!

Pinku, Xerra, and Rei traverse down a blue rock canyon, glancing around.

Pinku: Why is it so far away? What's up with that?
Rei: I mean, don't worry, I'm able to just jump back to the tether.
Pinku: Well, I'm just wondering-

The edge of a staff lands in the ground, with Pinku glancing up at just the absurd length of the pole as it retracts, a blue Beorn landing in front of them.

Pinku: Who is this?
Rei: Hrm…
Mystery Beorn: My name is Geise. Pleased to meet a fellow Beorn over there, as well as you two.
Pinku: So, she's dead, right?
Xerra: I would think so, she has those glowing eyes that Rei has.
Rei: Not all ghosts look the same, racist.
Geise: You three are quite the characters, huh?
Pinku: Well, you're one to talk, making an entrance like that…
Geise: Hah, sorry, I do tend to over do it with the pole vaulting, don't I?

Geise dusts herself off.

Geise: So, you guys are going to the ghoul party, yeah?
Rei: They're my guests~

Rei kisses their cheeks, which isn't quite met with as warm as a reception as she'd probably like.

Geise: Do you mind if I just tag along, then? I really have no idea where I'm going…

Rei nods as Geise follows their lead.

Xerra: You die on Zeon?
Geise: Heh, heh, yeah. One of the first casualties of Doomulus Grime's drill attack. Of course, I kind of realized he was far from the last of his kind, as well as far from being the worst example…

Geise looks around, somewhat scared, although they don't really know of what.

Geise: I use this pole to fend off threats to the Spirit Universe because I never really got that chance on Zeon, and I suppose I won't now…

Geise tilts her head.

Geise: It's too bad inanimate objects can't really die… would have loved to see Zeon one last time…

Xerra nods.

Xerra: Sometimes I wish I got sent back to Zeon as opposed to being dropped at the verge of a giant galactic deity war, but I suppose you can't be picky where you time travel to…
Geise: Don't know what any of that means!
Pinku: She claims to be from the future… dunno if I believe that story…

Geise nods her head as if she understands, but she doesn't.

Geise: Ah, right.

Pinku, Xerra, Rei, and Geise arrive at the pavilion where the ghoul party is being held, where seemingly thousands of spirits have arrived.

Pinku: Well, we're here. How are we doing on time?
Rei: It's about 6 PM mortal time.
Pinku: Jeez, really?

Pinku tilts her head.

Pinku: I guess I can't complain, I barely walked…
Rei: Yeah, being a ghost has its perks…

Rei floats over to the punch table and picks up a smoky ladle, pouring some seemingly gaseous red smoke into a glass and inhaling it.

Rei: Now, that's what I call refreshing.
Pinku: I suppose…

Pinku looks over to Geise.

Pinku: Hey, so I'm curious. Like, not in a weird way, I hope, but I'm just wondering… can ghosts die?
Geise: I mean, we're already dead.
Pinku: Yeah, but like, can you erase a ghost or kill them or?
Geise: I mean, some of the upper level ghosts can kind of kill each other, sure. I'm not really sure how that works but I know that Chaos consumed Order before a ghostborn named Smile sealed him away. I guess those are the two methods you would feasibly get rid of a ghost.
Pinku: So, ghosts that consume other ghosts are seen as murderers, then?
Geise: I guess.

Pinku nods as she tries and pour herself some punch.

Pinku: Ghosts can totally eat things in the mortal universes, yeah?
Geise: Yeah, who told you that we couldn't?

Pinku glances over to Rei.

Geise: Ah. Well, I'm gonna go talk with Xerra… it's very rare to see survivors of Zeon, let alone a Beorn… hell, I think she might be the first if Forrester wasn't down here first…
Pinku: Hah, yeah, go ahead. I'll just uh…

Pinku leans on a column, sipping on red fruit-colored smoke.

Pinku: Just be a wall flower, as usual…

Xerra is surronded by Geise and Forrester.

Xerra: So, damn, you actually did survive the Zeon explosion? What led you down here?
Forrester: So, get this… I was given a job by the Deity known as The Threat to cut down lumber. As luck would have it, I crossed paths with Unten and a human girl named Sakeena. I thought they were cool, but…

Forrester sighs as she consumes some of the punch smoke.

Forrester: Yeah, didn't go so well for me.
Xerra: God, that Unten… what a bastard.
Forrester: Hah, I know right?

Xerra and Forrester laugh, as Geise looks slightly uncomfortable.

Xerra: God, your wooden mech looks so damn cool…
Forrester: Haha, thanks, I built it myself from trees I found here! I had to build a new mech when I came here, but you know… I think I like it better than my old one. It's just better built.

Forrester taps the mech panel.

Xerra: So, what do you do now?
Forrester: Cut down trees, building up my big wooden fort here. I got an eternity, figure I might as well make it worth it…

A ghost bunny climbs onto Forrester.

Forrester: Oh yeah, this is Snow. Isn't she cute?
Xerra: She's adorable!
Geise: She is kind of cute, yeah.
Forrester: Actually, here, you hold her.

Xerra holds Snow in her hands, surprised at just how cold she feels.

Forrester: Yeah, you get why she's called Snow, don't ya?
Xerra: Haha… yeah.

Xerra passes it onto Geise, who holds Snow for a bit before passing it back to Forrester.

Forrester: Anyway, you're still alive, right? Just visiting?
Xerra: Yeah…
Forrester: If you find Unten, fucking kick him. Do whatever you can to him to make him hurt.

Forrester leans into Xerra.

Forrester: This is not a joke.
Xerra: Right.
Geise: I'm gonna go get some more punch, I'll be right back…

Geise leaves as Xerra and Forrester glance at each other.

Forrester: I mean it. I don't want to kill him, because that means I have to deal with him. But you gotta make his life a living hell.

Rei glances at Pinku, who's standing against a pillar.

Rei: You not having fun?
Pinku: Just… not really a sociable person, I guess. Big crowds like this just don't really work well with me… I always get super self-conscious and want to leave, but I don't wanna ruin anyone's fun.

Rei nods.

Rei: I mean, if you want to go home, we can go home…
Pinku: Well, it's not really like that. I'm fine right here. Maybe I'll come back out if something catches my eye.

Rei nods.

Rei: See you then, I guess…

Rei floats around, passing through various spirits.

Rei: Hmm…

Rei spots a reddish orange reptilian woman, who groans as she glances at her.

Rei: Carla!
Carla: It's still Five.
Rei: Let's stick to Carla, I mean, it's way easier on me, and I mean, that's what it said on your tombstone.
Carla: Yeah, I get it. But I didn't exactly come up with that name.

A bug eyed, red feathered creature with green chicken feet glances over.

Mystery Creature: Right, and my name is Aero because I flew as part of my powers. Give me a break…

Aero glances over to Carla.

Aero: Well, at least Grendel got sealed up real quick, am I right? God, can you imagine if he started eating people here too?

Rei kind of just flies out of their conversation, looking around.

Rei: Hrm…

Pinku sips some more punch smoke as she sees something in the distance: a pair of orange lights, followed by another set of glowing orange lights. They resemble eyes. She gets into a stance.

Xerra walks up to Geise, who is just sitting down by one of the pillars.

Xerra: Hey, you okay?
Geise: Yeah, I'm fine.

Xerra squints.

Geise: Really.
Xerra: You like Unten, don't you?

Geise sighs.

Geise: He inspired me. I felt bad for not being able to even match his footsteps, so… you know, I try and live up to that example…
Xerra: Yeah, about the only thing I really know about Unten is that he knocked my ship out of orbit and I ended up in cryo sleep for god knows how long.

Geise sighs and turns away.

Xerra: Okay, fine.

Xerra sighs.

Xerra: I really didn't know much about him, and that's not fair to you as someone that looks up to him to have that kind of idea tarnished. And well, that ideal is still one you should look up to, but when I talk about Unten, or Forrester for that matter, we're talking from a limited perspective. One that should probably kept in mind, in my opinion, but I don't want to ruin that hero image for you.

Geise looks back to her.

Xerra: I mean, you seem like you know what you're doing.
Geise: Do I? I admitted I was super lost and I was actually heading in the wrong direction.
Xerra: I said "seem".

Geise cracks a smile as Pinku charges forward.

Geise: What was that about?
Xerra: Oh, hmm…

Xerra and Geise get up as they see the Doomuli in the distance.

Xerra: Looks like a pair.
Geise: Ah shit.

Geise pulls out her combat pole, spinning it around.

Geise: Well, let's do this, then.

Rei glances back as the group gets into fighting stances.

Rei: Oh....

Rei pauses before flying back.

Rei: Hey, do do you mind if I just…

Pinku shoots a glance at her, which Rei nods.

Rei: Right… yeah. We're going to fight together.
Geise: It's the Doomuli, it's the bad guys.
Rei: The hell are Doomuli doing down here?

A laugh can be heard from the smoky underworld mist that covers the two Doomuli. One steps out, appearing almost as a demonic figure himself, while another jumps close to him with a much more robust shape, his Pichu ears twitching.

Demon Doomuli: Why am I not surprised to see that the dead are mostly the weak?
Pinku: The hell are you talking about-
Demon Doomuli: Oh, especially you. You're a weak human, no matter the fancy power.

The demonic Doomuli brings out a small box, which he opens. The spirits suddenly are sucked into the box, with Xerra and Pinku being the only ones able to keep to the ground. They grab Rei and Geise before they get sucked in. The demonic Doomuli smirks.

Demon Doomuli: I see you two aren't dead yet.
Pinku: Don't plan on dying soon either…
Rei: Aw, why?

Pinku shakes her head.

Pinku: Although I'm guessing you and your cohort aren't dead either, huh?

The demonic Doomuli smirks again.

Demon Doomuli: I come from the Jajin race, who slayed your lot after years of being under their control. We're a proud race, that's for sure…

The demonic Doomuli looks over to his cohort, who is playing with cars and making noises.

Demon Doomuli: That is Doomulus Thunderine. He's a interesting fellow, has some very interesting powers on top of mine… come over here, I got some people you can play with. There's even two Beorns! Why don't you make them four?

Doomulus Thunderine's ears perk up as Pinku tightens her grip on Geise.

Pinku: Alright, who the hell are you?

The demonic Doomuli shoots a black webbing onto her wrists, effectively handcuffing her to Geise.

Demon Doomulus: They call me Doomulus Bind. You can probably tell why, but… the name doesn't quite tell the whole story, really…

Doomulus Thunderine bounces towards Xerra, who is holding onto Rei.

Doomulus Thunderine: Ooh!

Doomulus Thunderine pats his tummy as a blue beam shoots out, transforming Rei into a Beorn. Rei glances at her new form, somewhat surprised.

Rei: You transformed me into a Beorn?
Doomulus Bind: That's right. Doomulus Thunderine here used the power of the Beorn Beam to transform you into a Beorn.
Rei: I mean, I don't mind, but why?
Doomulus Thunderine: Ehehe!
Doomulus Bind: He's forever stuck in a child-like state and he thinks Beorns are cool. Using my Human Beam as a base, he created the Beorn Beam- well, close enough to that as he could, anyway.
Doomulus Thunderine: Three Beorns!
Doomulus Bind: Yes, yes. I'll demonstrate as well.

Doomulus Bind smirks as he points at Xerra and shoots her with the Human Beam, transforming her into a human. She grips onto Rei tightly not to lose her grip, grunting as she tries to get her footing in this new form.

Pinku: Okay, big deal. It's not like any of that matters?

Doomulus Bind smirks.

Doomulus Bind: You honestly don't think it wouldn't disorient your friends over there?

Doomulus Thunderine bounces high as he squeezes his belly again to unleash the Beorn Beam, transforming Xerra into a Beorn.

Doomulus Thunderine: Three again!

Pinku grunts as she realizes she's just shifted about two feet down, deciding she needs to get serious.

Pinku: Alright, enough messing around…

Pinku glances at the vaccuum box, which has already sucked in the other souls.

Pinku: Do you think shutting the box will be able to do anything?
Geise: I think if we destroy it, we should be able to break the seal- right now all those souls are just tightly compacted together into a vaccuum, but they're not gone.
Pinku: Got it…

Geise attempts to extend her pole's length as Pinku charges forward with an Aura dagger, attempting to strike Doomulus Bind in the chest but misses entirely as Doomulus Bind side sweeps.

Doomulus Bind: Doomulus Thunderine, why don't you show these Beorns your other cool powers?

Doomulus Thunderine jumps up and down excitedly as he shoots electricity everywhere. Xerra attempts to run to him but is shocked.

Xerra: Gah!

The vacuum of the room distorts the range of the projectiles, causing them to curve and swirl around. Rei closes her eyes and tries to focus.

Rei: Here you go… here is one of my Spirit Tools for you…

A spiritual image of a ballerina appears over Xerra, giving her increased speed and evasiveness.

Xerra: I feel way more focused in how I'm running…
Rei: It's temporary, but it's all we'll need…
Doomulus Bind: Hrm.
Rei: If you have any cool abilities, now would be the time to show it…

Xerra pulls out a knife from her bag and attempts to stab Doomulus Bind with it, only getting struck with black webbing as he swings her around into Pinku, who jumps towards him while Geise attempts to hit him with the pole.

Doomulus Bind: Such bad fighters…

Doomulus Bind ducks at the two fights collide.

Doomulus Bind: Haven't even been able to hit me once!

Xerra grunts as she hits the ground, attempting to jump onto Doomulus Bind but he puts up a wall of dark smoke, making it impossible for her to see anything.

Doomulus Bind: Now you see how awful it is to be a human, don't you?

Doomulus Bind grins but two stretchy Beorns arms from Rei nearly hit him in the head.

Rei: Being a human rocks!
Doomulus Bind: If you feel that way, Rei, I can transform you back...

Rei is hit with the Human Beam, transforming her back as Doomulus Thunderine brings out a hammer created with Red Energy.

Doomulus Thunderine: Hey, what happened to the Beorns?
Doomulus Bind: I transformed them both as humans to prove my point about-
Doomulus Thunderine: Humans mudane! Beorns cool!

Doomulus Thunderine crosses his arms as he drops his hammer.

Doomulus Bind: Well, you can transform them back if you want, if that's what's going to make you do your damn job…!

Doomulus Bind seems furious, but the moment is cut short by a pole extending through his upper shoulder, creating a hole. The vacuum box shuts as Geise extends it out to hit the lid. Doomulus Bind gasps slightly.

Doomulus Bind: Figures a child would distract me…
Doomulus Thunderine: Beorn… now!

Doomulus Thunderine shoots his Beorn Beam at Doomulus Bind, which transforms the demonic Doomuli into a Beorn.

Doomulus Bind: You imbecile!

Doomulus Bind attempts to create webbing and his blinding darkness walls to no avail.

Doomulus Bind: No… no…!

Pinku kicks Doomulus Bind in the head, which causes him to shriek.

Doomulus Bind: Change me back! Change me bac-

Doomulus Thunderine picks up Doomulus Bind and bounces away from the fight.

Doomulus Thunderine: Bind now a Beorn friend!

Xerra pants as she glances at the arena, which is absolutely destroyed.

Xerra: Rei, is there property damage in the afterlife?
Rei: Eh, not really…

Pinku lets go of Geise as she grabs the box and attempts to smash it over her knee. After failing that, she just elbow drops onto it, shattering it and watching as the spirits go free.

Pinku: Well, there we go.

Rei glances as the souls return back out of the box.

Rei: I mean, there is going to be a very stern talking to from one of Kuni's assistants.
Pinku: Who the hell is Kuni?

Pinku, Rei, Geise, and Xerra stand in a white room in front of a desk made out of red hellrock. A pink alien woman mutters incessantly as she fills out a bunch of paperwork, stamping angrily.

Pink Woman: Idiots! Idiots! IDIOTS!!!

She growls, looking at all four of them.

Pink Woman: You two mortals shouldn't have even been there, but Rei and Geise know they are supposed to report to one of Kuni's assistants should something like this happen! YOU IDIOTS!!!

Pinku taps her hands together.

Pinku: Is anyone going to explain who the hell Kuni is…?
Pink Woman: She has no idea who Kuni is?! Have you told your guests nothing?!
Rei: It didn't really come up…
Pink Woman: Why don't YOU explain who Kuni and I are while I frantically fill out this paperwork?!

Rei nods as she faces Pinku.

Rei: Okay, so Kuni, or, their proper full name, Kuninotokotachi, is basically the divine deity that looks after this segment of the after life. There's a whole spirit council and stuff but I mean for stuff particualrly pertaining to here, you usually go to one of Kuni's assistants like the lovely Jigaku here…

The pink woman, Jigaku, growls as she furiously scribbles a bunch of legal signatures.

Rei: You really aren't supposed to deal with this stuff on your own. It's too much of a headache to deal with everyone in the afterlife so you have to become either an assistant to Kuni or get Spirit Council approval… lest you have to deal with this.
Jigaku: Are the threats even gone? Do we have to find them?
Rei: (squeaking) They got away…

Jigaku slams her head into the table multiple times as she grabs another big stack of paper.

Rei: Also… I think one of those beams affected my powers? I can't… uh, depart from this realm or really pull of any of my abilities here...

Jigaku sighs really loudly as she just motions her finger up and sends Rei, Pinku, and Xerra back home. Geise just stands awkwardly.

Geise: Can I go…?
Jigaku; Yeah, whatever, it's your first offense. I'm just mad about the damn paper work and you guys being utter DAMN IDIOTS!

Geise runs out as Jigaku stamps furiously.

Pinku, Xerra, and Rei just sit around on the couch.

Pinku: So, uh, shit. Do you know when this wears off?
Xerra: I mean… this website says 72 hours.
Rei: 72 hours is a long-ass time.
Pinku: God, I have work on Tuesday…
Xerra: Well, I guess you can really only hope for the best…

Rei shrugs.

Rei: So how was it?
Pinku: The spirit universe?
Rei: Yeah.
Pinku: Weird… but I dunno, I'd probably go again.

Rei gets up, snapping her fingers.

Rei: Oh yeah, and I remembered to get you guys out before sundown!
Pinku: Alright, I'm not sure that counts…
Rei: It counts, come on.
Xerra: I suppose. God, you guys have to wear these stuffy clothes all the time?
Pinku: Yeah?
Xerra: I suppose that's what happens when your "parts" are out in such a vulgar display…
Pinku: Where are even your "parts"?
Xerra: Pretty much the same as yours, they just come out when we mean them to. Otherwise, they retract into a compartment into the body.
Pinku: ...I dunno.

Pinku shrugs as she rubs her fur.

Pinku: I'm probably just… going to try and do this as old fashion as I can.
Xerra: God, don't those terrible clothes just get in the way?
Pinku: Look, I'm conditioned and I don't care. I'm not leaving this house until I have to.
Rei: Well, I'm looking forward to spending more time with you girls!
Pinku: God, between the idea of being out in public like this or dealing with Rei… not sure which is worse.
Xerra: Man, it's going to be a tough time trying to sleep on this couch…
Rei: Oh yeah, I can't go to the spirit universe until the 72 hours are up, huh.
Pinku: Well, you two figure something out, I'm not sharing the bed…
Rei: We should go mattress shopping this Sunday! Xerra, would you be up for that?

Xerra sighs.


Episode 3: Key to Lime

PinkLemonade KeyToLime

Pinku and her house mates have a odd encounter with a witch, who invites them to stay at her mansion.

Pinku gets home from work, back to her normal self.

Pinku: God, I'm so glad that Beorn Beam stuff finally wore off… what a nightmare.
Xerra: Yeesh, you tell me… that Human Beam stuff was just awful. Slippery, awful skin to shower with.
Rei: I didn't mind the view…
Xerra: Oh, stop acting like you were there. I know you weren't. You kept trying to phase through walls and I could just keep hearing bumping…
Rei: Yeah, you're right.
Pinku: Thankfully everything is back to normal… exactly the crappy kind of mundanity we crave.
Rei: I'm still bummed we never did go mattress shopping…
Pinku: Yeah, that could have been fun. We could do that.
Xerra: Eh, I'm good sleeping on a couch. Besides, I don't think we have the budget.
Rei: God, though, we really need to do a girl's night out! Wouldn't that be so great? We could just window shop for all I care… try on cute clothes…
Pinku: That's not a bad idea.
Rei: Oh thank god, I thought you were going to shoot that idea down too.
Pinku: You know the only reason I shoot down most of your ideas is because they're completely stupid and illegal, right? Like, no, me and Xerra are not going to snort coke off a stripper's butt.
Rei: Your loss…

Xerra spins a knife in her hand.

Xerra: Well, are we doing that?
Pinku: Eh, we can… Personally, I'm kind of tired.
Xerra: Oh, by the way, we're out of strawberry ice cream…
Pinku: Huh, isn't that the strangest thing. Well, I'll go to the dollar store and pick one up.
Rei: Why don't we all go and pick out a treat?
Xerra: I'm not opposed to that.
Pinku: Eh, alright. You do know what a treat is, right, you two?
Xerra: I'm not completely feral.
Pinku: Nothing above five dollars.
Rei: Oh, got ya.
Pinku: I'm also not sure if Rei is aware that painkillers does not count as a treat…
Rei: They don't?

Pinku shakes her head.

Rei: Damn… fine.

Pinku heads inside the Family Dollar store as Xerra follows, holding Rei's teacup.

Xerra: God, why am I the one who always has to hold her?
Rei: Can't exactly carry myself.
Pinku: I'll carry it…

Pinku holds Rei's tea cup and goes to the frozen food section.

Pinku: Ah shit, this is going to be kind of hard to hold at the same time.
Rei: Well, set it down…

Rei looks around.

Rei: Actually, I guess there are no good places to set it down.
???: Allow me.

Pinku and Rei turn around to see a witch with lime green hair and glasses.

???: Haha, sorry, my name is Ingrid. I can hold your ghostly friend for you.

Pinku nods as she hands the tea cup off. Ingrid holds it with both hands, grinning. Pinku picks up the tub of strawberry ice cream.

Pinku: Thanks!
Ingrid: It's no problem, really.

Pink holds the ice cream in her arm as she holds out her hand for a hand shake. Ingrid attempts to high five it, causing Pinku to give her a weird look.

Ingrid: Ah, sorry. I thought…
Pinku: It's fine. I mean, I put out my hand like that, what are you gonna do, there's a lot of things you can do…
Ingrid: Really, a fifty/fifty shot.
Pinku: (laughing) Yeah, something like that.

Pinku heads to the candy aisle as Ingrid follows her with Rei nearby, who checks through the candy aisle.

Ingrid: So, you have a ghost friend? That's unusual.
Pinku: Mm… well, I have a Beorn friend too… they kind of just popped up in my life and never went away, haha!

Ingrid bites her lip, interested.

Pinku: I mean, they do pay rent, so that's nice.
Ingrid: Interesting set up... where do you live?
Pinku: Ah, some crappy house like two blocks away. Literally all I could afford, you know.
Ingrid: Mhm.
Pinku: You look all dressed up, you going somewhere or…?
Ingrid: Ah, it's after six, what are we, farmers?

Pinku shrugs.

Ingrid: I live in a very nice mansion, I suppose you might be interested in visiting?
Pinku: Sure, I guess we could go tomorrow or… wow, wait, you're a bit forward, huh?
Ingrid: Ah… you got me. Truth be told, I think you're quite the cutie.

Pinku blushes.

Pinku: Do you mean that?
Ingrid: Of course I mean that!
Pinku: Ah jeez, I don't know…
Ingrid: Come on, I'm just inviting you over as a friend.
Pinku: Mm… okay. So… I guess tomorrow…?
Ingrid: It's not that far away.
Pinku: You really want to do it tonight?
Rei: I found something!

Rei holds up a bag of gummi worms.

Pinku: Alright, now we just need to find Xerra…

Ingrid glances at Rei, who rudely interrupted them without really seemingly a care.

Xerra glances over the frozen food.

Xerra: Hrmm… I mean, we're already getting ice cream…

Xerra's eyes dart around until she sees some frozen dinosaur chicken nuggets.

Xerra: Hrm…

Xerra kneels down, opening the fridge door and holding the package.

Xerra: I'm intrigued…

Pinku, Rei, and Ingrid walk behind her.

Pinku: You find anything?
Xerra: Yeah, these!

Xerra holds up the dinosaur chicken nuggets.

Pinku: Oh… okay.

Pinku grabs them and then starts heading to the cash register.

Xerra: I mean, it's chicken… but shaped like dinosaurs.
Rei: I wouldn't call that a treat exactly…
Xerra: And what, pure sugar in the form of a bunch of worms is?
Pinku: Girls…

Xerra and Rei fall silent.

Ingrid: Ah, so you're the Beorn friend she was talking about.
Xerra: Aw man, am I just that to her?
Rei: Dunno what else you could be… no cool powers, unbelievable stories about time travel, asexual…
Xerra: Okay, so I'm a little boring. At least I'm not a complete screw up like you…
Rei: Bitch, you better take that back.
Xerra: You're fucking dead!
Rei: You're about to be too if you keep this up…
Ingrid: Mm, why don't you two cool it? I don't think Pinku would like that…

Rei crosses her arms as she goes silent.

Pinku: Alright, I'm finished. Got the receipt, we're good.

Ingrid smirks.

Ingrid: I suppose now we can go to my mansion?
Pinku: Uh, yeah, sure, what's the directions there? Are you gonna have us follow you or-

Ingrid snaps her fingers.

In a literal instant, Xerra, Rei, and Pinku are somewhere else, inside a jade mansion interior. A green fire glows in the fireplace. Ingrid sets Rei's cup down on a table.

Ingrid: Welcome home! Make yourself comfortable. Leave your coat by the coat rack,
Pinku: It's a jacket, but alright…

Pinku takes off her jacket, glancing around the mansion.

Ingrid: Quite impressed, I can tell.
Pinku: I've never seen anything so spacious. You have a piano?

Pinku opens the piano up, her eyes lighting up as she looks at the marble keys.

Ingrid: Feel free to look around… I want you to feel comfortable here, after all…

Rei glances into the fireplace, before looking at the taxidermied Huxxabian Schoolgirl Posing Cactus, nervously glancing around.

Pinku: Oh shit, I forgot, we have frozen food…
Ingrid: Why don't you just put that in the fridge for now? You can come back to eat it later.
Pinku: I suppose that's not the worst idea… I don't think we'll be staying here long though…
Ingrid: Why's that?

Pinku grabs her grocery bags and heads to the kitchen.

Pinku: I mean, we just came here to look… oh my god, is that a granite countertop island? It's so big…
Ingrid: It's mixed in with some limestone and jade of course… it gives it a nice texture, don't you think?
Pinku: I mean, it's so shiny…

Pinku looks at it for a moment before putting the ice cream and chicken dinosaur nuggets in the freezer.

Ingrid: You can really stay as long as you want, as far as I'm concerned. With or without friends.
Pinku: I mean, this is super nice, but I don't know if I'd take you up on that…

Pinku brushes back on her hair, reflexively.

Pinku: I mean, hell, I don't even know where this is, let alone how I'd get to work...
Ingrid: I could get you there with a snap of my fingers, but I already make plenty of money through my own job…. you can really just relax here. Nothing hard on you any more.

Pinku glances at Xerra.

Xerra: I mean, it's way better than the shitty house we were in, we could stay here a night…
Pinku: I guess a night is fine.
Ingrid: Excellent, so you will stay?
Pinku: For the night, yeah, sure.

Ingrid claps her hands together.

Ingrid: Oh, this will be so fun!

Pinku, Xerra, and Rei are led up the stairs by Ingrid, heading down a hallway to the west.

Ingrid: This is the west wing… I still am constructing it, but it should have a nice room for each one of you girls.
Pinku: A room to ourselves… well, you are quite kind, I must say.
Hehe, good.

Ingrid opens the door marked with a lime with the number 2 on it.

Ingrid: Here is your room, Pinku.

Pinku heads inside, taking in the decor. A lavishly large bed with a big shelf, as well as a TV set and a table to set something like paper or a laptop on. Pinku opens one of the doors to reveal a closet, opening the other door to reveal a bathroom with a shower, toilet, and sink.

Pinku: This is… great. This seems bigger than my own damn house…
Rei: Our house is bigger, come on.
Pinku: I mean, sure, there's the hallway, kitchen, living room, and backyard but like, this is half of the damn house…

Rei crosses her arms.

Xerra: I suppose I'm Room 3?
Ingrid: Yup! Rei, you're Room 4.
Rei: Who's Room 1… and Room 0?
Ingrid: Ah, Room 0 is mine.

Rei expects a follow up on Room 1, but Ingrid moves on forward.

Ingrid: I'll be in Room 0 if you need me. It is rather late… I suppose I should let you all settle in.

Ingrid walks away as Pinku glances into the bathroom.

Pinku: Well, I could go for a shower… Rei, don't you dare come in here!

Rei nods as she goes to her own room, laying on the bed but still feeling so cramped up.

Pinku finishes taking her shower, getting back into her underwear and sitting on the bed as she looks at her phone. Rei phases through the wall as Pinku groans and covers herself a little more with her towel.

Rei: Hey, this mansion is nice and all, but come on, don't you want to go back to the house?
Pinku: Come on, we have a nice mansion to ourselves and this woman. She seems very insistent on letting us be here, so let's be here and we can leave in the morning. It's not like we're going to stay here…
Rei: Okay… but come on, you gotta notice something's off, right?
Pinku: Would you stop being so paranoid? This is hardly like you…
Rei: P-paranoid? You're calling me that?
Pinku: Well…
Rei: Look, I just have a big attachment to the house. Yes, it's shitty, but it's where I lived and died in!
Pinku: I promise we will go back tomorrow. It's not like we're stuck here.
Rei: Mmm… okay…

Rei sighs.

Rei: I just don't want to stay here…
Pinku: Okay, this is more than just the house, isn't it?
Rei: Of course it is.
Pinku: Then, what?
Rei: She said something that really got me…

We flashback to a scene prior in the entrance of the mansion, Ingrid glancing at Xerra and Rei.

Ingrid: You can really stay as long as you want, as far as I'm concerned. With or without friends.

We return to the present as Rei glances nervously at Xerra and Pinku.

Pinku: Xerra? When the hell did you get here?
Xerra: I overheard… so I came in.
Rei: Without the bills to pay, I'm afraid you're going to just smash my teacup and kick Xerra out.
Pinku: God, you worry too much. As if I'd just drop my friends like that.
Rei: You've known us for like barely a week. Today's Tuesday, you showed up Wednesday…
Pinku: That's the longest anyone's stayed with me. Believe me, you two are going to be fine. We are going to leave tomorrow and that's settled.
Rei: I'm going to hold you to that…

Rei points to Pinku and starts to phase back through the wall as Xerra shrugs and starts to leave.

Pinku: Jeez… maybe I should have asked before saying anything…

Rei goes back into her room and rips open the gummi worm package, immediately wolfing down on it as she stress eats.

Rei: Hffpphhh…

Xerra creaks the door open.

Xerra: Hey…

Rei glances at her, ashamed at her stress eating as she puts away the gummi worm packaging.

Xerra: Are… you stress eating?
Rei: Like you would know what that is given all your adventures in a future wasteland…

Rei screams really loud, gripping the bedsheets.

Xerra: Jeez, you're really not taking this well.
Rei': Of course I'm not! Some green-ass stranger comes in and takes us to her mansion and I barely got any input into it and now I'm afraid of so so so many things.
Xerra: Well, if it makes you feel any better, i barely got any input either.

Rei slams her head into the pillow, huffing.

Rei: I just want morning to come and we can get out of here. I don't like being dragged into stuff like this.
Xerra: Like with the ghoul party?
Rei: Like that was ANYTHING like this!

Rei folds the pillow over her head as Xerra takes a moment to sigh.

Xerra: Alright, calm down.
Rei: I'm trying… I'm trying…
Xerra: I think it's attributed to a feeling like you've lost control. I noticed you were kind of acting like this when we first met and Pinku kept pushing you to get a job and all that stuff.
Rei: I used to own the house, damn it.
Xerra: Okay, but you need to accept things have changed. Pinku pays for the house, we pay for the house too. We did your ghoul party thing, that… could have gone better, but regardless…

Rei takes a moment to breathe.

Rei: I get scared that things are just going to move without my input and I'll be fucking buried like everyone else in the spirit universe. I spent so much time here living and I'm just going to be forgotten when I die…

Rei huffs again as Xerra pats her shoulder.

Xerra: Look, we're both kind of in the same boat. So, we need to stick together, okay?

Rei breathes out as she nods her head.

Xerra: Let's try and get some sleep.
Rei: Yeah… yeah.

Pinku looks through her phone, suddenly getting a craving for the strawberry ice cream in the freezer.

Pinku: Eh, fuck it. If I do it quietly…

Pinku gets up from the bed and leaves the room, tip toe-ing down the hallway.

Pinku: Quietly…

Pinku enters the kitchen, still quiet as she can as she opens up the fridge and grabs the carton of ice cream, grabbing a spoon as she opens up the lid. She hears running and closes the lid, preparing to hide before she suddenly sees Ingrid's bright green eyes and hair.

Ingrid: Oh, thank god. It's just you…

Ingrid walks into the kitchen, staring at the clock. It's midnight.

Ingrid: Next time, just summon a Jade Golem to bring you it. I'll be able to pick up on it's distinctive sound and know not to worry…

Ingrid gets close to Pinku's face.

Ingrid': Mm… you really are quite beautiful… do you get that often?

Pinku blushes.

Pinku: I mean, I get "cute" from Rei pretty often…
Ingrid: Mmm… well, she's right, you know...

Ingrid picks up the spoon as she dips it into the ice cream, offering it to Pinku, who eats it.

Ingrid: I'd love to know you more… I suppose a date isn't too out of the question tommorow?
Pinku: I suppose not…

Pinku brushes her hair back as she turns her head to the side.

Ingrid: It'd be at around 9 PM, if that's alright with you.
Pinku: A late night dinner? I suppose sign me up…

Pinku is too flustered to even really think.

Ingrid: Good to know…

Ingrid dips the spoon back into the ice cream, really getting into Pinku's face now as she offers her another bite.

Pinku: Mmm…

Pinku stands up, just now noticing that both of them are in their underwear.

Pinku: You uh… sleep in your underwear too, huh?
Ingrid: We're so alike, aren't we?

Pinku starts walking back to her room, hearing Ingrid put the ice cream back into the freezer and running to catch up with her.

Ingrid: Let me show you how to summon the Jade Golem before I forget!

Pinku nods, allowing her into her room. Ingrid points to a green button near the door.

Ingrid: This will send a Jade Golem to do any task you ask of it. Do this if you plan to get anything late at night or just need something… although I suppose you can ask for me in some certain circumstances.

Ingrid winks.

Pinku: Hah… okay.

Pinku lays on the bed as Ingrid turns off the light, closing the door.

Ingrid: Sweet dreams…

Pinku nods as she falls asleep.


Episode 4: Lime to Me

PinkLemonade LimeToMe

Pinku, Rei, and Xerra spend more time in the mansion. Rei starts to warm up to it while Pinku feels her opinion slowly beginning to sour.

Pinku, Rei, and Xerra wake up in the morning, heading down stairs to see Ingrid flipping some pancakes. A blue haired girl sits at the table.

Rei: Hey, who in the fresh hell is this?

The blue haired girl waves.

Ingrid: Oh? Her? Her name is Marina… I suppose I should have been more open about that. She lives in Room 1.
Marina: Ey.
Ingrid: I guess you could say she lives here.
Marina: Ayup… better than any crappy college dorm, that's for sure.
Pinku: Well, hi.
Ingrid: She's a college student, in her sophomore year… she actually lived all the way in the Lifts, can you imagine?
Pinku: The Zaxinian Lifts?

Ingrid nods.

Pinku: ...jesus. That's a whole 'nother universe.
Ingrid: You'd be surprised how close we are becoming.

Pinku blushes before she looks back at Marina.

Pinku: But… what is she doing here?
Ingrid: Mm… I suppose you could say we're… close.
Marina: I'm her girlfriend.
Ingrid: Yes… her life was filled with a terrible domestic situation, a daily onslaught of troubles directed to her from the lifts… of course, I wanted to protect her.
Pinku: Well… I'm going to be late if I don't start heading on my work route…
Ingrid: Ah, don't worry, I can just teleport you there and pick you up later.
Pinku: Alright, I suppose… I work at the Dorado Taco shop a little aways from my house, like 45 minutes.

Ingrid touches her shoulder as she snaps her fingers, teleporting her to Dorado Taco.

Ingrid: See you when your shift is over!

Ingrid snaps her fingers, returning back to the mansion as Pinku sighs.

Pinku: I'm not even sure how I'm supposed to feel about all… that…

Ingrid returns to the mansion, kissing Marina's cheek.

Rei: So, you're dating her? So why are you hitting on Pinku?
Ingrid: Relationships are not strictly monogamous, you know.
Rei: Mm, it seems a little shitty to not broadcast that earlier, you know?

Ingrid nods and sighs.

Xerra: God, so grateful I don't gotta deal with any of this junk…

Rei and Ingrid look at her.

Rei: Okay, literally, who asked you?
Ingrid: I mean, she's kind of right, this isn't about you.

Xerra rests her head on her hand.

Xerra: Well, I'm just saying...
Marina: Hey, I need to get to class pretty soon…
Ingrid: Right, right, don't need to be distracted.

Ingrid holds on her shoulder and snaps her fingers, causing the two women to vanish.

Rei: Guess it's just us.

A golem made out of jade collects their dishes and and puts them in the sink.

Rei: Huh, that would be kind of nice.
Xerra: To have someone do all the chores? I guess…

Rei sighs as she glances around.

Rei: This place is SO much nicer than ours. I'm a bit jealous.
Xerra: You seem a lot more… how do you say it? Up? Positive? On this whole mansion thing compared to last night.
Rei: Well, yeah. I can read Pinku's expression, she's quickly… pardon my pun here, souring on this whole thing. I don't think she's going to extend it any further.
Ingrid: Mm, you really think that?
Rei: Hey, what the shit? I thought you were gone.
Ingrid: I can literally come back with the snap of my finger. Tell me… how do I keep her here?
Rei: Not really sure that you can. From what I can tell, Pinku is afraid of disappointing people and will probably ride it out to that date, but… I mean, after that, I'm not sure. I guess you gotta impress her again during the date.

Rei shrugs.

Rei: In the meantime, I suppose you could show us around…
Ingrid: Right, right… I suppose I'll have to get her attention again tonight. But showing you two around isn't a bad idea…

Pinku taps her fingers incessantly against the cash register as Bianca mops the floor. Guadalupe sits on a chair, drinking some booze out of a canteen.

Guadalupe: Ey, Pinku. Mind calming that down a bit? It's buzzing in my head and it won't stop.
Pinku: Right, sorry.

Pinku tries to put her hands in her jacket pockets, but she realizes it's still hanging up on the coat rack, so she just puts them to her side..

Guadalupe: Something bothering you?
Pinku: I thought I met a nice girl earlier and spent the night over at her mansion… nothing really happened, but then I find out she's already got a girlfriend and just… I dunno. I don't like that.
Guadalupe: Mhm.
Pinku: Whatever… I know it's a stupid hang up.
Bianca: I mean, if you're not cool with it, you should be able to say that. That being said, I don't think it was a cheating thing…
Pinku: It wasn't but it just came off as kind of… sneaky to bring up like that?

Jacob enters through the back door.

Jacob: Ya'll, you remembered to move the dumpster 3 inches away from the door, right?
Guadalupe: Yeah, yeah, I remembered.
Jacob: No you didn't, because I had to move it.

Guadalupe groans.

Guadalupe: Who cares?
Jacob: I do, because the inspector is going to be here in a week and the last thing I want is to get a rating below an "A".
Guadalupe: And I didn't want to be deep frying tortillas, but hey, here we are.
Jacob: You know what happens to resturants with a below "A" rating? They get viral diseases into the food and the next thing you know, we're the ones spreading e coli around the country.
Bianca: Oh yeah, that happened to Virusburger, recently, didn't it?
Pinku: Ironic for them to live up to their name, huh?
Guadalupe: Yeah, they had to shut down. The mascot is out of a job. Nycho wouldn't stop talking to me about it…
Pinku: Wait, was the mascot a real living being?
Guadalupe: Yeah, they named the restaurant after him.
Pinku: Huh.
Guadalupe: It's a crazy world we live in, you just gotta keep up with it to stay sane…
Bianca: Amen to that!

Pinku taps on the counter, well aware of just how wild her own life has gotten.

Rei floats on a inner tube on the indoor pool in the mansion, in her bikini. Xerra swims backstroke as Ingrid sips on a lime margarita.

Rei: This place is pretty great.

Rei smiles as Xerra hits the edge of the pool, pulling herself out to take a moment.

Ingrid: I suppose… building such a large mansion comes with such great loneliness though… I wish I could build up my harem so much quicker.
Rei: So, you really are going for that harem, huh?
Ingrid: As long it's filled with people I love and love me back, what's the harm? I want to protect these women from the harms I was exposed to.
Rei: I can't judge, I'd probably do the same.
Ingrid: It's a shame you're a ghost… you get me so well.

Rei goes a bit silent as she closes her lips, not really sure what to say to that.

Rei: I mean, I can do everything still…
Ingrid: Eh… it's not flesh. I want that warm connection… I want something completely solid instead of the sometimes ethereal.
Rei: I suppose that's not why you're interested in me, then.
Ingrid: Well, I suppose I'm not very well ingrained with the dead. Perhaps in another time you could show me what I'm missing.

Rei blushes before Xerra swims directly into her, causing the inner tube to flip over. Rei disappears into the water before coming out, looking a little distorted.

Ingrid: Oh my, whoops.
Xerra: Ah shit, my bad.
Rei: It'S fInE, yOu GuYs…
Ingrid: I suppose I should show you the tennis court… that might be a drier activity.
Rei: I'm Up fOr tHaT, sUrE.

Pinku watches as two customers come in, one a muslim woman, and the other a blue-streaked black woman. The two walk towards the counter, and Pinku slowly realizes who the first woman is.

Pinku: Oh hey, you're Sakeena Kamel!
Sakeena: Oh wow, this is weird. I dunno if I like this.
Pinku: What?
Sakeena: Just… the recognizing thing. You're not like, a big fan of me or anything like that, right?
Pinku: Nah, just… a casual observer, I guess.
Sakeena: Well, I suppose I acted worse in front of my own heroes…
Pinku: Anyway, what can I get you two lovely ladies?
Sakeena: I'm gonna need to read the menu for a moment… Wendy, what do you want?

Wendy, the woman that came in with Sakeena, glances over the menu real quick.

Wendy: I guess two double decker tacos with a guacamole plate?
Pinku: That's a good choice. Sakeena, have you decided what you want?
Sakeena: Aw god, don't call me by a first name basis…
Pinku: Got it…
Sakeena: Yeah, I'll just have two soft burritos and some chunky salsa on the side.
Pinku: Alright, we'll call your number when the food's ready.
Sakeena: Thank you…

Sakeena walks with Wendy to a empty table. Bianca pokes over.

Bianca: Shit, is that Sakeena Kamel?
Pinku: Yeah.
Bianca: That's nuts. She's taking a date here? This is good for business…
Jacob: Which means we're just going to have to work extra hard to get everything up to standard. A Standard.
Bianca: God, give it a break already…
Jacob: Not until I can hang it up on that wall.
Pinku: I think they look kind of cute together… kind of makes me wish I had someone to take me on a nice date.

Pinku slowly comes to the realization she actually kind of does.

Pinku: Well… I guess I could give Ingrid another shot.

Rei swings her racket at the other side of the tennis net, with Xerra preparing to spike back a shot. A Jade Golem jumps to try and serve it back but it's out of his reach. Ingrid smirks, wearing a nice tennis outfit.

Rei: Alright, our point!

Rei serves to Ingrid, who spikes the ball over the net. Xerra jumps up to deflect the ball.

Ingrid: Hph!

Ingrid hits the ball, slamming it onto the other court.

Ingrid: That's a win for me!
Rei: You totally cheated…

Ingrid glances at her.

Ingrid: You were the one that said supernatural powers shouldn't be against the rules.
Rei: I know, but it's because I need it because I suck ass at this. And not in a good way either.
Xerra: We get it...

Ingrid sets the racket on a jade bench near the neon green tennis court, pouring herself a glass of lime green gatorade as she sits down.

Rei: Pretty close game. I feel like you were trying to lose in that last half... but then you just slammed down that ball on that last bit, huh? Were you toying with us?
Ingrid: Oh, I don't try and sugarcoat anything. You won fair and square.

Ingrid chugs down the glass of lime gatorade.

Ingrid: I'm a lot of things, but I don't try and lie. I might leave out details… but it's for your own good.

Rei nods. Xerra tugs on the bottom of her dress.

Xerra: Look, you wanna just go home? I'm kind of exhausted.
Rei: I dunno… I'm really warming up to this place. Besides, we can't go until we have Pinku.
Xerra: Eh…

Xerra looks at Ingrid, who crosses her legs as the Jade Golem walks over to her, whispering something into his ear. The Jade Golem nods back as it walks back into the mansion.

Xerra: I dunno, something is really off about this place. Maybe it's just because I don't have the best experiences with green haired women but…
Rei: Would you relax? Yes, the insistence to stay here stopped being kind of cute like, yesterday, but she took us swimming and played tennis with us. I mean, don't seem like a villain to me…

Rei shrugs.

Xerra: I just have a bad feeling about it…

Ingrid returns back to the two.

Ingrid: Why don't we get some lunch?
Rei: Alright!

Ingrid has the girls follow her inside as she opens up a fridge.

Ingrid: So, what do you suppose Pinku likes? I'm curious…
Rei: Uhm… well, I don't know if she's gonna fall for you at this point. She seemed pretty torn up about Marina.
Ingrid: Oh no… is there a way to win her back from that?
Rei: Eh, she's kind of a prude so I doubt it…

Ingrid shakes her head.

Ingrid: Well, I suppose I'll have to find a way to win her back on my own if you two won't be helpful.

Rei glances over to Xerra, who shrugs.

Xerra: This is why not getting involved in these kinds of things is great for me…
Ingrid: Nobody asked for your input.

Xerra shrugs again.

Ingrid: Anyway, is it just me or is it really cold in here?
Rei: You opened up the fridge and haven't closed it.
Ingrid: Oh right. What's even in here?

Ingrid pulls out a jug of limenade and pulls out the dinosaur nuggets from the freezer.

Xerra: Huh, I forgot I got those.
Ingrid: Yeah, I don't really buy much… hm...

Ingrid scratches her chin for a moment.

Ingrid: Well, I think Pinku's shift is nearly over… I'll be going, girls.

Ingrid teleports away.

Rei: Does she like us or do you get the vibe she wants to leave us as soon as possible?
Xerra: Wasn't she the one that kept asking to stay longer?
Rei: I'm beginning to think it was for Pinku only… we're just a package deal.
Xerra: I dunno if I would call us that...

Pinku taps on the counter boredly as her shift begins to end.

Bianca: Can't wait for your shift to end, huh?
Pinku: Eh, yeah.
Bianca: Yeah, I get it. This place can be a real bore sometimes… if business doesn't pick up soon, we're probably out of here pretty quick.
Pinku: We're in a pretty good spot… I dunno what's contributing to our low turnout in the summer, all things considered.
Bianca: It will remain a mystery.

Bianca sweeps up a bunch of chips into a dustpan as Pinku glances at the clock, with two minutes left on her shift.

Pinku: Do you think anyone's gonna care if I end the shift just a tad early…?

Bianca shrugs. Pinku punches out and hangs up her apron.

Pinku: Alright, I'm outies.
Bianca: See ya!

Pinku starts walking home from the restaurant before suddenly Ingrid appears, their faces nearly touching as Pinku nearly slams into her.

Pinku: JEEZ! You really need to tell people when you're gonna pop out of nowhere…

Ingrid grins sheepishly as she floats in the air.

Ingrid: Sorry, I couldn't wait to get you back, cutie!

Pinku can't help but blush. Ingrid offers her hand and Pinku takes it, teleporting to the mansion.

Pinku arrives at the mansion, with Rei and Xerra boredly reclining on a couch as Marina plays on her Nintendo Switch.

Ingrid: Are you ready for our date tonight?
Pinku: Mm, ready as I'll ever be, I suppose.
Ingrid: Great! Come with me.

Ingrid leads Pinku by the hand down a flight of stairs into a cavern-like area, where tables and chairs are set up, with candles in the center of each of the tables. Jade Golems wander around in waiter outfits. Water surrounds the rocky ground. Pinku is somewhat in awe at how nice it looks.

Pinku: Huh, this is really nice. You even set up all these other tables, even though it's just us two…
Ingrid: Well, it's more the golems than me… haha, I don't want to take ALL the credit, although I do want a lot of credit… anyway.

Ingrid pulls out a chair for Pinku, Pinku sitting down as Ingrid sits down opposite of her.

Ingrid: How was work?
Pinku: Oh… boring, haha.

Pinku watches some wine being poured into a glass by a Jade Golem.

Pinku: How about you?
Ingrid: Ah, just hanging out with your friends… I don't find them quite as interesting as you.
Pinku: Oh? Huh, would have thought Rei would have interested you.
Ingrid: I might be from the arcane side of things, but I'm not so easily swayed by the dead…

Ingrid sheepishly grins.

Ingrid: I sense… hardship in your life in places the others lack. The connection I crave, the connection I want to protect. Give me your hand.

Pinku nervously holds out her hand as Ingrid rubs her fingers across it.

Pinku: What are you doing?
Ingrid: Palm reading.

Ingrid continues to read her palm for a bit more before recoiling back into her chair.

Ingrid: You have a sordid past, you know.
Pinku: Oh?
Ingrid: Mm… yes. I don't suppose anyone told you the real reason you were left with your grandfather?
Pinku: ...what is it?
Ingrid: Both of your parents left you there. They had bigger duties than you, apparently.
Pinku: What? Are they both still alive?
Ingrid: That, I was not able to tap into. You don't even know your parents, do you?
Pinku: I… don't. You're right.
Ingrid: Well, you don't need to worry about them anymore. I'm here for you. I will always be here for you.
Pinku: Hah… fun date.

Pinku leans down.

Ingrid: Right, sorry. I suppose that's not the best way to open that kind of thing.
Pinku: Well, like, how am I supposed to react to that?
Ingrid: Like the sorrow I experienced. I didn't know my parents either; they apparently died in a kraken attack when I was a mere child and I was the only survivor. For years, I was guided by mermaids, and left to fend against the evil in the world by myself. Does that sound familiar?
Pinku: ...yeah, actually.

Ingrid smiles.

Ingrid: A lot of what hurt about that pain was being alone. That's why I see you in the light I do… we never have to suffer again if we're together.
Pinku: I hear you… and I want to believe in that too… but Marina…

Ingrid glances down.

Ingrid: I know this kind of relationship is hard to keep, but believe me when I say I love you just as much.

Pinku folds her arms.

Pinku: I… just don't know about that. It's… difficult for me to handle, I guess.
Ingrid: Give me a chance, will you?

Ingrid smiles. Pinku shakes her head softly before glancing at the Jade Golems bringing in a pair of salad bowls.

Pinku: Finally…

Pinku grabs a fork and starts eating. Ingrid starts eating slowly.

Ingrid: Why are you so afraid of that concept of me being able to love multiple people?
Pinku: I'm not afraid of it. Just for me… I don't think it'll work. I dunno. Being in a relationship is already tough as it is… last one I had ended in a relative disaster, so excuse my caution when it comes to something like this.
Ingrid: I get it.

Ingrid pokes her salad before biting into it.

Ingrid: But… I do think you ought to try it… you make me so happy even with your short stay here so far.
Pinku: What if I bore you when you find more interesting girls to spend time with? Am I going to be sitting here, waiting in line?
Ingrid: What? No…

Ingrid shakes her head.

Pinku: I just wanna know what this is going to be like in six months. I want to know what it's going to be like for two years.

Ingrid sighs.

Ingrid: I dunno what the future will hold. I hope it holds you, though.
Pinku: That's not good enough.

Jade Golems come in with spaghetti, covered with marinara sauce and pesto. They set the plates down.

Ingrid: Alright, put your feelings away for a second. This is as good as it might get for you. A woman willing to love you, who lives in a extravagant mansion, and you won't have to work another day in your life.

Pinku takes a moment to breathe in.

Pinku: Is any of that going to matter if it all feels so hollow?

Ingrid eats her pasta.

Ingrid: It's not for me.
Pinku: I kind of want my accomplishments to be my own, you know?
Ingrid: I've already accomplished so much for you! All you have to do is stay here and be safe from the world.

Pinku eats slowly.

Pinku: I've been in so many scrapes... I stopped living a safe life so long ago when my grandfather died. If I wanted a safe life, I don't think I would be still in this conversation.

Ingrid sighs.

Ingrid: Well, this is turning out to be a complete bust so far.
Pinku: Look, I'm sorry. I just have... issues with what you propose and you don't want to budge on any of it.
Ingrid: I get it.

Ingrid leans back.

Ingrid: I get it completely.
Pinku: Where is this going?
Ingrid: Oh... nowhere. I just need to use the restroom. I'll be right back.

Pinku goes back to eating her pasta as Ingrid retreats up stairs to her study.

Rei floats upside down, folding her arms.

Xerra: What are you doing?
Rei: Oh… just trying to think of ways to pass the time. Shit… what if we started a band? We could call it "Pink Lemonade" because me and Pinku are pink and you're yellow. Kind of like pink lemonade? I dunno.
Xerra: I don't… hate it.
Rei: Alright, for our first song, we should call it "COCK".
Xerra: Oh, this is another outlet for you to talk about sucking dick, huh.
Rei: It doesn't have to be. You can pitch ideas too.
Xerra: Man, I'm not musically talented. Doubt anyone is.
Rei: Yeah… you're right, I dunno any instruments. One hell of a dancer though.
Xerra: I've never seen you dance.
Rei: Really? Huh, that's a shame.
Xerra: I mean, you can do it right now, if you want.
Rei: Nah, not really in the mood.
Marina: You guys sure do talk a lot.

Marina glances at them, putting her Switch down for a second.

Marina: Anyway, I mean, I can sing.
Rei: Oh… I dunno if we're pushing with that whole band thing anymore.
Xerra: You really need to keep up with us, you know? You don't know what kind of crazy stuff we get up to and then you're laying in our dust.
Marina: Whatever. Ingrid's probably kicking you out tonight.
Xerra: We can leave at our own accord!

Xerra glances at the fridge.

Xerra: I need to grab my chicken tenders though.
Marina: The dinosaur ones? What are you, five?
Xerra: Haha, you hear that? What are you, five? How about five million!
Rei: You were out for that long?
Xerra: Actually, I forget. But it was a long time. I was kind of in cyrosleep the majority of it.
Marina: Seriously, what the hell are you guys talking about?
Rei: Oh, Xerra's a time traveller, so she says. She came from a dark future to prevent it, so I guess she's just stuck here!

Rei shrugs.

Xerra: Yeah, that's more or less what happened.
Marina: Whatever…

Marina goes back to playing on her Switch.

Ingrid claps her hands as she comes back down to the cavern area. Pinku glances at her.

Pinku: Some bathroom break. That was quick.
Ingrid: Ah, I cut like, a minute just teleporting everywhere. How are you?
Pinku: Eh. I'm fine, I guess. I'm about full.
Ingrid: Dessert's pretty short.

A Jade Golem comes in, carrying two plates of green gelatin.

Pinku: What is it, Saint Patrick's day?
Ingrid: I just like green! You like pink, don't make me tease you for that...

Ingrid giggles. Pinku smiles softly.

Pinku: Damn, I wish I didn't have so many hangs up with you because you're actually pretty cute.
Ingrid: Yeah… that's a real shame, isn't it?

Pinku eats the gelatin and puts her fork and spoon on the table.

Pinku: Well, I'm done. Gonna grab Rei and Xerra and go.

Ingrid stands up.

Ingrid: Well, I had a good time with you. I hope I can see you in the future.
Pinku: Maybe. I dunno, my heart is real dumb.
Ingrid: Yes… haha.

Pinku seems a little unnerved but heads up anyway.

Ingrid: Hey… um… before you go, can I kiss you?
Pinku: Eh, sure, why not?

Pinku kisses Ingrid on the lips and heads back up stairs.

Pinku: Alright you two, we're heading off.
Rei: Finally.
Pinku: Had enough?
Rei: I mean, I was warming up, but I dunno… kind of lost feeling about it.
Pinku: Yeah, I get you.

Xerra goes to open the door, fiddling with the handle.

Rei: Goddamn it, don't tell me you forgot how to open doors…

Rei tries at the handle too, finding it locked. Rei shrugs as she attempts to phase through the door, suddenly getting rocked back into the edge of the room.

Pinku: Wait…

Pinku attempts to open the door, confirming it's locked before she charges up an Aura kick, attempting to kick the door down. She floats away from the door before being dropped in the middle of the room.

Pinku: Hey, what gives?

Ingrid starts walking up the stairs, looking regretful.

Ingrid: I'm sorry Pinku, but I'm not going to let you leave.

Episode 5: Lime Bright

PinkLemonade LimeBright

The conclusion to the Lime Mansion arc. Pinku, Rei, and Xerra are now trapped in Ingrid's mansion- and she refuses to let Pinku go.

Pinku keeps fiddling with the door knob, pulling on it before giving up.

Pinku: Ingrid, now is not the time to do this yandere act! It's not cute or funny, right now, anyway...
Ingrid: It's an act of desperation, Pinku. Surely you understand that. If I can't have you… well, nobody can.

Pinku pulls back her fist, attempting to punch down the door before just exhaustively falling to her knees.

Pinku: I want to go home, Ingrid.
Ingrid: How would you? My home is miles away from yours.
Pinku: I can just call a Uber, I guess…
Ingrid: It's too dangerous for you to leave my loving grasp, Pinku. I saw it on your hands, I see it in your eyes. Your soul is tired and weary, Pinku. It'll fight back against me because it doesn't know what it wants. But I know what it wants.
Rei: I'm the only one qualified enough to talk about souls and that is not how it works.
Xerra: I was getting pretty sick of you anyway, so…

Xerra charges forwards towards Ingrid, baring her claws for a moment only for Ingrid to completely side step it with a float and cuts her with a energy blade of green magical energy. Xerra falls over, grunting.

Xerra: Fucking ouch…

Xerra gets up, attempting to slug at Ingrid again. Ingrid casts some blue magic between her hands, creating a boomerang of wind.

Ingrid: Wind Boomerang!

Ingrid launches it, Xerra being thrown back at the far edge of the room. Rei floats over to her.

Rei: Alright, are we really doing this?

Rei zips over to Ingrid, who keeps summoning slime blobs over Rei's head, only for her to swiftly dodge.

Rei: Really pulling all the stops out on this, huh?

Rei summons a giant red rocket and rides it into Ingrid. Ingrid is blown back a bit as Pinku jumps against the wall and fires off pink lemon shaped projectiles, which are reflected with a mirror spell from Ingrid. Ingrid looks at three tiredly and fires off a pink colored beam at Rei.

Ingrid: Transmute!

Rei's arm turns into gumballs.

Rei: Huh? Why am I feeling so… loose...

Rei falls to the ground, transforming her into a bunch of gumballs, which scatter across the floor.

Pinku: Hey, what the…?

Ingrid points to Xerra, shooting a golden beam.

Ingrid: Transmutate!

The spell transforms her into a golden statue. Xerra falls to the floor with a thud. Pinku stares at her transmuted friends.

Pinku: What did you d-do?
Ingrid: Oh, they'll be fine if I ever bother transmuting them back. They were just being annoying.
Pinku: They were trying to escape! You didn't even want them here!
Ingrid: Yeah, well, it was clear you weren't going to stay here and they were going to go. Next best thing, right? I get it may seem pretty traumatic, but they're perfectly fine. Heck, they're in a dream-like sleep right now. They're… happy.

Pinku quivers her lip.

Ingrid: I'm not going to transform you, of course. You can rest those fears easily.

Pinku storms off upstairs, Ingrid looks to Marina.

Ingrid: Man, I hope I didn't scare her too bad…

Marina gets up, kicking Xerra's golden head softly.

Marina: That's real gold, huh?
Ingrid: Yeah, it's how I built my wealth and all.
Marina: Were you lying about the whole sleep thing? Are they actually going to be fine?
Ingrid: I've cast it on myself before- took days for Toronto realize what happened and fixed me up. They should be fine.

Ingrid picks up a gumball.

Ingrid: Although, admittedly, I have no idea what happens if you're not in one piece. She was already dead though…

Ingrid shrugs.

Ingrid: I'll just store her in a glass jar.

Ingrid summons a Jade Golem, who begins to pick up the gumballs off the floor as Ingrid teleports away. Marina glances as the Jade Golem does his work.

Rei wakes up, having washed up ashore on a pink beach.

Rei: Oh shit, did I die?

Rei gets up before realizing she was already dead prior.

Rei: Oh. Right. I was… already dead.

Rei looks up to the sky, a hazy pink mix of blue and pink.

Rei: Guess it's just me and my thoughts? Let's see… last thoughts were "oh fuck, my arm is turning into gumballs", then I blanked out. Now I'm here.

Rei lays in the sand.

Rei: Yeah, this doesn't feel like real sand. It's like.. the sensation is being spread across hundreds of me…

Another Rei can be spotted in the distance, waving.

Rei: Oh?

Rei floats over to the other Rei, glancing over.

Another!Rei: Hey sexy, what's going on?
Rei: Oh shit, that's what I was gonna say!

Both Reis giggle.

Another!Rei: I dunno what's going on, do you?
Rei: Hell no.
Another!Rei: Do you care?
Rei: Nope. I mean, it's a beach. We should just enjoy our time here. I'm sure Pinku will get out of this situation when she can.
Another!Rei: Sounds good. Wanna make out?
Rei: Yeah!

Pinku crosses her arms in her room, deeply troubled by Ingrid's actions. She can hear Ingrid knocking on the door.

Pinku: Go away. I don't want to talk to you.
Ingrid: I made a pitcher of pink lemonade for you… come on, talk to me.
Pinku: Alright: go away. There, talked to you plenty.
Ingrid: Your friends are fine! They're going to be fine. I have no need to chop up the yellow one to sell as materials.
Pinku: Her name was Xerra, you bitch.

Ingrid freezes before sulking away.

Ingrid: I'll come at a later time.

Ingrid leaves the door alone, Pinku falling back on the bed. She looks just truly defeated, unable to get out of this situation in any way.

Pinku: Ugh… guess I'll be using myself as a sounding board again, like I used to at the old apartment.

Pinku just stares at the ceiling.

Pinku: She's likely trapped the premises through some kind of security magic- given her ability to teleport, she could easily bypass it, but as for someone like me, I'm not sure how I'd pull something like that off…

Pinku turns to her side.

Pinku: I've never seen a teleporting Aura move before- maybe I'd have to invent one?

Pinku turns to her other side.

Pinku: Well, whatever the answer is… I sure am sleepy…

Pinku yawns as she falls asleep, kicking off her shoes as she curls on the bed.

Xerra lifelessly floats through what appears to be space before she opens her eyes, erratically breathing. The stars around her are a golden color.

Xerra: Where… am I?

Xerra turns around completely, taking in the space.

Xerra: I guess this is a dream of some kind- that's funny, I could have sworn I just saw Rei get turned into a bunch of gumballs.

Xerra shakes her head.

Xerra: I guess I am alone out here, though…

Xerra spins around, bored, before noticing a purple portal in the distance. She "swims" over to it, before jolting back as a person steps out of it, a purple oddity with white gloves and boots on.

Xerra: What the...? Who are you?
Oddity: Oh, me? I'm Dream Boy. Pleased to meet you!

Dream Boy outstretches his hand, which has enlarged fingers. Xerra shakes it cautiously.

Dream Boy: Yeah, this doesn't look good. I think this is another one of those trapped in gold dreams. I tell you, living transmutation is real bad about this kind of thing.
Xerra: ...transmutation?
Dream Boy: Yeah, you've probably been turned into gold, or hell even silver, maybe even copper. I dunno what the exchange rate is, I've been living outside of time for a long time.

Dream Boy shrugs.

Xerra: Well, wait, how do I wake up?
Dream Boy: Uh, you can't. Your mind is barely there to begin with- all is left is your bare consciousness, trapped inside a object. Sometimes it decays for the lucky- othertimes people's sanity becomes corrupted over decades. You gotta figure out a way to get un-transmuted; that's the law of equivalent exchange. Of course, your body was sacrificed for the weight of something less than a human life, so… I dunno, it'll be tough.
Xerra: Well, that's really comforting.
Dream Boy: Ay, I'm just trying to explain. Anyway, I gotta jet.

Dream Boy opens a portal and plunges inside, contorting his body cartoonishly.

Xerra: That's… just great… ugh.

Xerra floats in space, just utterly defeated.

Pinku wakes up from her sleep, walking out slowly out of her room. All the lights are cut off, Pinku walks down the hallway with caution.

Pinku: Hmm…

Pinku makes her way down to the kitchen again, checking the fridge for the pitcher of pink lemonade.

Pinku: Here we go…

Pinku grabs a glass cup and pours it in the cup, drinking it as quietly as she can, which turns out to be kind of loud.

Pinku: Ah…

Pinku walks around the empty mansion, looking for Xerra and Rei. A figure moves in the dark, walking towards Pinku.

???: Hey, what are you doing up so late?
Pinku: Ah, shit!

Pinku leaps back as Marina steps into a more visible light. She looks at Pinku.

Pinku: I took a nap, so I figured I'd get something to eat and… well, here I am, haha…

Pinku glances around before sighing.

Marina: You're looking for your friends, right?
Pinku: Yeah…
Marina: They're both probably in Ingrid's study. Ingrid… gets like that sometimes. She'll set them away from that prison state eventually.
Pinku: Do you know this, or do you think this.
Marina: Admittedly, the latter.
Pinku: I dunno what to really think about this whole situation. Did she trap you here too?
Marina: No… I came very willingly.

Marina leans against the wall.

Marina: I was in a bad situation with my father. He was frustrated I hadn't married yet- I was focused on my studies and didn't want to be some… sort of homemaker, I guess. Truth be told, I don't care for men either, which Ingrid quickly latched onto. I moved out pretty quickly afterwards, taking my belongings and leaving dad to figure out the rest.
Pinku: Ah, so it's just me she's freaking over then.
Marina: To be fair, I never saw this side of her.

Marina sighs.

Marina: I don't agree with it either, but I don't think I get to exactly choose how to talk to her about it. This is profoundly messed up; I wish she would be more understanding for you. It's not like I particularly feel the same way she does about you- no offense.

Marina raises her head.

Marina: She's sleeping upstairs. I went down to read stuff for homework.
Pinku: Right… homework. I know what that is.

Marina seems a bit confused by that entire statement, but recoils her attention.

Marina: Anyway, it was good talking to you.
Pinku: Yeah…

Marina retreats back into the study of the mansion as Pinku goes back to her room.

Rei is now surrounded by a bunch of other Reis, who use palm fronds to fan her.

Rei: Now this is the life.
Another!Rei: But which one of us is the original Rei?
Yet Another!Rei: Yeah, I feel like this is a bit one-sided for us to palm frond a single Rei.
Rei: I'm the first one to come into consciousness, of course, I'm the original Rei.
Another!Rei: How do we know that?

The palm fronds stop.

Rei: You guys didn't need to stop, come on.

Rei waves her hand as Dream Boy exits out of a portal, glancing around.

Dream Boy: Oh shit, why are there hundreds of you?
Rei: I think I was turned into gumballs, so my consciousness was split that many ways?
Dream Boy: Aren't you already dead?
Rei: Hey, better question: who the fuck are you? What the fuck are you?

Dream Boy signs.

Dream Boy: My name is Dream Boy. I'm uh, the guy that goes around from dream to dream, doing stuff my boss tells me to do.
Rei: Hey, have you seen a Beorn girl named Xerra?
Dream Boy: Um…
Rei: I dunno. I would think she's probably going under something similar.
Dream Boy: As a matter of fact, yes.
Rei: Okay, cool. Can you tell her that this is really scary and I miss her?

Dream Boy nods, starting to exit out of a portal.

Rei: This shit sucks.

Pinku wakes up the next morning, groaning as she goes down stairs. She sees Marina waiting at the table as Jade Golems make waffles.

Pinku: Heyo, Marina.
Marina: Hey. You found your friends yet?
Pinku: No…

Pinku pours herself a glass of orange juice as Marina watches.

Marina: God, this shit sucks.

Ingrid teleports in the room, kissing Marina and Pinku on the cheek. Pinku recoils slightly.

Ingrid: Hello! Good morning!

Pinku crosses her arms.

Marina: I think she's giving you the silent treatment.

Pinku nods, leaning back in her chair.

Ingrid: That's fine… Today's a friday, so that means you have school off… we could do anything you're interested in, Marina.

Marina glances over to Pinku.

Marina: I think maybe you should just let her go…
Ingrid: Uh, why would I do that?

Ingrid shakes her head as she looks at Pinku.

Marina: She clearly wants to leave and you're not letting her! This isn't the Ingrid I know.

Ingrid breathes out slowly before turning her head to Marina.

Ingrid: I just think if-
Marina: Why are you being so stubborn about this?

Pinku lays back in her chair.

Ingrid: It's hard to find people that feel the same way I do. I crave connection, a lot of it. I guess that's why I get so possessive.

Ingrid sighs.

Ingrid: I want her to spend more time here. For her to get more comfortable, perhaps...
Marina: Ingrid.

Marina crosses her arms.

Marina: You have to let her go.
Ingrid: Sigh… alright.

Pinku's eyes perk up.

Ingrid: Yes, really. Let's go see your friends and turn them back.

Xerra watches as Dream Boy pops out of a portal.

Xerra: Oh hey… did you hear back from Rei?
Dream Boy: Yeah… she sent me to relay a message… and well, what else am I supposed to do.
Xerra: Cool. What did she say?
Dream Boy: "Can you tell her that this is really scary and I miss her?" Exact words.
Xerra: Heh. Not like her to be like that.
Dream Boy: Yeah, her dream was umm… hrm. I dunno how to put it…
Xerra: Self-masturbatory?
Dream Boy: Yeeeah.
Xerra: Yeah, that's Rei alright.

Xerra laughs before letting out a really long sigh.

Xerra: How about you tell her that I'm scared too?
Dream Boy: I'll do that.
Xerra: Thanks.

Xerra floats off in space, wrapping her arms around herself as she looks at Dream Boy, who exits through a portal.

Ingrid, Marina, and Pinku enter Ingrid's study. Ingrid picks up a diamond and holds it between her thumb and index finger.

Ingrid: Your ghost friend will be easy to alchemize back, although admittedly I've never tried to alchemize a Beorn back into the world.
Pinku: Mm.

Ingrid picks up the jar of gumballs and places it inside a panel inside the wall.

Ingrid: See, I just need to grab this diamond and put it in the other slot and…

Ingrid places the diamond into the second panel and presses a golden button, a machine whirring to life as it spits out stream in the room. Pinku coughs as Rei enters back into the world.

Rei: Oh fuck, I'm back!

Rei glances around before hugging Pinku. Pinku hugs back, still looking at Ingrid.

Pinku: Now, Xerra.
Ingrid: Of course. Like I wasn't going to forget.

Ingrid lugs up the golden statue of Xerra up and places her in a panel in the wall. She presses the button and steam shoots out, but the panels open to reveal that Xerra is still trapped as a gold statue.

Ingrid: Hrm.
Pinku: What's the hrm for?
Ingrid: Well, usually these alchemical crystals work on just about anything. I don't know why it's not working right now…
Marina: Probably because it's not worth the value of what you want to bring back.
Ingrid: A Beorn is worth more…? That's… interesting to say the least. How does anyone conflate the value of life?
Rei: I dunno…
Marina: Well, press the button again.
Ingrid: It's not going to work.
Marina: No… it'll work.

Ingrid shrugs as she goes over to press the button. Marina looks weirdly tense as Pinku looks at her.

Pinku: Why do you look so t-

Ingrid presses the button as the machine whirrs to life. Marina runs and jumps into the synthesizing panel with the diamond, the machine whirring as it converts Marina into an alchemizing ingredient.

Ingrid: Marina?!
Marina: It's what I want.

Marina slowly transforms into a crystalline statue, falling over as Pinku and Rei look over in shock. Xerra becomes animated, finally coming back to life as she moves her limbs.

Xerra: Oh... thank god…

Xerra looks around.

Xerra: Why does everyone look so stunned?

The crystal statue of Marina falls to the floor. Ingrid picks it up and cradles it in her arms.

Ingrid: It's what she wanted.

Ingrid opens the front door. Xerra holds the dinosaur nuggets as Rei and Pinku walk down the steps. Rei is more so floating, but regardless, they are all leaving.

Ingrid: Sorry about everything. I need to… rethink the way I do a lot of things.

Ingrid sighs heavily.

Ingrid: Anyway. You should be able to get home via that jeep. Consider it a no-strings attached gift… it's the best I can do after all I've done.
Pinku: Anyone know how to drive?
Rei: Yeah, I can manage something…
Pinku: Well, thank you Ingrid. Sorry about…
Ingrid: It's what she wanted. I couldn't have predicted she would have done that.

Ingrid gazes at Pinku.

Ingrid: I know this is a bad time… but if you ever have second thoughts…

Pinku just crosses her arms.

Pinku: Mm… I don't know the future, but it's mighty unlikely.
Ingrid: Well, good luck out there anyway.

Pinku, Xerra, and Rei get into the jeep.

Pinku: What should we do tommorow?
Rei: I dunno, might be fun to hit the beach.
Pinku: I could go up for that.
Rei: Really?
Pinku: Yeah… it's been forever since I've gone to the beach, why not?
Xerra: I'd love to come with!

Xerra starts to open the dinosaur nuggets box and devours them.

Xerra: Kind of cold… but not too bad…

Pinku can't even muster the strength to tell her that they should probably be cooked in a microwave.

Pinku: Some crazy week it's been…

Rei nods her head as they ride off into the sunset.


Episode 6: Connecter

PinkLemonade Connecter

Pinku and Rei go to the beach while Xerra lays at home, apparently sick and refusing to have to burden anyone to watch over her. Xerra attempts to fight off the sickness, but it may have more implications than she realizes.

Xerra groans on the couch, her eyes shut sickly. Rei and Pinku are talking in the other room, unintelligible to her ears. Rei turns to Pinku, both of whom are in swimsuits.

Rei: Should we ask Xerra if she wants to come? She's looking pretty sickly…
Pinku: Mm… yeah, just to be nice.

Pinku walks into the living room, leaning down.

Pinku: Hey, me and Rei are going to go to the beach, do you wanna go?
Xerra: Nuh… nah.

Xerra turns her body over as Pinku nods.

Rei: Alright, I guess we're starting up the beach trip without Xerra, huh?
Pinku: Guess so. She just turned over and went back to sleep.
Rei: Wonder what got her sick.
Pinku: Probably those dinosaur nuggets. She ate them frozen and like, after 2 days… did we even check the expiration date on it?
Rei: Meat expires?
Pinku: Heh, maybe that's how you died. Expired meat.
Rei: Mmm… well... I dunno, it could have been that. To be frank, I have seriously no recollection on how I died.
Pinku: Let's just get moving, it's kind of a drive…
Rei: Yeah… alright.

Rei grabs a beach ball as Pinku picks up Rei's tea cup. Xerra groans and Pinku gets another look at her.

Pinku: Should I send anyone to come just watch over you or…?
Xerra: Just go…

Pinku nods and leaves.

Xerra grunts as she turns violently on the couch, falling into a deep sleep. She stands in a black void with a mirrored surface, looking around in the dark.

Xerra: Hello?

A small portal opens up as Dream Boy shoves himself through.

Dream Boy: There you are! Hey!

Xerra blinks.

Xerra: Wait, what are you doing here?
Dream Boy: Oh… I don't know, actually. I think I was supposed to find Rei…
Xerra: I mean, we got out of being alchemized so…
Dream Boy: Oh really? That's great!
Xerra: I mean, I dunno if it was great to see some girl turned into a crystalline statue to resurrect my sick self…
Dream Boy: Oh… yeah, that kind of stuff has a cost to it, huh.
Xerra: What do you do, anyway?
Dream Boy: I mean, I just do what my boss tells me to do…
Xerra: Who's your boss?
Dream Boy: Oh, his name is the Sand Man.
Xerra: The Sand Man…
Dream Boy: Yes, the Sand Man.

In the distance, something pops into existence.

Xerra: Did…

Xerra looks into the distance.

Xerra: Did that just pop into view?
Dream Boy: Yeah, that's how dreams work…

Xerra glances at the thing in the distance.

Xerra: Oh fuck.

Dream Boy curiously looks over.

Dream Boy: Wait… what the hell is that?

The camera zooms in to the face of this thing in the distance, revealing that it is Tennu. Tennu sticks it's tongue out.

Xerra: Oh… oh shit.
Dream Boy: What? What is it?
Xerra: I think that's Tennu.
Dream Boy: What the hell is a Tennu?

Xerra feels her hair rise up.

Xerra: I met him before. A long time ago when I was in the future, when I had fallen into a deep illness.

Xerra steps forward.

Xerra: I'm not sure exactly what it is… but it has some kind of connection to Unten. Whatever it is… I'm going to find out this time.

Dream Boy glances at her.

Dream Boy: I um… okay…

Dream Boy looks at it in the distance.

Dream Boy: You know what… I think I should probably go, I mean what good am I for…

Xerra grips his arm.

Xerra: You're coming with me, you know that now. I imagine your powers will be very helpful if I have to pry this sucker open for his secrets.

Dream Boy gulps.

Pinku and Rei are jamming out to This Is True Love Makin' from Capcom vs. SNK 2 while they drive to the beach.

Rei: Damn, this is hot. Where did you get this?
Pinku: Capcom vs. SNK 2, man. I burned a disc with this kind of music all the way back and I've just kind of dropped it where I can over the years.
Rei: It's some good shit, man.
Pinku: Mhmmm!
Rei: Heh. Look at us man, we've formed a real bond in such a short time.
Pinku: Ey, as houseowners, that's what we got, man.
Rei: You still have any kind of regrets about Ingrid…
Pinku: I mean, come on, she turned you two into objects. I wasn't going to stand for that.
Rei: Yeah, but she's rich. She could tap this ass all she wants as she has money, as far as I'm concerned, you know?
Pinku: Pfff. You sound bitter about her almost complete ignorance of you.
Rei: Come on, I'm an attractive ghost, right?
Pinku: I mean, sure.
Rei: Thank you. Was that so hard to say?
Pinku: Not really, no.
Rei: So why don't she love me, man?
Pinku: I guess you're just not really her type. I guess she likes women that fall under maybe a more… timid side, I guess, as opposed to crazy and uncontrollable.
Rei: You know what? Fair. Probably would blow her cards on crack and hookers anyway.

Pinku nervously laughs.

Pinku: You don't actually do that shit, right?
Rei: What, do you think I put up a front to seem cooler or edgier than I actually am? I'm a ghost. You can't send a ghost to jail.
Pinku: Guess that's true. I just don't want to get in trouble for that kind of shit, you know?
Rei: I don't really see how you would get in trouble for that…

Pinku rolls her eyes and points to her skin.

Rei: You know what? That's valid.
Pinku: Oh thank god, you just get it.
Rei: Yeah, I didn't really consider it, you know? But you make a good point. I guess just the lucky thing is we're out in the middle of goddamn nowhere.
Pinku: Yeah…
Rei: I like this jeep… but to be frank, I have no idea how Ingrid expected us to pay for gas.
Pinku: Ah shit, yeah, that's a good point. Guess I'm still going to use the bus.
Rei: Could probably sell it. I dunno. We're not doing that bad on gas.
Pinku: Good to know.
Rei: If we do sell it though, I want to budget the sale money.
Pinku: Hrm. That sounds like a mistake in the making.
Rei: Ey, just putting what I want out there.

Pinku nods.

Xerra and Dream Boy walk towards Tennu, who breathes ominously. Suddenly, it's vacant gaze slowly turns into a observant one as it points it's head down to look at Xerra and Dream Boy approach it, opening its mouth as neon blue vapors escape from the mouth.

Xerra: No turning back now.
Dream Boy: No, we absolutely can turn back, it's just you refuse to.

Tennu offers one of it's four hands onto the ground, with Xerra jumping on the paw with Dream Boy. It moves it towards it's open mouth, with Xerra making the leap inside as Dream Boy follows.

Dream Boy: Look someone has to say it… this is vore, right?
Xerra: God, shut the fuck up.
Dream Boy: Noted!

Xerra plunges into the darkness, Dream Boy following close by her.

Xerra: Mm… I was in here before, but it wasn't this dark.
Dream Boy: Wait, what was it like?
Xerra: It was like I was standing on the corpses of everyone from Zeon, and they were all screaming at me. Unten was there, and I killed him and Origin and Destiny weren't too happy about it.
Dream Boy: Origin and Destiny?
Xerra: The original two Beorns. They were probably created by The Other. You know who The Other is, right?
Dream Boy: Mm, vaguely?
Xerra: Yeah… alright, that seems to be enough.

Xerra keeps walking through the darkness.

Xerra: This is it, huh?

Xerra steps back, before realizing she can't.

Xerra: …

Xerra takes a step forward, kneeling down as she feels the ground.

Xerra: Feels… furry.
Dream Boy: I mean, now that you mention it…

The area around pops in with a dark blue color. Fish fall from in front of them, as if they're affected by a different kind of gravity.

Xerra: Fish?

Dream Boy shrugs.

Xerra keeps moving forward as cubic structures begin to block the exit, as Xerra begins increasing the pace of her own running. Dream Boy creates portals to keep moving forward.

Xerra: Huff! I thought we would be to take this more at our own pace…

Constellations of globes and stars whirr past her. Xerra jumps as she realizes she's now floating.

Xerra: Wait, is Tennu some kind of star gate tunnel then or..

Dream Boy floats next to her. Xerra scratches her head before they suddenly arrive at Tennu again.

Xerra: Now wait a minute! We were just there, weren't we?
Dream Boy: Ohh… I think I know what's going on.
Xerra: What? What the hell is going on?
Dream Boy: It's attempting to dissuade further investigation. It's hiding it's true purpose and using the dreamscape to do so. It's actively going to fight you if you search for answers.
Xerra: Well, shit, it's not like I'm going to wake up any time soon. It's not like I've got anywhere else to go...
Dream Boy: I don't think trying to fight against something that is this self aware is a good idea…
Xerra: That's a good point, but I also don't care. This thing has haunted me for a while now. Appearing in my dreams always in the background.
Dream Boy: Your funeral, I suppose.
Xerra: Mm.

Dream Boy waves as he creates his own portal to leave.

Xerra: Well, hang on, if you're just gonna go up and leave, can you give me any idea how I can fight against this… thing?
Dream Boy: Well.. alright. You keep trying to enter inside, that's your problem. I guess you went inside the first time, but you won't get anywhere with area that it can control.
Xerra: Hmm. Interesting.
Dream Boy: I… unfortunately think you might have to fight it.
Xerra: Well, shit. I ain't much of a fighter, more of a survivor.
Dream Boy: You said you have time, yeah? Figure it out.

Dream Boy sticks his thumb out as he exits. Xerra stands in space, glancing at Tennu, cracking her knuckles.

Xerra: I'm going to figure you out whether you want me to or not, you buggo.

Rei and Pinku's jeep pulls into the parking lot, the two girls climbing out of the jeep. Pinku holds the teacup steadily.

Pinku: Rei, is it honestly a good idea for you to come out here?

Pinku grips the teacup in her hand, almost trying to emphasize it.

Pinku: I mean, shit, if this breaks, you're just gonna be stuck in the Spirit Universe.

Rei paces around in her ethereal body boredly.

Rei: Pinku, you worry too much. The closest I've ever gotten to that thing breaking is when it got knocked off during a cocaine sesh.

Pinku sighs intensely.

Pinku: Alright then…

Pinku and Rei head down the beach setting, glancing over at a white beach tent.

Pinku: Huh, that's fancy.
Rei: Oooh, let's see if they have any shit to steal!
Pinku: I guess we could say hi, why not. No stealing.

Rei crosses her arms as Pinku walks towards the tent.

Pinku: Heyo!

A black haired woman, Rachel, looks up from her book and Sakeena glances over from her laptop.

Rachel: Oh shit, is that you Rei?
Rei: Yeah, it's me.
Rachel: Just gotta thank you for babysitting NULL again.

NULL groans.

NULL: Can we please not talk about when I was being treated like a kid…
Rachel: Right, sorry.
Rei: Oh shit, they grow up fast, huh?
Pinku: Wait, you babysitted NULL?
Rei: You told us to get jobs and I responded to the highest paying babysitter in the area!
Pinku: Still… isn't Rachel like, a celebrity or something?
Rachel: Aw come on, I'm no celebrity…
Sakeena: Oh hey, you were at the Derado Taco, weren't you?
Pinku: Me? Oh shit, that's Sakeena…
Rei: Unlike her, I don't get starstruck. Maybe I'd be a decent addition to the crew…

Rei mewls as she rests on top of Pinku's head, who looks very nervous among the group.

Pinku: No wonder this tent is so fancy looking…
Rei: Oh yeah, this bitch had a chance with a rich witch, which she totally squandered…

Rachel nervously laughs.

Rachel: Well, it's very nice to meet you two. It's a shame it's just the three of us out here…
Pinku: Oh, that's not a problem at all!

Pinku scratches the back of her head, elbowing away Rei's incorporeal body.

Rei: Oh hey, do you guys have spare towels? I didn't get any.
Pinku: Right, shit.
Rachel: Yeah, uh, there should be some here, somewhere…

Pinku puts her thumb up as she looks through the tent. Sakeena tosses her a towel.

Pinku: Oh, thank you!

Pinku grabs the teacup and heads out with the towel.

Pinku: Well, it was nice to meet you!
Rachel: No problem, just give us the towel back, okay?
Pinku: I'll do that!

Pinku goes off with Rei as Rachel goes back to reading her book.

Pinku: Man, what the hell was that… squandered my chances with a rich witch? You called me a bitch? Come on, you were there.
Rei: I'm just trying to pick up conversation, come on.
Pinku: Whatever…
Rei: C'mon, you're not mad at me, are you?
Pinku: I mean, a little? These people are celebs… kind of. I dunno. They're people you want to make a good impression with.
Rei: Pff… them? They're just a bunch of stuck up snots who think they're better than everyone else. Oh look at me, I'm a depressed bear...
Pinku: Heh, yeah.

Pinku sets down the towel near the crashing of the waves as Rei floats around.

Rei: Ehehe… sand…

Rei picks up some sand as she then phases it through her fingers, shivering excitedly as she does.

Pinku: That has to feel really weird…
Rei: Oh, it does! But that… mmfph, that's what makes it a lot of fun to touch.
Pinku: Heh.

Xerra breathes in and out as she looks at an asteroid.

Xerra: Mm… right, I need to work on fighting, right?

Xerra breathes out again.

Xerra: I'm going to need an weapon… everyone has a sword. Everyone has a gun. Let's… hrm.

Xerra closes her eyes as an axe teleports into her hands.

Xerra: Alright… an axe. That can work for me…

Xerra swings it, the length of the axe extending out like a whip as it hits the asteroid, cracking it. She swings it around, before pulling herself towards the asteroid.

Xerra: Oh, this is nice.

Xerra keeps swinging it around at asteroids, causing them to split and crack as she tethers to the asteroids.

Xerra: Heheh, yeah!

Xerra swings asteroids away as she floats over to Tennu.

Xerra: Let's see you take this, you big weird bastard!

Xerra extends the axe and buries the blade into Tennu's forehead. Tennu's cybernetic arm grips the axe length and Xerra zips over to him.

Xerra: Pffah. Nice try…

Tennu tries to snap the length of the axe that's still in his arm, but it just bends harmlessly. Xerra retracts it as she attempts to hit him in his head.

Xerra: Come on, tell me what the hell your deal is. I don't wanna make cosmic cuts if I don't have to.

Tennu roars, shaking Xerra off as she floats into space. She slams the axe back into his head.

Xerra: Nuh uh. Show me, tell me. Whatever it is, I need to know what the hell your deal is. Why did you show up to me the last time I was sick?

Suddenly vibrations shake the screen as Tennu roars. Blue vapors zip past Xerra and everything goes cyan.

Xerra wakes up in a pool of water, with golden tiles making up the tub. She gets out, shaking her wet fur as she keeps holding her axe. At the end of the hall is The Seer.

The Seer: Hello. My name is the Seer. I have devined the light cosmic from the time of the beginning and will until the end.
Xerra: Hey. So, is this how Tennu plans to show me what the hell the deal is?
The Seer: Mm, I suppose. You're right to the point, huh?
Xerra: I'm stubborn like that, sure.
The Seer: Well, let's begin.

The Seer opens the door, revealing a room of three mirrors. In the mirrors, three Beorns can be seen. Origin is in the first mirror, Unten is in the middle mirror, and Xerra is in the last mirror. The Seer points to the first mirror.

The Seer: This is the first Beorn, Origin.

The Seer points to the middle mirror.

The Seer: This is the linking Beorn, Unten.

The Seer points to the last mirror.

The Seer: And this is the last Beorn, you.
Xerra: Right. I think I got the idea when I walked into this room.
The Seer: We conflate the importance of Beorns because you were created to judge the universe. The deities needed to have some kind of watchman there to watch them, because if nobody did, we would have sprawled out of control a long time ago…

The Seer sighs.

The Seer: Balance is disrupted as of currently.
Xerra: Yeah, that's Unten's fault.
The Seer: Well, really, it has to do with you three in particular. There are many versions of the three of you, after all. Spread across the fragments from the Shattered Prime, of course.
Xerra: Oh, so it's my fault too?
The Seer: If you think you've time travelled only once, well… you're in for a shocker.

The Seer waves her hand up as the mirrors change to alternate versions of Xerra. Each looks tired and different, as if they've all been through different events.

The Seer: You see, Unten was split across space primarily. There are so many versions of him, some even infesting our universe as we speak.

The Seer pulls up a hologram of Reten, which spreads out to show Reten Prime and Spree.

The Seer: As for you… well, you're very special. You aren't split across space, you're split across time. Your escape pod keeps landing a million years in the future. Each time the present changes, the future does. And in some of those futures, you found a way back. You were the first… but it'll keep happening.
Xerra: Mm… okay. What does any of this have to do with Tennu…? I mean come on, that's what I really wanna know about.
The Seer: Tennu is the result of time anomalies as well. He's what remains of Unten's catalyst powers from Shattered Prime. Which is why he probably finds you so interesting.
Xerra: What about Origin? What's he done to disrupt the balance?
The Seer: He shouldn't even be technically alive. Yet… him and Destiny appear elsewhere. All the sightings have been in the unconscious realm… yet he's nowhere to be found in the spirit universe. We sure as hell can't find them in the physical realm either. We… strongly believe that Origin exists in a different form, something even beyond my understanding, which is saying something.
Xerra: So… wait, what is Tennu still doing here, then?
The Seer: He serves a greater purpose. Unten is what links everything together, because of the way he was split across time. Tennu merely is the gathering of those Untens, dispersing them when needed.
Xerra: Holy shit, can I stop you right here?
The Seer: What…?
Xerra: This is so stupid! Like, oh my god, Tennu was actually the thing that gathers all the Untens from time and what… disperses them across time when needed? Unten is that important that he needs a weird fucked up version of his catalyst powers to spread even more of his stupid ass across the universe?
The Seer: ...I mean, I can't say you're misunderstanding.
Xerra: It's so fucking great to hear that the multiverse seems to be dictated by three people, one of which we don't even understand how he's still here, his presence silent… and then we have Unten, who is such a pushover that he doomed my future and probably a zillion other ones, and then apparently I'm going to be a forever problem too.
The Seer: Well, I wouldn't really say it's dictated entirely by those three people.
Xerra: Well, it's mostly Unten, I guess.

The Seer sighs.

The Seer: I can understand your frustrations. This thing was kept from you and you just wanted answers that made sense to your perfectly reasonable questions, but… they absolutely didn't live up, did they?
Xerra: Right.
The Seer: No answer would have satisfied you, ultimately.
Xerra: No, it really wouldn't.
The Seer: That's unfortunate.
Xerra: Look, are we done?
The Seer: Well… there are a couple of things you need to do but-

The place begins to shake. Xerra and The Seer glance around worriedly as everything goes black.

Xerra floats aimlessly through space, slamming into a black cube with a white outline around it.

Xerra: What the…?

Xerra touches it, the cube opening up a small door on its side. Xerra floats down to it, entering inside into a huge workshop with a black and white color scheme.

Xerra: What is this place…

Suddenly a giant glowing white hand enters through the workshop, placing down a jar. Pained sighing can be heard.

???: Some words from your narrator's chair, huh…

The hand slips out. Xerra quickly shuffles silently to get a better look- seeing a very destroyed deity with melted black skin and glowing white parts across their body.

Xerra: What the…
???: I heard you loud and clear, yellow one. I don't quite recognize you. You're not on my list, are you?
Xerra: What is this? What… are you even?
???: Haw, nobody told you I was here, did they? Aktoz and Ektaz… so self absorbed. They recreated the universe without my help and they didn't even bother to get most of the details right.

The being sighs.

???: It's fine, whatever, I guess. I guess I'm just being bitter when I was played the fool. What was your question again? I kind… of lost some brain function a long time ago.
Xerra: What is this… what are you…?
???: Oh right. This is my work shop. Set it right here in the "New" Fantendoverse. That's apparently where we're staying… I dunno, I always found there was a bunch of other good choices, but they didn't seem… quite as developed as this. Not confusing enough to be the real thing. I suppose that's the by-product of free collaboration.
Xerra: What are you…?
???: Oh man, you really like to stay on task, huh? I like you. You know what to do with your time. Well, my name is… well, I guess it doesn't really matter. I'm just The Fool, but I have a job to do. I have to gather what's left from Shattered Prime and put it here. Stuff like Ella Metals… Strafe… Unten…. you know.
Xerra: We… already have a Strafe and Unten.

Xerra pauses for a moment, trying to think of what the hell he's talking about with "Ella Metals".

Xerra: ...I think we have a Ella Metals too, but she's not called that.
The Fool: No, I've seen them. They're nothing like what the Fan and the Enemy wanted from me… so I'm bringing them anyway.
Xerra: Wait… isn't that going to cause a ton of problems?
The Fool: I don't care, kid. I'm indebted and I've gone nuts over this mission. I will finish it.

The Fool picks Xerra up.

The Fool: Besides… you're the dope dreaming all of this, aren't you? I guess it's not really a dream. I dunno what you would call this.

The Fool's hand radiates brightly causing Xerra to squint her eyes.

The Fool: By the way, you dropped this.

The Fool picks up Xerra's axe, transforming it into his style.

The Fool: You can find that when you wake up, I guess. Truth be told, I need to get back to work.

He pokes Xerra in the chest as Xerra screams.

Xerra wakes up in a cold sweat, coughing violently.

Xerra: Oh my god… what was…

Xerra spits out some blood, getting up to wash her hands.

Xerra: Ughhh…

Xerra comes back in, trying to go back to sleep… but can't.

Xerra: No. What is this?

Xerra rolls around tirelessly.

Xerra: Maybe… maybe I just need to lay here and I'll fall back into a sleep.

Xerra tiredly stares at the ceiling.

Xerra: Man…

Pinku and Rei are building a sand castle, scooping up sand and forming a crude hill out of it as Rei occasionally scrapes away at it to make it look nicer.

Pinku: This is nice, you know?
Rei: Yeah… Xerra really doesn't get much out of these things, I don't really think.
Pinku: Eh, I dunno. Never would have pegged her for someone who enjoyed those dinosaur nuggets.
Rei: Well… I think it was more the idea. I mean, she ate them pretty raw and got sick.
Pinku: Speaking of that… we should probably head back… I mean, this was fun and all, but we should…
Rei: Well, let's stay just a little longer. I mean, they have fireworks…
Pinku: True. But… Xerra is home alone…
Rei: Oh shit. Do you think she set a bunch of very dangerous traps for would-be robbers?
Pinku: No… that's not what I even suggested.
Rei: Oh.
Pinku: Let's stay for a couple more minutes and then we'll go back home.
Rei: Alright...

Xerra groans as she still hasn't been able to sleep.

Xerra: Did the Fool kill my dreaming self or something?

Xerra gets up, staggering towards the kitchen as she looks through the fridge, grabbing a pitcher of water.

Xerra: I'll just get some water… I've barely hydrated at all…

Xerra pours a glass and just drinks it slowly as she hears some noises from Pinku's room. She walks over, opening the door to see Crow, on all fours, biting into a pillow.

Xerra: Aw god, did she break in?

Crow snarls as she crawls towards Xerra, Xerra just shaking her leg as she walks back out of the hallway.

Xerra: Aw… smells like piss too.

Crow crawls around before Xerra realizes the door has been open this entire goddamn time.

Xerra: Aw fuck, did Pinku forget to close it?

Xerra groans as she waves towards the door, Crow darting for the kitchen.

Xerra: You're not going to find anything, Crow… we don't really have a ton of food to begin with.

Xerra grunts.

Xerra: I'd kick your ass, but I'm sick.

Crow nods understandably before crawling out the door. Xerra closes it as she sighs.

Xerra: Well, at least one thing went right today.

Pinku and Rei walk over to Zellen's tent, which is now empty.

Pinku: Huh.
Rei: Wonder where they went… that's weird.
Pinku: Well, I got to return this…

Pinku tosses the towel into Rachel's chair as she and Rei walk off.

Rei: There we go. Let's get back to jeep.

Pinku throws out a hand, sticking a finger up.

Pinku: Hang up, I gotta wash my feet off.
Rei: Who cares? We're selling the jeep anyway…
Pinku: I don't wanna sit there, covered in sand…
Rei: Fine… go to the shower or whatever you all call it.

Pinku runs off, Rei waiting by the jeep.

Rei: It's been a long day…

Xerra groans as she tries to go back to sleep, only able to see black.

Ugh… this shit sucks.

The door opens as Rei and Pinku come in.

Pinku: Aw, are you still sick?
Xerra: Kind of… I can't even rest it off.
Pinku: Oh, what happened?
Xerra: …this is going to sound dumb, but a deity by the name of the Fool killed my unconscious self or something…
Pinku: Yeah, sounds like nonsense alright. Glad you seem okay, though, besides that.
Rei: Some kind of lovely sweet dream dream emulator thing going on in your head?
Xerra: ...did you say "dream" twice?
Rei: Yeah.
Pinku: Something stinks…

Pinku heads to her room.

Xerra: Pinku didn't close the door… so guess who got in.

Rei squints her eyes.

Rei: Did you pee in her bed?
Xerra: NO! It was Crow!

Pinku comes back out from the room, pissed off.

Pinku: Did you pee in my bed?
Xerra: No, god, it was CROW! You forgot to close the door!
Pinku: Right, like Crow would go here.
Xerra: She goes literally everywhere, my dude.
Pinku: Well, I suppose this is a matter for a different day.

Xerra grunts.

Pinku: That couch looks really uncomfortable…
Xerra: It's fine…
Pinku; No, it's like something's lodged underneath the cushions or something, here…

Pinku pulls Xerra off and has her get carried by Rei as she pulls off the cushions to reveal a shining white axe with a black, melted handle.

Xerra: Oh shit, that's the axe I made in my dream.

Pinku tilts it around slowly.

Pinku: Weird axe. Suppose I can't judge too much…

Pinku grabs Xerra and sets her back on the couch.

Pinku: I'll put this somewhere safe for when you get better, then?
Xerra: Yeah… yeah, that sounds good.

Xerra coughs as she rests on the couch.

Xerra: Good night ya'll…

Pinku goes to the kitchen to pour herself a glass of water.

Pinku: I vote we do nothing tomorrow, how about you Rei?
Rei: Finally, you're making sense.

Pinku swigs down the glass of water.


Episode 7: Bristles Beyond

PinkLemonade BristlesBeyond

Pinku wakes up slowly in the morning, stretching her legs before getting out of bed. She passes by Rei in the hallway as she heads to the bathroom to shower.

Pinku: Morning.
Rei: Morning!
Pinku; Heh, always excited for something, huh.

Pinku heads into the the bathroom, closing and locking the door behind her as she brushes her teeth.

Xerra gets up and stretches, better from her sickness that plagued her during the last episode. Rei comes in.

Rei: Oh hey, look who's feeling better!
Xerra: Yeah… ugh… what day is it?
Rei: It's the weekend!
Xerra: it Friday, Saturday, Sunday…?
Rei: Oh… hmm… let's see…

Rei flips through a calendar dated 1997 on the wall, which features pin-up pictures of witches.

Rei: Probably a friday…?
Xerra: those witches have dic-

Pinku walks into the room. Xerra's attention goes to her as Rei puts the calendar back up.

Xerra: Oh hey, where are you going?
Pinku: I have work.
Xerra: Aw come on, I just got better. I wanna go out of the house and a take a walk out in the park or something...
Pinku: You can do that with Rei, though…
Xerra: Yeah, I mean, I could, but um…

Xerra glances at Rei, who is looking through the calendar curiously.

Xerra: I'm kind of not feeling up to that?

Pinku rubs her forehead.

Pinku: We can take the long way to the bus station, I guess.

Xerra claps her hands together.

Pinku: Mm… don't do that again. I don't like how that looks.

Xerra nods as she follows Pinku out of the house.

Rei: Well, hey, wait for me…

Pinku sighs and looks to Xerra.

Pinku: It's your turn to hold the cup.
Xerra: Fine…

Xerra grabs the tea cup and takes Rei with her as they go outside, taking the long way to the bus station by going into the nearby park. Rei mewls as she lays her front on Xerra's head.

Rei: It's nice out today, you know? Wouldn't it suck if someone had work today?
Pinku: Hey… wait a minute, have you two gotten a job yet like we promised earlier?

Rei whistles quietly.

Pinku: Aha. You two still need to get jobs, you know that?
Rei: I dunno why I can't just suck guys off until we can pay the rent.

Pinku grits her teeth.

Pinku: That's illegal.
Rei: It's cash!
Xerra: It's fine… I'll find something for me and her to do, even if it kills me.
Pinku: You had a nasty sickness, you sure you're feeling fine?
Xerra: Yeahhh… don't worry about me. I got that all settled out.

Xerra cranks her head to the left and right.

Xerra: Got a lot of my cosmic questions out of the way too.

Pinku looks visibly confused and so does Rei.

Xerra:, you know, about cosmic beings and gods? That stuff?
Pinku: No clue what you're talking about, yellow.
Xerra: Oh cute, that's my name now?
Rei: Can be!
Xerra: Ugh… don't give me nicknames.

Xerra folds her arms. Pinku rubs the top of her furry head as Rei notices a ship begin to land down in the park.

Rei: Oh shit, a space shit!
Pinku: God, more aliens?

Xerra crosses her arms again as Pinku sighs.

Pinku: i didn't mean that in the way I did…
Xerra: Right…

Rei floats over to the scene. A green haired woman stumbles out.

Rei: Hello!
Green Haired Woman: Yo.

Pinku runs over with Xerra.

Pinku: Um, hi! Hello. Hey. What are you doing here?

Pinku cocks her to the right.

Green Haired Woman: Ah… you know. The thing I usually do, being a vigilante. We were told that there was a Doomuli on this planet.
Pinku: ...the Doomuli…
Green Haired Woman: Aw come on, you know those silly robot guys and have those goofy rhyming names? This planet is so confusing because half of the people on it seem to have a idea of what's going on in outer space, and half of them seem to barely understand there's more than half of the Earth that has gone uncharted in Distortion Mist.
Pinku: Huh? No, I know who the Doomuli are, we fought two in the afterlife.

The green haired woman looks at them very confused.

Green Haired Woman: You mean to tell me that you all don't know dick about space, but you do visit the afterlife… or something? What the fuck does that mean?
Pinku: Well, see, our friend is a ghost, so… she has the ability to bring people into the afterlife with her for a short time, I guess I should have called it the Spirit Universe first…
Green Haired Woman: Ugh, nevermind, I'm going to actually find and hunt this Doomuli down…
Rei: Well, hey, we can help!
Pinku: I have work, Rei…
Rei: Aw, can it, bird brain! A Doomuli battle is just the kind of excitement everyone here needs!
Xerra: I have been wanting to try out that new axe I got...

Xerra swings around her axe, which is made of molten black rock and a glowing white steel. The green haired woman whistles.

Green Haired Woman: Nice axe.
Xerra: Thanks!

Xerra swings it around a bit before leaning against it.

Green Haired Woman: Anyway… this Doomuli has the ability to turn invisible… their name was Doomulus Stein or something…
Pinku: Okay, if we're going to be talking about names, what's your name, Miss?
Green Haired Woman: Oh, it's just Thorn. Sorry, I figured the outfit would help.
Rei: It's a good outfit…
Pinku: Ugh, anyway, where did this Doomuli go? Maybe we can take care of it before I'm completely and totally late.
Thorn: Like I said, they're invisible, they could spring up at any time-

A Doomuli, made of a mishmash of parts of various creatures that were Doomulized, appears behind Thorn. Thorn swiftly kicks the Doomuli in the stomach from behind, before jumping up and flipping around to throw two knives at their shoulders.

Thorn: -Like that!

Thorn lands, skidding across the grass as Doomulus Stein gets up and shakes the knives off, their body becoming red and bigger.

Thorn: Doomulus Stein is said to be a fusion of several different parts of the Doomuli- nobody is actually sure what their original species was, nor do they know anything about what powers he possesses due to switching them out for what they deem the most powerful…
Xerra: Nice exposition dump lady, let's finish this!

Xerra shoots her axe blade forward, hooking it through their sternum as she brings Doomulus Stein towards them, preparing a kick. Thorn stands in a combat pose as Rei just kind of spins around with no idea what to do and Pinku just kind of stares at the battle very much tired with it already, crossing her arms.

Pinku: Yeah, I'm going to be late…

Pinku shoots off pink lemon shaped projectiles as Doomulus Stein is slashed at by Xerra with her giant axe. Thorn throws some more knives at Doomulus Stein as Rei keeps looking around, wondering what to do.

Rei: Hrm… what can I do that has combat potential… oh right, I have my spirit tools!

Rei cracks a grin as she creates a ghostly red rocket in front of her before riding it, slamming into Doomulus Stein and launching them away from the fight.


Doomulus Stein gets up, cracking their head as they glance at the group.

Doomulus Stein: Such a group of amateurs. Can't you see? You were using all those attacks on me for naught! Well… I should say for naught, as you did power up my ultimate attack…
Pinku: Ugh, this guy is such a waste of time…

Pinku starts gathering aura, creating a giant pink ball between her two hands.

Thorn: Hey… what power is that?
Xerra: Something called Aura.
Thorn: Hrn. I've… seen someone use it like that before, interestingly enough.

Doomulus Stein is still laughing as their chest glows with a brilliant red energy.

Doomulus Stein: GORE BEAM!

Pinku builds up quite the aura ball, now shaped like a lemon, as she grits her teeth. She sends out her ball at the same time as Doomulus Stein unleashes their Gore Beam.


The beam and the aura ball collide powerfully, almost seeming to counteract the other before the Harajuku Remon slices through the Gore Beam and slams into Doomulus Stein's chest, causing it to explode. Doomulus Stein collapses into the ground, bleeding quite a bit.

Doomulus Stein: I see I have underestimated the strength of my opponents… I will not make that mistake again.

Doomulus Stein runs off as Thorn barks.

Thorn: Shit, he's getting away…!

Thorn gets into her ship as a ship in the distance flies off. She glances at the three.

Thorn: Hey, you three, you wanna tag along and finish this guy?
Pinku: I really shouldn't…
Thorn: Aw man, really? You were great… we could absolutely use you to finish this dude off.

Pinku blushes furiously.

Rei: Aw, does someone have a crush on the mysterious knife girl from space?
Pinku: Shut up!
Rei: I mean, she does look like quite the snack…
Xerra: I want to go to space!

Xerra runs towards Thorn's ship. Pinku stammers as Rei is dragged by Xerra holding the cup.

Rei: You might only get one chance at this, Pinku!

Pinku folds her hands into fists.

Pinku: It's fine… I have unused sick days to still use… I can go one day without going to work…

Pinku runs towards the ship, which closes it doors as it begins to take off.

Pinku: Whew… this is either the biggest mistake I'm going to make in my life or…

Pinku dizzyingly looks out the window as they leave Earth.

Pinku: Well, I don't know.
Thorn: Well, I'm glad you've decided to join us, Pinku.

Pinku glances at Thorn, who twirls around a knife as she glances out the window into space.

Pinku: G-good.
Thorn: We stand a much better chance of getting that bastard with you three here. Excuse me for a second. I need to do something.

Thorn leaves the room as Rei floats over to Pinku.

Pinku: You better shut up…
Rei: Heh, you totally have a crush on her.
Pinku: Shut up!

Pinku looks around the cabin, which is littered with beer bottles, knives. A black haired woman stoops down to pick up the stuff on the floor.

Black Haired Woman: Wasn't expecting guests, but at this point I really should…

Pinku glances at her.

Pinku: Who are you?
Black Haired Woman: I'm Rose… uh, Thorn's co-pilot of sorts.

Rose taps on her mechanical arms quietly.

Rose: You three are?
Pinku: I'm Pinku, the yellow Beorn over there is Xerra, and the ghost pervert is Rei.

Rei waves her hand.

Rose: I see. Well, can you tell Thorn that we're going to need to seriously do something about the engine? She keeps putting it off. We need to buy a new one.

Thorn comes back into the room, pulling up her pants and buckling her belt.

Thorn: That's what this mission was for! It was to buy a new engine!
Rose: Well, we don't have much time left. I advise we get the new engine first.
Thorn: But then Stein is going to get away…
Rose: We've already lost his ship. I know the general direction he went, but it was too fast for the ship to be able to trace him, because again, we're running on a Synthem 3000 that's at least 4 years old…
Thorn: Ugh… fine. Make a stop to the Lifts then.
Rose: Doing that…

Thorn turns her attention to Pinku and Rei.

Thorn: Well, sorry about that, it looks we're going to need to make a errand before we go anywhere. That's fine with you, right, Pinku?
Pinku: I'm already skipping work, so it won't bother me given this is probably going to be a short errand… I mean, what could go wrong, really?

Thorn scratches her head.

Thorn: Yeah, hopefully…

Thorn lays back on the couch in the room, lounging back.

Thorn: Well, feel free to make yourselves at home. It ain't much, but we got a bathroom, a kitchen area, a living area, and two bedrooms in this small little ship.
Pinku: That seems bigger than our house…
Thorn: Well, let me emphasize that this is probably the biggest area on the ship.

Pinku looks around the room. This space can barely hold about 10 people in it.

Pinku: I see.
Thorn: Yeah, you can come over to see how small the bedrooms are, if you want. It's just a bed. A decently sized bed but a bed nevertheless…
Rei: Mm… maybe you could give me a more personal tour…

Rei floats over to Thorn, giggling.

Thorn: Ey, sure.

Thorn gets up as Rei follows her into Thorn's bedroom. Pinku sits down and breathes out as she glances over nervously as the bedroom door shuts behind them.

Xerra: Wonder why Rei wanted a tour. It's just a bed…

Pinku bites her tongue a little, looking for other distractions.

Doomulus Stein lands at a Doomuli outpost, where Doomulus Thai glances at them, sitting down on a chair against the wall to the entry point to the Doomuli Outpost.

Doomulus Thai: So, you're back, huh?
Doomulus Stein: Apologies. I was supposed to find the Red Orb… I regret to tell you I was unable to find it. I also sustained major damages through my fight with four warriors- one of which was sent to possible capture or assassinate me, I'm honestly not sure...
Doomulus Thai: Well, that checks out. What happened to your chest? Failed Gore Beam or something?
Doomulus Stein: Something like that, yeah.

Doomulus Thai folds her legs as she glances at them.

Doomulus Thai: Go in, get repaired or whatever.

Doomulus Thai stares at from the outpost into the skies, staring out at the purple night sky. Doomulus Rise is drinking a shake as they stare at Doomulus Thai, who crosses her arms now.

Doomulus Thai: What do you want?
Doomulus Rise: There is no Red Orb, is there?
Doomulus Thai: What are you talking about… the Red Orb is used to send Groudon into Primal Reversion, sounds pretty legit to me. The Doomuli could absolutely use the force of Groudon for terraforming efforts.
Doomulus Rise: Right, but that's… a legendary, or whatever. You keep sending our forces out on goose hunts on Earth, something's going on.
Doomulus Thai: Mm. Well, you figured me out. I need to check on the status of Earth to see if that repel a Doomuli attack or not. Not… that I even really suspect we will, given everything…
Doomulus Rise: A Doomuli with an allegiance to their planet still is a bad Doomuli, you know. That's what Prime says, anyway…
Doomulus Thai: Aw hush. You're only this high because we're working together. I suggest you shut your mouth lest you want to be on your own again.
Doomulus Rise: Don't worry, I won't...
Doomulus Thai: Good. What have you been up to?
Doomulus Rise: Oh, I dunno, torturing rebel scum or whatever. They were really tiny, had a big head, and not a lot of blood. Barely got anything out of them before they passed out. Really screamy.
Doomulus Thai: Sounds… like a kid.
Doomulus Rise: Ah shit, is that a bad thing? You're frowning.

Doomulus Thai just breathes out quietly.

Doomulus Thai: Don't you have other work to do?
Doomulus Rise: Right, right. Just wanted to check in with my co-rank!

Doomulus Rise enters through the outpost as Doomulus Thai squints her eyes.

Pinku enters the cockpit, where Rose is driving the ship. Pinku sits down in the seat next to her.

Pinku: So um… Thorn…
Rose: Mm? What about Thorn?
Pinku: Is she like, girlfriends with you or is it a poly thing or…?
Rose: Oh no! Hah… I wish… It's very much just Thorn does what she wants. She's… aromantic and a pansexual.
Pinku: A romantic?
Rose: No, she just isn't interested in relationships, really. She just doesn't feel that way towards anyone.
Pinku: Well… maybe….
Rose: Nah. I know you're gonna say, and a ton of other men and women have said it before, but she just doesn't. Nothing's wrong with her, that's just how she is.
Pinku: Ah… I see.
Rose: She is big into groups, you know. As small as the ship is, she manages to fit a ton of people into a tight space…
Pinku: I really don't need more details… thanks.
Rose: Say, we're about to enter the Lifts.
Pinku: Oh, are we really? That's great. I need some fresh air anyway.
Rose: know the Lifts generally suffers from a lot of air pollution, right?
Pinku: I did not. What are the Lifts, actually? I get my bread from there, but I don't know actually anything.
Rose: It's just basically a collection of worlds connected together through the "Zaxinian Lifts", crafted together by Zvyoline, the god of the universe that is connected to this one. Nobody is quite sure how the Lifts connects to this universe beyond the chains, but it's best to not question it, especially when we need a new engine.

Thorn comes into the cockpit, looking very sweaty.

Thorn: Back. How close are we?
Rose: Pretty close. Pinku, you mind hopping out of her seat?
'Pinku nods, hopping out of her seat as she sees Rei laying on the coach, completely exhausted.
Pinku: You had fun?
Rei: Y-yeah…

Rei breathes out softly as Pinku rolls her eyes.

Pinku: I'll suppose to ask you details later… I don't think Xerra would appreciate it.
Xerra: Guys, I'm not a child, I just think… it's kind of gross…

Thorn's ship pulls into the Lifts as the episode ends.


Chapter 8: Lift Your Spirits

PinkLemonade LiftYourSpirits

Fan-Tan-Doe appears laying on a blue armchair, reading from a book before putting it down and turning to the camera.

Fan-Tan-Doe: Hi! My name is Fan-Tan-Doe! I'm kind of the person my bosses use to recap and explain things that might not be clear to either lapsed readers or new ones.You can call me just Fan-Tan, or Doe if you want. Ms. Fan is also not a bad name… So… ahem…

Fan-Tan-Doe clears her throat.

Fan-Tan-Doe: The Fantendoverse timeline has never been entirely clear for multiple reasons, usually because projects come and go and the dates aren't really important to the story for the most part. However, since Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory, the Fantendoverse timeline has been in the year 2020, which is when this work takes place. It should be noted though that Fantendo - Zenith, which takes place in the same year, occurs prior to Shadows of Mallory, as Syande - Waste Your Hate, which takes place after Victory, still features Crymsia as she was alive as well as characters as they were prior to Mallory's take over.

Fan-Tan-Doe pulls out a toy of Mallory, generously loaded with needles.

Fan-Tan-Doe: Mallory's rule marks a major turning point for the Lifts and occurs in the year 2021, as the Zaxinian timeline lists Days of Victory as occurring in their 1016. You can cross examine their timeline pages using your own time if you want, although I have done the research for you… so technically you don't have to. That's why I'm here! It also happens relatively early in the year 2021.

A red haired girl walks into the room, groaning with her cup of coffee.

Fan-Tan-Doe: Enemy-Tan! How nice to see you!
Enemy-Tan-Doe: Shut your face, Fanny. When are you gonna stop explaining this timeline junk that nobody cares about?
Fan-Tan-Doe: Well, people do care, I think… it's very important to this story, anyway...

Fan-Tan-Doe nervously taps her fingers together. Enemy-Tan-Doe just sighs as she goes over to her chair in the room, which is just a red plastic chair meant for young kids to sit on as she drinks her coffee.

Enemy-Tan-Doe: Anything else you need to recap for people that might not know things?
Fan-Tan-Doe: Mm… I think that might actually be it for now. That being said… let us know if we're helpful!

Enemy-Tan-Doe sips her coffee as Fan-Tan-Doe waves to the screen goodbye.

Thorn's ship lands in the Lifts, as Fan-Tan-Doe noted, prior to Mallory's rule.

Thorn: We here, bitches!

Thorn points down to the entrance, twisting her feet around as she walks down the walkway.

Pinku: Aw jeez, Thorn, you okay?
Thorn: Yeah? Can't a girl walk funny without it being a concern?

Thorn laughs a little as she walks a little more normally, stretching out her arms, almost performing a bow before she turns around to face the entryway again. Rei floats by Pinku, purring.

Pinku: So… um… how was it…
Rei: Nice and aggressive, really controlling of the situation…

Xerra stretches her arms as she comes down the ramp.

Rei: So… yeah.
Pinku: Mm…
Rei: You really need to be less tight knit about these kinds of things! I don't know what you're so scared of. Yes, the enchanting, hot woman with the knives is probably not going to be your wife… I don't really get your hang-ups. Live a little looser and happier… come on!
Pinku: If I do that, I feel like I'm going to develop feelings and it's going to end very unhappy for me.
Rei: That's why you need to break out of that then! If you do to a lot of people, your attachment rate is going to become lower.
Pinku: Ugh… I dunno.

Xerra just walks past them to walk with Thorn.

Xerra: So, what are we here?
Thorn: We're here for an engine, the Hell Bender, to be exact. Now to do that, we gotta meet up with one of the Metallurgy smiths on here. They're really good at what they do. I personally go to Mindy more because she's closer and she's… packing the heat, whew.
Xerra: I mean, she is a blacksmith.
Thorn: Not really what I mean, but hey.

Thorn stops in front of Ike and Fandraxono. Ike stares at Thorn and Xerra.

Ike: Hmm… yeah, you got a pure enough heart.

Thorn shrugs her arms.

Thorn: Forgot to mention this earlier, Ike and Fandraxono guard the entryway in. You have to be pure of heart to enter… which is ironically enough, the lowest bar.

Thorn enters inside the Lifts with Xerra as Pinku and Rei step up to Ike and Fandraxono.

Pinku: Heyo! I would like to go in, please.
Ike: Hmm…

Ike studies the two.

Ike: You can go, the one in the pink jacket. You ghost girl, you need to stay here for a moment.

Pinku stares at Rei quizzically before entering inside without her. Rei stares nervously at Ike. Could he actually tell how much illegal shit she's done? Her mind raced, and her empty heart beats like a drum.

Ike: You're our three-billionth customer! You win this hat.

Ike bestows a trucker hat that reads "3 BILLIONS SOULS THROUGH THE ZAXINIAN GATES" to Rei, who takes it up, putting it on as she sticks out her tongue.

Ike: You can go freely in.

Rei swims forward into the gates as Ike stares at Fandraxono.

Ike: See, I told you we would be giving out the hat today. I was prepared for that, you weren't.
Fandraxono: Yeah, here go you, yeah.

Fandraxono drops a bunch of ancient coins in Ike's hand, growling.

Fandraxono: Need some R&R with wife Zodiez… god. You give me shit all day gonna.
Ike: Pff.. Come on, I won't do that. Chrom would though. Would you rather have Chrom?

Fandraxono rolls his eyes.

Fandraxono: No Chrom. Ike perfect.

Thorn swivels onto the streets of Naxaz, which is brisk with dust and air.

Thorn: Ah shit, is there construction?

Thorn hears jackhammers in the distance, nodding.

Thorn: Yeah, wonder what the fuck they're building. Hey, Pinku, do you mind we make a quick pit-stop to Oyster's bar?
Pinku: Um, yeah, sure.
Thorn: Actually, what the hell, you girls seem like you're very new to the whole space thing, the least I can do is show you around the Lifts… it's gonna take forever to retrack Doomulus Stein anyway...
Pinku: Oh… that won't take long, will it?
Rei: You have Saturday and Sunday off, Pinku. Come on, it's not going to take that looong.
Pinku: Ahaah… what am I, some kind of stickler to my schedule? Let's go have a look around!

Pinku nervously laughs.

Pinku: Rent's not even due until the end of the month… we should be fine…

Thorn opens the door to Naxaz Bar, a bar owned and operated by Oyster. Oyster, a small woman with red hair in dreads, looks over.

Oyster: Oh hey Thorn…
Thorn: Heyo!

Oyster glances at her other customers in the bar, which include a bunch of giant crows sipping on drinks with a tropical umbrella in them.

Thorn: Real crow bar today, huh?
Oyster: Hahaha… they flew all the way out from Petrlob… imagine that… um...

One of the crows bows their heads.

Crow: Name's Bobby Shindles. Me and the boys here were looking for something to drink cuz the pond we go to dried up. We went to Woodinn first, but everyone there kind of just… unnerved us…

Bobby has a PTSD flashback of Syi waving at the giant crows, who immediately fly away from her.

Bobby: Anyway, can I interest you in some experimental drugs?
Rei: I'll be the first one to say ye-

Oyster growls.

Oyster: Hey, this is my shop, not y-yours.

Thorn nods. Bobby puts his briefcase of experimental drugs away.

Thorn: Speaking of shop, let's see… get me a Valerian Martini.
Pinku: I guess I might try the Absinthe? That sounds weird and exotic, sure.
Rei: I'll just have Hallucin Powder.
Oyster: Um… mam, that's a condiment, not a menu item…

Rei glances at the menu again.

Rei: Well, get me a Valerian Martini with it on the side.
Oyster: Hah… okay… um...
Xerra: I'll… just have the Oystashake…
Oyster: O-oh, excellent choice~!

Oyster prepares their drinks as Thorn leans into Pinku.

Thorn: You know that Absinthe's Absinthe is pretty strong, right?
Pinku: Um, of course… haha.

Pinku taps on the table nervously.

Thorn: Heh, didn't peg you for a woman who could handle that kind of liquor.
Pinku: Yeah, well… I guess there's not a lot you don't know yet.

Thorn smirks. Oyster sets down their drinks.

Oyster: You do actually intend to p-pay this time, right?

Thorn nods as she slips her a twenty dollar bill. Oyster holds it up to the light and nods as she puts it in the register.

Thorn: Well, drink up.

Pinku looks at the lime green beverage, reminded of Ingrid, before just sipping it lightly.

Pinku: Sour apple… hm.

Pinku drinks it as Rei sips at her martini, spreading the powder across the plate. She sets the cup down and snorts in the powder.

Oyster: Oh jeez… oh jeez.
Rei: Ahhh…

Rei folds her arms behind her head as Xerra just sips on her shake in the background. Thorn watches Pinku empty out the Absinthe, cocking her head to the left and then right.

Pinku: That's pretty good! I want more.
Thorn: Just one drink today, alright? Any more and I think we'd be dealing with a ghost on her second death and someone addicted to the sweet taste of sour apple.

Thorn drinks her Valerian Martini.

Thorn: Besides, we need to get the engine and then I can show you more of the Lifts. Lots of cool stuff here, you know.

Pinku nods her head, hiccing. Xerra scoops up the ice cream in her cup, holding her head.

Xerra: God, I think my brain is frozen or something.
Thorn: Stick your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Well, thank you Oyster.

Oyster waves.

Oyster: A-any time! As l-long as you pay.
Thorn: One time… I swear.

Thorn swings the door open as she exits the bar. Oyster washes down the counter as Bobby glances over at the group.

Bobby: They gotta be new around here, I ain't ever seen those three before. I've seen Thorn before, but those three?
Oyster: Mm… must be another little group that comes to visit the Lifts. We get those… ever so often…
Bobby: Any other interesting visitors?
Oyster: Hmm… well, there was a kid and a big tall woman who could control blood that came here before… and that Unten group saved this bar during that whole Threat invasion thing… I dunno, we get interesting guests from time to time, you know.
Bobby: Ah, I see. Well, me and the flock are about to head off, so here you. Apologies for earlier.

Bobby hands Oyster a wad of cash, which she looks at under a light before putting in the cash register.

Oyster: A-ah, don't worry about it. P-pleasure doing business with you.

Pinku hics as Thorn makes her way up the streets of Naxaz. She pats her on the back.

Thorn: We're almost there. After we get the engine, we can go eat lunch and then we can go back to kick some Doomuli ass.
Pinku: Sounds good to me…

Pinku hics again as she holds out a finger, leaning down.

Pinku: Woof, you weren't kidding about it being strong. Alright, I'm better now.
Thorn: You took that way better than I thought you would. Usually I'm out on the floor, passed out with half of my clothes on, and I can handle liquor pretty well. Although, I do suppose it's because you didn't have like, ten.
Pinku: Well, there you go.
Rei: Lifts is pretty nice so far.
Thorn: To be fair, we are in one of the nicest areas. The Lifts is kind of full of some bad people too, it's got kind of a sordid history. Man, can you imagine if someone truly awful was in charge?
Pinku: Is that her over there? The buff girl hoisting up a hammer?
Rei: Damn, she looking like a snack too.
Xerra: ...snack?
Thorn: Yeah, she's kind of a flirt if you can't tell.

Thorn walks over to the blacksmith stand, which has steam coming out of the oven as Mindy, a buff woman in a blacksmith apron glances over to them.

Mindy: Well hey there, Thorn.
Thorn: Heeey. So I need a new engine, because Rose says our old one sucks. So how about a new Hell Bender huh? I saw you had one in stock the last time I was here…

Mindy glances over and picks up the Hell Bender engine, a massive steel set of pipes, crystals, and skulls.

Mindy: You know this costs at least 2,666 dollars, right?
Thorn: Yeah, I know… and listen…

Mindy hangs up her head as she glances at the ceiling.

Mindy: If this is about how you'll owe the money later, keep in mind I'm still waiting for you to pay me back on those special knives from a couple months ago.
Thorn: Damn, you can really read me like a book, huh?

Thorn glances over.

Thorn: Guess I'll just go to your brother across the street…

Mindy sighs.

Mindy: I'll give you the Hell Bender engine, but you gotta talk to Nomila about the financials about it first. I'm too busy to keep you accountable about it. Here's her address, at least where she's been staying these past weeks anyway…

Mindy hands Thorn a card.

Mindy: Anyway, you go talk to her and get this card signed. Then I'll hand you over the engine.
Thorn: Got it.

Mindy flexes for a moment.

Mindy: And hey, if you're interested again, I could certainly take a little time off hammering something other than steel.

Mindy winks.

Xerra: Let's go find Nomila, whoever that is. C'mon.

Thorn nods as she waves goodbye to Mindy.

Thorn: I'll get you that card signed, alright!

Thorn, Pinku, Rei, and Xerra head off.

Rose sits in the cockpit, bored out of her mind.

Rose: Goddamn, she probably went on another damn tour again. Probably going to be drunk too, which I normally don't mind… but I regress…

Rose lays back as she pulls out a tablet device, searching through her contacts.

Rose: Really need to make some new friends too…

A crow lands near the ship, which catches Rose off guard.

Rose: Hello?

Rose goes down the ramp of the ship, looking at the giant bird.

Bobby: Ey.
Rose: Hey?
Bobby: Oh shit! I was about to sell you experimental drugs, but man, you look like you need more than that!
Rose: Is this about my arms…
Bobby: Hell yes this about your arms! What happened to you, babygirl?
Rose: I'd rather not talk about it.
Bobby: Shit, Jimmy, give her some arms.

A taller, lankier crow hands Bobby a suitcase through his beak. Bobby pops it open as two arms fall to the floor.

Bobby: They're fine.

Rose goes to pick them up, snapping off one of her cybernetic arms and placing it over her other arm. She moves all five mechanical fingers on it.'

Rose: Not gonna lie, this actually feels pretty nice. How much is this gonna run me?
Bobby: Eh, normally around 5000 but I'll cut it like half off because those are some sad looking arms.
Rose: They were made by bug people, what do you expect.
Bobby: Aw, shit, that sounds kind of tasty.
Rose: Hah, almost forgot I was talking to giant birds. You wouldn't like these guys.

Rose snaps on the other arm. She flexes them a bit.

Rose: Yeah, alright. Swing that onto this card.

Rose grabs her wallet out of her jacket and passes a debit card to Bobby.

Bobby: Ah, nice.

Bobby swipes it with a card reader and hands it back. Rose twists her robot arms firmly into her sockets, swinging her arms back.

Bobby: This is a fancy card, where did you get this?

Rose retreats back into the ship, slowly closing it. Bobby shrugs as he heads off.

Thorn, Pinku, Rei, and Xerra climb up some metal steps. Thorn holds out her hand before knocking on the door to an apartment. They wait for a moment before the door finally opens, revealing a woman with black hair with a sleep mask, tank top, and sweats who blinks slowly before exhaustively sighing.

Thorn: Yo, Nomila!

Nomila just sighs exhaustively again before leaning her head down sleepily.

Nomila: God damn it, why I gotta deal with you today?
Thorn: You say that literally every time I visit.
Nomila: For a good reason…
Thorn: Well, come on… hero work isn't exactly profitable.
Nomila: I dunno, don't those guys with the blue depressed bear get along just fine? They don't have to beg me to handle the financial bits?

Thorn looks to Nomila.

Thorn: I can pay you back real short. I got a Doomuli I'm hunting down that I can get captured real quick and give you the money right back after I'm done.

Normila sighs.

Thorn: Come on, have I never been able to pay you back?
Nomila: Whatever. I'll put you down for debit and you can pick up the engine on your way back. It's a loan with interest, so you better pay it up fast before it increases. Or don't. Really don't give a shit.

Thorn nods.

Nomila: Anyway, you should probably get going.
Pinku: Why did you bring us here, exactly?
Thorn: Oh, I just don't want to get you three lost. The Lifts are pretty big.

Pinku nods.

Pinku: That lines up pretty well…
Nomila: Anyway, out of my apartment already…

Thorn nods, leaving.

Doomulus Stein grunts as a bunch of mechanical fuses repair their body. They glance down at the red core in their chest, which is being refused onto the the body. They get off the platform as repairs finish.

Doomulus Stein: Some fucking fight that was… goddamn stupid, that's what that was.

Doomulus Stein grunts as they make their way down the hallway.

Doomulus Stein: That should have worked, I mean, it usually does. What was different this time?

Doomulus Bind glances from down the hallway.

Doomulus Bind: Talking to yourself, Stein?

Doomulus Stein breathes erratically.

Doomulus Stein: Something like that, sure. Got real messed up on Earth, some goddamn pink haired human blast through my core.
Doomulus Bind: Pink haired human?
Doomulus Stein: Oh yeah. Twin buns, jacket, black skin.
Doomulus Bind: That sounds like Pinku.
Doomulus Stein: Hm?
Doomulus Bind: Pinku Rozen. Me and Doomulus Thunderine fought her in the Spirit Universe a while back and that… was embarrassing.
Doomulus Stein: Well, let's see. If we team up, you have the means to slow or even stop that group with your powers, yeah? I'm sort of a sneaky brute, maybe if we work together, we can defeat them so much easier.
Doomulus Bind: Sounds like it could work to me. Now we just gotta find that damn bugger.
Doomulus Stein: How hard can it be…?

We return back to Mindy's workshop. Thorn, Pinku, Rei, and Xerra watch as Mindy puts the engine down on the counter. Thorn lugs up a giant demonic-looking engine with her hands, flexing. Mindy rolls her eyes.

Mindy: It's like, only 150 pounds…
Rei: That's a lot… I can barely float and possess anything above 50 pounds.
Mindy: I guess it's relative then.
Xerra: God, ya'll really like to humble brag huh?
Mindy: Get out of my shop…

Thorn lugs the engine out of the shop, the three girls not trailing too far behind.

Thorn: I'll have to give you a more through tour through here sometime in the future, we were kind of getting rushed out, huh?
Pinku: It's fine... admittedly, I am worried we aren't going to get back in time before I have to go back to work.

Pinku's phone rings.

Pinku: Oh shit, I guess I finally have service. Do you mind if I take this for a second? I'll be over there in a minute.
Thorn: Yeah. Don't sweat it.

Pinku walks over to behind a building, leaning against it as she picks up.

Pinku: Hey, who is this?
Bianca: This is Bianca. Does your phone not have caller ID or something?
Pinku: No it's… just a standard greeting, I think…
Bianca: Whatever. Where were you? We were understaffed.
Pinku: Oh… I guess I was sick? I haven't used any of my sick days, so I figured why not use one…
Bianca: Ah, alright. Well, get this. They opened up a Burglomerate across from us, totally sapping the business.
Pinku: Burglomerate…?

Bianca: Yeah, Burglomerate. You heard about it, right? It was the other nail in the coffin for Virus Burger aside from the E. Coli outbreak.
Pinku: Yeah, no idea what you're talking about.
Bianca: It's only the biggest burger chain in the entire world.
Pinku: Did McDonalds get dethroned lately? I know Krusty Burger did…
Bianca: What the hell are you talking about? Nobody has been to either one of those restaurants since the goddamn 90s.
Pinku: Forgive me for not knowing, I literally lived under a rock for most of my life.
Bianca: Right, yeah, I keep forgetting. Anyway, you're coming back, right?
Pinku: That's the plan.
Bianca: Good, cuz I had to do counter duty and I don't wanna do that again. I get such anxiety, you know? Prefer to work more behind the counter, y'know?
Pinku: Yeah, I hear you.
Bianca: Anyway, when you get back, we gotta figure out what to do about the whole Burglomerate situation because this is garbage business…

Pinku looks at her battery, which is halfway depleted.

Pinku: I gotta get going, hey, talk to you soon, okay?
Bianca: Gotcha! Good bye!

Pinku hangs up and heads back into the ship.

Pinku enters inside the ship, glancing around. Thorn puts the engine on the floor, shaking her hands before looking at Rose, who is attempting to pose using her new arms.

Xerra: Well, we got the engine. Killblender… whatever it's called…
Thorn: The Hell Bender. And yes, we got it. We're a couple hundred in the whole, but as soon as we get it in, we can get going.

Rose puts her mechanical hand to her chin.

Rose: Ah, I see. You're in debt again?
Thorn: Yeah, but once we bag Stein, that won't be a huge issue...
Pinku: Am I the only one noticing that Rose has new arms?

Everyone looks to Rose, who shrugs.

Rose: Yeah, some big… black bird, a crow offered a good deal on mechanical arms.
Thorn: Suppose we give those a test spin after we install the engine then…

Rose purrs, biting her lip.

Pinku: Wait, so how did you get these new arms anyway?
Rose: Oh, bought them on a half-off sale from some friendly crows.
Pinku: Huh. Wait, why do you expand your debt like that if Rose has money for mechanical arms?
Thorn: If we share a card, that's too much for me. Do you understand why someone who isn't trying to lead anyone into anything deeper might not want to make a commitment like that?
Pinku: ...shit, that's a good reason.
Thorn: Exactly. Anyway, we're gonna take off and just leave it on autopilot, feel free to take control if you need it. Me and Rose are gonna be… well, you know.

Thorn taps something on the cockpit controls and carries Rose in her arms as Rose giggles. Pinku looks out the window as they take off from the Lifts.

Rei: Wonder we're going…
Pinku: Bit late to ask, don't you think?

Chapter 9: Lost in Space

PinkLemonade LostInSpace

Thorn and Rose make a pit stop to put in the new engine, but they end up doing way more than that when the two Doomuli come to take revenge on Pinku.

Chapter 10: Water Wolf

PinkLemonade WaterWolf

Pinku, Rei, and Xerra join forces with a mysterious wolf-like alien by the name of Mizutai.

Chapter 11: Dungeon Crawlers





  • Pink Lemonade was created with the intention to put focus off Unten for a bit and allow PabloDePablo (tbc) to write those characters, while focusing on a new set of characters, which hasn't been something that's been tried since Blood of Prometheus.
  • The decision to bring Xerra back into the forefront was to continue her story since it had been left up in the air previously and to give her something new to do.
  • Rei Carnation was the one element that stayed from the original concept to it's execution, with the main character changing several times before finally landing on Pinku Rozen as a character.
  • The series uses Japanese subtitle for all of it's titles, which is to just give it a bit of a stylish flair. These are literal translations from Google Translate, which means they are probably utterly inaccurate, which Helena Harper (tbc) kind of hopes.
  • The Lime Mansion arc uses special lime-colored titles that all have lime themed puns:
    • "Key to Lime" is a pun of "Key to Life".
    • "Lime to Me" is a pun of "Lie to Me".
    • "Lime Bright" is a pun of "Lite Bright".

References to Other Works

  • Xerra: The Last Beorn/Volume 1 - Referenced several times in the series, usually recapping Xerra's exploits.
    • Episode 0: Pink Pilot - Xerra explains some of her backstory, which originated from the Xerra: The Last Beorn series. It is again mentioned in Episode 2: Dead Party to Geise.
    • Episode 1: Pink Promise - Xerra mentions the Bogleech, as well as wanting to say that she's the "Last Beorn".
  • Truth and Train - Episode 1: Pink Promise secretly takes place on the exact day that Truth and Train occurs. Evidence can be found with Rachel's numerous mentions of a crazy truth or dare game, which explains where NULL was in the events of the story.
  • Rendered NULL - Netnu appears in the hospital, which is exactly what happened at the end of this story. He needed more time to recover than Unten, which makes sense as to why he is still there.
    • Additionally, NULL appears in Rachel's apartment, having been unofficially adopted by Rachel at the end of the story.
  • Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory - Teun and Hera mention their move names while executing them, which come directly from their moveset from this game.
  • Days of Victory - Rachel mentions Xerra's involvement in the plot of Days of Victory as well as Xerra herself giving some more details about how it was her and Umbra who attacked Two in the course of the story.
    • During Episode 2: Dead Party, Aero and Carly can both seen at the party with speaking roles, openly hating on Sakeena who was partially responsible for their deaths during the events of Days of Victory as well as the fact she came up with names for them.
  • Tragedy (2015) - Geise mentions being one of the first victims of the planet buster drill that was activated in Tragedy (2015), which practically killed most of the Beorn population.
  • The Threat's Beorn - Forrester, who was killed thanks to Unten and Sakeena, mentions a somewhat abbreviated summary of what happened in this Fantendo Now episode.
  • FantendoQuest - Rei stares at a taxidermied Huxxabian Schoolgirl Posing Cactus in Episode 3: Key to Lime, a reference to the enemy of nearly the same name.

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