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AGE ???
PalmMan (Rival)
CLASS Fighter

Pine Bombs Rapid Pines


Pineman is a supporting/minor antagonist character, he is the rival of PalmMan.



Pineman appears to be a large humanoid character with very large arms and legs. His arms have Pinecone shaped plating on them. In addition his Legs and Shoulders have Pine Tree looking armour that provides him with Pine Bombs, Rapid Pines and protection in general. He has a single Brown Stripe on his Torso and on his head he adorns a Pale Green Helmet with a Pine shaped decoration. He has large golden feet although it is unknown if it is his feet or shoes.


Pineman is very much a caring character, he watches out for his allies and prefers a simple life. It is due to this that he isn't very intelligent, he doesn't normally get involved in conflict however can be easily convinced to fight. His large body has made people describe him as unsettlingly intimidating although he states that his body helps him with his regular job of Cutting down Trees.


Pineman was previously two entities, a Pinecone named Bob and an old Robot. The Robot was a lumberjack similar to Pineman however was abandoned one day and was unable to find a repair station after he suffered from a failing electronics system and several injuries. The Robot lay down next to Bob, who was merely a small pinecone at the time. For unknown reasons, Bob grew into the Robot and was able to reactivate its systems however its mind became a fusion of the two individuals and thus, Pineman was created.

Pineman would explore the wilderness around him for some time before coming across a Lumber Mill, as his only experience was with Lumber Cutting, he went to see the owner of the Lumber Mill. The owner, astonished by Pineman's stature agreed to have Pineman help him on the Lumber Mill however he wanted Pineman to be able to protect the Lumber Mill from Wild Animals and Raiders and had Pineman install a battling chip in his mind. Pineman began to experiment with the plant components of himself and was able to biologically alter their DNA allowing him to create fast growing Pine Trees and Explosive Pinecones.




  • Where PalmMan was based off of Megaman, Pineman was based off of Gutsman a recurring Boss in the Megaman franchise who is regarded as one of Megaman's rivals.
  • Pineman may in fact be able to store the DNA of any plant as it was shown on several occasions that, after he had absorbed the seed of another plant, he was able to replicate that plant, although it is not specified whether this is permanent or Temporary.