Pincelle is one of the protagonists in the Paintverse series, she's Sketch's partner and together they synchronize in order to wield the SoulBrush succesfully.


Pincelle would look like any normal Artizzian at first glance, in other words, pretty much like a normal human with the exception of having completely blank skin, however, she has one glaring difference: her colorful and quite sharp metal-like tail, which grows out of her lower back and is actually way longer than it actually looks (extending inside Pincelle's spine up to her upper back).


Pincelle is an ex-delinquent and shows it, being rash, impatient and foul-mouthed, and she's also not very smart, however, she has fast reflexes and can detect weaknesses and openings in her opponents in no time, this doesn't prevent her from taking on foes strong than her though, since she's very stubborn and has a lot of pride in her strenght.

Pincelle enjoys games from human culture, often bugging Sketch to bring her new games, and often says one-liners from videogames mid-combat, she thinks it's cool but the rest of the gang just see it as weird (except for Sketch but that's purely because he's a nerd).



Not long before she became 18, Lord Spightmare's resurrection and assault on Artizz with his long-dormant Demon army began, and she became the leader of an insurgence that set out to defeat Lord Spightmare, however, this would require an important tool known as "The Paintbrush of All Souls", or the "Soul-Brush" for short, which is why they set out to retrieve it from an old dungeon, but during the mission the Soul-Brush is found and locked away by Lord Spightmare, forcing the rebellion into going into his fortress in order to get the Soul-Brush back.

However, even though they managed to get the Soul-Brush, Pincelle finds that she is not deemed worthy of wielding it, but Estrella, her companion, is. However, before they can leave or even wield the weapon itself, Estrella is shortly after murdered by Lord Spightmare, however, right before she dies she manages to send a portal to outer worlds in order to search for a hero. Pincelle is then captured by Lord Spightmare's forces and trapped in a relic known as "The Paintbrush of All Souls", or SoulBrush, however, after Sketch came into Paintverse, they managed to synchronize, allowing them to wield the SoulBrush skillfully.




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