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Beta Modes

Demo Mode

Here could you play Pikmin 1 and 2 demos. But they had not the rights from Nintendo for puting a demo in it.

Training Mode

This Mode is now a function in the Party Board select screen.

Record Mode

Here could you see your recorded Partys!

Beta Minigames

75% of the Mini-Games from the Beta Version are now in the game. The other 25% aare cancelled.

Beta Eastereggs

31 Ship Parts in the Pikmin 1 Story

There was an Beta Ship Part called FireWork for making a Fire Work under the Onions but it wasn't in Pikmin 1, so it wasn't in this Story Mode!

Purple Pikmin

There was one Purple Pikmin when you are on The Impact Site at the 30 Day. But you can't controll it, so...

Beta Characters


Orginally, he was called FantendoFan, but FTF Inc. has changed the name, because of randomnes!


In the Beta Version of the game you could play Pikmin to. But FTF Inc. cancelled it for an unkwon reason!