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About Pikmin Party

Pikmin Party is like Mario Party, but with Pikmin characters.

Pikmin Party
Developer(s) FTF Inc.
Publisher(s) FTF Inc.
Platform(s) PikCube
Genre(s) Party
Release Date(s) 91.17.019752
Mode(s) Party Mode, Mini-Game Mode, Story Mode, Shop, Island of Pikmin, Wi-Fi Party, Wi-FI Mini-Games
Media Included PikCube Memory Card


The # means that you must unlock her! Pictures will come soon!

Picture Name Description
Captain Olimar.jpg
Olimar Once he was Crash-Landed on the Pikmin planet. Then he had to pay up the debt from his company. And now, he is on a Party on the Pikmin Planet.
Louie Artwork.jpg Louie He likes bugs and eats them (!) ! He must pay the debt from his company with Olimar. After Olimar losed Louie he hates him.
President The greedy Pesident of Hocotate Frieght. He was once in debt, but now, thanks to Olimar and Louie, he is rich.
Saggiatarius Artwork.JPG Saggitarius Olimars KId. This is the first time he meets Pikmin. But he know what to do: WIN!
Olivia # Olimars wife. She wants to play Party and WIN!
Libra #
Syachi #
Louisa #
PikminFan He is an friend of Olimar. He likes Pikmin and helps them defeating Bulborbs. You cannot play him, he only helps you in the Story Mode.



Libra: Play 5 Partys

Olivia: Play 25 Partys

Syachi: Play the Story Mode on normal

Louisa: Play the Story Mode on hard


The Forest Navel: Play 5x on The Impact Site and 5x on The Forest Of Hope

The Distant Spring: Play 10x on The Impact Site, 10x on The Forest Of Hope and 10x on The Forest Navel

The Final Trial: Play the Story Mode on Easy

Perplexing Pool: Play 5x on the Valley Of Repose and 5x on he Awakening Wood

Wistful Wild: Play 10x on the Valley of Repose, 10x on The Awakening Wood and 10x on the Perplexing Pool

NOTE: The cave stages are unlocked with the area where they are in Pikmin 2!


Mini-Game Mode: Unlock 1 Mini-Game

Shop: Play 3 Partys

Pikmin 2 Story Mode: Play the Pikmin 1 Story


Click here: Pikmin Party Beta


You get at the start of a Party 20 Pokos and 1 Pikmin. You must buy treasures from the enemies to win with Pokos! At the beginning you must dice and the highst number is the first one. And go! You must dice again and if you get a 3 you can go 3 Spaces! Around ends when all players have dice. Then a Mini-Game comes. When you win the Mini-Game you get 10 Pikmin, #2 : 5, #3 : 3 and 4# : 1. You can get Pokos by getting on a Poko field. The winner of the entire game is the one who has got the most treasures!

Areas where you can play

Training place: You can learn the rules. Here are no treasures.

The Impact Site: It's a very easy place. Here are 2 Ship Parts and 2 Bosses.

The Forest Of Hope: Here are many enemies! Here are 9 Ship Parts and 2 Bosses.

The Forest Navel: It is a very big area! Here are 9 Ship Parts and 3 Bosses.

The Distant Spring: A very difficult area! Here are 9 Ship Parts and 2 Bosses.

The Final Trial: The area with the hardest boss. Here is 1 Ship Part and 1 Boss.

Valley of Repose: It is easy at the beginning, hard at the end! Here are 7 treasures and 1 Boss.

Awakening Wood: It is a normal area. Here are 7 treasures.

Perplexing Pool: It's a hard area. 7 treasures.

Wistful Wild: It's an hard area with 5 treasures.

Emergence Cave: An easy cave with 3 treasures.

Subterranean Complex: A hard cave with 16 treasures!



Party Mode

Play a normal Party with 4 players.

Mini-Game Mode

Play your unlocked Mini-Games. You unlock the mode when you unlock 1 Mini-Game. You unlock Mini-Games by playing them the first time in Party, Story or other modes.

Story Mode

Here can you play the Pikmin 1 Story in Party form.After you have the Good Ending you unlock the Pikmin 2 Story Mode.

It's like the Pikmin 1 Story but with the Pikmin 2 Story.

The only diffrence that a Bulborb which is caled PikminFan helps you in the Storys!


You can buy with your Pokos new things like Hard Mode and Wi-Fi Connection.

Island of Pikmin

You must play all Mini-Games in order to get Pikmin. If you played all Mini-Games your Pikmin Counter will go to your High-Score list.

Wi-Fi Party

It's like the Party Mode. Only with 4 or 8 players and Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi Mode is unlocked when you buy the Wi-Fi Connection. It gives special Mini-Games for the 8 player mode

Wi-Fi Mini-Game

It's like the Mini-Game Mode only Wi-Fi and with 4 or 8 players. It's unlocked when you buy the Wi-Fi Connection. You can play the special Mini-Games for the 8 player Wi-Fi.






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