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Pikmin Aeroix - Title (English).png
Pikmin Aeroix - Title (Bumtisch).png

Pikmin Aeroix
Pikmin Aeroix - Title (English).png
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) Action-strategy
Release Date(s) 2021
Mode(s) Single Player
Local or Online Multiplayer
Age Rating(s) CERO A.pngERating.jpg3Rating.png
Media Included Media Switch.png Nintendo Switch Card
Media DL icon.png Digital download

Pikmin A (short for Aeroix) is a spin-off title of the Pikmin series for the Nintendo Switch. Pikmin A is more action- and combat-based instead of the typical strategy and survival.

Pikmin A features completely different characters, different Pikmin, different gameplay, different locations, and for the first time in the Pikmin series it features actual antagonists.

In the game's story, the protagonists explore all the planets in the solar system of PNF-404, the planet where the events of Pikmin 1-3 took place.

The Cast

The Brothers


The protagonists of the game are Sebbonski (left) and Seppanski (right), who only call each other by nicknames. They are the best investigation team of SPROUTNIK Corp. from planet Bumta. Sebbonski is the older brother, and is very determined at his job. Seppanski is the younger brother, and is very undetermined. Despite their differences, they are an excellent team, and really care for each other.

Besides both their positions as SPROUTNIK Corp. investigators, Seppanski is an ongoing writer, and Sebbonski is an ongoing artist. They combine their works to create logs for SPROUTNIK Corp. back home.

The brothers both speak and write in a fictional language from their home planet Bumta, simply called "Bumtish". Similar to the languages of Hocotate and Koppai from Pikmin 2 and 3, Bumtish has all 26 letters of the alphabet and is perfectly translatable.


Pikmin A - Sproutnik.png

SPROUTNIK Corp. is a space cooperation investigating the Aeroix system. They send the brothers to investigate the phenomenon of PNF-404‘s neighbors suddenly developing life.

The NX

Pikmin Aeroix - The NX.png

The NX is a space ship build by SPROUTNIK Corp.

As such, the brothers are investigating the Aeriox system with it.

It can split open its two segments, revealing a sort of generator, where it can absorb samples to collect them, or absorb the brothers to transfer them in and out of their cockpits, similar to the SS Drake in Pikmin 3.

Also similar to the SS Drake in Pikmin 3, the NX doesn't have its own personality like the Hocotate Freight Ship in Pikmin 2. But it does inform its users if a sample has been collected, and it can give analyses about the collected objects.

The Teks

Pikmin Aeroix - TEK.png

The Teks are an intellegent extraterrestrial species. Their past, origin, and even their real looks are unknown. They play the role of the antagonists. They copy life from PNF-404 to its neighbor planets with their terraforming technology.

The Plastmin

The new Pikmin the brothers find on their adventure. The brothers call them Plastmin due to their perfectly round shape for the Plaster. They have red flowers, because red is Pikmin A's symbolic color.

The new Pikmin the brothers find on their adventure. The brothers call them Plastmin due to their perfectly round shape for the Plaster. They have red flowers, because red is Pikmin A's symbolic color.

The Gameplay

The Days

Like usual in the Pikmin series, Pikmin A features a daytime span. One day is around 20 minutes long. The brothers must plan how they take on each day. Plastmin that aren‘t in their group or near the NX by the end of the day will be lost, so the brothers have to gather their Plastmin before the day ends.

When the Day ends, the brothers enter their NX, the Plastmin enter their onion, and they all fly off to the athmosphere of the planet they are on right now.

Then the player gets statistics of the day. How many samples they found, and how many new Plastmin they grew or how many they lost. Then the Aeroix Map opens.

The Pikmin Blaster

The Pikmin Blaster, „Plaster“ for short, is the most important gameplay element. The brothers use it to make their Plastmin fly.

Pikmin A - Plaster Image 1.png

Firing Plastmin with the blaster works just like throwing Pikmin in the other titles, but with way more range and power. The leaders have a cursor to target, can switch between Pikmin types and can fire them without any cooldown until they have no Pikmin following them anymore. Once they called them with their wistle, they can fire them again.

Pikmin A - Plaster Image 2.png

The Plaster can also fire Bomb Rocks which the brothers can collect on their way, meaning that Pikmin aren‘t needed to carry Bomb Rocks.

The Bomb Rocks are still needed to destroy Stone Walls, so the leader must always keep an eye on the Bomb Rock counter at the right bottom of the screen if he should use it or not.

Pikmin A - Plaster Image 3.png

If a leader is out of Plastmin, he can shoot Energy Balls to defend himself, similar to the punch in the other titles. It is effective against small creatures like Dwarf Bulborbs (10 damage in-data) but very weak against bigger creatures like Bulborbs (3 damage in-data).

If a CPU leader is attacked by a creature, he will shoot at it with energy balls. This is different than in Pikmin 3, where attacked leaders would start to panic and run in circles.

The Plasts

Unlike in Pikmin 1-3, the leaders CAN‘T order their Plastmin to swarm at creatures or obstacles. Instead, each Plastmin type has its own „Plast“, a shot with a special effect.

Plast Gauges on a creature. "Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple, White, Pink, Black"

Plasts don‘t do damage. Creatures have a second gauge besides their life gauge that gets shown when they‘re hit by a Plast, and fills up with the color of that Plastmin. Once the gauge is full, the effect happens. Many creatures have to be affected by a Plast to become vulnerable.

Red Plastmin

Pikmin Aeroix - Red Plastmin.png

Pikmin A - Plast 1 Burn.png
The red Plast causes creatures that aren‘t fire-resistant to „BURN“. The fire will cause them to reguarly take damage for a few seconds (3-5 in-data).
Yellow Plastmin

Pikmin Aeroix - Yellow Plastmin.png

Pikmin A - Plast 2 Electrify.png The yellow Plast causes creatures that aren‘t electricity-resistant to „ELECTRIFY“. They cannot move for a few seconds (3-5 in-data). The effect will spread around creatures that stand in water.
Blue Plastmin

Pikmin Aeroix - Blue Plastmin.png

Pikmin A - Plast 3 Drown.png The blue Plast causes creatures that aren‘t aquatic to „DROWN“. The water bubble around their head will cause them to reguarly take damage for a few seconds (3-5 in-data).
White Plastmin

Pikmin Aeroix - White Plastmin.png

Pikmin A - Plast 5 Poison.png The white Plast will cause metal gates or metallic protection of certain creatures to „DECOMPOSE“.
Purple Plastmin

Pikmin Aeroix - Purple Plastmin.png

Pikmin A - Plast 4 Stun.png The purple Plast will cause creatures to „STUN“. They cannot move for a few seconds (5 in-data).
Black Plastmin

Pikmin Aeroix - Black Plastmin.png

Pikmin A - Plast 7 Smash Crystal.png The black Plast will „SMASH CRYSTALS“ including crystal protection of certain creatures.
Pink Plastmin

Pikmin Pikmin Aeroix - Pink Plastmin.png

Pikmin A - Plast 6 Knock Down.png The pink Plast will „KNOCK DOWN“ airborne creatures.

The Pause Menu

From the Pause Menu the player can access:

  • The map of the current area.
  • The "Go Here!" function to send a CPU leader to a specific point on the map.
  • „Options“,„End Day“, „Restart Day“, and „To Title“.
  • A statistic of all Plastmin in the group, slacking, and carrying.

The Aeroix Map

From the Aeroix Map that opens after completing a day, the player can travel between the planets they unlocked. After defeating a boss, the next planet gets unlocked.

The player can also access the Piklopedia from the Aeroix Map and trigger a dialogue between the brothers that differs each day.

The Modes

The Adventure

The story mode of Pikmin A.

The story takes place after the events of Pikmin 3, at an unknown time.

Pikmin Pikmin Aeroix - Intro.png

The intro cutscene introduces the space cooperation „SPROUTNIK Corp.“ on the planet „Bumta“. All members of the cooperation‘s headquarters are watching a huge screen with a portrayal of PNF-404‘s solar system.

The cutscene shows that after the events of Pikmin 3, further investigation on PNF-404 has started. There are now SPROUTNIK satellites watching its solar system, which has been named „Aeroix“.

A scientist informs the commander that the SPROUTNIKs have suddenly detected life on the other planets, similar to life on PNF-404. The commander then orders to send their best investigation team, the two brothers Sebbonski and Seppanski, to the Aeroix system.

On each planet the brothers have to collect samples in form of fruits or other plants. There are 8 samples to collect on each planet, making it 64 in total. On each planet the brothers also find a new Plastmin type inside their onion, which then combines with the other onions similar like in Pikmin 3.

The areas on the planets are rather small, compared to the areas in the main Pikmin titles, but they are filled with dangerous creatures and obstacles, blocking the way to progression or to samples.

The normal creatures are always different versions of well-known creatures from the Pikmin series, and the boss creatures are completely new.

Each new creature they find gets added to the Piklopedia.

Samples and creatures can still be carried like usual in the Pikmin series. The Plastmin automatically carry back found samples to the NX to collect them, and they will carry defeated creatures back to their onion to multiply. Each sample and creature has a different weight, so the brothers need to have enough Plastmin in their group to carry them back.

The areas can all be explored freely, and searched for samples and new creatures, but they all have a main goal. The main goal is always to reach the location of a signal, which then leads to a fight with a boss creature.

Planet 1: PR-402
Pikmin Aeroix - Planet 1 PR-402.png

(Real Planet: Mercury

Meaning: Planet Required)

Area: Everdawning Desert

The brothers first travel to a yellow, sandy planet they call „PR-402“, to an area they call the „Everdawning Desert“.

When they first land on the planet, they begin their adventure with:

Seppanski: „So this is one of the planets that suddenly developed life, Sebbon?“

Sebbonski: „Yes, Seppan! Let's keep our rank as "the best of the best" and investigate this planet down to the last stone!”

And so they do. They don’t go a few steps without a danger in the way tho. A PR-402 Bulborb waits around the corner, getting attacked by Red Plastmin.

The tutorial of the game is that they first have to whistle the Red Plastmin off of the Bulborb, then shoot the Red Plastmin to defeat it. The tutorial Bulborb doesn’t attack, so there’s no danger.

After the tutorial the brothers ask how these new Pikmin came to be.

Sebbonski: “You just saved us, little guys! Or did we save you? Whatever it was, it would be my, and my brothers, honor to work with you. May you take us by your little hands and let us investigate your planet together with you?”

Seppanski: “Um…, Sebbon…? I don’t think they get you. But it seems they like us. But where do they come from? There are no reports of round Pikmin, are there?”

Sebbonski: “Indeed, Seppan. Where do they come from? Perhaps they were created with the sudden development of life on these planets.”

Seppanski: “Could be, maybe. Hey, Seppan, let’s call these guys “Plastmin”. They fit perfectly into the Plaster, so the name fits aswell.”

Sebbonski: “That’s a good name for them, Seppan. Similar, but special. Just like they are.

We absolutely need them for our investigation. We need to find more. If they are Pikmin, they have an onion, where they can multiply. Let’s search for it.”

The brothers and their new friends head to the Red Plastmin Onion, that is also waiting for them around the corner, and are now able to multiply the Red Plastmin.

The main goal of the brothers is a very strong signal at the top of a mountain.

It turnes out to be the first boss creature, the Steelshelled Shlitch.

The Steelshelled Shlitch attacks the brothers and their new Plastmin friends by digging down into the sand, making its way below their feets, and then suddenly jump out of the sand in a drill-like motion. Its shell protects it from damage, so the brothers have to scare it out of its shell with a Plast. being attackable, it runs around the top of the mountain in panic, but after a few seconds it will return to its shell.

After defeating it, it drops a mysterious small satelite, which it must have accidentally eaten. The brothers decide to bring it back to the NX to analyse it. The analysis makes the NX able to receive another signal of that kind from the next planet. Maybe they get their answers there?

When they leave the planet’s orbit, they realize that the Red Plastmin Onion is able to leave its planet’s orbit and follows them through the Aeroix.

The Pikmin Onions were never recorded leaving the athmosphere of their home planets, so seeing this Onion following them is a big surprise for them.

Sebbonski asks, if maybe, this was not their home planet at all. Maybe they come from somewhere else? The brothers believe that if they investigate all planets, they will eventually find out what happened in the Aeroix.

Planet 2: FP-403
Pikmin Aeroix - Planet 2 FP-403.png

(Real Planet: Venus

Meaning: Forbidden Planet)

Area: Lava Stream

The brother‘s adventure brings them to a dry, rocky, black-brown colored planet with burning temperature. They call it „FP-403“. The entire planet is covered in streams of lava, for that, the brothers decide to call the area they land in „Lava Stream“.

When the brothers first land:

Seppanski: „Aaaand I already want to go! It‘s sooo scary here. This place looks like the ground below our feet will explode in lava any second.“

Sebbonski: „This planet has really intense temperatures. But our space suits are perfectly protecting us against all sorts of dangers.

We could even walk through the lava with them. So do not worry, Seppan.

We have to find the signal, and, of course, investigate the planet.“

The signal comes from the inside of a huge vulcano inside that area. However, a electric gate blocks the way to it.

Seppanski: „Hey! Who put this here?“

Sebbonski „Indeed. How can the sudden development of life cause structures from PNF-404 to appear?

There MUST be a force behind all this. I‘m sure of it now.“

Seppanski: „That doesn‘t help us. Well, it‘s an electric gate. Yellow Pikmin are immune to electricity. They could get rid of it for us. But we can‘t bring any from PNF-404, so...“

Sebbonski: „Good idea, Seppan. When there are Red Plastmin, there may be more types of Plastmin. Maybe we can find the Yellow Plastmin Onion on this planet.“

Seppanski: „You‘re betting on the least possible thing, as always. I guess it‘s better than watching the gate rust.“

The brothers have tofind the Yellow Plastmin Onion at the end of a long straight road next to the lava stream.

When the brothers find the yellow onion, a FP-403 Snagret tries to pick the onion out of the air and drag it into the ground.

The brothers use the Red Plastmin‘s immunity against fire to defeat the beast and save the onion.

The onion lands and a single yellow seed lands in the ground, for the brothers to pick and get new yellow friends.

With the Yellow Plastmin on their side, the brothers can head back to the vulcano and destroy the gate.

Inside the vulcano, the origin of the signal takes a lava bath in the center: The boss creature, the Crarusterbug.

The Crarusterbug stands in the center of a circular arena, made out of stone that inside the vulcano‘s lava. It can shoot lava balls at the brothers and their Plastmin to crush or burn them. If they come to near to the center, it can also slash them with its two claws. It can only be damaged at its head. The brothers need to use a Plast to make it stick its head out and become attackable for a few seconds.

After defeating the Crarusterbug, it spits out the cause of the signal, luckily not into the lava but onto the rock ground.

The signal was caused by some strange kind of green battery.

After letting the NX analyse it, the brothers realize it can be used to power the small satelite they found on PR-402. The battery must have a connection with the satelite to cause the signal.

The battery still works. The brothers put it into the satellite, and it activates with a loud noise, transmiting another signal.

The NX is able to locate where the satelite sends its signals to.

It‘s on PNF-404, the planet where it all began, inside the Garden of Hope. The brothers are really surprised. They heard of that area before, because of two certain groups of explorers.

The brothers may finally find out how all this has happened. Together with the Plastmin Onion, that now carries the Red and Yellow Plastmin, they decide to travel to PNF-404.

Planet 3: PNF-404
Pikmin Aeroix - Planet 3 PNF-404.png

(Real Planet: Earth

Meaning: Planet Not Found)

Area: Garden of Hope

The brothers follow the signal that leads them to PNF-404, the planet of the Pikmin. They land on a safe spot in the well-known Garden of Hope, Pikmin watching them from the distance and quickly running away when the brothers jump out of their ship.

They head to the swampy area where the Quaggled Mireclobs once attacked a certain group of space travelers. On their way they face many well-known creatures, as well as something surprising.

In the same cave where the Rock Pikmin Onion once rested, the brothers find the new Black Plastmin Onion.

Sebbonski „What in this world? How can Plastmin be on this planet? We thought that they were new beings on the planets that suddenly developed life.

Seppanski: „The Plastmin Onions can follow us through space. Maybe this one just traveled to PNF-404, and landed here in this comfy cave.

Sebbonski: „That‘s a good hypothosis, brother. But I still want to believe that there is some kind of force behind all this. I have the feeling that SOMETHING placed the Blue Plastmin Onion here on purpose.

Seppanski: „Well, let‘s head to the signal and find ou. If our new blue friends here have a water resistance, they can help us get our Plastmin over the surrounding water.“

And so the brothers build a bridge over the water with the help of the Blue Plastmin. They can now reach the signal on the other side together with all other Plastmin types.

Inside the swampy arena, something strange waits for them. A UFO, a green space ship with a big antenna on its roof, that howers above the arena. When the brothers get near, the UFO starts to attack them.

The UFO is able to controll the brothers Plastmin. It can use its antenna and a whistle similar to the brothers to lure Plastmin, then it howers to the bottom to suck them up with a strange hose. The Plastmin aren‘t lost, but the brothers can‘t use them. The brothers can fire their plastmin at the UFO, and even kock it out of the air with a Plast to make it spill out the sucked up Plastmin.

After the battle, the UFO falls down on the ground. The brothers step closer. The UFO‘s hatch opens, and an angered figure crawls out of the UFO‘s cockpit.

The figure has a similar space suit as the brothers, but colored all in purple. It also has a glas helmet and a purple glowing antenna on top of it. It‘s face is purple as well, but it looks more as if its helmet is filled with purple smoke, only its two purple glowing eyes are visable.

The figure steps up to the brothers in anger and introduces itself as "Tekler the TEK".

Tekler: „How dare you challenge me, intruders? I am Tekler, leader of the TEKs.

We have been protecting this planet for as long as we remember.

We let every space ship crash that dared to cross this planet’s athmosphere.

But each time the crew of the ships began to ruthlessly fool around on the nature of the planet and rob it of its treasures.

Now you are observing this planet and its entire solar system with these satellites as if it were all yours.

Next, you want to settle on this planet.

But we will prevent that. We will not let the history of this planet repeat itself.

Never set foot on this planet again and disappear from this solar system. Take your satelites with you and tell your friends that no one should ever come here again!

This is your final warning!!”

With hat the TEK crawl back into its space ship and makes it fly again, leaving the speechless brothers behind.

The brothers think about the TEK’s words a lot. They have a big dialouge where they theorize what it could all mean.

But they still decide to stay. But they decide to stay in the Aeroix and follow the ship. They need more answers.

The NX is able to track the ship’s signal. The TEK Pod, as the brothers decide to call it, flew off to the next planet.

Planet 4: PNA-405
Pikmin Aeroix - Planet 4 PNA-405.png

(Real Planet: Mars

Meaning: Planet Not Allowed)

Area: Dust Mountains

The TEK Pod‘s signal leads to a planet the brothers PNA-405, inside an area they call the „Dusty Mountains“. These red-colored mountains are covered in strange green and yellow flora, which the brothers find most interesting, and green water flows between them.

The signal comes from a big round pond of green water.

Their way is blocked by another gate, but it‘s a gate they have never seen before. It‘s a gate made entirely out of metal.

After a long walk through the Dust Mountains, on top of a very steep hill covered in yellow, the brothers find their key for the Metal Gates.

Guarded by strong creatures, the White Plastmin Onion waits for them to be freed.

The brothers figure that the white Plast can decompose metal, so they can now destroy the gate at the beginning of the area.

Unfortunately, the way to the signal is covered in green water, so the brothers can only bring blue Plastmin with them.

The signal comes from the middle of the pond, where a small round sandbar.

It‘s the asleep boss creature of this planet, the Nine-eyed Inavder. When the brothers come near, it wakes up.

The Nine-eyed Invader stays at the same spot, and protects its body with its tentacles. It alternately trembles its tentacles and slams them on the ground to crush Plastmin, always leaving the brothers a few seconds to dodge. Everytime one of its tentacles is on the ground, the brothers can fire Plastmin at it. The best way is to use a Plast on the Nine-eyed Invader, to make it dizzy and drop all of its tentacles for as few seconds, and then attack it.

After defeating the Nine-eyed Invader, it spits out something. It‘s another satelite, this time with an active battery.

The brothers bring the satelite back to the NX and activate it. The satelite sends out a signal to the 5th planet. The investigation goes on.

Planet 5: NAP-406
Pikmin Aeroix - Planet 5 NAP-406.png

(Real Planet: Jupiter

Meaning: Not Acceptable Planet)

Area: Rose Paradise

The next signal comes from the planet the brothers call NAP-406, inside an area they call „Rose Paradise“. The area is overgrown with white grass and is covered in pink leafs from majestic trees. The surface gets highlighted with even more pink or white plants.

Their landing, however, is not that beutiful. When the brothers and the Plastmin Onion fly down to land on a safe spot, a giant purple tentacle emits from the surface. The tentacle hits the ship and makes it tremble, Seppanski gets accidentally teleportet out of the NX by the impact.

Seppanski lands safely in the soft plants of the area. He sees the NX falling down in the distance, together with the Plastmin Onion that still follows the ship. It‘s no use to wait. Seppanski has to find the ship.

After this first landing on NAP-406, Seppanski and Sebbonski are seperated. Seppanski has to make it through the beginning of the area all alone. But luckily, Seppanski finds the Purple Plastmin Onion.

Their resistance to knockback makes Purple Plastmin very effective against the hostile creatures of the area, which stand in Seppanski‘s way back to his brother.

Seppanski needs to collect Bomb Rocks to destroy two Stone Gates in his way, and finally he finds the landing spot of the NX and the other Plastmin Onion.

United again, the brothers can head to the signal, together with their new purple friends. The signal comes from a mountain in the middle of a pink forest. The hostile creatures of the planet make it really hard for them to reach the mountain and carry back samples on their way.

Including the Candytrap Bud, a really tricky creature that looks like a Candypop Bud, but if the brothers fire a Plastmin inside them, they will be eaten.

At the top of the mountain, the brothers encounter the origin of the signal and the reason for their crash landing: The boss creature of NAP-406, the Candytrap Queen.

The Candytrap Queen draws circles with its tentacles to snatch Plastmin after a few seconds, and stuff them into its giant mouth. It can also swipe its tentacles above the ground to throw the brothers and the Plastmin off their feet. It keeps its bud closed when its not eating Plastmin. The brothers have to use Plasts to make it open its bud, and knock its head down to the ground so they can attack it. After afew seconds it will get back up and start attacking again.

After defeating the Candytrap Queen, it spits out another satelite and its head drops on the ground.

The brothers bring the satelite back to the NX and activate it. The satelite sends out a signal to the 6th planet. The investigation goes on.

Planet 6: PAR-407
Pikmin Aeroix - Planet 6 PAR-407.png

(Real Planet: Saturn

Meaning: Planet Authentication Required)

Area: Shoal Island

The next signal comes from a planet the brothers call „PAR-407“. The planet is alsomst completely covered in water. Only a small island ,covered with green plants and sand, slumbers on the planet‘s surface, where the brothers can land with the NX and the Plastmin Onion. The brothers call it „Shoal island“.

The signal comes from a water cave deep below Shoal Island. Meaning, the brothers can only use water-proof Blue Plastmin to investigate this planet. One side of the beach is like a huge ramp leading into the ocean. The brothers can go down into the water from there and investigate the ocean, and let their Plastmin carry back samples or defeated creatures up the sand ramp.

Once the brothers step through the ocean, the origin of the signal already shows itself: The boss creature of this planet, the Decaying Dreadler.

The Dreadler swimps around the entire area and shines around its spotlight to find prey. It is invurnable to attacks, so the brothers figure they have to find a way to harm it.

While investigating the underwater area, the brothers must avoid stepping in the Dreadler‘s spotlight at all costs. If they or their Plastmin stand it its spotlight, it will start chasing them, clutching its theeth to eat the Plastmin. All the brothers can do is run until it loses interest.

When the brothers make it through the area to the signal, they find an entrance to an underwater cave. The cave is not filled with water, because its leading to the surface.

In that underwater cave something waits for them. The Black Plastmin Onion.

The brothers can now destroy crystals with their help.

And then suddenly, the Dreadler finds them again. It sticks its head through the enterance in an attempt to attack them, but its stuck. Now it‘s time for payback.

The battle consits of the Dreadler being stuck in the cave entrance, and inhaling air to suck up Plastmin and eat them. The brothers must use the Black Plast to shatter its crystal theeth. It will then close its mouth in pain, and can be damaged. After a few seconds it can regrow its theeth and start inhaling air again.

When the brothers defeat the beast, it spits out another satelite and sinks back down into the ocean, where the blue Plastmin can carry it back to the Plastmin Onion.

The brothers bring the satelite back to the NX and activate it. The satelite sends out a signal to the 7th planet. The investigation goes on.

Planet 7: PRT-408
Pikmin Aeroix - Planet 7 PRT-408.png

(Real Planet: Uranus

Meaning: Planet Request Timeout)

Area: Thaw Ice Pond

The next signal leads them to a light-blue ice planet the brothers call „PRT-408“, inside an area they call Thaw Ice Pond. The area is covered in snow, but the temperature still allows the water streams around the area to flow.

In this area, the brothers find the Pink Plastmin Onion. The onion is stuck under a crystal snow globe, which the brothers can destroy with the Black Plast. Their new pink friends are able to fly, so the brothers can fire them almost anywhere to reach samples and areas they couldn‘t reach before.

The Pink Plastmin let down a bridge at the end of the area, which makes them able to reach the signal. The signal comes from a square formation of tall ice cubes standing inside a big pond.

The origin of the signal is the boss creature of this planet, the Stelting Shivvskit.

The Shivvskit attacks similar to the Calcified Crushblat. It slams down its head onto the ground to crush Plastmin. When the Shivvskit slams down on one ice cube, that ice cube will sink into the water, and the ice cubes around it will jump up into the air to throw the brothers and their Plastmin off their feet.

Its head is protected by a crystal snow globe, which the brothers must destroy using the Black Plast. When the snow globe is destroyed, the Shivvskit is vurnable, and will start its second phase.

The shivvskit will spread out wings and start to fly around the arena. It can still slam down onto the ice cubes like before, and then fly back up again. The brothers can only damage the Shivvskit in the air by firing Pink Plastmin, and they can use the Pink Plast to knock it down to the ground and attack it with other Plastmin. It will fly back up after a few seconds.

When the brothers defeat the Shivvskit, it spits out another satelite.

The brothers bring the satelite back to the NX and activate it. The satelite sends out a signal to the 8th and last Planet of the Aeroix system. Will they finally find the TEKs there? The investigation goes on.

Planet 8: PIC-409
Pikmin Aeroix - Planet 8 PIC-409.png

(Real Planet: Neptune

Meaning: Planet In Conflict)

Area: Battle Crater

On their way to the last Planet of the Aeroix the brothers already realize something very strange. The planet they call „PIC-409“ seems to be way underdeveloped compared to the other planets of the Aeroix system. It is covered in a brown crusty surface, and in the middle lays a giant crater with orange colored earth.

The brothers land on a safe spot behind a huge wall of earth and a Pink Gate in the middle. When the brothers let their Plastmin raise the gate, they find out why the planet looks so dead.

There are TEK Pods everywhere. Forming earth structures, opening the planets crust to dig out the orange crater, placing flora, placing fauna.

Sebbonski: „What in the Aeroix? The TEKs are terraforming the planets!“

Seppanski: „I see… Wait… WHAT IN THE AEROIX?“

Sebbonski: „The TEKs are behind the sudden development of life on the planets of the Aeroix system.

It seems like they bring life from PNF-404 to the other planets to give them life.

This planet must be like a construction site for them. They are still terraforming the planet. But for what purpose?“

Seppanski: „Um… Sebbon? I think they saw us!“

The Tek Pods stand still. Everything is still. Then, the Tek Pods all suddenly fly away, leaving the brothers behind in a crater full of hostile creatures. This is why the brothers decided to call this area the „Battle Crater“.

The brothers have to fight themselves through this very straight and dry area, to the end where the signal comes from. There are no new Plastmin for them to find, only samples from the already terraformed plants on the planets can be collected by the brothers.

At the end of the area, they find the origin of the signal. A small base with purple tone, protected by a huge laser gate and two round laser cannons at both ends of the laser gate. Infront of the wall, and connected to it with small cables in the earth, stands a big circlular platform with a hatch.

Seppanski: „Woah. Is this a base?“

Sebbonski: „True, it must be a base from the TEKs.

Maybe they place one on every planet while they are terraforming it, and when the planet is finished, they fly away and take the base with them.

We just interefered in their terraforming, so there must be still TEKs in it. Maybe even their leader, Tekler. We must find a way through this laser gate.“

Suddenly, the hatch of the platform infont of the wall opens, and a machine with two shields comes out. It‘s the boss of this planet: The TEK Guard.

TEK Guard: „Intruder Alert, Unwanted Travelers, At the Base“

Sebbonski: „Aaaaaaaah! This machine is protecting the base.“

Seppanski: „Aaaaaaaah! This machine wants to attack us!“

The TEK Guard can‘t attack by itself. It stands still on its platform and blinks with its eye to make the two cannons behind it shoot lasers at the brothers and their plastmin. It holds two shield made of crystal in its short arms to protect itself. The brothers need a Black Plast to destroy both of crystal shields.

The TEK Guard doesn‘t turn vurnable afte losing both shields, instead, it gets a laser shield around it. Hatches open at the pedestals of the laser cannons, and two smaller Tek Guards step out of it. The small TEK Guards have two claws with which they can slice Plastmin.

After destroying the small TEK Guards, the big TEK Guard‘s laser shield disables and it turns vurnable. After destroying the TEK Guard, the laser wall and the cannons disable.

Exhausted of this nearly endless circle of protecting mechanisms, the brothers and their Plastmin can now finally enter the TEK base.

Inside the TEK base the brothers find a big control room, with huge screens and weird machinery everywhere. There are no TEKs in sight. They must have all disappeared when the brothers landed on PIC-409. But the brothers see something interesting on the huge screens. The screen shows the Aeroix system, and a huge object approaching planet PNF-404.

Seppanski: „Is this a planet? And is it … moving?“

Sebbonski: „The screen says that TEK-000 is approaching PNF-404. This must be the planet of the TEKs! Why do they aim for PNF-404‘s orbit?“

Seppanski: „Well. Now we know before it happened. Let‘s wait for them and pay them a visit. Then you can ask them all your questions.“

And so the brothers and their Plastmin head back to the NX with their final destination ahead.

Planet 9: TEK-000
Pikmin Aeroix - Planet 9 TEK-000.png

Areas: Test Arena

Test Cave


The brothers approach planet „TEK-000“, the machinery planet which the TEKs call their home and use to travel around space.

The NX and the Plastmin Onion approaches planet TEK-000 at high speed, when it suddenly slows down.

Seppanski: „Wait. Where should we land?“

Sebbonski: „It isn‘t a real planet as it seems.

It‘s surface is not a real surface. It‘s a metal cover. It‘s like a space ship! So there must be an entrance to the inside. But where?“

Seppanski: „Well, there should be many if its like a giant space ship.

Oh. I think I just found one.“

The brothers realize a big platform with a huge metal door, probably leading to the inside of this artificial planet. The platform is protected with huge laser cannons, similar to those protecting the TEK base on PIC-409.

When the brothers head to the entrance, the cannons shoot lasers at the NX and the Plastmin Onion. The brothers try to quickly dodge the laser rays with the NX. Left, right, left right, BOOM! It was no use, the NX is hit.

The brothers start to scream, when the NX falls further. The NX passes the laser cannon and crashes through the metal gate, into the unknown depths of planet TEK-000. The Plastmin Onion quickly follows unharmed.

Sebbonski wakes up. The NX laying right next to him, steaming because of the hard hit it just took in. Left to Sebbonski stands the Plastmin Onion, waiting for him to call Plastmin as if nothing happened.

Sebbonski stands up and looks where he crashlanded. He is inside a circular arena, filled with a metal grey color-tone. Where is his dear brother Seppanski? How did he landed here? He looks up the ceiling. Behind the space ship, he sees a pitch black entrance. This is where the NX must have fallen through, and the Onion must have followed.

Sebbonski has no time to investigate the place further, as suddenly a certain Pod comes flys over his head and stands still above the middle of the arena, which is slightly higher than the rest of the room.

TEK Pod: „Welcome to the Test Arena, test subject! You will now be put to a test! Survive 5 waves of hostile creatures from planet PNF-404! Initiating creature teleport protocol!“

The Tek pod emits a light from its bottom, and beams down various creatures from PNF-404, that instantly go after Sebbonski.

Sebbonski has to survive 5 waves of different hostile creatures. He can call the collected Plastmin from the onion to defeat them. If Sebbonski or all Plastmin are lost, its Game Over and the arena After the 5th wave, the TEK Pod starts to panic.

TEK Pod: Creatures no use! Creatures no use! Use of Plastmin detected! Initiating Plastmin call protocol!“

The TEK Pod starts to use a whsitle like Tekler‘s Pod back on PNF-404. He uses the whsitle to attract the Plastmin in Sebbonski‘s group. A battle starts in which Sebbonski and the TEK Pod fight other the Plastmin with their whistle. Sebbonski needs to shoot 10 Plastmin at the TEK Pod to destroy it.

When the TEK Pod falls to the ground, no TEK comes out. It must have been an AI. Sebbonski now finally has time to take a look on the crashed NX. It fortunately has no system damage, only it‘s cover has a bump from the laser impact. Sebbonski manages to get the NX back up and fly further into TEK-000, together with the Plastmin Onion.

Seppasnki wakes up in a dark place. He is alone. His brother is gone, the NX is gone, the Plastmin Onion is gone. Where is he? His gets his answer when a TEK Pod flys above his head.

TEK Pod: „Welcome to the Test Cave, test subject.“

Seppanski: „Test subject? I‘m no test subject! I may be alone, but I still got my Plaster!“#

TEK Pod: „No objections from test subjects will be accepted!

Follow instructions or you will be lost!“

The TEK Pod emits a light from its bottom. Seppanski has to step below the TEK Pod and use it like the Plastmin Onion.

He can call up to 100 Plastmin out, but these Plastmin are grey, with purple eyes and no sign of emotion. They look similar to the TEKs.

TEK Pod: „These are TEKmin! Plastmin prototypes, created by the TEKs.

You will now be put to a test!

Use the TEKmin to find 8 treasures hidden inside the Test Cave. TEKmin will carry back found treasures to me, and I will collect them.

I provide infinite TEKmin, so call new if needed.

Beware of hostile creatures of PNF-404 put inside the Test Cave.

Attempts to use the TEKmin against me will be punished.

Go now, test subject.“

The Test Cave is like small area, filled with various creatures of PNF-404 that guard 8 treasures that Seppanski has to bring back to the TEK Pod with the TEKmin.

It first seems like a simple task, but after collecting the first treasure, the big threat appears: The Dark Bulborb. A big and dangerous bulborb with dark purple skin, rows of big sharp teeth, and big purple glowing eyes.

It roams around the entire Test Cave in search of prey, while it emits a spotlight from its eyes, in which Seppanski shouldn‘t step, similar to the Decaying Dreadler. It is completely immune against all kinds of damage or Plasts. Seppanski has to always watch out to not step into the Dark Bulborb‘s spotlight while looking for the treasures. It is a big problem when the TEKmin are carrying the treasures back, because they could accidentally step into the Dark Bulborb‘s light.

After bringing back all 8 treasures to the TEK Pod, it sucks up Seppanski and flies further into the depths of TEK-000.

The brothers find themselfes again inside a big round room in the center of TEK-000. The room multiple big gates. The NX is unfortunately stuck inside one of them, but the Plastmin Onion could fit trough, as well as Sebbonski who teleported himself out of the stuck NX. Another of the gates opens, and Seppanski gets seemingly thrown out of it. After this rough reunion, the brothers spot eachother and embrace.

The brothers call the Plastmin they need and head into the TEK Core. The TEK Core is a short straight way without any samples to collect, only hostile creatures from PNF-404 are standing in their way. The core is covered in weird machinery that must provide TEK-000 with all kinds of power sources. But the brothers aren‘t here to figure out how the TEKs technology works, they are here to find out why the TEKs are doing all this. They figure that they will find their answers inside the Core.

After this short final area, the brothers face a giant round hall. The hall seems to go endlessly high, and is completely empty except for a big machinery in the middle. The machinery emits a big purple orb of energy, and has a small cube floating in its middle.

Standing infront of the machinery, the brothers spot Tekler, the leader of the TEKs.


All planets are based on the actual planets in our solar system, and the actual order of them as well.

The Cave Days

This mode is unlocked after beating The Adventure.

A second story that plays just after the first story ends. SPROUTNIK Corp. located strange signals in the Aeroix system. It turns out that caves appeared on the surfaces of the other planets, emiting these strange signals. They command Sebbonski and Seppanski to stay at the Aeroix system and investigate them in a Pikmin 2-like fashion.

It is called „Cave Days“ because each cave gets explored on another day, as daytime doesn‘t proceed normally inside the caves.

The brothers visit all planets of Aeroix again, but in the opposite order and with the exception of TEK and PNF-404. Meaning there is a total of 7 days.

The Caves

The goal in each cave of each planet is to go through all Sublevels and collect as many treasures as possible. At the end of each cave a boss Long Legs is waiting. They don‘t need to be defeated to leave the cave, but they hold a HUGE treasure.

1: PIC-409 (Neptune, planet conflict)

Cave: Deeper Crater

4 Sublevels Boss: Daddy Long Legs
2: PRT-408 (Uranus, planet request timeout)

Cave: Thaw Ice Cavern

6 Sublevels Boss: Shakey Long Legs
3: PAR-407 (Saturn, planet authentication required)

Cave: Tropical Tunnel

5 Sublevels Boss: Tropical Long Legs
4: NAP-406 (Jupiter, not acceptable planet)

Cave: Rose Lair

5 Sublevels Boss: Rose Long Legs
5: PNA-405 (Mars, planet not allowed)

Cave: Dust Adits

4 Sublevels Boss: Destroyer Long Legs
6: FP-403 (Venus, forbidden planet)

Cave: Underlavaground

3 Sublevels Boss: Lava Long Legs
7: PR-402 (Mercury, planet required)

Cave: Quicksand Hole

6 Sublevels Boss: Baby Long Legs

Every cave is located by a strange signal. After exploring the 7 caves, the SPROUTNIK gets a new strange signal, from space this time. The brothers decide to pay this last one a visit as well, and find out the truth behind the signals.

A broken SPROUTNIK is hovering there in the endless depths of space. That SPROUTNIK was manipulated by the TEKs during the battle with them. It has been reprogrammed to pay all planets a visit and terraform caves.

(Ending TBA)

The Boss Rush

This mode is unlocked after finishing The Adventure.

All bosses of the Adventure have to be defeated in a row with a specific amount of Plastmin.

Before the Boss Rush starts, the brothers have to gather Plastmin in a small, completely new area. There is a total of 100 Plastmin (20 of each kind) hiding in the area that can be called with the whistle to join the team. After 60 seconds of searching the brothers return to the NX in the middle of the area and begin the boss rush.

The brothers have to survive the boss rush with all the Plastmin they could gather. If a leader gets down or all Plastmin are lost, it‘s Game Over.

Steelshelled Shlitch

Pikmin A - BOSS 1 - Steelshelled Shlitch.png


Pikmin A - BOSS 2 - Crarusterbug.png


Pikmin A - BOSS 3 - TEK Pod.png

Nine-eyed Invader

Pikmin A - BOSS 4 - Nine-eyed Invader.png

Candytrap Queen

Pikmin A - BOSS 5 - Candytrap Queen.png

Decaying Dreadler

Pikmin A - BOSS 6 - Decaying Dreadler.png

Stelting Shivvskit

Pikmin A - BOSS 7 - Stelting Shivvskit.png

TEK Guard

Pikmin A - Boss 8 - TEK Guard.png

Dark Wraith

Pikmin A - Boss 9 - Dark Wraith.png

2 Player

All modes can be played with 2 players via splitscreen. The game can be played local with multiple controllers or even online with a Switch friend. The maximum of Pikmin stays at 100, and the game is still over if one of the leaders is down.

The Controls

NS A Button.png A Load Plastmin into Plaster (if hold) / Fire Plastmin (if released).

Pluck Plastmin (if near a sprout).

Shoot Energy Ball (if out of Plastmin).

Call/Stock Plastmin into Onion (if standing below it).

NS B Button.png B Dismiss Pikmin and seperate them into groups of each type.
NS X Button.png X Plast.
NS Y Button.png Y Switch leader (if in single player).
NS L Button2.png L Whistle, hold to increase radius.
NS R Button2.png R Switch Plastmin type (Bomb Rocks count too).
NS ZL Button2.png ZL Lock-on target.
NS ZR Button2.png ZR Center camera to cursor.
NS L Stick.png Left Control Stick Move leader / Move whistle radius while whistling.
NS R Stick.png Right Control Stick Rotate camera.
NS Up Button.png

NS Left Button.png NS Down Button.png NS Right Button.png

D-Pad Dodge Whistle.
NS Plus.png Plus Open/close Pause Menu.
NS Minus.png Minus Open/close Mini Map.
NS Home.png Home Open Home Menu

The Piklopedia

Main page: Pikmin Aeroix - Piklopedia

The Piklopedia can be accessed in the Aeroix Map at the end of a day. The Piklopedia gives information about all Plastmin, creatures, obstacles, and even treasures the brothers found during their adventure.

It is unlocked after completing the first day.

During a conversation, the brothers agree that they are no scientists, but they still have to write their discoveries down to show SPROUTNIK what their investigations brought up. This dialouge reveals that Sebbonski is an ongoing artist and Seppanski an ongoing writer. Together they create the logs.

The logs on creatures don‘t feature scientific descriptions like the ones by Olimar, but Seppanski describes their looks and behavior, gives tips on how to defeat them.

Entries of Pikmin, treasures, and obstacles only feature Sebbonski‘s images.

The Achievements (Badges)

The achievement system of Pikmin 3 Deluxe is back in Pikmin A. There is a total of 20 badges the player can get.

1. Colorful Plaster
Pikmin A - Badge 1.png
Find all 7 Plastmin types.
2. Color Planter
Pikmin A - Badge 2.png
Grow 100 Plastmin of each type.
3. Mass Planter
Pikmin A - Badge 3.png
Grow 1000 Plastmin total.
4. Plaster Master
Pikmin A - Badge 4.png
Defeat 100 creatures with the Plastmin.
5. Blaster Master
Pikmin A - Badge 5.png
Defeat 50 creatures with energy balls.
6. Planet Required
Pikmin A - Badge 6.png
Defeat the Steelshelled Shlitch on PR-402.
7. Forbidden Planet
Pikmin A - Badge 7.png
Defeat the Crarusterbug on FP-403.
8. Planet Not Found
Pikmin A - Badge 8.png
Defeat the UFO on PNF-404.
9. Planet Not Allowed
Pikmin A - Badge 9.png
Defeat the Nine-eyed Invader on PNA-405.
10. Not Acceptable Planet
Pikmin A - Badge 10.png
Defeat the Candytrap Queen on NAP-406.
11. Planet Authentication Required
Pikmin A - Badge 11.png
Defeat the Decaying Dreadler on PAR-407.
12. Planet Request Timeout
Pikmin A - Badge 12.png
Defeat the Stelting Shivvskit on PRT-408.
13. Planet In Conflict
Pikmin A - Badge 13.png
Defeat the TEK Guard on PIC-409.
14. Advanced Adventurer
Pikmin A - Badge 14.png
Spend 30 days or more in the Adventure.
15. Classic Adventurer
Pikmin A - Badge 15.png
Complete the Adventure in 30 days or less.
16. Collection Completionist
Pikmin A - Badge 16.png
Collect all 64 samples in the Adventure.
17. Cave Explorer
Pikmin A - Badge 17.png
Complete the 7 Cave Days.
18. Cave Completionist
Pikmin A - Badge 18.png
Collect all 70 samples in the Cave Days.
19. Boss Beater
Pikmin A - Badge 19.png
Survive the Boss Rush.
20. Investigation Completionist
Pikmin A - Badge 20.png
Complete the Piklopedia with all 100 entrys.

The Trivia

  • SPROUTNIK is a pun on ‚sprout‘ and the satelite ‚Sputnik‘.
  • NX is based on the Nintendo Switch‘s codename. Just as the Dolphin was based on the GameCube‘s codename.
  • The Badges 6-13 show that the planets‘ names are based on HTTP codes, just like PNF-404.
  • The entire game is based on a series of custom levels, called "Pikmin A", which the creator made inside the game Spore: Galactic Adventures, with major differences to characters and story. It contained many Spore creations used from others.
  • The TEKs are based on Spore as well. Inside the game‘s space phase, and the galactic Adventures DLC, own planets can be terraformed. The TEKs do the same.
  • The planets in the Spore version are all named differently, come in a different order, and add a planet based on Hey! Pikmin. But the planets‘ area outlays are mostly the same. 1. HLM-194 (Mars), 2. WNV-157 (Venus), 3. UPA-203 (Mercury), 4. GTP-006 (Jupiter), 5. PKT-219 (Hey! Pikmin), 6. PNF-404 (Earth), 7. UQA-005 (Saturn), 8. EIS-089 (Uranus), 9. PAS-888 (Neptune), 10. TEK.