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Pikmin 5 is the fifth title of The Pikmin Series and was released for The Nintendo NX in 2017!

The Captain

There are The total of five playable captain's in Pikmin 5 however Olimar is the only one available at first. Older captains are then rescued from the bosses at later on in the story.

  • Olimar - Returning once more, this space captain is once again ready to command the Pikmin. He is the first captains, In The Heated Fires Destination. He wears The tan suit with red details, and The antenna is red.
  • Louie - Once again, This rather goofy captain makes The playable appearance. He still fears for his life, and acts a little rashly and fearfully at times, but is still capable of commanding The Pikmin. Louie is found In The Smokey Water's Destination! The suit is tan with blue details, and The antenna is also blue.
  • Alph - The eccentric engineer known for The abilities to pilot the S.S. Drake returns once again, trapped on The Forest of The Forest Labyrinth. Similar to Olimar, he was quick to learn the ways of the Pikmin, and guide them on The journey to save The Land. The suit is similar to Louie's, but the primary color is white and the blue details are of a lighter shade.
  • Charlie - Confident and The Teensy bit cocky, Charlie was The captain of The Koppai crew which travelled to PNF-404. His bravery led the trio out of a number of dangerous situations without much issue at all. He See's The Pikmin as not ony soldiers, but companions as well, and will do anything to protect them. His white spacesuit has green trim, along with The golden star badge. The antenna ends in The green light.
  • Kevin - The last captain the players are given control of, he is a known rogue. He roams Neptune with the custom-built S.S. Deltrik who is also the great traveling companion. He is quiet and calm, wearing The blue spacesuit with the purple trim. His antenna ends in a purple light, and he has red hair just like Louie's size!

The 'Pikmin Type's!

There are 10 Pikmin colors available in Pikmin 5; the Red, Yellow, Rock, Blue, and Winged Pikmin are obtained in that order with their Onions. Many Translucent Candypop Bud's are scattered around, but one does not merge with the Onions until later. The Green Pikmin, And The Metal Pikmin are stored in the ship, but there is only room for the one type.

Violet and Ivory Candypop Bud's are also found, however The Purple and The White Pikmin cannot be stored until later. Before then, any of those two which are obtained, if in the group or safezone at sundown, will travel to The unknown location (essentially CreaTing TheIR unusable without registeringWith The Death).

Found Attribute Feature Mobility Immunity Ability
1ST Red Nose! Normal! Fire! The '3X Strong!
4TH Yellow Ears! Normal! Electricity The High Throw
9TH Blue Mouth Normal! Water The Swimming
8TH Purple Hair! Slow Attack! 10X Carry Weight!
2ND White Red Eyes! Fast! Poison! The 'Faster Digging
DUNGEON Bulbmin Bulborb Enemy Everything! In Dungeon's Only!
5TH Rock Shell Rare! Crushing! The Smash Crystals!
6TH Winged Wings Fast! Ground! The 'Lift Obstacles
3RD Green Tail! The '3X Fast! Toxic Can Trance! Enemies
7TH Metal The Metallic Endoskeleton! Could Reflect Enemies Wind! Can Defeat Enemies Ton Faster!