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Four captains control groups of up to 150 Pikmin at a time. Pikmin can now build structures like huts, as well as returning puzzle solving and combat challenges. The biggest addition to this game is the ability to stay on the planet's surface at night, which is where existing enemies become tougher, some enemies wake up, and new enemies come out of hiding. Another big change to the formula is an open world structure, you can now visit any area at any time.



Immune to fire, Immune to Lava when in a squad with orange Pikmin


Great at building, Slow, Big


Behave like winged Pikmin underwater, Immune to water hazards


Can be thrown high up, have a high moving and digging speed


Do heavy amounts of damage, plink off of enemies, immune to wind effects and crushing


Lift their loads off of the ground, weak to wind, low damage


Immune to lava, immune to fire when in a squad with red Pikmin


Swing on vines, strangle enemies for a brief period, Counts as five pikmin when carrying objects.


Pointer - Joycon

Throw Pikmin / Pluck Pikmin - A button

Walk - Left stick

Whistle - Right trigger

Aim Cursor - Right Joycon's Gyroscope

Lock On / Center Camera - Left trigger

Swarm Pikmin - D-pad up + Right stick

Rotate Camera - Right stick

Disband Pikmin - Shake left joycon

Charge Pikmin - Lock on + shake left joycon

Switch Pikmin - Left bumper

Switch Captains - Minus button

Pause - Plus button

Open map - D-pad down

Dodge roll left - D-pad left

Dodge roll right - D-pad right

Superspicy Spray - Y button



When Olimar hears tell of Louie's situation on pnf-404, he sets off for the planet to rescue him. At one point during the first day, Olimar receives a call from a fellow explorer who does not reveal his name. He shares details with Olimar about what he's seen on the planet so far, noting an attack from a group of shady looking Pikmin. He also shares that he's come into contact with other captains, and plans to meet with you as soon as he can. Over the course of the game, Olimar collects new Pikmin types, meets new captains, and witnesses Louie's Pikmin army grow and mess with you. When exploring one night Olimar and the crew meets Louie commanding a group of dark, slender Pikmin.